Nigeria Suffers Low Internet Affordability

Low Internet Affordability

Techpoint Africa reported that, In a survey conducted by Surfshark, a cyber security company, based on the level of broadband internet affordability found that Nigeria ranked 119th among 121 countries covered by the survey.

The survey revealed that Nigerians have to work for one and a half days (over 35 hours) to afford the cheapest broadband internet in the country for context, it is 119 times more than in Romania which has the most affordable broadband internet, hence people in Romania have to work only 18 minutes to afford the cheapest broadband internet in the country.

This doesn’t paint the full picture of the country’s performance within the continent.

Why is internet Affordability low in Nigeria

In determining why the internet is unaffordable in Nigeria, Surfshark had to determine the price of the cheapest mobile data package and lowest broadband internet package by the average hourly wage in a specific country with the figures obtained from the Word Bank and Numbeo.

The economic state of Nigeria has gotten progressively worse over the years, and inflation in the country is currently at its highest rate since 2005, pushing more Nigerians below the poverty line.

Nigeria has one of the highest inflation rates in the World, growing by over 25% in just one year.

This means that the purchasing power of Nigerians has depreciated while the minimum wage has stayed the same.

Therefore, even if the price of mobile data and broadband internet in Nigeria has not increased, it has gotten significantly cumbersome for Nigerians to afford it.

Nigerians Have To Work Longer To Afford Internet Broadband.
Low internet connectivity


Nonetheless, irrespective of the unaffordability of the broadband internet for Nigerians, the quality of the internet in Nigeria is not so bad.

Nigeria ranks 67th globally with a mobile internet speed of 46.99 megabytes per second (Mbps) and the report equally ranked Nigeria 70th in terms of mobile internet stability and 11th in mobile speed improvement.

While Mobile internet in Nigeria has improved by 87%, it is still slower by 31% than that of South Africa which has a mobile internet speed of 31 Mbps, Kenya has 38 Mbps, with Ghana is one of the slowest with 14 Mbps. In contrast, Botswana and Morocco have the second and third fastest internet mobile speeds with 58 Mbps and 48 Mbps respectively.

Affordable broadband Internet in Nigeria

According to a survey conducted by Surfshark security company based on the level of broadband internet affordability Nigeria ranked 119th for mobile Internet affordability out of the 121 countries surveyed hence, the top ten European countries surveyed on the list only have to work for an average of 36 minutes compared to her Nigeria’s counterpart who have to work for 176 minutes to afford mobile Internet


While the Internet has become more and more unaffordable for Nigerians, the quality of the Internet is not so bad. However, the Internet in Nigeria has improved by 87%, but it is still slower than that of South Africa which has a mobile internet speed of 68Mbps and is the fastest in Africa.


Narrowing the rankings down to Africa, Nigeria ranked 119th while other African countries like Angola 52nd, Botswana 92nd, South Africa 42nd while Ghana ranked 114th.

Globally, Africa’s most populous country ranked 99th for mobile internet affordability, Angola impressively held a fourth position, and South Africa ranked 63rd for Internet affordability.

In 2020, Nigeria was nevertheless ranked the 85th country in the world with the most affordable broadband internet and dropped 25 places in rankings to 110 in 2022 to be ranked 115th, while the country further dropped four places in 2023 to become the 119th among countries with the most affordable broadband internet in the world.

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