How to Make Money on X

How To Make Money On X In Nigeria
How to Make Money on X in Nigeria

In Nigeria and beyond, Elon Musk is one big name to reckon with due to his significant impact in the social media space.

Among his social media platforms that have evolved beyond mere communication tools into powerful avenues for generating income, is X formerly known as Twitter.

Just like people make money on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, you can also make big bucks on Twitter (X). And the interesting part of it is that it has a vast user base and potential for viral content, which has made it a goldmine for those who know how to leverage it.

Now, the question is- Are you leveraging on its potential? Do you know you can cash out big time on the X platform?

The answer is ‘YES’. There are various legit ways you can make money on X in Nigeria. In this article, Knownigeria has unveiled different ways you can earn on X in Nigeria. We advise you to carefully check them out by reading in between the lines without skimming.

Is X Good for Making Money?

With its enormous user base and real-time engagement tools, X can be a profitable online business. Influencers and companies use X to expand their brand awareness, connect with new clients, and increase revenue. 

Users can efficiently monetize their X profiles by advertising products/services through affiliate marketing, cooperating with sponsors on sponsored posts, or producing interesting content.

Moreover, businesses may target their audiences more accurately with X’s advertising alternatives, which include sponsored hashtags and promoted tweets. 

Businesses may maximize return on investment (ROI) on the platform by optimizing their marketing tactics with the option to track campaign performance indicators in real-time. 

In summary, X may be a very effective instrument for increasing revenue streams and business growth in the digital sphere if used creatively and wisely.

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How to Make Money on X in Nigeria 

Here are different ways you can make money on X in Nigeria:

1. Sponsored Tweets:

Having sponsored tweets is one of the ways to make money on X in Nigeria. Collaborating with brands to market their goods or services to your X audience is what sponsored tweets entail.

Brands might reach out to you to write and share tweets that showcase their products if you have a sizable following and strong engagement rates.

Let’s look at how it works:

Partnership Agreement: 

You and the brand arrange details such as what will be tweeted, when it will be promoted, and how much it will cost.

Crafting the Tweet: 

You write a tweet that appeals to your audience and is consistent with the brand’s messaging. It’s imperative to maintain transparency by designating the tweet as sponsored or commercial.

Tweet Sharing: 

You distribute the tweet to your followers as soon as the brand approves it. The objective is to increase brand awareness, interest, and, ideally, conversions.


You get paid to promote the brand; this might be a one-time payment or depending on engagement metrics like clicks, retweets, or conversions.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Among the numerous ways to make money on X in Nigeria is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is the practice of advertising goods or services using special affiliate links that businesses give. You get paid when people who follow you click on these links and buy something. Aside from X, there are other legitimate affiliate marketing platforms where you can make money.

Here’s how X affiliate marketing operates:

Join Affiliate Programs:

Enroll in affiliate programs that are pertinent to your audience’s hobbies or niche. Via affiliate networks like Commission Junction, ShareASale, and Amazon Associates, numerous businesses provide affiliate programs.

Product Promotion: 

Use your X account to post affiliate links to goods and services. To promote clicks and conversions, you can include recommendations or reviews with these links in tweets, threads, or responses.

Tracking Performance:

 Use the tracking tools that the affiliate program offers to keep an eye on how well your affiliate links are doing. Keep track of analytics like commissions received, clicks, and conversions.

Getting Paid: 

You get paid commissions on qualifying sales when your followers use your affiliate links to make purchases. Depending on the affiliate program, different payout requirements and commission rates apply.

3. Sell Products or Services:

You can use X to market and close deals with your audience on your goods and services. X may be a useful tool for increasing sales, regardless of whether you sell real goods through e-commerce platforms or digital goods like e-books or online courses.

Here’s how to use X to market goods and services:

Establish a Presence: 

Share insightful information, interact with your followers, and position yourself as an authority in your industry to develop a powerful X presence.

Market Your Offerings: 

Highlight your goods and services with tweets, discussions, photos, and videos. Emphasize their advantages, characteristics, and special selling propositions to draw in prospective clients.

Increase Traffic: 

Send followers to your sales pages, website, or online store so they may explore your products and services in greater detail and make purchases. Make sure your calls to action are obvious and that your clients can easily contact you or finish transactions.

Offer Customer Support: 

Deliver first-rate customer support on X by answering questions, resolving issues, and helping prospective customers. Developing rapport and trust with your audience can result in recommendations and recurring business.

Measure Outcomes: 

Utilize analytics tools to monitor the success of your marketing campaigns to assess the efficacy of your plans and make informed decisions that will maximize the flow of leads through your sales funnel.

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4. Offer X Management Services:

While many Nigerian businesses understand the value of having a strong online presence on X, they might not have the necessary time, resources, or experience to effectively manage their accounts. 

You can charge businesses for your services as a social media manager to manage different parts of their X presence, such as account setup, content creation, scheduling, follower engagement, and analytics tracking.

Here’s how to provide management services for X:

Identify Your Target Audience: 

Choose the industries or business categories you wish to collaborate with and learn about their X management requirements and problem concerns.

Emphasize Your Experience: 

Provide a list of your qualifications and experience in social media management, along with any pertinent case studies, certificates, or client endorsements.

Create Service Packages: 

As an X manager, you will need to create service packages that specify the particular duties and outputs you will be providing. This could involve performance reporting, hashtag research, follower-building tactics, and content production.

Market Your Services: 

Use networking events, your website, and social media outlets to advertise your X management services. Use cold outreach to make direct contact with businesses, or work with marketing firms that might require freelancers for social media management.

Provide Exceptional Results: 

After gaining clients, provide top-notch services that assist companies in reaching their social media objectives, which may include raising brand awareness, boosting website traffic, or producing leads and sales.

Measure Performance: 

To show the value of your work, monitor the X account performance of your clients using analytics tools. To demonstrate the value you’re adding to your clients’ organizations, send them reports and insights regularly.

5. Monetize Your Content:

You can make money off of your efforts on X if you regularly create interesting and useful information. You can do this by rewarding your followers with money or exclusive content. 

Creators can interact with their audience and earn voluntary contributions or subscriptions through platforms like Patreon and Ko-fi.

Here’s how to make money off of your X content:

Produce Powerful Content: 

Concentrate on producing excellent content that speaks to the passions, interests, and problems of your audience. These might be tweets, discussions, pictures, films, or live broadcasts that enlighten, amuse, or motivate your audience.

Create a Monetization Platform: 

Create a creator profile on a website such as Ko-fi or Patreon. Create a personalized page, outline the advantages of supporting you, and set up several membership tiers with associated incentives.

Promote Your Monetization Offerings: 

Use X to urge your fans to donate money by promoting your Patreon or Ko-fi page. Emphasize the unique experiences, behind-the-scenes access, or content-only offers they may expect in return for their financial support.

Involve Your Supporters: 

Communicate with them frequently, answer their messages, and express gratitude for their contributions to foster a feeling of community. Give them a sense of importance and participation in the creative process.

Deliver Consistent Value: 

To keep your supporters interested and inspired to keep on lending you their support, consistently provide them with special content and benefits. Pay attention to what they have to say, then modify your offers to suit their tastes and needs.

6. Provide Sponsored Surveys or Polls

Collaborating with businesses or brands to carry out market research or acquire input from your X followers is known as sponsored polls or surveys. Businesses frequently have to pay for insights about the tastes, beliefs, and actions of their customers.

Here’s how to do sponsored surveys or polls:

Locate Possible Sponsors: 

Get in touch with businesses or brands that fit into your niche or whose goods and services correspond with the tastes of your audience. Give them the option to support a survey or poll on your X account.

Specify the Goals: 

Collaborate with the sponsor to specify the goals of the survey or poll, taking into account the intended results, the target audience, and the research questions.

Create and Promote the Poll/Survey: 

Make sure the poll or survey is clear, interesting, and compliant with X policies before designing and launching it on your account. Encourage them to participate and tell your followers about it.

Examine and Report Results:

 After the survey or poll session has ended, examine the replies and create a report that offers the sponsor advice and useful information. To show the return on their investment, clearly and persuasively present the findings.

Receive Compensation: 

You will be paid by the sponsor according to the terms that were agreed upon. These terms may include a fixed fee or a mix of upfront payments and incentives based on performance.

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7. Sell Merchandise:

One of the most successful ways to monetize your presence on X and interact with your following is to sell branded items. You may design and market a range of products, including t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and other memorabilia with your X account, logo, or trending tweets on them.

Here’s how to use X to sell products:

Design Your Merchandise: 

Make designs that accurately represent your business identity and appeal to your target market. When producing and completing your goods orders, think about utilizing sites like Teespring, Printful, or other print-on-demand providers.

Market Your Products: 

Use tweets, photos, videos, or pinned items to highlight your products on X. to encourage your followers to buy your products, and emphasize their characteristics, advantages, and special selling factors.

Provide Ordering Information: 

Make it simple for your followers to buy your goods by giving them links to your online store or product pages along with clear directions on how to make an order.

Provide Special specials: 

To encourage purchases and instill a sense of urgency among your followers, run temporary specials, discounts, or package deals.

Manage Customer Service: 

Guarantee top-notch customer service by answering questions, addressing concerns, and resolving any problems with orders, shipping, or product quality as soon as they arise.

8. Provide X Consulting Services:

Offer your knowledge of efficient X use to companies or individuals looking to enhance their social media presence. Provide advice on a range of topics, including audience engagement, content optimization, X strategy, and analytics interpretation.

Here’s how to offer advisory services on X:

Identify Your Offerings: 

Choose which particular consulting services you’ll offer, such as strategy creation, content planning, hashtag optimization, X account audits, or performance evaluations.

Display Your Expertise: 

Emphasize your background, education, and accomplishments when it comes to leveraging X to accomplish corporate goals. Provide case studies, references, or samples of your work to establish your authority and credibility.

Customize Your Services:

Adapt your consulting services to each client’s particular requirements and objectives. To comprehend their target market, industry trends, and competitive landscape, do an in-depth study and analysis.

Provide Actionable Insights: 

Help your clients enhance their X presence, boost engagement, and produce outcomes by offering practical advice and insights. To guarantee continuous progress, provide continuing coaching, direction, and support.

Showcase Value: 

Track important performance indicators, such as follower growth, engagement rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate, to gauge the effectiveness of your consulting services. Present your clients with the observable outcomes of your work and the financial gains they are making.

9. Using crowdsourcing

Promote crowdfunding projects on sites like IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, and GoFundMe by using X. 

X may assist you in reaching a wider audience and garnering support from your followers, whether you’re using it to raise money for a personal project, company venture, charitable cause, or artistic effort.

This is how to use X to promote crowdfunding:

Craft an Engaging Campaign:

 For your crowdsourcing campaign, craft an engaging narrative and presentation that speaks to the feelings and ideals of your target audience. Give a clear explanation of the objectives, reasons, and advantages of supporting your campaign.

Promote Your Campaign: 

Post frequent updates, progress notes, and campaign milestones on X to publicize your crowdsourcing effort. Make use of captivating images, videos, and hashtags to draw in followers and motivate them to take action.

Involve Your Audience: 

Encourage a feeling of community and participation by proactively interacting with your followers, answering their inquiries and comments, and showing your appreciation for their support. To increase the reach of your campaign, get them to tell their networks about it.

Provide Incentives: 

Offer awards or incentives to backers to encourage contributions at various levels. For top donors, this could entail special benefits, first access to goods or services, or tailored experiences.

Demonstrate Transparency: 

Be open and truthful about how you plan to use the money you raise and the status of your campaign. Send out regular updates and let people know about any difficulties or roadblocks you face.

10. Use X Subscriptions

As a content provider, creating subscription channels or spaces is a third option to get paid by X. Your tweets are exclusively visible to your most devoted followers.

The benefit is that each time a subscriber interacts with your profile, they will receive a badge. You can tweet publicly and host Spaces that are only accessible to subscribers, but only subscribers can respond.

To be eligible for X Subscriptions, you have to be at least 500 subscribers and be 18 years of age. You also need to be an active X user and have an X Premium subscription. Up until $50,000, creators receive 97% of the subscription revenue; after that, they receive 80%.

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How Many Followers Do You Need to Make Money on X?

The number of followers you need to make money on Twitter can vary significantly depending on several factors, including your niche, engagement rate, and the monetization method you choose. 

While there is no set threshold of followers required to start earning money, generally, having a larger and more engaged following can increase your potential for monetization opportunities. However, even users with a smaller but highly engaged following can still monetize their Twitter presence effectively.

Here are a few considerations:

  • Sponsored Content: Brands may be interested in collaborating with Twitter users who have a substantial following to promote their products or services. Typically, users with tens of thousands or more followers are more likely to attract sponsorships. However, micro-influencers with smaller but highly engaged followings can also secure sponsored content deals if their audience aligns well with the brand’s target market.
  • Affiliate Marketing: With affiliate marketing, your earnings are often based on conversions rather than follower count. While having a larger following can potentially lead to more clicks and conversions, the key is to have an engaged audience interested in the products or services you promote. Some affiliate programs may have specific requirements or eligibility criteria, but many accept users with various follower counts.
  • Content Monetization: Platforms like Patreon or Ko-fi allow users to monetize their content directly by offering exclusive perks or content to their followers in exchange for financial support. The success of these monetization efforts depends more on the loyalty and support of your followers rather than the sheer number of followers.
  • Consulting Services: If you offer consulting services related to Twitter strategy, analytics interpretation, or content optimization, your expertise and track record may be more important than your follower count. However, having a visible presence and a history of providing valuable insights on Twitter can help attract potential clients.


1. Can anyone make money on X in Nigeria?

   – Yes, anyone with internet access and basic skills can make money on X in Nigeria.

2. What is the easiest way to start making money on X in Nigeria?

   – The easiest way is to sign up for an account and start completing tasks or selling products/services on the platform.

3. Is it safe to make money on X in Nigeria?

   – Yes, as long as you follow the platform’s guidelines and take necessary precautions, it is safe to make money on X in Nigeria.

5. Are there any fees associated with making money on X in Nigeria?

   – Some features may have fees associated with them, but there are also free options available for users to start making money without any initial investment.

6. Can I withdraw my earnings easily from X in Nigeria?

   – Yes, most platforms offer multiple withdrawal options such as bank transfers or mobile money for users to easily access their earnings.


Making money on X in Nigeria is a viable opportunity for those willing to put in the effort and dedication. 

By leveraging the growing market demand and utilizing innovative strategies, individuals can tap into this lucrative sector. It is important to stay informed about market trends and constantly adapt to changes to maximize profits. 

With careful planning and persistence, anyone can succeed in generating income through X in Nigeria. 


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