­13 Best Nigerian Movies Download Site

Best Nigerian Movies Download Sites

While Nigerians are slowly embracing the practice of paying for movies through movie distribution platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, it’s still an undeniable fact that most Nigerians download free movies from the web.

Unlike what you may think, piracy isn’t at the heart of the movie download culture in Nigeria; there are several other reasons why the practice is so commonplace. For one, some movies are unavailable on movie streaming services; you have to download them from a Nigerian movie download site to watch.

There are many other reasons, but that’s not this article’s focus. Our primary focus, however, is to list the 13 best Nigerian movie download sites, but before then, let’s learn a thing or two about the movie downloads industry in Nigeria.

Where Can I Watch Free Movies in Nigeria?

Movies aren’t meant to be free. They cost plenty of money to make, and the filmmaking crew needs to make that money back somehow. However, you should be able to watch a movie for free if the creator decides to put it for free.

Some platforms allow you to watch movies for free in Nigeria: few of them are legal, many illegal, and several in between. However, you won’t get a comprehensive list in this section because our list of the 13 best Nigerian movies download sites comprises mostly free platforms.

Before getting to that, however, let’s take a look at how you can download from Nigerian movies download sites on your phone.

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How Can I Download Nigerian Movies on My Phone?

Downloading Nigerian movies on a mobile phone can be daunting or easy, depending on how much you’re willing to pay (or if you’re willing to pay at all). If you’re not against the idea of paying, your best bet is using a subscription service like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

When you pay for a subscription to Netflix, for example, the app will allow you to download movies onto your primary device only. Most Nigerian movies download sites and apps offer similar features that make it extremely easy to download a movie; simply find what you need to download and tap or click on the download icon.

If you’re looking to download movies for free, however, it becomes a bit more complicated than that. There are at least two gazillion websites that offer Nigerian movie downloads, and each has different steps to getting what movie you want on your phone.

For the most extensive guide possible, the following section will list the 13 best Nigerian movies download sites and the steps to downloading a movie from each of those platforms. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

13 Best Nigerian Movies Download Site

1. Netnaija

Netnaija needs no introduction; if you don’t have a Netflix subscription as a Nigerian, you’re likely sourcing all the movies you watch from the platform. Its legality is questionable, but its movie selection makes using the website hard to resist.

From top-of-the-line superhero movies to Nigerian local language movies, you can get them all at Netnaija. What’s more, the website is completely free to use, albeit with so many ads that make using the website sometimes frustrating. Nevertheless, Netnaija is undoubtedly the best Nigerian movies download site.


NKIRI is one of Netnaija’s biggest competitors, so you should expect a significant overlap in functionality between the two sites. Like Netnaija, it offers Nollywood and Hollywood movies for free downloads, and the website is riddled with ads.

While its movie collection isn’t as extensive as that of Netnaija, NKIRI can easily make it into any top 13 Nigerian movies download sites list.

3. Iroko TV

Despite the extremely suggestive name, Iroko TV isn’t a Nigerian TV channel; rather, it’s a website like Netnaija and NKIRI that offers Nigerian movie downloads. Unlike the aforementioned websites, however, Iroko TV focuses primarily on Nollywood movie downloads, making it the perfect model for a Nigerian movies download site.

As we’ve come to expect, the website is both free and full of ads, and those aren’t the only two similarities it shares with Netnaija. If Netnaija and NKIRI don’t cut it for you for some reason, Iroko TV is the next best Nigerian movies download site to consider.

4. Naijapals

Naijapals is more of a Nigerian movies directory than a Nigerian movies download site, but it deserves to appear in this list. It’s not built to be a downloads site from the ground up; it’s an entertainment news website with a “Nigerian movies” category.

Clicking on the link takes you to a section of the website with links to pretty much every Nollywood movie in existence. However, you can’t download from those links directly, as they all link to YouTube, but you can use YouTube downloaders to save them for offline viewing.

5. YouTube

You’re probably surprised to see YouTube on this list, but it is what it is, and no, I’m not talking about YouTube TV. If you watch a lot of local language movies (Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo), you probably don’t need a Netflix subscription, as most Nigerian movie producers upload their films to YouTube anyway.

Downloading from YouTube, however, can be somewhat tricky. If you watch from your phone, the YouTube app for smartphones already lets Nigerians download videos from the platform to watch later. However, if you’re on a desktop computer, you may have to use YouTube video downloaders, a matter for another day.

6. 9jaRocks

9jaRocks is almost exactly like NKIRI but without an extensive library. Unlike some options in this list, it’s available for free and supported with ads like most of its competitors. Its library comprises mostly Nollywood movies, but you also get some Hollywood uploads every once in a while.

If the movie you’re after is available on 9jaRocks, it might as well be one of the best Nigerian movies download sites.

7. RealNollyTV

As the name implies, RealNollyTV is specially dedicated to Nollywood movies, so don’t expect any Bollywood or Hollywood. Also, pretty much every movie on the website is a YouTube link, making all Netflix and Prime Video exclusives unavailable on this website.

It’s also crucial to mention that there’s no way to download directly from the website; you’ll need a YouTube downloader. Nonetheless, it’s still one of our best Nigerian movies download sites.


If you don’t mind sparing some money for easy access to your favourite Nollywood movies, iBAKATV is the best Nigerian movies download site for you. For as little as N2,000, you can access the monthly iBAKATV plan with a 4GB bonus data package.

While it sounds like a great deal, it’s not something we’d recommend. Learning to navigate the ads on Netnaija and similar sites takes less than an hour, and once you do, paying monthly for the same set of movies quickly becomes redundant. Also, if you’re willing to pay, why not get a Netflix or Prime Video subscription anyway?

9. Netflix

While Netflix houses the finest of Nollywood content, its sparse library is a very crucial disadvantage, which is why it ranks so low in this list. Nigerian movie releases on Netflix are few and far between, but when they come, you can trust they’ll be excellent; recall Amina and Anikulapo.

In addition to Nigerian movies, Netflix offers a wide range of TV content; the platform probably has the largest collection of movies and shows on the planet. If you’re after more than just a Nigerian movies download site, buying a subscription to Netflix should be a no-brainer.

P.S. You can’t use a shared Netflix subscription to download Nigerian movies. In most cases, only the account owner can download movies to their primary device; others can only stream online.

10. Fzmovies.net

Anyone into sourcing movies from the internet should know of Fzmovies.net, so it needs no introduction. This website has an unbelievably large collection of movies that you can download and watch for free, making it one of the best Nigerian movies download sites.

Like Netnaija, it has several ads, but you’ll learn how to avoid them with repeated use. It’s also not the most lawful website in the world, but if you’re reading, I assume you’re trying to circumvent paying for either Netflix or Prime Video, no?

11. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video only recently started becoming a big thing in Nigeria, and like Netflix, it allows users to download their favourite movies if they have an active subscription. With a subscription to Prime Video, you can download any movie or show on the platform.

For shows with several seasons, you can either choose to download specific episodes or entire seasons, making its downloads feature more intuitive than Netflix’s. Thanks to its recent focus on Nollywood titles, Amazon Prime Video is easily one of the best Nigerian movies download sites.

12. Showmax

If the sparsity of Nigerian content on Prime Video and Netflix worries you, Showmax is the streaming service for you. Owned by MultiChoice, the same company behind DSTV, GoTV, and the famous African Magic channels, you can rest assured that most of your favourite Nigerian movies are on this platform.

What’s more, you can watch live sports on Showmax, giving it an edge over Netflix and Prime Video. If you’re the kind that enjoys watching Hollywood movies, however, Showmax will be underwhelming, as there are only a few non-Nigerian movies available on the platform.

13. Waploaded

Waploaded is a popular Nigerian alternative to Netnaija that offers a very similar content library and a comparable interface. However, ads on Waploaded can be very frustrating to deal with, making it generally less preferable to Netnaija for most users.


Downloading movies to your phone can quickly become illegal, but it’s one of the easiest ways to access Nigerian movies without paying top dollar for streaming services. This compilation lists the 13 best Nigerian movies download sites and explains why they make our top 13.

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