13 Famous Best Markets in Nigeria

Famous Best Markets In Nigeria

Were you looking for some of the famous markets in Nigeria? Well, you have come to the right place. The market is known to be a place where business transactions take place. Nigeria offers a wide variety of marketplaces located all around the country.


There are a lot of famous markets in Nigeria where you can go to get whatever you need. But in this piece, we will be looking at the 13 famous markets in Nigeria. Below are some of the famous markets in Nigeria.

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Best Markets In Nigeria

Famous Markets in Nigeria

1. Idumota Market (Lagos)

Idumota Market tops our list of famous markets in Nigeria. It’s a market located in Lagos state, known as one of Lagos’s oldest and busiest markets. The opening and closing are from 6 am to 5 pm daily.

2. Oshodi Market (Lagos)

This market is also located in Lagos state. It is known to be among the biggest and most famous markets in Nigeria. It’s among the biggest markets in Lagos state, and it’s a market known for its affordability, rowdiness, and giant size. Most petty traders go to Oshodi Market to buy things because of how cheap goods are sold there and take them back to their shop for resale. 

3. Onitsha Main Market (Anambra)

On our list of the 13 famous markets in Nigeria, the Onitsha market makes it to our top 3. It’s a market located in Onitsha, Anambra state. The Onitsha market is known as one of the largest markets in Africa based on its geographical size and the volume of goods.

It’s a market controlled by one of the most respected associations on the continent, the Onitsha Market Traders Association (OMATA). Many people from different parts of the country come to the market for large or small business transactions. Things sold there are affordable prices because most sellers get their goods directly from the manufacturer.


4. Alaba International Market (Lagos)

You have yet to visit the Alaba International market but must have heard of it. It’s one of the famous markets in Nigeria. Alaba International Market is a market located in Ojo Lagos state.

The Alaba International market is among the big markets in Lagos, known as the hub for appliances, artisans, and a wide range of business activities. It’s also one of the biggest markets for Nollywood distribution.

5. Bodija Market

The bodija market made it to 5th among the 13 most famous markets in Nigeria. Bodija market is an open-air market located in Bodija, Ibadan state. It was established in October 1987 due to overcrowding and growth at Ibadan’s Orita Merin foodstuff market. The market is so organized that many significant items can be found there. Significant products like rice, pepper, beans, yam, etc. 

Market In Nigeria

6. Kurmi market (Kano)

The list will only be complete if one of the biggest markets in Kano is included. Kurmi market is one of the biggest markets in Kano and one of the most famous markets in Nigeria.

Founded by Muhammad Rumfa, a king in Kano in the 15th century. The kami market is so big you can get the wharves you want there. Shopping at the Kurmi market can be fun but, at the same time, exhausting. The name of the market originated from a known Nigerian football team.

7. Computer Village (Lagos)

Many people hear of computer village but haven’t been there, and they need an idea of what’s been sold there. Computer Village is a gadget village located in Ikeja, Lagos state. This market became a gadget home where phones were introduced in Nigeria.

Computer Village is one of the biggest gadget markets in Lagos that deals with computers, phones, and accessories. No matter the type of phone, computer, or accessories, you can get them all in the computer village, and if you are also looking for someone to fix your computer or repair your phone, you can get them there in computer village.

The computer village is so big and very busy that the minister of information and communication said that the computer village generates up to $2 billion for the country’s economy.

8. Zaki Biam Yam Market (Benue)

The Zaki Biam Yam market is a market located in the Benue market. Benue State is known to be the food basket of the nation. The Zaki bias yam market is a market known to sell yam, and the state is known to be the largest yam-producing state and zaki bias yam market takes records of up to 1.5 million tubers of yam every year.

The market is known to sell yam at a low price because most sellers cultivate yam. Traders from across the country come to zaki baim to buy am because of how cheap the yam is being sold.

The market has thousands of yams piled high and ready for sale, while outside the market are hundreds of trucks prepared to transport the yams to various locations around the nation.

9. Ariaria International Market (Abia)

This market is known as the biggest in West Africa and is located in Abia state. The cercaria market is often referred to as the China of Africa, and it was founded along the expressway which connects Aba, port Harcourt, and Enugu.

It’s a market that features 40,000 businesses and stalls, making it one of the largest open-air marketplaces in the country’s Eastern area and one of the biggest leather shoe manufacturing markets in West Africa.

It is the most prominent leather shoe manufacturing marker because most made-in-Aba products are produced there. You can also get industrial and handmade shoes, purses, sandals, clothing, etc., in the market.

10. Abattoir Meat Market (Lagos)

This is known as the meat market in Oko Oba Agege Lagos, Nigeria. An abattoir market is where cows, goats, and sheep are slaughtered. It’s not only slaughtering that’s being done there, but they also sell fresh beef, and you can also buy live cows, goats, and sheep there at an affordable price. You can also get affordable agricultural products like ponmo, livestock, etc. 

11. Oil Mill Market (Rivers)

The oil mill market is number 11 of Nigeria’s 13 most famous markets. It’s located in Port Harcourt. The market trades mainly on palm products and cassava.

Formerly known as the Nnempi Market, the market existed after the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970). The market got its current name, most likely due to the significant natural resource deposited in the state, crude oil.

The Oil Mill Market is known as the Wednesday or Midday Market. This is because, at its inception, the market was opened every Wednesday for people to buy foodstuff at a cheap rate. 

12. Balogun market (Lagos)

The Balogun Ajeniya Market, situated on Lagos Island, the heart of Lagos, is one of the biggest markets in Nigeria. The market started on Balogun Street in Marina Road and sprouted out to its adjoining and neighboring streets in the Marina area. All the buildings around the area have been converted into shops and stalls.

Balogun Market is famous as a hub for textile products, namely Ankara fabrics, lace, and other materials. It is also a place where people purchase shoes, pieces of jewelry, assorted clothes, corporate wear, wristwatches, electronic and electrical appliances, wines, and plastic materials, amongst other things. 

13. Arena Market 

The Arena Market takes the last spot on our list of the most famous markets in Nigeria. If you are looking for the top fashion stores in Lagos where you can get the latest make-up kit, cosmetics, cooking ingredients, foodstuffs, and ingredients, you can get them at the Arena Market. You can also get electronics at unbelievably discounted prices. You can also repair all kinds of electronics and electrical appliances in the arena Market. 


Nigeria has various marketplaces where you can get goods at affordable or cheaper rates. The markets mentioned above are not all the markets in Nigeria, but they are some of the most famous markets in Nigeria. 

You can get anything in the markets mentioned above at an affordable price, and this is because most of the sellers get the product from the manufacturer directly and fit the case of the Zaki Biam Yam Market. The yams sold there are being harvested by most sellers, making them affordable.

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