Best Transportation Companies In Nigeria

Transport Companies In Nigeria

If you choose the best transportation providers, traveling by road can be exciting. If not, you will be reeling from various unpleasant events by the time you get to your destination.

Thanks to transportation companies in Nigeria, road transportation has significantly improved. Through their offerings, these businesses make every effort to keep up good ties with their clients. They put a lot of effort into ensuring passengers enjoy their getaway, are comfortable while traveling, and that their luggage is secure.

As a citizen and traveler, you should know how important travel may seem to you. This post is for those who must travel for various reasons, including business, tourism, searching out better pastures, leisure, celebratory events, or any other purpose.

For these reasons, we’ve decided to highlight a list of trustworthy transportation companies you can trust with your life and possessions.

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Criteria for Choosing the Best Transportation Companies In Nigeria

The following factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the top transportation companies in Nigeria:

  • Affordability of Transportation
  • Knowledgeable, skilled, and qualified drivers and personnel
  • A countrywide network of numerous and well-maintained terminals
  • Completely air-conditioned buses
  • Listed enterprises travel the safest routes in the country
  • Buses that are clean and well-maintained
  • Technology integration into their offerings (mobile applications and flexible websites)
  • Each bus has a vehicle tracking system and a secure payment portal installed
  • The highest percentage of positive Internet reviews
  • Excellent and prompt client service

Best Transportation Companies In Nigeria


Transportation Companies In Nigeria

You must be familiar with the name God is Good Motors (GIGM), a well-connected shipping company in Nigeria with a collection of accolades and excellent customer evaluations. You can learn more about God is Good Motors here.

The primary employer of GIG Logistics, also known as “God is Good Logistics,” is God is Good Motors. Through their official website and mobile applications, they provide eCommerce Logistics services, company courier services, domestic courier services, and cargo tracking services.

With many years of delivery services in Nigeria during West Africa, GIG vehicles have established a name for themselves. They are now being used by major manufacturers, which makes them one of the best employers.


One of the major transport firms in Nigeria is ABC Transport, so if you are preparing for a lengthy adventure, they have what you need. One of the top shipping firms in Nigeria that you can trust is ABC Transport Carrier.

The company’s headquarters are in Owerri, the capital of Imo state, and it is adequately equipped and run with the satisfaction of its clients in mind.

ABC Transport has extended its reach to other West African countries, including Ghana and other African states. Awarded the “2015-CITL Pioneer luxurious Bus Operator on the global (West train, Africa) direction,” ABC Shipping has won various honors for providing top-notch services and maintaining good client interactions.


One of the largest transport companies in Nigeria, Chisco Transport has a long history of providing its customers with good service. The company is currently a household name and a leading transportation provider in Nigeria.

The company has been at the forefront of Nigeria’s transportation industry, offering various delivery services and developing into a brand with “consider” as its motto.

With Chisco Transport, you can be sure to receive good transport care. This is made possible by their knowledgeable staff and crew as well as their fleets of buses. Chisco Transport Company is a multi-award-winning company with a strong reputation for dependability and expertise in providing first-rate courier and logistics services throughout West Africa.

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GUO Transport was founded in 1980 as a young company under G.U.Okeke & Sons Ltd. Due to its installed order, the commercial firm has grown to be one of Nigeria’s largest providers of intercity and interstate road transportation services.

With branches in all 50 states, GUO Delivery, one of the finest transport companies in Nigeria, has always provided tourists traveling around Nigeria with the finest delivery service.

GUO transport has over 80 fleets of vehicles, including Sprinter 14-seat buses, Toyota HiAce 15-seat buses, and Sienna 7-seat buses, all of which are designed to be had in top condition and provide comfort while traveling across over 200 locations.


Young Shall Grow is one of the best first-class delivery firms operating in Nigeria right now. The company could extend its fleet of buses to 40 in seven years and more than 100 subsequently, thanks to excellent delivery services.

YSG Motors boasts roughly 500 high-end buses capable of competing with delivery. Suppose you enjoy traveling to both the East and the West. In that case, your best choice is to go with Young Shall Grow Motors (YSGM) since they manage inter-kingdom and inter-town delivery better than most other transportation companies.

YSGM has a well-trained team to provide top-notch shipping services to their clients, starting from the terminal table staff to the drivers e.t.c., all while keeping the protection of people and property in mind. Continue your studies.


If all you’re looking for is a quick and safe journey, you should select Peace Mass Transit. Peace Mass Transit is an emerging subsidiary of the Peace group, founded by leader Sam Maduka Onyishi on June 3rd, 1996.

This business, which provides inter-nation services across Nigeria, is one of the major transport organizations in Nigeria.

The administrators of PMT performed an excellent job with their due diligence, and the service provided was of a high standard when compared to other transportation companies in Nigeria. PMT is a trustworthy delivery agency in Nigeria and the most affordable shipping business in Nigeria.

Transport Companies In Nigeria


The business began providing intercity and interstate transportation in December 2002 with 100 fleets of buses, which have since been upgraded to about 132 fleets of vehicles. The principal head office of Cross Country Delivery is located at 345 Muritala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Cross-country transportation grew significantly quickly because of the excellent services they provided to their consumers. It became known as “Corpers’ exceptional friend” owing to the special treatment given to Corpers and also preferred by most younger Nigerians.

The company captured the people’s hearts with its brand-new fleets of expensive buses and double-decker buses that were fully air-conditioned and had ergonomic seats.


The company gained the trust of tourists around Nigeria and West Africa thanks to its highly experienced and modest staff, pleasant drivers, first-rate customer service associates, and first-rate service experience.

Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, the Benin Republic, and the Ivory Coast are among the West African nations where Efex Delivery now operates several routes.

The company has policies and rules that have pushed its policy forward to ensure that customer happiness is the top priority while continuing to deliver outstanding services to its consumers and improving daily.

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Agofure Motors, a Nigerian transportation company owned by Mr. Godwin Omote Agofure, has offered excellent transportation services for many years. It’s also among the greatest so far in Nigeria.

Much work has been done to maintain the firm running and providing its clients with the most extraordinary transport services, so you have undoubtedly heard of this transportation provider.

The company’s main objective is to offer travelers who utilize their services an exceptional luxury, ensuring comfort when traveling long distances. Because of this, G. Agofure Motors has been rated as one of the top transportation businesses in Nigeria to date.


Iyare Motors, one of the premier transportation companies in Nigeria founded by Mr. Abel Omoruyi, has long been a top client favorite for travel. In addition to providing commuter transportation, Iyare Motors is an interstate and intrastate transportation business that provides courier, haulage, automobile rental, and car leasing services.

Iyare Motors is another prominent transportation provider in Nigeria, with over 20 years of experience offering fantastic services. Iyare Motors has gotten excellent feedback from customers who have traveled with them, earning it a position on the list of the top transportation businesses in Nigeria.


The top ten transport companies in Nigeria on our list were chosen with care based on the services they offer and internet reviews from past clients.

Road trips are no longer exclusively for the underprivileged who cannot afford airline tickets. You may now enjoy premium services on your journey because they are available to everyone.


Which Nigerian transportation firm is most popular?

One of Nigeria’s most well-known transportation providers is Peace Mass Transit or PMT.

Who owns Nigeria’s God is Good Transport?

The ambitious pair Edwin and Stella Ajaere started GIG Mobility, previously God is Good Motors, in 1998 to offer bus services throughout Nigerian cities.

Which transportation providers in Nigeria offer the highest level of travel safety?

GIGM has become one of the nation’s most dependable and effective transportation providers. With a fleet of more than 500 buses, GIGM offers dependable intra- and interstate transportation services to several locations in Nigeria.

Which Nigerian transportation firms are renowned for their deliveries?

The Chisco transport firm has led the Nigerian transport industry by offering various delivery services and developing a trademark with the word “consider” as its motto.

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