List of Catholic Universities in Nigeria 

Catholic Universities In Nigeria
catholic universities in nigeria

Nigeria, a land of rich cultural diversity and academic excellence, is home to many educational institutions that have shaped the country’s intellectual landscape. 

Among these esteemed establishments are the Catholic universities, which stand as pillars of faith-based education in Nigeria. 

With their commitment to holistic development and moral values, these institutions provide a unique blend of academic rigor and spiritual nourishment, attracting students from all walks of life.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the world of Catholic universities in Nigeria, exploring their origins, missions, and contributions to the nation’s educational fabric. 

From the tranquil campus settings nestled in lush greenery to the vibrant academic communities teeming with scholarly pursuits, each university paints a distinct picture of dedication to knowledge and service. 

In this article, we have curated a comprehensive list of catholic universities in Nigeria and relevant information you need to know about them. Check them out!

Why Attend Catholic Universities in Nigeria?

There are a lot of things to think about while selecting a university. A Catholic university is one option that students in Nigeria might want to consider. 

These schools provide a distinctive educational experience that blends a solid moral and spiritual basis with intellectual brilliance. This blog post will review a few of the benefits of attending a Catholic university in Nigeria.

1. Education based on values

The values-based education offered by Catholic universities in Nigeria is one of the main arguments in favor of enrolling there. 

These educational establishments place a high value on the holistic development of their students by incorporating moral and ethical education into their curricula. Along with academic success, students are urged to develop spiritually and become law-abiding adults.

2. Firm Moral and Spiritual Basis

Nigerian Catholic universities provide a safe space for students to delve further into their faith. These establishments offer opportunities for consistent prayer, worship, and spiritual direction. 

Pupils can attend Mass, participate in religious activities, and have conversations with others about their faith and how it applies to their lives. Students who get this emphasis on spirituality may grow to have a strong sense of purpose and morality.

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3. Academic Prominence

The focus on academic performance in Catholic universities in Nigeria is another strong argument for enrollment. 

These universities are renowned for their demanding academic curricula and excellent educational standards. Their extensive courses and degree programs span multiple fields, guaranteeing students plenty of chances to follow their passions and interests.

4. Properly Outfitted Facilities

In Nigeria, Catholic colleges frequently boast state-of-the-art facilities that promote the growth and learning of their students. These institutions offer students the tools to succeed in their studies, from cutting-edge libraries to cutting-edge labs and research centers. 

To improve the whole student experience, they might also include extracurricular activities like clubs, organizations, and sports facilities.

5. Encouragement of the Community

In Nigeria, enrolling in a Catholic university entails joining a welcoming community. These establishments cultivate a feeling of inclusion and motivate learners to establish significant relationships with their classmates, instructors, and staff. 

Catholic institutions are known for having smaller class numbers, facilitating more individualized attention and assistance, and fostering an environment where students can flourish intellectually and personally.

6. Development of Ethical Leadership

Nigeria’s Catholic universities aim to produce morally upright leaders who can improve society. They allow students to participate in leadership development courses, social justice campaigns, and community service. 

Through these experiences, students can cultivate the necessary abilities to confront global concerns and a feeling of social responsibility.

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List of Catholic Universities in Nigeria 

Here is a list of Catholic universities in Nigeria:

  1. Catholic University of Nigeria (Veritas)
  2. Dominican University
  3. Caritas University
  4. Bishop Godfrey Okoye University.
  5. Spiritan University Nneochi
  6. Tansian University
  7. St Augustine University
  8. Madonna University, Nigeria
  9. Gregory University, Uturu

1. Madonna University, Nigeria

Address: No 1 Madonna University Road, Ogene

Founder: Emmanuel M.P. Edeh

Founded: 1999

One of the top Catholic universities in Nigeria, Madonna University is renowned for its unrelenting dedication to academic achievement and holistic education. 

Madonna University educates students both academically, spiritually, and emotionally, placing a strong focus on moral principles and character development. 

Every part of campus life is infused with the university’s rich legacy of Catholic traditions, which fosters a dynamic community where faith is a major factor in determining the quality of the student experience.

Madonna University stands out partly because of its wide range of academic offerings, which state-of-the-art facilities and knowledgeable teachers bolster. 

The school takes great satisfaction in turning out well-rounded alumni with the theoretical knowledge and real-world skills necessary to succeed in their chosen industries.

This pragmatic approach to education guarantees that students are equipped not just for their professions but also with the necessary skills to contribute significantly to society.

 Furthermore, Madonna University prepares its graduates to be influential global citizens by emphasizing social responsibility and community service, instilling empathy and compassion in them.

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2. Dominican University

As one of the best Catholic universities in Nigeria, Dominican University stands out for providing a special fusion of spiritual development and academic brilliance. 

The university fosters an environment that encourages students to achieve academic excellence while strengthening their moral and religious convictions, all in the name of holistic education. 

Catholic teachings are included in the curriculum to give pupils a well-rounded education and set them up for success in their personal and professional lives.

Dominican University’s emphasis on advancing social justice and community service—aligning with the core tenets of the Catholic faith—sets it apart. 

Students are given the tools they need to uphold the values of empathy and compassion while positively impacting society through various outreach activities and initiatives. 

This focus on giving back to the community enhances the university’s rigorous academic program and cultivates a culture of altruism and global citizenship among its student body. 

As a result, Dominican University becomes a ray of hope for people looking for something more than an education—something more profound, based on Catholic principles.

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3. Caritas University

Address: Nike Hotel Dr, Enugu 400103, Enugu

Founder: Emmanuel Paul Mattew Edeh

Founded: 2004

Caritas University is a shining example of both spiritual development and academic success, and it sets the bar for other Catholic universities in Nigeria. 

The university stands out from its contemporaries due to its uncompromising dedication to holistic education, which emphasizes moral values alongside intellectual development. 

Due to its emphasis on social responsibility and community service, students are not only taught but also given the tools they need to impact society positively.

Modern facilities and committed staff members guarantee students a top-notch education while steeped in Catholic values. 

This special blend creates a supportive atmosphere where students can develop intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. 

Caritas University is proud to produce graduates who are not only professionally prepared but also possess a strong sense of ethical duty and compassion, which is evidence of the university’s standing as one of the top Catholic universities in Nigeria.

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4. Bishop Godfrey Okoye University

Founder: Very Reverend Father Professor Dr. Christian Anieke

Location: Enugu

Year founded: 2009

Amidst Nigeria’s higher education environment, Bishop Godfrey Okoye University stands out as a beacon of academic excellence and spiritual progress. 

This Catholic-affiliated institution has established a vibrant environment encouraging critical thinking and holistic development. 

Students at Bishop Godfrey Okoye University are prepared with academic knowledge and a feeling of purpose and integrity, thanks to the institution’s strong emphasis on moral ideals and ethical principles.

The university’s cutting-edge facilities, knowledgeable professors, and wide range of programs demonstrate its dedication to providing high-quality education. 

Because of its commitment to quality, Bishop Godfrey Okoye University is regarded as one of Nigeria’s top Catholic universities. 

The institution develops people who are academically skilled and socially and morally responsible by fusing faith and knowledge. 

Bishop Godfrey Okoye University continues to significantly contribute to academic scholarship and personal growth in Nigeria by emphasizing holistic education.

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5. Spiritan University Nneochi

Founder: John Smith 

Year: 1920

Address: Along Nneato Road, Leru, Expressway, off Enugu, Junction, Port Harcourt 441111, Abia

Spiritan University Nneochi, which offers a distinctive educational experience deeply based in the Catholic faith, shines as a beacon of academic and spiritual excellence in Nigeria. 

The university’s dedication to holistic development is demonstrated by combining demanding coursework with moral instruction, giving students the tools to build strong moral principles that ultimately define their character. 

Additionally, the university’s emphasis on social responsibility and community service cultivates empathy and compassion in students, equipping them to be engaged members of society.

Spiritan University Nneochi stands out for its emphasis on developing students’ leadership skills. With a range of co-curricular and mentorship initiatives, the institution actively shapes future leaders who are morally oriented and capable of making significant contributions to their communities. 

This strategy distinguishes Spiritan University as a school committed to generating graduates who are responsible leaders with an unrelenting dedication to helping others and fostering academic success.

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6. Tansian University 

Address: 6V2R+6M8, Umunya 433102, Anambra

Founded: 17 May 2009

Founder: Very Revd. Msgr. Prof. John Bosco Akam

Tansian University, among Nigerian universities, affiliated with the Catholic church, is a bright example of quality. 

Tansian University is not just a hub for learning but also a cradle for future leaders based on intellectual strength and moral ideals thanks to its significant emphasis on academic rigor and moral values. 

Because of the university’s dedication to providing a comprehensive education, students can grow in their abilities, faith, and critical thinking abilities in a setting that equips them to make meaningful contributions to society.

Tansian University’s emphasis on volunteerism and community involvement is one of its distinctive features. By teaching children the value of giving back and improving the lives of others, this method cultivates in them a sense of compassion and social responsibility. 

Additionally, Tansian University guarantees students a well-rounded education that includes spiritual growth and intellectual endeavors by incorporating Catholic beliefs into its curriculum and campus life.

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7. St. Augustine University

Address: Igbonla Road, Epe 106103, Lagos

Founded: 23 October 2015

Chancellor: Femi Ote

St. Augustine University stands out as one of the greatest Catholic universities in Nigeria due to its unwavering commitment to academic quality and moral integrity. 

The institution offers a rich learning environment that fosters intellectual and spiritual growth, strongly emphasizing holistic education. 

The wide variety of degrees offered by the college ensures that students get a well-rounded education that will help them succeed in their chosen industries.

Additionally, St. Augustine University places a high value on innovation and research, encouraging a mindset of critical thinking and problem-solving among its staff and students. 

Through ground-breaking discoveries and answers to pressing problems, this commitment to knowledge advancement benefits society and improves the educational experience. 

As a result, the university continues to be at the vanguard of establishments committed to producing future leaders who possess strong academic credentials and a foundation in moral principles and social responsibilities.

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8. Veritas University

Location: Abuja

Year founded: 2007

Vice-Chancellor: Rev. Fr. Prof. Ichoku Hyacinth

Founder: The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria

As one of the top Catholic universities in Nigeria, Veritas University is distinguished by its dedication to moral principles and academic success. 

Tucked away in Abuja’s calm and scenic environs, the university provides a comprehensive education that combines challenging academics with spiritual growth. 

Veritas University develops well-rounded people prepared to manage an increasingly complicated global world by emphasizing the development of critical thinking and ethical leadership.

The steadfast commitment of Veritas University to offering a supportive atmosphere that allows students to explore their faith while pursuing academic goals is what makes the school unique. 

The university’s emphasis on social responsibility and community involvement gives graduates the tools to impact society meaningfully. 

With a faculty of reputable academics and business experts, Veritas University equips students with real-world experience and practical information to help them succeed in the workplace. 

It follows that Veritas University, which develops future leaders with integrity and purpose, is regularly named one of Nigeria’s top Catholic universities.

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9. Gregory University, Uturu

Address: Uturu 441106, Abia

Founded: 2012

Founder: Professor Gregory Ibe

One of Nigeria’s best Catholic universities is undoubtedly Gregory University, Uturu. The university, which prides itself on its strong dedication to academic performance and moral development, provides a wide choice of programs intended to provide students with the abilities and information required to succeed in their chosen disciplines. 

Gregory University has a committed faculty of accomplished academics and professionals who create a supportive learning environment that encourages intellectual development and personal fulfillment.

The university distinguishes itself from other educational establishments in Nigeria by prioritizing faith-based education. 

It is the best option for students who want academic rigor and spiritual development since it emphasizes developing moral leaders with a strong sense of social responsibility. 

Modern buildings and resources on campus facilitate research and teaching, further improving students’ educational experience. Gregory University is a shining example of academic success in Nigeria due to its unrelenting dedication to promoting holistic development.

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10. Shanahan University

Shanahan University of the Onitsha Catholic Diocese is the next catholic university on our list. This Catholic university is dedicated to quality, positive revolution, integrity, and truthfulness.

This university’s construction aims to use it as a springboard for a beneficial transformation in this region of the world.

Let it be the gift that humanity receives from this region of the earth. After graduation, students will already be well-mannered gentlemen and women that society and their families can be proud of.

They will be priceless assets to the community and help this region of the world—and by extension, the entire world—achieve revolutionary change.

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Are Catholic Universities Private?

Yes, most Catholic universities are private establishments. Catholic universities are primarily privately run and supported by private benefactors and religious organizations, while some may get grants or money from the government. 

This frequently enables Catholic universities to deliver a top-notch education while simultaneously keeping a close eye on their religious mission and core beliefs.

Furthermore, Catholic universities enjoy greater autonomy in decision-making, curriculum creation, and employment policies compared to their public equivalents because they are private establishments. 

This enables them to include spiritual lessons in school curricula and provide pupils with a singular learning experience.

It’s crucial to remember, too, that Catholic universities’ private status does not automatically make them exclusive or unaffordable; many of them provide financial help and scholarships to guarantee that students from various backgrounds can enroll.


Who is the founder of Gregory University?

Professor Gregory Ibe

What is the first Catholic University in Nigeria?

Madonna University, Nigeria is the first Private/Catholic University in Nigeria.

Which university is owned by the Catholic Church in Nigeria?

Godfrey Okoye University is a Catholic University in Enugu, Nigeria, founded in 2009. It is the first African university to be owned by a Catholic Diocese.

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The Catholic universities in Nigeria play a significant role in providing quality education and promoting the values of the Catholic faith. 

With their strong academic programs, commitment to community service, and emphasis on holistic development, these institutions have become key players in the Nigerian higher education landscape. 

The list of Catholic universities in Nigeria represents diverse educational opportunities for students seeking a well-rounded and faith-based experience. 

As these institutions continue to grow and expand their offerings, they are poised to make even greater contributions to their students’ intellectual, social, and spiritual development. For those seeking an education that integrates academic excellence with religious values, exploring the options among Nigeria’s Catholic universities is worthwhile.



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