20 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria

Courses To Study In Nigeria

Every year, most students inquire about the best courses to study in Nigeria if they want to be guaranteed a job after graduation.

Even parents have affected their children’s course of study because they worry that the child won’t be able to find a well-paying job after graduation without the course.

However, some specific courses you study at university give you an edge and increase your chances of landing excellent job opportunities.

Are you a JAMBITE and still unsure about the course to study in Nigeria? Then this article is exactly for you.

This article will take you through the 20 best courses to study in Nigeria. Read on!!!

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Why Are These The Best Courses To Study In Nigeria?

These courses are the best because they have the highest job opportunities; the graduates are in high demand, and they are also the highest-paid courses.

If you want a course that you will get a job immediately when you graduate, then you need to choose from the best courses to study in Nigeria that will be covered in this article.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Courses To Study In Nigeria

1. Personal Interest

Nothing in life will be simple for you to complete if something doesn’t interest you.

Because of this, you should put your interests first while deciding on a degree to pursue here. Explore your interests to find your area of focus.

Journalism and mass communication are your two options for reporting news on television. It is a standard practice in every other course.

2. Salary

A journalist won’t receive the same salary as a physician. Instead, they will receive considerably varying compensation sums.

A medical practitioner might make 2 million Naira a month, whereas a journalist might make 1 million Naira. Choosing which course of action is best for you would be best.

3. School Fee

This is a crucial consideration. Most students drop out of school because they cannot afford the tuition for their enrolled courses.

Examine the course’s school fees before enrolling. If you are unable to pay for the program, do not apply.

4. Cut-off scores for JAMB

Your JAMB score significantly impacted your choice of course at school. Your JAMB Score will determine if you can select among the best courses to study in Nigeria.

A candidate with a low JAMB score will rarely apply to study law. You can finish up wasting time and money.

Pick a less competitive course that doesn’t demand a high JAMB score instead.

For this reason, cut-off marks were set for the Nigerian tertiary institution admission process.

You should wait a year or try again if you don’t make the cut-off for your desired course.

20 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria

1. Medicine And Surgery

The largest and one of the best courses to study in Nigeria is Medicine, which prepares students to assist in treating and healing patients. Graduates of this course have a 90% probability of finding employment in government or private institutions.

Hiring a doctor provides the information necessary to diagnose and treat patients, prevent disease, manage drug resources, and adapt to scientific and technological changes. The doctor is initially prepared to address issues with general health before becoming an expert in a particular field.

Doctors attend the appointments as scheduled, follow the patient’s history during the physical examination, decide on the course of treatment to be taken to recover, prescribe medications if necessary, accept referrals to specialists in other fields when the diagnosis calls for them, perform operations, meet with patients for in-home consultations, and can engage in scientific research.

Before graduating, medical students must complete many years of education and a full-time residency. The professional can then go on to work in private or governmental hospitals, medical rehabilitation facilities, and universities as a professor or in his own office.

The profession is geared toward individuals with a great desire to serve others, good analytical awareness, manual dexterity, a strong interest in saving lives, and a desire to learn more about biology, chemistry, and physics.

2. Nursing

Since skills and knowledge are insufficient to be a good nurse, nursing demands a vocation above all else. In addition, being willing to care for those ill or damaged is crucial. Nursing is one of the self-sacrificing jobs in Medicine or the health sciences since it requires academic understanding and a calling to serve and care for the sick.

Therefore, it is considered one of the best courses to study in Nigeria. Moreover, since doctors are only responsible for diagnosing, nurses play a key role in patient care because they are the ones who are always aware of their condition.

Because of the course’s requirements for qualified teachers and state requirements, not many Nigerian universities offer it.

20 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria
Nursing| Best Courses To Study In Nigeria

3. Law

The law degree, one of the top academic fields in the world, is regarded as one of the best courses to study in Nigeria since it offers excellent employment opportunities and is a highly respected certification.

Law is not just for attorneys or in court because it affects all facets of society. Studying law is defending justice, a moral vocation that is very admirable, and the world needs more qualifications.

Students find it simpler to assess both sides of complex situations or challenges and to design the optimal outcome based on sharp observation and critical thinking, thanks to the understanding and abilities acquired in the study of law.

4. Medical Laboratory Science

A career as a laboratory scientist provides the knowledge required to diagnose and interpret test results for patients, prevent disease, assist doctors by providing crucial information about patients’ test results, and adapt to scientific and technological advancements. Initially, the doctor is prepared to address general health issues, and the laboratory scientists assist them in their work and make it simpler for them to respond quickly.

It is one of the most sought-after courses in Nigerian universities and one of the best courses to study in Nigeria since few applicants know that it exists and because laboratory scientists earn well in Nigeria and can manage work and family obligations.

5. Pharmacy

The study of pharmacy is challenging. It takes six years of study to understand how drugs operate and how to give them fully.

More than just selling medications is what a pharmacist does. The pharmacist shares the doctor’s perspective and will confer with them as needed.

Many medications need to be prepared in the pharmacy rather than being delivered already made. Typically, assistants carry out this task under the direction of a pharmacist.

It is one of the best courses to study in Nigeria, and it offers you many options and one of the highest-earning positions there.

20 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria
Pharmacy| Best Courses To Study In Nigeria

6. Accounting

Professional accounting is one of the most popular and best courses to study in Nigeria. If you decide to pursue a professional career in life, you should be aware that the competition is fierce, but if you enjoy it, you won’t have any trouble using it.

Today, every company needs an accountant to assist with documenting or tracking the ongoing financial requirements of the business. Therefore, you will benefit much from studying this course.

7. Civil Engineering

One of the best engineering programs offered in Nigerian institutions is civil engineering. It is a professional engineering course that covers the planning, building, and upkeep of the built and natural environments and structures, including bridges, canals, dams, pipelines, roads, and trains.

Civil engineers plan, execute, and oversee the building of projects, systems, and infrastructure. Another area of engineering with promising job prospects is this one. A civil engineering graduate can find employment in a variety of construction firms that are both owned by Nigerians and non-Nigerians. In addition, a civil engineering graduate can potentially launch a construction company.

8. Electrical And Electronic Engineering

Electrical and electronic engineering is a field of science and technology that focuses on the use of electricity in all of its forms. Electrical/electronic engineering is among the best courses to study in Nigeria.

Engineering programs consistently rank among the most popular admissions programs each year, making them extremely difficult. Engineering degrees are in high demand in the world’s major sectors. Graduates in electrical/electronic engineering can also find a variety of jobs.

20 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria

9. Mass Communication

A social science course called mass communication examines the dissemination and dissemination of information to the general public, which is typically a huge population, via mass media. It is one of the best courses to study in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, there are many different employment options. Getting accepted into higher schools in Nigeria to study mass communication cannot be easy because not all offer the program.

However, with positions like reporter, broadcaster, presenter, on-air personality, journalist, editor, etc., available, there are many employment opportunities for graduates in mass communication in newspaper publishing companies and other publishing firms, publishing firms, TV stations, radio stations, media, and entertainment portals, etc.

10. Computer Science

One of the best courses to study in Nigeria is computer science, regarded as one of the best science courses and a science course in general. With the development of technology and its usage in improving daily life, technology has been applied to address issues and boost productivity.

Computer scientists are in high demand in practically all organizations. This demand has grown significantly since the COVID-19 epidemic. Many establishments and organizations have learned many lessons during this time and have also come to recognize the importance of technology in their operations.  

You can specialize in some IT areas, including software development, software engineering, hardware engineering, digital marketing, social media marketing, graphics design, website design, programming, data science, etc.

Your chances of landing a decent job with a high salary in Nigeria are very good if you have strong IT abilities. Moreover, you can obtain a professional certificate in IT skills without a degree because anyone can gain the necessary skills.

11. Banking and Finance

A popular management science course in Nigeria right now is banking and finance. This is because more banks will continue to open, raising the demand for bankers.

Because it provides the assets or cash that organizations, businesses, and people need to invest in the future, finance is a crucial component of our economy.

The ever-changing worlds of money, shares, credit, and investments are explored in banking and finance.

12. Architecture

This is the art and science of planning and creating structures for many uses, including residential, educational, religious, recreational, and entertainment ones. Every day, many structures are built around the nation, and architects are tasked with designing plans to meet the requirements and purposes of each one.

As a result, every new building is a chance for architects. There are lots of work options for architecture graduates. You have the option of working for an architecture firm or yourself.

In Nigerian institutions, this is a less competitive, lucrative course and among the best courses to study in Nigeria. You can work with a reputable architect or an architecture firm or start your practice after completing a professional education in architecture.

20 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria
Architecture| Best Courses To Study In Nigeria

13. Estate Management

One of Nigeria’s most popular environmental courses is estate management. Estate Management is also considered one of the best courses to study in Nigeria. The course covers building property appraisal, evaluation, acquisition, development, and marketing.

This degree already offers a staggering number of incredible prospects in the most developed nations. Although there may not be as many career options as in developed nations, Nigeria is seeing increased demand for estate managers. In the nation, estate managers can easily work for themselves.

The good news is that there is little competition to enroll in this program, making chances accessible for most graduates. And with Nigeria’s expanding population, this course is among the best to prepare for the future.

14. Mechanical Engineering

The field of science and technology, known as mechanical engineering, is dedicated to developing technologies that will better people’s lives by addressing their demands.

Mechanical Engineering is also considered one of the best courses to study in Nigeria. Graduates in mechanical engineering can find employment in a variety of settings.

15. Agricultural Science

Nigeria wants to improve its agricultural system to improve its economic standing.

A qualified graduate in agricultural science is widely sought after. Hence it is regarded as one of the best courses in Nigeria.

With the help of this training, you can work for yourself and perhaps launch a successful lifetime enterprise.

Agricultural science has several subfields, and any of them can be profitable with proper management.

Organizations have increased employee pay and created additional managerial roles for professional farmers due to the sector’s expansion of its areas of operation to maintain its competitiveness and attract the best people.

20 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria
Agricultural Science| Best Courses To Study In Nigeria

16. Petroleum And Chemical Engineering

This sector has long been among the highest-paying ones in Nigeria. Crude oil, a thriving economic sector, is Nigeria’s second-largest export after cocoa.

Workers in this sector are well paid, and part of their duties entail researching the components of petroleum, how to separate it, and the various uses for each one.

Engineers in Chemical and Petroleum is the term used to describe them. To become a petroleum engineer, you must enroll in any Nigerian university that offers the required coursework.

Polytechnics do not provide petroleum or chemical engineering, and applicants must have a good JAMB score to get admitted.

17. Economics

Although economics ought to be the most employable course in the nation, many businesses believe they don’t need economists.

The course is anticipated to be the most marketable within the following five years when most firms will feel the need for it.

Both universities and polytechnics offer economics courses. As a result, economics is considered one of the best courses to study in Nigeria.

Nigerian polytechnics award National Diplomas and Higher National Diplomas in Economics, while Nigerian universities give Bachelor of Economics and Master of Economics.

This field focuses on studying how people react when faced with a high cost or limited supply.

Economists are employed in many different industries. For example, economists are employed in the private sector as consultants.

They also work with huge corporations in the banking and finance industries. Additionally, economists can work for the government in various divisions and offices.

The National Bureau of Statistics, the National Treasury, the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Ministry of Finance, and others are among them.

You must approach economics from a business, aesthetic, and scientific point of view if you wish to study it at any university.

18. Business Management

Business administration, also called business management, is quickly gaining acceptance in Nigerian polytechnics and colleges. As a result, students who complete this program are in high demand in the job market.

Modern business managers and administrators are well-paid is another point to keep in mind. Business management is focused on the organization and coordination of corporate activity.

Administrative and management positions in businesses are straightforward.

They support staff members in realizing their full potential inside the organization and, as a result, reaching high productivity levels.

19. Marketing

There is a rising need for marketers. Every business wants to build its brand and turn a profit. Because of this, marketing is a popular course.

Even though you can practice marketing without studying it in school, there are benefits to studying it.

20. Veterinary Medicine

If you like animals, you likely knew as a child that you wanted to work with them as an adult. Since veterinary Medicine is closely related to Medicine, there is a high demand for graduates with veterinary doctor degrees in Nigeria, and these graduates typically earn handsome salaries. Therefore, veterinary Medicine is also among one of the best courses to study in Nigeria.

Because it is a very professional course, it is also not one that is provided by the majority of Nigerian colleges.

We will all agree that having a rewarding job is just as vital as having one that pays well.

Courses To Study In Nigeria
Young French Bulldog on the visit to the vet.

What is the most expensive course available in Nigeria?

Medicine and surgery; Medical and associated fields are among the most rewarding for Nigerian students. Regardless of their industry, doctors, surgeons, and other medical officials are among Nigeria’s highest-paid professionals.

What are the most challenging courses to study?

It is a basic subject in almost all fields of study, including physics, engineering, economics, and social sciences. Yet, despite being used all the time, mathematics is one of the most challenging subjects to understand because of its abstract nature and complex principles.

Which degree carries the lowest pay?

According to the research, majors in the performing arts, education, leisure and hospitality, social services, theology, and social work are among the least lucrative.

Why should I study in Nigeria rather than abroad?

Your education in Nigeria prepares you for real-world conditions, not just in the local job market but also elsewhere in the world. This is because the educational systems in Nigeria were designed after those in third-world countries. But, of course, this also applies to people who attended private universities.


You know that employers will look for your services regardless of your field of study if you prove yourself deserving.

There’s no need for you to even look for work. You can start working for yourself if you have solid knowledge.

So you shouldn’t have any issues with the arrangement of the courses in this article’s order.

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