7 Best Automobile Companies in Lagos

Automobile Companies In Lagos

As one of the busiest cities in Nigeria, it is no surprise that there are several automobile companies in Lagos as there is high demand. Lagos, with a population of over 14 million and a developing infrastructure, is a center for travel, tourism, and business.


Lagos depends heavily on its automobile industry, and there are numerous businesses that provide everything from car sales to maintenance and repairs.

Companies that manufacture, sell, service, or repair automobiles are known as automobile firms. These companies can create different vehicles including buses, SUVs, luxury cars, and trucks. The majority of automobile companies in Lagos provide services such as car sales, repairs, maintenance, and customization. Additionally, they offer replacement components for the cars they sell and occasional financial services such as vehicle loans and leases.


This article describes the best automobile companies in Lagos, their products, and the different kinds of vehicles sold there.

Automobiles Found in Lagos and Their Uses

There are many different types of automobiles on the streets of Lagos. These include the expensive vehicles that the wealthy citizens of the city drive, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. Ferrari and Lamborghini sports cars are extremely popular in Lagos, especially among auto club members and fans. Government leaders and corporate organizations frequently drive SUVs like the Ford Explorer, Range Rover, and Toyota Land Cruiser.

Buses, taxis, and tricycles are common commercial vehicles on Lagos’ highways. The bus, which is available in a range of capacities, from minibusses to enormous-capacity buses, is the primary mode of public transport in the city.

In Lagos, taxis are also widely used, with drivers offering transportation services through car-hailing applications like Taxify and Uber. For short distances, tricycles, popularly known as ‘Keke’, offer a cheap mode of transportation.


Types of Automobiles in Lagos

Popular car brands in Lagos include the likes of Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Range Rover, and many more. Lagos offers a variety of automobiles, including:

1. Sports Cars:

These cars are made for speed, agility, and power; they are high-performance vehicles and they include Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and many others.

Variable valve timing, overhead camshafts, and direct injection are among the cutting-edge technology used in the construction of their engines to deliver maximum performance. The engines come in configurations with or without turbochargers and are built to be highly powerful.

These cars distinguish themselves from other supercars because of their strong lines, acute angles, and futuristic design.

Advanced aerodynamic technology created by Lamborghini has been incorporated into other contemporary designs. The technology uses diffusers, air intake, and vents in concert to deliver the highest level of performance and stability.

Best Automobile Companies In Lagos
A Lamborgini.

2. SUVs:

These are large vehicles that offer comfort and space for families or groups. Examples of SUVs are Toyota Highlander, Lexus LX, and Range Rover, among others. 

The 2009 Highlander is still more enjoyable to drive than most other midsize SUVs, even those of the crossover variety, despite being significantly heavier and bigger than the previous model.

Excellent all-around visibility and light steering make the 2009 Toyota Highlander easy to maneuver in confined places while maintaining appropriate turning precision. The V6 is a standout, providing powerful, smooth acceleration in any circumstance.

Even with the Sport trim level, the ride quality is on the soft side, but that is to be expected in a crossover designed for families.

Best Automobile Companies In Lagos
Toyota Highlander, 2009.

3. Sedans:

These four-door automobiles have a boot for storage. A few examples of sedans are Toyota Camry, Mercedes Benz C-Class, and Honda Accord.

In Lagos, the Toyota Camry is the most popular sedan. Because of its track record of dependability, safety, and efficiency, it is a favorite among car buyers seeking out useful transportation.

However, alternative midsize sedans are challenging the Camry on a number of fronts, and its steadfast reliability is beginning to wane, making it no longer the obvious segment leader.

Best Automobile Companies In Lagos
2010 Toyota Camry

4. Hatchbacks:

These little automobiles have a sizable trunk that can be opened. Hyundai i20, Honda Fit, and the Toyota Yaris are a few examples of hatchbacks.

The 2008 Toyota Yaris seems quite sturdy as it drives down the road. Although the electric power steering is mostly devoid of sensation, maneuvering is made simple by its incredibly light touch.

With the manual gearbox, the tiny four-cylinder engine of the Yaris is surprisingly sporty and quite smooth even at higher speeds.

Automatic transmissions provide a lower initial acceleration, but both deliver sufficient midrange power for assured merging and passing on the highway.

The liftback’s available multifunction rear seat, smooth ride, attractive interior, and high fuel efficiency.

Best Automobile Companies In Lagos
2008 Toyota Yaris

5. Trucks:

These are vehicles made specifically for moving large items and goods. Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, and Toyota Hilux are some examples of trucks.

The Hilux’s strength comes from the enormous amount of data Toyota has gathered over the years while producing tough and dependable pickup trucks.

The body and chassis of each model are laser welded from high-tensile steel and have undergone extensive CAE simulation, resulting in a lightweight structure with outstanding torsional rigidity for precise handling. The 2WD/4WD Hilux range comes in single and double cabins, as well as with petrol and diesel engines.

The Hilux’s exterior portrays the tough and durable nature of the car’s performance. To ensure a superior look and feel, top-notch materials are employed.

The Hilux is easily recognized thanks to the characteristic Toyota grille. Strong tray bodies safeguard goods and boost carrying capacity, while wide tyres are mounted on alloy or steel wheels to improve grip.

Best Automobile Companies In Lagos
Toyota Hilux

Best Automobile Companies in Lagos

1. Coscharis Motors Limited

With more than three decades of experience in the automotive sector, Coscharis Motors Limited is one of the best automobile companies in Lagos. The business was established in 1977 and is a division of Nigeria’s Coscharis Group, a multifaceted commercial conglomerate.

They are the only distributor of Rolls Royce, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, and Land Rover in Nigeria. Genuine parts, accessories, and quality service delivery are hallmarks of Coscharis Motors.

Coscharis Motors provides a range of services, such as:

  • Sales of automobiles: This company sells a range of models and brands including BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Renault, and Land Rover.
  • Genuine Coscharis Motors spare parts are available for the cars they sell.
  • Repairs and upkeep: The business provides maintenance and repair services for the automobiles it sells.
  • Financing: Coscharis Motors provides financial services to clients who want to buy vehicles through their partners.

2. Globe Motors Holdings Limited

One more notable automaker in Lagos is Globe Motors Holdings Limited. This company was founded in 1984 and has risen to be a major player in the automotive industry in Nigeria.

They are well-known in Nigeria for their collaboration with Mercedes-Benz. Globe Motors delivers high-quality services, and their after-sales support is unmatched.

The services they provide include :

  • Sales of automobiles: The company offers a variety of makes and models, such as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Hyundai.
  • Genuine spare parts are available from Globe Motors for the cars they sell.
  • Repairs and upkeep: The business provides maintenance and repair services for the automobiles it sells.
  • Vehicle leasing is a service that Globe Motors offers to customers who only need a car for a limited time.

3. Toyota Nigeria Limited

One of the best automobile companies in the world, the Toyota Corporation, is a subsidiary of Toyota Nigeria Limited. They have a substantial presence in Lagos and are well renowned for their top-notch goods, services, and after-sales support.

4. Elizade Nigeria Ltd

As a JAC Motors, Chery, and Foton distributor in Nigeria with a reputation for quality in sales and servicing for Toyota, Elizade Nigeria Limited is well-known in the country. In the auto business, they have a reputation for quality and dependability.

5. Germaine Auto Centre

Germaine Auto Centre is one of the best automobile companies in Lagos and is also a maintenance workshop. They offer a variety of services, including detailing, bodywork, and painting for automobiles. In Nigeria, Germaine Auto Centre is a Bosch automotive services authorized dealer.

6. Stallion Motors Limited

Vehicle sales and distribution are the focus of the automaker Stallion Motors Limited in Nigeria. The business, which was established in 1969, is a subsidiary of the Stallion Group, a global corporation with operations throughout various African nations.

Stallion Motors provides a range of services, such as:

  • Vehicle sales: Stallion Motors offers a variety of automobiles, such as Nissan, Hyundai, and Porsche.
  • Genuine spare parts are offered by the business for the automobiles they sell.
  • Stallion Motors provides maintenance and repair services for the automobiles they sell.
  • Financial services are offered by the business to customers who want to purchase vehicles through its partners.

7. Kia Motors Nigeria

A South Korean multinational automaker called Kia Motors Corporation has a subsidiary called Kia Motors Nigeria. Established in Nigeria in 2007, Kia has become a major player in the automotive sector of Nigeria.

Among the services offered by Kia Motors Nigeria are the following:

  • Vehicle sales: The business offers a variety of automobiles, such as the Picanto, Rio, and Sportage.
  • Genuine spare parts are offered by Kia Motors Nigeria for the cars they sell.
  • Repairs and upkeep: The business provides maintenance and repair services for the automobiles it sells.
  • Financial services are offered by the business to customers who want to purchase vehicles through its partners.

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Why These Are the Best Companies

1. Quality Assurance:

These automobile companies in Lagos are known for providing excellent products and services. They use authentic parts and qualified professionals to ensure that their customers get the best value for their money.

2. Client Support:

The leading automakers in Lagos are well-known for their excellent client assistance. They prioritize customer needs first and respond rapidly to issues.

3. After-sale assistance:

They offer a range of choices for support including maintenance, repairs, and genuine parts. They also offer warranties on their products to give clients piece of mind.

4. Partnership with Leading Automakers:

These companies have partnerships with leading automakers, allowing them to provide top-notch products and services that meet the necessary criteria.


In a nutshell, the best automobile companies in Lagos have a reputation for excellence, dependability, and customer support. Sales, upkeep, and repairs are among the services they provide. These businesses place a high value on customer happiness and use qualified technicians to deliver superior after-sales support.

These automakers are your best chance for high-quality service delivery whether you’re looking to buy a new car or require maintenance or repairs.

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