10 Best Platforms To Make Money Online

Platforms To Make Money Online

If you do not find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” Warren Buffett

You must be familiar with this well-known adage, as it has become imperative for people to find additional sources of income creation with the best platforms to make money in today’s environment of growing inflation rates and stagnant wages.

And among both the young and the seasoned, working on any platforms to make money online is one of the most popular options. To make some extra money, practically everyone focuses on improving their digital abilities and online personal branding.

You should work on online earning websites if you’re a student preparing for examinations, a housewife, or even a working professional who wants to add a few extra numbers to your monthly salary. But then the question of which websites are trustworthy comes up.

No worries; this article will teach you about the Top 10 best platforms to make money online. So, read all the way through.

Why should you have a second source of income?

Maintaining a side hustle is crucial for people because it diversifies our sources of income and moves us closer to financial independence.
People can spend extra money on things like home repairs, holidays, higher-quality education, etc.

A secondary source of income can support you in a medical emergency or job loss. Additionally, by starting to save more and retiring earlier, you can enjoy a quality life afterward.

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Best Platforms To Make Money Online

We shall delve into the key platforms that can support your hard work in our investigation of online money-making in Nigeria.

1. Jumia

Platforms To Make Money Online

Leading online retailer Jumia is present in several African nations, including Nigeria. It provides many goods, including clothing, electronics, home appliances, and more.

Online shoppers can easily make purchases and deliver them right to their homes. To ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers across the continent, Jumia also offers a secure payment system and dependable customer assistance.

As one of the top platforms to make money in Nigeria, Jumia provides a variety of options on how to go about this process.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria using Jumia

Jumia Vendor

  • You may earn money by adding things to the Jumia website and selling them there. You must register and be accepted to begin.
  • Find things that are in demand, procure them, and put them in your Jumia store.
  • Improve the product’s descriptions, pictures, and price to draw customers.
  • You can make money by selling products if your marketing and customer service efforts are successful.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Promote merchandise on your blog, website, or social media accounts by signing up for Jumia’s affiliate program.
  • You receive a commission each time a sale is made through your affiliate link.
  • Focus on markets compatible with your target audience and offer insightful content to increase conversions.

2. Amazon KDP

A self-publishing platform, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), enables authors to self-publish and market their paperback books and e-books worldwide.

Authors may maintain creative control over their works with KDP, establish prices, and connect with a sizable Kindle readership. It provides various tools and services, such as formatting, cover design, and marketing alternatives, to assist authors with publication.

Authors and self-publishers can make money from their creative works thanks to Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Here are some tips for using Amazon KDP to earn money:

How to Make Money With Amazon KDP

E-book Publication

  • Your book should be written in a well-liked genre or market.
  • Make your book’s cover appealing and improve the description. Set a fair price for your eBook when you publish it on Amazon KDP, and you’ll be paid royalties for each sale.
  • Market your eBook through social media, email marketing, and book review websites to raise awareness and sales.

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3. ExpertNaira

ExpertNaira is an online marketplace that links providers and consumers of digital goods and services, including books, courses, tutorials, and other content.

ExpertNaira seeks to provide its users with practical digital knowledge and help, whether for personal financial planning, investment strategies, or business development.

How to Make Money in Nigeria Using ExpertNaira


  • You can earn money by selling e-books, videos, courses, tutorials, and other items as a vendor on ExpertNaira.
  • To break even, choose a lucrative niche, establish your brand, and provide after-sales customer assistance.


  • As an affiliate, you can use several traffic channels to draw attention to the products you are promoting, and you can do this while relaxing at home on your phone or laptop.

4. Mano;

Mano is an online market for groceries that links consumers and sellers. It is a supermarket where you can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, alcohol, snacks, baked goods, and beverages.

They also provide chances for individuals to earn money online.

How To Make Money In Nigeria With Mano

Selling Goods

  • On Mano, you may list and sell things the same as on Jumia.
  • Examine the market for gaps in supply and demand before sourcing products for your Mano store.
  • To increase traffic and sales, implement powerful marketing methods.


  • Utilize Mano’s dropshipping approach.
  • Join forces with vendors who manage shipping and inventory. You advertise their goods in your shop, and the supplier fills orders when they are purchased.
  • Your profit is the sum of the suppliers and selling prices.

5. Fiverr;

A well-known online market called Fiverr allows independent contractors to display their talents and provide a range of digital services. Freelancers can build jobs and offer their abilities to clients globally in fields ranging from graphic design and writing to programming and marketing.

Fiverr helps people locate skilled experts for their tasks and allows independent contractors to grow their clientele and income.

How To Make Money In Nigeria From Fiverr

Profile Development

  • Make an engaging Fiverr profile that exhibits your portfolio and highlights your expertise.
  • Write concise, accurate job descriptions that highlight the unique value you offer.

Optimizing Your Gig

  • Determine which services are in great demand and adjust your gigs accordingly.
  • Use relevant keywords, eye-catching visuals, and reasonable prices to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • To boost your earning potential, consider providing extra services or bundles.

Outstanding Service Delivery

  • Deliver consistently excellent work and offer top-notch customer service.
  • Reviews and favorable ratings increase your visibility and draw in more customers.

6. Digistem;

Platforms To Make Money Online

Digitstem is a Nigerian affiliate website where you can earn commissions in dollars. Affiliate marketing is a business strategy that has assisted many Nigerians to become online millionaires.

You can make money with affiliate marketing by receiving commissions for purchases made using your particular referral link. You provide a product that your target market needs to address their problem, and you get paid a commission on the sale of that product.

How to Make Money in Nigeria with Digistem

This business approach is very different compared to network and multilevel marketing;

  • You may promote many excellent products on the Digitstem website and earn a fee of roughly 50–70% on each transaction.
  • Every Saturday, Digitstem deposits your earnings into your Nigerian bank account.
  • To sign up for this website, you must buy the Ultimate Money Machine Pro, a top-notch affiliate marketing course. It has all the information you require to succeed on the website.

7. Google AdSense;

With the help of Google AdSense, website owners, and content producers can make money from their online presence. Publishers can generate income based on ad clicks or impressions by placing targeted advertisements on their websites.

Google AdSense uses sophisticated algorithms to seamlessly integrate relevant adverts with website content, benefiting publishers and advertisers.

How to Make Money in Nigeria via Google AdSense

Creation of Content

  • Create a website or blog that draws a target audience and is focused on a specific niche.
  • Provide informative, engaging, and creative content to broaden your audience and get more visitors to your website.

AdSense Integration

  • Create an ad code after requesting a Google AdSense account and getting it authorized.
  • To display relevant adverts, strategically place the code on your website.
  • Maintain a user-friendly experience by limiting the number of advertising on your website.

8. Timebucks;

On the entertaining GPT site Timebucks, there is always something you can do to get money. You can earn money while working from home by posting on Facebook, clicking on adverts, installing applications, responding to surveys, and completing microtasks.

The use of affiliate marketing by Timebucks. Any business that wants to advertise its goods or services on the platform must pay a charge. They keep the remaining funds and give a larger portion to members who completed the work requested by these businesses.

How to Make Money in Nigeria Using Timebucks

  • When it comes to Timebucks surveys, the company conducting the survey can pay $1.00, while Timebucks pays the enrolled user $0.91 after deducting $0.10 for its services.
  • This is carried out for every task the site provides, which could account for the fact that even new users can start working immediately after logging in or enrolling.

9. Upwork;

A global network for freelancing, Upwork links companies and individuals with independent contractors across a wide range of industries. Many other categories are available, including writing, design, programming, marketing, and virtual support.

Customers can use Upwork’s safe platform to discover qualified freelancers for their projects. In contrast, freelancers can present their skills and work remotely with customers worldwide.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Using Upwork

Creating a profile

  • Make a polished, engaging profile highlighting your abilities, background, and portfolio.
  • To draw clients, emphasize your area of expertise and use relevant keywords.

Project Bidding

  • Look through the available projects and submit well-written proposals customized to each client’s needs.
  • Be sure to highlight your special selling point and show that you can do work of the highest caliber.

Customer satisfaction

  • Deliver outstanding client service by meeting deadlines and going above and beyond.
  • Your reputation will be improved by positive client comments and ratings, which will improve your chances of landing more lucrative assignments.

10. YouTube;

Users can upload, watch, and share videos on the widely used online video-sharing service YouTube. It has developed into a focal point for content producers, encompassing a variety of subjects such as music, education, and entertainment.

Users can explore a vast library of videos worldwide, subscribe to channels, and interact with creators through comments and likes. For qualified producers, YouTube also provides monetization alternatives via the YouTube Partner Program.

How to Make Money in Nigeria Using YouTube

Partner Program for YouTube

  • Comply with the YouTube Partner Program’s qualifying requirements, which include having at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours during the previous 12 months.
  • After receiving approval, you can monetize your videos and start earning money from the adverts that are shown on your channel.
  • Create sponsored videos in partnership with companies, promoting their goods or services in return for remuneration.
  • Respect YouTube’s guidelines for sponsored content and disclosure to maintain transparency.


It would be best to take significant action to succeed; knowing the finest platforms to make money online in Nigeria is insufficient.

You must first register for one or more of these platforms, then offer top-notch services to start making money. Numerous websites don’t require money, knowledge, or prior experience, and you can start earning money there right now!

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Which platform is most effective for making money?

Famous online platforms that allow people to make money online include freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr, where you may offer services based on your talents.

How can a Nigerian student make money online?

Copywriting and content creation
Virtual tutoring.
Translation services

What can you do with ten thousand naira (N10,000)?

You can purchase mutual funds with 10,000 Naira. You can easily identify top-notch mutual fund schemes with this tiny seed money and invest in them to earn big profits.

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