10 Best Catholic Prayer Apps

Best Catholic Prayer Apps

We’ve all heard about the harmful effects that cell phones can have on our lives. From being an ever-present source of interruption to inflicting more stress in our daily lives than easing it, most of us recognize that we can benefit from giving ourselves some space from our phones.

Whether we want to become more productive, eat healthier, or exercise more, various helpful apps can support our efforts. To assist us in getting closer to Christ, there are even some amazing catholic prayer apps to aid our praying life.

So, by using our phone in this manner, we take back control of the impact it has on us and make the most of the resources we always have available to us.

Here are a few ways to utilize your phone for spiritual development, from catholic prayer apps to alarms.

An Ingenious Use of Smartphones

If you’re anything like me, your objective is to learn how to use these resources for our improvement rather than to withdraw entirely. To suggest that our smartphones may help us get closer to God seems strange. But it is starting to become a reality since some tech-savvy Catholic prayer apps are out there.

Benefits of Catholic Prayer Apps

  • The main advantage is convenience, and having iMissal on your phone is more convenient than carrying around a daily missal or Bible as a smartphone is something you almost always have on you. If you own a tablet, you most likely take it with you all the time. On the other hand, books are typically out of your reach when you need them.
  • Interactive features are an additional benefit – The daily mass readings are updated daily, and many Catholic applications also offer the option to download the profile of the day’s saint instantly. These are fantastic qualities that can’t be achieved with physical books.
Best Catholic Prayer Apps


Catholic apps help us discover the true meaning of Catholicism and pursue a closer relationship with God. It offers a more straightforward and relaxing approach to reading scripture quotes or brushing up on Catholic prayers and teachings.

These apps are helpful tools for young Catholics who want to integrate their faith into a modern lifestyle. Here are the top Catholic prayer apps you need to look into more detail;

1. Catholic Missal for Nigeria:

The most straightforward Daily Reading app for Nigerian Catholics. You can use it to better comprehend the Daily Mass readings by following along in church or alone. It uses the Daily Readings “Ordo” that the Catholic Bishop Conference of Nigeria approved for use in Nigerian churches.

The most recent update of Catholic Missal for Nigeria, version 2.1.0, was made on February 11, 2023, and 365 Readings created it. The book Catholic Missal for Nigeria belongs to the Books & Reference subcategory. On Android, 116 apps are similar to Catholic Missal for Nigeria, and you can search through all of their apps by the same creator, and this software is free.

Download: Andriod

2. Laudate:

This software guarantees the finest free Catholic app available, and we wholeheartedly agree. It is a comprehensive collection of the essentials that each practicing Catholic needs. Daily readings and prayers are included, as well as Latin and English prayers.

Thanks to it, you can read the Bible in both the New American and the Douay-Rheims versions. Additionally, you can quickly navigate through its extensive publications from the Catholic Church, including The Canon Law.

In addition to daily meditations and readings, the app’s current edition offers podcasts for the rosary and stations of the cross, as users can now import and export prayers using their computers.

Laudate is appropriate for users worldwide because it is available in 16 languages.

Download: Andriod, iOS

3. The Holy Catholic Bible:

This e-bible is explicitly tailored for Catholics, as its name implies. The Deuterocanonicals are among its 73 books. The Catholic Bible is now available for reading whenever you want, anywhere, even offline.

It’s perfect for bible studies because you can highlight verses, add them to your favorites, and share them on your preferred social media platform.

Download: Andriod

4. Catholic Hymn Book:

A collection of hymns from the Catholic Hymn Book, utilized in Nigeria and around the world, are included in the lightweight app known as Catholic Hymn Book App. This app should be on your phone if you have trouble remembering the words to the hymns performed during mass and other Catholic church festivities.

You can look up hymns by selecting from various categories, including lent, marriage, and baptism. Additionally, it has information on Catholic concepts, the Catholic Daily Missal for 2022, rosary prayers, and hymns that now use solfa and tones.

This software can only be described as the most portable hymnbook you’ll ever have.

Download: Andriod

5. The Holy Rosary:

Many rosary apps are available, but as far as catholic prayer applications go, this is by far the finest. It has the most complete collection of rosary prayers, as evidenced by the more than 1 million downloads on Playstore and regular updates. Even Pope Francis’ Five Finger Prayer is included.

Their prayer collection also includes audio; however, they don’t use the same artificial voice that other apps frequently do. It supports many languages, including English, Spanish, Malay, French, and Latin.

This program includes over 3000 catholic bible prayers and over 100 subjects. You can utilize day/night mode and a reliable index to search by title or content.

Additionally, you can bookmark, copy to the clipboard, and share your favorite prayers via sms, Facebook, or any other application. You should be able to appreciate the Catholic prayers with the interface’s ease of use and simplicity.

Download: Andriod

6. Catholic Daily Reflections:

10 Best Catholic Prayer Apps

This app is ideal for Nigerian Catholics and new converts desiring a closer relationship with God. It includes teachings on Divine Mercy, reflections on the day’s Gospel, and much more.

The Catholic daily readings, prayers, sacraments, and ceremonies for 2022 are also included. The “My Catholic Life!” series, a comprehensive overview of the Catholic church’s catechism, is also available on the app.

Download: Andriod, iOS

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7. Catholic Prayers Offline:

Catholic prayers can occasionally be too long to memorize, but you don’t need to worry about that now. The Catholic prayers in this app range from the simplest through novenas and litanies, and they are all presented in a clean layout.

It’s fantastic for teaching children how to pray or for introducing church-style prayers to newly baptized Catholics. The best part is that even offline, you can still access the prayers.

Download: Andriod

8. Catholic Doctrines 2022-23:

With its clear and well-organized UI, this app won a spot on our list of the top Nigerian Catholic apps for 2023. The hymns are grouped according to events, the missal and saints calendar is regularly updated, and there are even prayers and well-known bible texts for daily inspiration.

The most recent update to the app also included using the calendar approach for daily readings, greatly simplifying usage.

You can use this anywhere worldwide because all functions are available offline. We can’t recommend this app enough if you’re looking for the best daily partner on your path to spiritual advancement and growth.

Download: Andriod

9. Blessed is She:

Yes, Blessed is She is a mobile app! It is the ideal location to read the Daily Devotions, locate women and friends inside and outside Nigeria, and develop your holiness in a supportive and secure environment.

These are just a few of the great Catholic apps that are offered, and they are all compatible with both Apple and Android operating systems. There are innumerable others who can support you in your efforts to read the Bible, pray more frequently, or stay informed about matters that are important to you as a Catholic.

In our busy world, several applications have unique features that help you remember to make time for God.

Download: Andriod, iOS

10. Catholic Daily Readings:

Daily readings in a straightforward, readable format: In a nutshell, this is how we can sum up the Catholic Daily Readings app. And as a result, many Catholics all over Nigeria found this software beneficial as there is no need to click numerous buttons to get the content you want to read.

Both text and audio versions of the readings are offered.

Download: Andriod, iOS


You can find apps to assist you with various devotional activities, such as Rosary prayer, spiritual reading, and listening to the readings at Mass, and you can view a few of those in the article above.

So if you’re seeking applications to help with your prayer life, you’ve come to the right spot.

Which Catholic prayer is most effective?

The holy sacrifice of the Mass, which is a sacramental representation of Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary to the Father, is the Church’s most powerful prayer.

Is there a free Catholic prayer app?

The free Catholic prayer app Catholic Prayers Offline encourages your daily dialogue with God through dependable meditations and rich Scripture.

Do Catholic Bibles differ in any way?

The quantity and arrangement of the books in Catholic Bibles differ from those commonly seen in Protestant Bibles because Catholic Bibles maintain seven books that are considered non-canonical in Protestantism.

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