10 Most Recommended VPNs in Nigeria that Works 

Recommended Vpns In Nigeria
Recommended VPNs in Nigeria

Internet security and privacy are becoming more important in the digital age, particularly in Nigeria, where censorship and surveillance are commonplace. 

To overcome these limitations, many opt for reliable virtual private networks (VPNs) that genuinely function in Nigeria. 

In opting for VPNs, people face the challenge of choosing a dependable VPN service due to the numerous VPN options available. 

We have painstakingly compiled recommended VPNs in Nigeria that work perfectly well. These VPNs have been shown to work well in getting over Nigerian internet limitations and in giving users a safe and unfettered online experience.

Even if your goals are to view geo-blocked content, protect your data from prying eyes, or have a consistent internet connection, these VPNs have you covered. 

Why People Use VPNs in Nigeria 

Nigerians choose to utilize VPNs for a variety of reasons. These are a handful of the most typical:

1. To Bypass censorship

One of the reasons people use VPNs in Nigeria is to bypass censorship. Internet censorship has a long history under the Nigerian government. This indicates that access to several websites and online services is restricted within the nation. You can overcome these limitations and obtain the required information with a VPN. 

2. To keep your privacy safe

Privacy security is one of the numerous reasons most Nigerians use VPNs. It is reported that the Nigerian government monitors people’s internet activities.

Through the encryption and international routing of your internet traffic, a virtual private network (VPN) can help you maintain your online privacy and anonymity. 

3. To obtain content that is geo-blocked

Access to content on numerous websites and streaming services is restricted according to the user’s location.

No matter where you are in the world, a VPN can assist you in getting around these limitations and accessing the material you desire. 

4. To strengthen public Wi-Fi security

Since public Wi-Fi networks are frequently insecure, hackers may be able to intercept your data. By encrypting your internet traffic, a VPN can assist you in safeguarding your info when utilizing public Wi-Fi. 

5. To economize

Certain internet services have varying fees based on the user’s location. You may appear in a foreign nation with a VPN, which can help you save money. 

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a VPN

Factors to Consider for VPN Selection

Choosing the right VPN can be daunting, but considering these key factors will help you make an informed decision:

Consider Security Features:

Encryption Protocols: When choosing a VPN, consider the ones with strong encryption protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard. Higher encryption levels offer better security but may impact speed slightly. 

Another security feature you must look out for is the logging policies.  Ensure the VPN you opt for has a strict “no-logging” policy. This ensures your data is not stored or monitored by the VPN provider.

Also, ensure there is a Kill Switch. With the kill switch feature, you can automatically cut off your internet connection if the VPN connection drops, prevent accidental data leaks, and protect your privacy.

Server Network:

When choosing a VPN, consider the number and locations of servers offered. This affects your connection speed and the content you can access.

Also, consider the speed and performance. Try choosing a VPN with servers in your desired location and fast connection speeds.

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Compatibility and Ease of Use:

Then, consider the device support. Ensure the VPN is compatible with all your devices (e.g., smartphone, computer, tablet). Nothing is more frustrating than having a VPN your device doesn’t support. Some VPNs offer dedicated apps for various platforms.

Apart from the device support, ensure the VPN has a good user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. This is especially important if you are a beginner.

Pricing and Plans:

Consider the price and plans of the VPN options you have in mind before making your choice. You can also go for free VPNs. But the thing is that free VPNs often have limitations such as data caps, slower speeds, and fewer features.

You have more features, better security, and higher speeds with paid VPNs. 

And if you want to opt for a paid VPN, consider the subscription plans. Remember to choose a subscription plan that fits your needs and budget. Many VPNs offer monthly, yearly, and even multi-year projects.

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Using a VPN in Nigeria and How to Set It Up

In Nigeria, there are several advantages to using a VPN, such as getting around censorship, safeguarding your privacy, and opening geo-blocked content. This tutorial will assist you in setting up and using a VPN in Nigeria:

1. Select a VPN Service Provider:

Do your homework and consider cost, compatibility, server network, security features, and ease of use. Well-known VPN service providers, including NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and Surfshark, all provide servers in Nigeria.

2. Register and Make a Subscriber List:

Go to the website of the preferred VPN service provider and pick a membership package. After providing your payment details, register for an account.

3. Download and Install the VPN App:

Select the appropriate app for your device (tablet, PC, or smartphone). Follow the provider’s instructions to download and install the app.

4. Make a Server Connection:

Select a server location from the supplied list. Give Nigerian servers top priority for optimum performance and speed. To establish the VPN connection, click the “Connect” button.

5. Confirm Your Connection:

The program will notify users or modify its icon to show that a VPN connection is operational once it is established. For additional confirmation that your IP address has changed to the selected server location, you can also check websites such as “whatismyip.com.”

7. Enjoy Your VPN Experience:

You may now access geo-restricted content, browse the internet safely and discreetly, and get around censorship in Nigeria.

Here is a round down of the recommended VPNs in Nigeria you can opt for:

1. NordVPN

Vpns In Nigeria
Recommended VPNs in Nigeria

The first on our list of recommended VPNs in Nigeria for Android that work is NordVPN. With a vast server network, strong security features, and dependable performance, NordVPN is regarded as the top VPN provider overall in Nigeria. 

It is a popular option among Nigerian users who want privacy and access to geo-restricted content because of its encryption mechanisms and user-friendly UI.


  • With their rigorous no-logging policy, you’ll feel like a ghost browsing the web and leaving no trace. 
  • With the help of NordVPN’s extensive server network, you can freely explore the digital world and open doors similar to a master key.
  • NordVPN provides round-the-clock customer service to address any queries and resolve any issues.


  • While NordVPN provides an almost flawless experience, some may find its cost prohibitive. But keep in mind that the independence and tranquility it offers are what make it valuable.

To check out this recommended VPN in Nigeria and its packages, click below

Get Nordvpn.com

2. Surfshark

Next on our list of recommended VPNs in Nigeria that work is Surfshark. Surshark is well-known for offering outstanding value at a reasonable cost with its many features. 

Its robust security features, limitless device connections, and dependable speeds make it an affordable choice for Nigerian customers searching for a secure VPN service without going over budget.


  • Surfshark is comparable to a very valuable treasure box. Imagine paying a fraction of the price for a VPN with all the security features of a top-tier service, like a kill switch, no logging, and robust encryption. 
  • With infinite simultaneous connections, you may safeguard all of your crew’s gadgets (your devices) at once and feel like a pirate captain. 
  • With its user-friendly interface and smart software, Surfshark provides a seamless sailing experience, making it as nimble as a dolphin. 


The Surfshark server network is smaller, like a pirate ship voyaging through undiscovered waters.

To check out this recommended VPN in Nigeria and its packages, click below

Get Surfshark.com

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3. VyprVPN: 

Often underestimated but incredibly powerful, VyprVPN provides robust security protocols, such as its exclusive Chameleon technology that aids in getting around limitations. 

It is a dependable option for Nigerian users looking for privacy and unfettered internet access because it offers respectable speeds and a strong server network. If you are in search of a VPN with high speed, consider choosing VyprVPN.


  • Being a master of disguise, VyprVPN owns and manages its whole server network so no one can eavesdrop on your information. 
  • Imagine a chameleon disappearing into the background while using its special Chameleon protocol to get around limitations and censorship. 
  • The cheetah-like speed of VyprVPN provides dependable, quick connections for a seamless experience.


The special features and outstanding performance of VyprVPN come at a somewhat greater cost, akin to a premium ticket to a secret paradise.

To check out this recommended VPN in Nigeria and its packages, click below


4. Private Internet Access (PIA): 

Among the numerous VPNs in Nigeria that work, Private Internet Access is among the most effective. One interesting feature distinguishing this VPN from the rest is that it guarantees not to log anything you do online and concentrates on protecting your data with extremely strong secret codes. 

Also, it assures users that they are the only ones with the key and that nothing is recorded about what they put in.


  • PIA has a strong encryption and no-logs policy, which protects your online privacy and anonymity.
  • It has a vast server network. This feature allows you to access geo-restricted content and bypass censorship in Nigeria and worldwide.
  • Tailors the VPN experience to your specific needs.
  • Simultaneous connections: Connect multiple devices simultaneously.


  • The user interface may be less user-friendly compared to some competitors.
  • No free tier is available.
  • Limited customer support options.

To check out this recommended VPN in Nigeria and its packages, click below


5. ProtonVPN: 

The next most recommended VPN in Nigeria is ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN is renowned for genuinely caring about your confidential information and ensuring it is extremely safe.

They even offer a free version, similar to a free portion, at an upscale store so everyone can sample it.


  • Strong commitment to privacy and security: Swiss-based company with a zero-logs policy.
  • Free tier available: Allows you to try the service before subscribing.
  • Secure Core network: Offers additional protection for your data.
  • Focus on transparency: Publishes regular security audits and reports.
  • Fast speeds: Enables smooth streaming and browsing.


  • Limited data allowance in the free tier.
  • The server network size is smaller compared to some competitors.
  • Some advanced features are only available in paid plans.

To check out this recommended VPN in Nigeria and its packages, click below

Get Protonvpn.com

6. Hotspot Shield: 

Hotspot Shield has proven to be one of the best VPN options in Nigeria. That’s why we recommend it to anyone. It works incredibly well and connects quickly, making it an excellent tool. Imagine it as a lightning-fast, user-friendly highway that quickly gets you where you’re going.

Because each of these VPNs offers unique advantages, customers may more easily select one that meets their needs: speed, simplicity, privacy, or performance-oriented.


  • Hotspot Shield has a user-friendly interface. This makes it easy for beginners to use and navigate.
  • Fast connection speeds which is ideal for streaming and online gaming.
  • Automatically disconnects your internet if the VPN connection drops.
  • It has a free plan, which allows you to test the basic features.**


  • Focus on speed may come at the expense of advanced security features.
  • Limited logging policies raise concerns for some privacy-conscious users.
  • The free plan has data limitations and restricted features.

To check out this recommended VPN in Nigeria and its packages, click below

Get Hotspotshield.com

7. HideMyAss (HMA)

A well-liked VPN choice, HideMyAss (HMA) is renowned for its extensive server network, lightning-fast performance, and easy-to-use UI. 

With more than 290 locations worldwide and over 1,100 servers, HMA allows customers to view material practically anywhere and get around geographic limitations. 

The user-friendly client software of HideMyAss is one of its best qualities; it provides a straightforward yet effective experience. Because of this, even users new to the platform may easily browse it and connect to the servers they want. 

In addition, HideMyAss provides a range of subscription choices, including plans designed for both businesses and individual customers. Because of this flexibility, customers can select a plan that best suits their needs and financial limitations. 


  • Provides wider access to geo-restricted content.
  • Affordable pricing
  • Connect multiple devices simultaneously.


  • HMA logs some user data, which may raise privacy concerns.
  • Average connection speeds compared to some competitors.
  • Limited focus on advanced security features.

To check out this recommended VPN in Nigeria and its packages, click below

Get Hidemyass.com

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8. TunnelBear

If you are searching for a free VPN, TunnelBear is one of the free VPNs for Nigerian citizens you can opt for. Although it has a paid version, you can start with the free plan. This VPN is known for being easy to use and friendly. 

It’s like a service that holds your hand as you navigate the internet, making it simple and approachable, even if you need to become a tech expert. Plus, it’s got a cute bear theme that makes it more fun!


  • Strong encryption and no-logs policy: Protects your privacy and anonymity online.
  • Stealth Mode: Bypass censorship and restrictions in certain countries.
  • GhostBear servers: Offers additional security and anonymity.
  • Affordable pricing: Offers a free plan and competitive paid plans.
  • Trusted and reputable company: Operates transparently and is committed to user privacy.


  • Limited server network: This may not offer servers in all desired locations, especially in less developed regions.
  • Data cap in the free plan: It may not be sufficient for heavy users.
  • Limited simultaneous connections: Only allows connection on one device with the free plan.
  • Lower speeds compared to some competitors: It may not be ideal for streaming or online gaming.

To check out this recommended VPN in Nigeria and its packages, click below

Get Tunnelbear.com

9. Windscribe

Recommended Vpn In Nigeria
Recommended VPN in Nigeria

It’s special because it offers a free version alongside paid options. It’s like tasting something for free; if you enjoy it, you can opt for more features or data by upgrading. It’s about giving you choices based on your needs.


  • Free plan with a generous data allowance: Great for casual users and service testing.
  • This VPN has a large server network that provides access to servers in various locations worldwide.
  • It has Split tunneling, which allows you to choose which apps use the VPN and which don’t.
  • It provides an extra layer of security by routing your traffic through two VPN servers.
  • Has a User-friendly interface.


  • Smaller server network compared to some competitors.
  • Slower speeds compared to some competitors.
  • Logging some anonymized connection data: May raise concerns for some privacy-conscious users.

To check out this recommended VPN in Nigeria and its packages, click below

Get Windscribe.com

10. CyberGhost

As one of the recommended VPNs in Nigeria for Android, CyberGhost provides customers with a dependable and secure internet connection. 

CyberGhost guarantees its consumers unrestricted and anonymous web browsing because of its robust encryption protocols and vast server network. This is particularly crucial in Nigeria, where online privacy concerns are common.

CyberGhost’s extensive privacy features and easy-to-use UI set it apart from other VPN providers. It is the best option for Nigerian internet users who wish to share files or access geo-restricted content securely due to its specialized servers for torrenting and streaming. 

Additionally, individuals worried about their online actions being traced or watched by third parties can rest easy knowing that CyberGhost is committed to user privacy with its stringent no-logs policy.


  • CyberGhost is an excellent option for consumers on a tight budget because it provides a wide range of capabilities at a reasonable cost. 
  • It has a wider server network similar to a global library and offers countless opportunities for access and discovery.
  • CyberGhost is easily accessible to all users because of its hospitable interface, reminiscent of a comfortable cafe.


There are better solutions for power users who need the most sophisticated security features and customization choices than CyberGhost. Consider it a budget-friendly, cozy hotel rather than the most wealthy.

Click below to check out this recommended VPN in Nigeria and its packages.

Get Cyberghostvpn.com

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What is a virtual private network?

Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a safe connection that encrypts your online activities and lets you surf the internet without being recognized.

What is the purpose of a VPN in Nigeria?

VPN can let you access geo-restricted content, circumvent censorship, and safeguard your online privacy in Nigeria.

Does using a VPN in Nigeria have any legal repercussions?

VPN can be used legally in Nigeria for lawful purposes, but it’s crucial to refrain from doing anything criminal.

Which VPN protocols are offered by Nigerian VPNs that are recommended?

For secure connections, the suggested VPNs support a number of protocols, such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and IKEv2.

Can I use these suggested VPNs to access streaming services in Nigeria?

The highly recommended VPNs indeed have servers ideal for streaming content from sites like Hulu and Netflix.

Do the suggested VPNs have servers in Nigeria?

Several of the suggested VPNs do include servers in Nigeria to provide quicker and more dependable connections.

How can I pick the best VPN in Nigeria for my needs?

When selecting a VPN in Nigeria, consider security features, server locations, speed, and customer service.


Finding a reliable VPN service in Nigeria can significantly enhance online security and privacy. Our comprehensive review has identified several top VPN options consistently demonstrating strong performance and reliability within Nigeria’s internet landscape. Whether it’s bypassing geo-restrictions, protecting sensitive data, or ensuring anonymous browsing, these recommended VPNs are well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of Nigerian users.

Choosing one of these reputable VPN services allows you to enjoy a safer and more secure online experience without compromise. Make an informed decision and select the best VPN for your requirements today.

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