Best Islamic Schools in Abuja

Best Islamic Schools In Abuja

The best way to instill Islamic knowledge in your kids is by enrolling them in a fine Islamic school as soon as they’re old enough to speak. That way, they grow in an environment that encourages and facilitates practicing Islam while receiving the requisite knowledge to make it easy for them to practice.

However, there’s something slightly better than enrolling your kid at an ‘okay’ Islamic school, and that’s choosing one of the best Islamic schools in Abuja for them. The difference between a fine school and one of the best isn’t much, but it’s significant.

For one, the best Islamic schools in Abuja know to combine Islamic education with Western education to prepare your kids for the requirements of the modern world. Also, the quality of education you get from one of the best schools is just so much better than what you get from one that’s just ‘fine.’

In this article, we’ll go over why your kids need the best Islamic schools in Abuja, how to choose an excellent one, and our recommendations for the best Islamic schools in Abuja. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Why Your Kids Need the Best Islamic Schools

There are two ways to start introducing your kids to Islamic education at a young age, and they’re roughly equally effective. The first method is sending them to a conventional school for their academics and then having them go to an evening ‘Islamiyya’ for Islamic education.

On the other hand, you can send your child to an Islamic school where they’re guaranteed a sound Western and Islamic education at the same time, eliminating the need for evening Islamiyyas.

The decision is ultimately up to you, but the consolidated learning system makes more sense for most people. For one, it’s more economically viable, as you only have to pay one school fee instead of two, and your kids only have to commute to one location daily instead of two.

Also, it frees up your kids’ evenings for leisure, as they don’t have to worry about going to Islamiyya once they’re back from school.

The dual curriculum of most Islamic schools in Abuja is another advantage if you want your kids to study outside Nigeria. Noble Guide Academy, for instance, trains students in Arabic to the level of proficiency required to get admitted into the University of Medina; that’s a one-year advantage over someone without foundational knowledge of Arabic.

Finally, students in faith-based schools generally record better academic performance than their counterparts, as they’re raised on the basic principles of hard work, determination, morality, and spirituality. Who wouldn’t want that for their kids?

How to Choose the Best Islamic Schools in Abuja

The process of choosing a school for your kids should uniquely reflect your current realities. Regardless of what we eventually list below as the best schools in Abuja, you still have to select a school close enough to you that going and returning each day won’t be a hassle for your kids.

With that said, here are the criteria for choosing the best Islamic schools in Abuja.

1. Cost

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a school for your kids in Abuja is the cost, as money makes the world go round. Before even considering what value the school provides, you want to ensure their demands fit into your budget to avoid wasted research efforts.

2. Proximity

Abuja is a relatively small place, but you still don’t want your kids to have to commute for hours to get to school each day. Schools located close to where you live should be prioritized unless you’re after a boarding school.

3. Quality of Teaching

The criteria for evaluating the quality of teaching at an Islamic school are different from those of a regular school, as you’re adding the extra responsibility of sound Islamic knowledge to the teachers. Before choosing an Islamic school for your kid, you want to ensure they hire teachers who know about Islam, the Arabic Language, and the Holy Qur’an, as that’s the only way they can impart the knowledge to your kids too.

Looking for schools that meet the foregoing criteria is no piece of cake, but thankfully, you don’t have to do it. We’ve conducted the research, and in the following section, you’ll get a list of the best Islamic schools in Abuja.

Best Islamic Schools In Abuja

Best Islamic Schools in Abuja

There are several Islamic schools in Abuja, but only a few are worth considering for your kids. Here are our recommended picks to help narrow down your search:

1. Model Islamic Schools

Model Islamic Schools is one of the most popular government-approved schools with a curriculum that accounts for Islamic education. Located at Queen Amina Way in Kubwa, it’s accessible enough to make it an option for most residents seeking the best Islamic schools in Abuja.

The school has all levels of basic education, from pre-nursery to senior secondary level, complete with Muslim teachers to impart both Western academic and Islamic knowledge to your kids. While it’s technically an Islamic school, it’s not a traditional ‘Islamiyya,’ so you should expect more focus on the Western education side of things.

2. Islamic Montessori School

The idea of Montessori schools is to let kids learn through natural activities that interest them rather than using conventional methods, and that’s what IMS advocates. If you’re interested in combining the independence of the Montessori learning philosophy with Islamic education for your kids, an Islamic Montessori School is pretty much your only option.

As an unconventional institution of learning, the Islamic Montessori School has no official uniform; rather, they use a loose dress code, leaving the choice of dressing the child largely up to the parents. With the school’s slew of Islamic policies (like no birthdays, for instance), it’s one of the best Islamic schools in Abuja.

3. Noble Guide Academy

Noble Guide is one of the best Islamic schools in Abuja for parents and guardians looking to equip their kids and wards with sound knowledge of international curricula. According to the school’s website, Noble Guide appears to specially prepare students for international exams like IELTS, IGCSE, and SAT.

At the same time, the school strives to center its curriculum on the requirements of both WAEC and NECO, ensuring students pass local exams excellently. Islamic education isn’t ignored at Noble Guide Academy either, with the school promising to provide a solid background in the Arabic language according to the standards of the University of Medina in Saudi Arabia.

Noble Guide Academy’s courses in the Arabic and Islamic studies curriculum include Arabic Language, Prophetic Supplications, Nadwa (public speaking), Salat, Hadith, Fiqh, and Tafseer, among others.

4. Alhidaaya Academy, Gwarinpa

Alhidaaya Academy is a co-educational Islamic academy at 71st Avenue, Gwarinpa, with a mandate to educate young Muslims holistically. The school aims to show young Muslims that their striving for professionalism and worldly success shouldn’t have to be at the detriment of their religion.

Like almost every other school on this list, Alhidaaya Academy has provisions for pre-nursery, nursery, primary, and secondary, with boarding facilities for select students. With a keen focus on the spiritual, moral, and academic development of students, Alhidaaya Academy is undoubtedly one of the best Islamic schools in Abuja.

5. Ry’an Academy

Ry’an Academy aims to become the most outstanding Islamic School in terms of the learning experience by 2030, which would be no easy job. However, if they can follow through on their mission of developing children to achieve the pleasure of Allah and excellence in their worldly affairs, their goal should be within reach.

The school is located at No. 6, Nwachukwu Gilbert Street, Kubwa, and is duly registered with all appropriate authorities. It was awarded the Most Outstanding School of the Year 2019 by the National Association of Northern Nigerian Students, showing it’s likely doing many things right.

6. Fama Islamic International School

Fama Islamic International School is also one of the best Islamic schools in Abuja with a curriculum that prepares them for life spiritually, academically, and religiously. The school’s curriculum is designed according to the standards of WAEC, NECO, and JAMB, but it also integrates Qur’anic, Arabic, and Islamic studies copiously.

Unlike most other schools in this list, Fama International School has a special ‘Islamiyya’ program for parents only after the Islamic aspect of the curriculum. In short, you can enroll your kids only for the evening Islamiyya classes, while letting them attend another school for their regular academic classes.

The school runs another special weekend Islamiyya program for older women looking to learn how to read the Qur’an. In addition to the Western and Islamic academic activities, the school has several extracurricular activities, including athletics, performing arts, and computer programs.

7. ICICE Al-Noor Academy, Abuja

ICICE Al-Noor Academy aims to provide students with an Islamic system of education, while only integrating the positive aspects of traditional Western education. To achieve this aim, Al-Noor uses a special syllabus that trains students in traditional subjects to ace local and international exams without compromising on Islamic education.

The school boasts of several benefits, including an Islamic curriculum taught in Arabic to ensure your kids can speak the language of the Qur’an, experienced teachers in both Western and Islamic education, and a serene learning environment. Considering all of these benefits, it’s only fair to include ICICE Al-Noor Academy in a list of the best Islamic schools in Abuja.

8. Al-Ansar Center for Comprehensive Education

An-Ansar Center for Comprehensive Education is another Islamic school in Abuja that promises a unique curriculum blend of Islamic studies, standard Arabic curriculum, and national standard curriculum. That way, students can pick up all they need to know about Islam from a young age without sacrificing their performance in internal and external exams.

Among other things, the school also promises well-trained teachers, spacious and comfortable classrooms, and boarding facilities for secondary school students. Interestingly, the school’s main Abuja branch is at Gwarinpa, but it has branches in Suleja and Kano, making it one of the most connected Islamic schools in Abuja and beyond.

9. Nurul-Bayan International Academy

Nurul-Bayan International Academy is one of the older Islamic schools in Abuja, with a mission to impart moral and academic knowledge to students of all age groups. Located at Jabi in the heart of the Federal Capital Territory, the school was established back in 2001, sticking to its faith-based curriculum ever since.

Nurul-Bayan runs a religious program that ensures the students emulate Islamic values and develop a passion for learning about the religion of Islam. The school has provisions for daycare, nursery, primary, and secondary classes, all with curricula that reflect Islamic principles and values.

10. Fou’ad Lababidi Islamic Academy

Fou’ad Lababidi Islamic Academy is a non-profit learning institution established with the mandate of encouraging Muslims to learn about their religion. Established in 1995 with only 36 students, the school is one of the older Islamic schools in Abuja, but its focus on the basic principles of Islam makes it a force to be reckoned with in the state.

So far, the school has registered with the appropriate bodies, including WAEC and NECO, to ensure students who graduate from Fou’ad Lababidi can take and pass their final exams excellently. The school’s balance between Islamic and Western education easily makes it one of the best Islamic schools in Abuja.


If you’re sold on the idea of sending your child or ward to an Islamic school, this article will help you take the next step. By outlining the best Islamic schools in Abuja, you can choose which one’s closest to you, helping you decide what college your child should attend.

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