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The Federal Government of Nigeria founded the Nigerian Law School in 1962 with the intention of giving students desiring to become exemplary legal practitioners in Nigeria the crucial practical training they require. The educational offerings of the Nigerian Law School provide the required instruction, preparation, and information for you to become a successful attorney.

Only those with an LLB from one of Nigeria’s approved universities that offers law are admitted to law school. The school’s training program lasts a full year.

The establishment of six new campuses for the Nigerian Law School in the nation’s six geopolitical zones has received approval from the Senate.

Prior to the establishment of law schools in Nigeria, Nigerian lawyers were admitted to the English bar after completing their legal education in England.

Law Schools In Nigeria

Law schools play a vital role in shaping the legal profession by providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field. Studying law in Nigeria offers numerous opportunities to engage with a vibrant legal system and contribute to the development of justice in the country. 

Studying law in Nigeria offers a myriad of benefits. First and foremost, Nigeria boasts a rich legal history, with a legal system derived from British common law principles. This provides a strong foundation for learning the intricacies of the legal profession.

Additionally, studying law in Nigeria allows students to engage with a diverse legal community, gain insights into local customs and practices, and navigate the complexities of the Nigerian legal landscape. Graduates from Nigerian law schools are highly regarded both within the country and internationally, making it a rewarding choice for aspiring legal professionals.

This article aims to highlight the top 7 law schools in Nigeria, their uniqueness, duration of study, fees, and why studying law in Nigeria is a valuable choice.

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How Many Law Schools Are in Nigeria?

In February 2022, the Nigerian Senate approved seven new law school campuses in Nigeria, making the total number of law schools in Nigeria fourteen.

There are fourteen (14) campuses in Nigeria and they include:

  1. Jos Law School Campus, Plateau State
  2. Kabba Law School Campus, Kogi State
  3. Yola Law School Campus, Adamawa State
  4. Maiduguri Law School Campus, Borno State
  5. Kano Law School Campus, Kano State
  6. Argungun Law School Campus, Kebbi State
  7. Enugu Law School Campus
  8. Okija Law School Campus, Anambra State
  9. Yenegoa Law School Campus, Bayelsa State
  10. Port Harcourt Law School Campus, Rivers State
  11. Orogun Law School Campus, Delta State
  12. Lagos Law School Campus, Lagos State
  13. Ilawe Law School Campus, Ekiti State
  14. Abuja Headquarters – located in Bwari

These institutions are recognized by the Council of Legal Education and are responsible for equipping students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to become successful lawyers in the country.

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List of Law Schools in Nigeria

Studying law in Nigeria opens doors to a fulfilling and esteemed legal career. The top law schools in Nigeria have a lot to offer in terms of quality education, unique experiences, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Here is the list of the best law schools in Nigeria.

1. Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus

  The Lagos Law School was established and relocated in 1969. Their headquarters were relocated to Abuja in 1997, and they have graduated more than 70,000 (seventy thousand) students. Numerous of its alumni go on to succeed as judges, citizens, and attorneys.

Lagos Law School is proud of its cohesive faculty. Their shared interest in practicing law with the main objective of excelling binds them together.

If you’ve ever heard of educating students about the numerous problems, obligations, and rewards of a legal career, Lagos Law School is more like that. The institution educates students to meet these obstacles, fulfill their obligations, and reap the benefits of a legal career.

  •  – Located in Victoria Island, Lagos, it is the headquarters and the oldest of the law schools in Nigeria.
  • – Offers a conducive learning environment and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • – Duration: One year.
  • – Tuition fees: Approximately ₦295,000.

2. Nigerian Law School, Abuja Campus

Should I claim that the Nigerian Law School in Abuja is the most well-known law school in the nation and that it currently serves as the administrative center for all Nigerian law schools?

The Abuja Law School was established by the government in 1962. Anyone considering enrolling in the institution can do so in safety. The school’s main auditorium, where activities and lectures are held, is a defining feature.

Law Schools In Nigeria
Nigerian Law School

Accommodation is never a problem if Abuja Law School is your choice because the institution provides amenities and lodging for its students. Anyone who wants to become a lawyer should attend this school.

Visit their website to learn more about the Nigerian Law School, Abuja.

  •  – Situated in Bwari, Abuja, it is the second campus of the Nigerian Law School.
  • – Provides a serene learning environment and modern facilities.
  • – Duration: One year.
  • – Tuition fees: Approximately ₦295,000.

3. Nigerian Law School, Enugu Campus

The Nigerian Law School in Enugu, founded by the government in 1962, is an institution renowned for excellence and unquestionably one of the top centers of learning in Nigeria.

The school was established to offer foreign-trained solicitors a Nigerian legal education as well as experimental instruction to aspiring Nigerian legal practitioners.

Due to the school’s popularity, many graduates have amassed a wealth of entertaining tales.

  •  – Located in Agbani, Enugu, this campus offers a unique learning experience in the eastern part of Nigeria.
  • – Equipped with modern facilities and a conducive environment.
  • – Duration: One year.
  • – Tuition fees: Approximately ₦295,000.

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4. Nigerian Law School, Kano Campus

In 1999, the Kano Law School received approval. Dr. N. Usman is the principal of the school, which is in a very secure location. The learning environment at the institution is conducive to both individual and group research. Since the school has kids from many ethnic origins, interactive and social skills will be developed among the students.

Despite the school’s reputation for generating many outstanding leaders, more continue to emerge as a result of its advocacy for the use of the legal system as a tool for social change. It is where aspirant law students reside.

Housing a concern? Never mind, the institution has student dormitories, a peaceful setting, and a suitable lecture hall.

  • – Situated in Bagauda, Kano State, this campus caters to the legal education needs of the northern region.
  • – Provides a peaceful and intellectually stimulating environment.
  • – Duration: One year.
  • – Tuition fees: Approximately ₦295,000.

5. Nigerian Law School, Yenagoa Campus

The federal government constructed the Bayelsa Law School, which has been open since 2011. It is well acknowledged as Nigeria’s most esteemed institution. Threats are not a concern because security has you covered, making the school a very safe location to go to. You must bring instructional materials, housing necessities for those residing on the school’s grounds, and court attire, including wigs, along with you when you attend the Bayelsa Law School.

Observe this! Five regular classrooms, 265 computers in the ICT library, a contemporary clinic, and many other innovations have recently been added to the school.

  •  – Located in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, this campus was established to cater to the legal education needs of the Niger Delta region.
  • – Offers a conducive learning environment and modern facilities.
  • – Duration: One year.
  • – Tuition fees: Approximately ₦295,000.

6. Nigerian Law School Yola Campus

In 1962, the Yola Law School was founded. It was created to address a number of local concerns, including the housing one. The school offers a dynamic learning environment where several practicals are valued. They have generated numerous grads.

In 2013, a little campus was also created. Despite the fact that its facility can only hold a modest number of pupils, it is still very small. The school is currently building to become a wonderful school and offers a very high-quality education. The event is open to aspiring solicitors who want to receive high-quality education.

7. Nigerian Law School, Port Harcourt Campus

Thanks to the Governor Nyesome Wike-led Rivers State administration, the newly opened Nigerian Law School, Port Harcourt Campus, also known as the Dr. Nabo Graham-Douglas, SAN Campus, is the Impresionante (Spanish for “impressive sight, beauty”) of legal education in Nigeria.

The most crucial goal of law school is to prepare students to “think like a lawyer.” This is so because practicing law requires a strict, critical, inventive, and compassionate mindset. This is the fundamental component of legal education. Why not do it in a context that is really favorable?

The Dr. Nabo Graham-Douglas, SAN Law School Campus has categorically responded YES to this inquiry.

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Studying law in Nigeria provides an excellent opportunity for aspiring legal professionals to gain a robust legal education, immerse themselves in the Nigerian legal system, and contribute to the development of justice in the country.

Today’s students can study comfortably thanks to Nigeria’s most recent law school tuition. All legal lecture halls are dynamic learning environments. When compared to the standard of instruction and how simple it is for students to understand, law school tuition is rather inexpensive.

The top 7 law schools in Nigeria offer unique learning experiences and equip students with the necessary skills to succeed in their legal careers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these law schools recognized nationally and internationally?

Yes, all 7 law schools in Nigeria are recognized by the Council of Legal Education and are well-regarded both nationally and internationally.

Can international students study law in Nigerian law schools?

Yes, Nigerian law schools welcome international students who meet the necessary admission requirements.

Are there scholarships available for studying law in Nigeria?

While specific scholarships may vary, there are scholarship opportunities available for students studying law in Nigeria. Students are encouraged to research and explore different scholarship options.

Can I practice law in Nigeria after completing my studies at a law school?

Yes, upon successful completion of the Nigerian Law School and meeting the requirements of the Body of Benchers, graduates can be called to the Nigerian Bar and practice law in Nigeria.

Are there part-time or evening programs available at Nigerian law schools?

At present, Nigerian law schools primarily offer full-time programs. However, it is advisable to check with each individual law school for any available options.

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