Football Academy In Abuja
Football Academy in Abuja

Football is a popular sport, so many boys and girls dream of playing professional football. Having the appropriate instruction and direction is crucial for realizing this desire.

In Abuja, numerous football academies provide excellent instruction to assist any player to improve. 

Football academies in Abuja allow young players to enhance their skills and abilities. If you also aspire to be a professional player, check out the list of football academies in Abuja that will bring your dreams into reality.

Read on and learn more about the football academy in Abuja. Let’s get started!



Abuja Football College is one of the well-known football academies in Abuja. The academy trains its students thoroughly on football’s technical, tactical, and physical facets.

The academy is renowned for its first-rate facilities, knowledgeable teaching staff, and dedication to producing well-rounded athletes.

The Abuja Football College has produced quite several well-known athletes. The academy tuition fee is between #200,000 to #1,500,000 annually.

List Of Football Academy In Abuja
Abuja Football College| Football Academy in Abuja

2. New African Foundation Sport

You can visit the excellent football academy, The New African Foundation Sport, in Abuja Central, to improve your playing abilities. 

3. Abuja Football Academy

Abuja Football Academy is a well-known football academy in Abuja, although it is relatively for the young. It is situated in the Gwarinpa neighborhood of Abuja; for boys aged 12 to 18, the academy offers an organized football training program. 

Their training regimen covers technical, tactical, physical, psychological, and educational support. The academy provides a planned and thorough training regimen that emphasizes improving young athletes’ skills and aptitudes.

The coaching team is knowledgeable and ever-devoted to each player’s growth, and the facilities are up-to-date and well-kept. The academy tuition fee ranges from #100,000 to #450,000 per year, depending on the player’s age.

4. Eden Football Academy

Although it is a relatively young football academy in Abuja, Eden Football Academy has quickly made a name for itself as one of the best in the area. The academy provides a planned and thorough training regimen that emphasizes improving players’ technical skills.

The academy’s facilities are up-to-date and kept up, and its coaching staff is knowledgeable and committed to the players’ growth.

Abuja Football Academy
Eden Football Academy| Football Academy in Abuja

5. Eagle’s wing football academy

Soccer players of all ages, including toddlers, teenagers, and young adults, can train at the Eagle’s Wing Football Academy. Who are attempting to identify their passions and focus their energies on positively impacting society, and we know to support these passions and push their aspirations to become the next generation of up-and-coming soccer stars.

6. FC Abuja

Over ten years have passed since FC Abuja first opened its doors in the capital of Nigeria. The academy enjoys offering its athletes the best equipment and training, emphasizing advancing technical abilities, tactical awareness, and physical fitness.

One of FC Abuja’s main advantages is its knowledgeable coaching staff with years of professional playing and coaching experience. They can customize training sessions to the skills and requirements of each player due to this depth of knowledge.

FC Abuja offers programs for both genders between the ages of five and eighteen to ensure that all aspiring players can access possibilities. Players may anticipate challenging training schedules at FC Abuja that address every part of the game, from ball handling to shooting technique.

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7. DFA Academy

DFA Academy is a football academy in Abuja, known for its first-rate facilities and knowledgeable coaching staff. Thanks to the academy, Young footballers can hone their skills and break into the pros.

DFA Academy strongly emphasizes mental fortitude and discipline in addition to nurturing students’ physical skills as part of a holistic development strategy. The academy’s training regimen is meant to test players while also assisting them in developing their on-field judgment.

Many eminent athletes who went on to compete at the national and international levels were developed by the DFA Academy.

This accomplishment can be due to the academy’s first-rate facilities, which include up-to-date training gear, well-kept fields, and luxurious accommodations for players.

8. Clique Sports FOOTBALL Academy

In the Asokoro neighborhood of Abuja, there is a football academy called Clique Sports Football Academy. The academy offers young players between 6 and 18 a thorough football training regimen. Their training covers technical, tactical, physical, psychological, and educational support. Depending on the player’s age, the academy tuition fee can range from 150,000 naira to 550,000 naira per year.

Clique Sports Academy Know Nigeria
Clique Sports Football Academy| Football Academy in Abuja

9. Karamone Football Academy

The Wuse neighborhood of Abuja is home to the Karamone Football Academy. Boys between the ages of 8 and 18 can participate in the academy’s structured football training program. The training curriculum includes help for academics and technical, tactical, physical, and psychological training. Depending on the player’s age, the annual tuition fee for the academy range from 150,000 to 600,000.

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10. Pepsi Soccer Academy

One of the top football academies in the nation, especially in terms of facilities, is Pepsi Football Academy. It is also one of the most well-known. The Abuja branch is situated in Wuse 4, Wuse

11. Phoenix Football Academy

If you’re looking for a football academy in the Maitama area, consider Phoenix Football Academy. It is situated at Maitama, Ibb Way, Abuja.

Football Academy In Abuja
Phoenix Football Academy| Football Academy in Abuja

12. Dlite Football Academy

The Dlite Football Academy is located in Abuja’s Kaura District, Garki. It is one of the state’s most renowned football academies.

13. Global Talent Soccer

Visit Global Talent Soccer if you’re looking for a football academy that can both help you get better at the game and connect with other players. Asokoro Extension, Asokoro, Abuja, is where it’s situated.

Football Academy In Abuja
Global Talent Soccer| Football Academy in Abuja

14. Royal Stars Football Academy

f you want to build yourself adequately in the game, your dream will come true once you get to Royal stars football academy in Abuja. Royal Stars Football Academy is a well-known football academy in Abuja and can be easily found if you ask around.

15. Ultimate Football Academy

Ultimate Football Academy, located in Gwarinpa, Abuja, is another top football academy in the city. The academy offers various training programs catering to players of different ages and abilities. The academy’s facilities are top-notch, and its coaching staff is experienced and knowledgeable.

Football Academy In Abuja
Ultimate Football Academy| Football Academy in Abuja

16. Amakson Soccer Academy (ASA)

Amakson Soccer Academy (ASA) is a football academy in Abuja that finds and develops young people between the ages of 14 and 20. The academy comprises training experts that give aspiring football players coaching sessions and practice games.

17. Ascend Football Academy (AFA)

For greater professional club possibilities in Europe and other parts of the world, Ascend Football Academy (AFA) seeks out and develops young football talent in Nigeria and throughout Africa.

18. D2 Weekend Football Academy

The D2 Weekend Football Academy is a professional training and coaching facility for kids and young adults in Abuja, Nigeria.

Football Academy In Abuja
D2 Weekend Football Academy| Football Academy in Abuja

19. Squad 1 Football Academy

The Eaglenet Logistics Company sponsors the Squad 1 Football Academy, also known as the Eaglenet Football Academy is a football academy in Abuja that strives to provide a platform for the growth of young football players to a greater height while guaranteeing they realize their potential.

20. Konsole Sport Football (KSF)

Konsole Sport Football (KSF) is a well-known football academy in Abuja, that can help you improve your playing abilities. Our knowledgeable coaches offer first-rate instruction and direction to help you perform to your maximum capacity on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll at the Barcelona Academy?

It would be best if you succeeded in the entrance examinations. It would help if you were between the ages of 6 and 12. You can sign up for basketball as early as age 4. You must call Catalonia home, together with your family.

How can I enroll at Abuja’s Roma Academy?

Fill out the registration form completely. You can do this online or by printing a paper version and filling it out by hand. Once you’ve completed the registration form, PRINT & SIGN, PAY the initial down payment. A deposit of #1,000,000 (or $1,500) is required to confirm the registration.

Are there fees for the football academy?

The best practice academy should provide a payment schedule, such as a pay-as-you-go system for just the sessions you attend or several payment terms (over a year). Offering at least one free session would be ideal so the youngster may decide whether they like it.

How does one enroll at the Ajax Football Academy from Nigeria?

Ajax’s junior academy only accepts individual applications from within sources. After a thorough and prolonged scouting process, Ajax only extends invitations. The Ajax youth academy will not examine applications submitted by mail or email.

Without an academy, how can a football player develop?

Become a member of a neighborhood group.
Another excellent location to start your football career is with local teams. As a young footballer, local clubs provide you with more time and opportunities to play to the best of your abilities. Additionally, they provide opportunities for gaining first-hand knowledge and experience.


Football is fascinating since it offers multiple benefits, such as rewards and improved physical condition. This can be accomplished by joining the correct football team because it is healthy to exercise our body, either as a child or an adult.

However, it’s crucial to understand how to apply the various football skills to reach a higher and better body operating result.

Over the years, the finest football academies in Lagos have identified and developed several young talents by providing them with instruction and a winning mindset. They are, therefore, capable of excelling as football players wherever they may be, thanks to their mentality and training.

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