11 Best Music Schools in Nigeria

Best Music Schools In Nigeria
Best Music Schools in Nigeria

The demand for high-quality music education has increased in Nigeria, renowned for its various musical traditions and rich cultural legacy. 

Aspiring artists from around the nation turn to the advice and know-how of renowned music schools to hone their talents and establish themselves in the music industry. 

In this post, we’ll take you on a musical tour of Nigeria’s top 10 music schools so you may develop your musical gifts and achieve your goals.


Here are the best music schools in Nigeria:

1. Peter King College of Music

The Peter King College of Music, situated in the center of the action, is a model of excellence and progress in music education. 

This esteemed institution has a distinguished history spanning more than five decades and has continuously sent out top musicians who have made their mark on the world stage. 

Peter King College of Music stands out for its outstanding faculty and dedication to encouraging uniqueness and creativity in all its students. 

The college’s distinctive teaching method aims to create well-rounded musicians who are technically skilled and have a profound understanding and appreciation for many musical genres and cultures. 

While obtaining a solid foundation in music theory and performing techniques, this all-encompassing approach enables students to discover their unique artistic identities.

Peter King College of Music also has cutting-edge facilities that give students a hands-on learning setting. Every element, from large practice rooms furnished with the best instruments to state-of-the-art recording facilities, is intended to foster the growth and development of aspiring musicians. 


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2. MountainTop Conservatory of Music 

Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry (MFM), a well-known Pentecostal church, owns MountainTop Conservatory School of Music.

A Christian music school called The MountainTop Conservatory School of Music was founded in 2017 to teach Christian church choirs how to sing and play various instruments.

Regular music classes are available at MountainTop Music School for pre-diploma, diploma, and foundational studies. It is in Lagos State, Nigeria, near Majoro Street, Onike Yaba.


3. Lee Vocal School of Music

Music Schools In Nigeria
Music Schools in Nigeria

Lee Voice Music School is a music school in Lagos State that offers quality and expert singing lessons and training in various musical instruments and voice techniques to both adults and children.

Its courses cover fundamental instruction in how to play various musical instruments as well as professional vocal training. It is situated in Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, on Commercial Avenue.


4. Straus School of Music

Due to its persistent dedication to excellence, Straus School of Music stands out as one of Nigeria’s top music institutions. Every part of this institution, from its cutting-edge facilities to its top-notch teachers, is created to foster and develop the musical abilities of its students.

The Straus School of Music provides its graduates with a broad skill set necessary for success in the fiercely competitive music industry through a program that blends theoretical knowledge and practical practice.

The Straus School of Music is distinctive for emphasizing the acceptance of various musical styles. While many universities may only teach classical or traditional Nigerian music, Straus encourages students to experiment with other genres, including jazz, pop, and modern African beats. This method broadens students’ musical horizons and captures the vitality of the current world music scene.

Straus’s continuing to help its students after graduation is another thing that differentiates it from other music schools. The school aggressively promotes relationships between current students and accomplished alumni through networking opportunities and mentorship initiatives.


5. Harmony Music school

Harmony Music School is next on our list of best music schools in Nigeria. It is a leader in the field of music education and stands out as a shining example. Aspiring musicians can benefit from an unmatched educational experience at this institution thanks to a staff of exceptionally knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers. 

Students at Harmony are exposed to a variety of musical genres, from classical to modern, which aids in the development of a well-rounded understanding and appreciation of the art.

The dedication to personalized training at Music School Harmony is one feature that makes it stand out. The school provides individualized instruction that considers each student’s strengths and interests since it understands that each student has specific requirements and objectives. 

Students receive individualized attention from skilled instructors committed to developing their talents, whether for learning an instrument or fine-tuning vocal technique.

Music School Harmony also promotes a collaborative environment where students can explore their creativity and find their unique musical voice, going beyond only providing technical instruction. 

Students develop communication skills with other musicians through group projects and ensemble performances to improvise harmoniously. Through this, they develop their musical capabilities and vital teamwork abilities applicable outside the music industry.


6. MUSON Music School

In Lagos, Nigeria, the MUSON Music School is a thriving and esteemed organization fostering musical talent for over three decades. 

The school offers a thorough curriculum that covers a wide range of musical genres and disciplines thanks to its great faculty of talented musicians and cutting-edge facilities. 

As one of the top Nigerian music schools, MUSON stands out for its passion for excellence and unrelenting commitment to offering top-notch music instruction to students of all ages.

For budding musicians of all levels, the school’s extensive program offers private instruction, group sessions, and ensemble possibilities. 

MUSON Music School offers classes suited to its students’ needs and interests, from classical piano to jazz saxophone, traditional African drums to Western symphonic instruments. 

Additionally, the school frequently hosts masterclasses with well-known musicians from around the globe who share their knowledge and encourage young musicians with their performances.

In addition to its outstanding curricular options, MUSON is renowned for planning exciting performances and events that highlight the extraordinary talents fostered within its walls. These concerts not only provide students a chance to display their talents, but they also make a vital contribution to Lagos’ cultural landscape.


7. Tenstrings Institute of Music

Tenstrings Institute of Music has been a prominent organization influencing Nigerian music for more than ten years. It is one of the prestigious music schools in Nigeria that offers aspiring musicians an excellent education in modern music with its wide choice of programs and top-notch professors.

Students at Tenstrings receive the training they need to succeed in the contemporary music industry, from mastering various instruments to developing their songwriting and producing abilities.

Tenstrings is unique among other music schools because of its dedication to hands-on education and exposure to the business. Students can get significant real-world experience while still enrolled in classes at Tenstrings through partnerships with renowned artists, frequent live performances, and internship opportunities. 

This practical approach helps them develop a strong love and enthusiasm for music that will last long after graduation and prepare them for their careers.


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8. National Music Conservatory

The National Music Conservatory is a shining example of quality in Nigeria’s music education scene. It has made a name for itself as one of the top music institutions in the nation because of its demanding academic curriculum and top-notch teachers. 

The conservatory’s setting encourages innovation, focus, and technical proficiency in its students.

The National Music Conservatory stands out for its dedication to offering comprehensive musical training. While many institutions heavily emphasize performance abilities, this one recognizes the need for a thorough education in music theory, history, and composition. Graduates of this comprehensive program succeed as performers and thoroughly understand their field of study.

The conservatory stands apart from other institutions because it emphasizes collaboration and community engagement. 

Students can perform with professional musicians and receive practical experience through collaborations with neighborhood orchestras and cultural institutions. They gain practical experience that helps them hone their musical abilities, confidence, and networking skills.


9. Abba Music Institute 

Music Schools In Nigeria
Music Schools in Nigeria

Address: No. 15 S.O.Ogbemudia Crescent, Zone E, Legislators Qtrs, Apo – Gudu, Abuja 

Among the best music schools in Nigeria is Abba Music Institute. Private one-on-one music classes and group ensemble instruction are available at this school.

Since they feel that music is more than an art form and teaches patience, discipline, teamwork, creativity, and other valuable life skills, they have offered great music education at affordable prices.

The school has music studios with upright pianos, violins, guitars, drum sets, recorders, traditional percussion instruments, etc.

They also have a space for choir practice, an “Early Music Center” for young children, the “Notes Garden” for inspiration, rest, and relaxation, our kitchen, the staff office, restrooms, and a future mini-café.


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10. Abuja’s Eagles Music Academy

Address: 675 Esther John Drive, after Charly Boy, Gwarinpa, Abuja, off 62nd, 6th Avenue.

The Eagles Music Academy is a music school open to all ages. An organization that is fervently committed to making professional music accessible to everyone.

The Academy is prepared to assist music lovers by offering the knowledge required to understand and appreciate music thoroughly.

The Academy wants to be the leading music organization in Nigeria that supports top-notch musical performances, artistic endeavors, education, and services.

By setting up private lessons, group lessons, music festivals, concerts, music competitions, residencies for artists, professional music certifications, exchange programs with reputable music institutes worldwide, and various other events, the Academy is poised to revolutionize professional music.


11. Songsmith Music School

As one of the top music schools in Nigeria, Songsmith Music School provides budding musicians with a thorough and exciting musical education. 

The school offers top-notch instruction in a variety of instruments and genres thanks to its staff of highly qualified and experienced teachers. The dedication of Songsmith to developing each student’s potential and promoting creativity sets them unique.

In addition to learning how to play an instrument, Songsmith Music School students also receive a thorough foundation in music theory, composition, and songwriting. 

The school’s curriculum strongly emphasizes academic knowledge and practical application, allowing students to develop their skills holistically. The capacity of Songsmith to serve students of all ages and skill levels, from beginners just beginning their musical journey to experienced artists searching for further polish, is truly astounding.

Proof of Songsmith Music School’s greatness is the success stories that have come out of it. Many alumni have since pursued lucrative domestic and international jobs in the music business. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What prerequisites must I meet to enroll in a music school?

A: In Nigeria, most music institutions accept students of all abilities. Others may offer open admissions, while others may demand certain programs’ auditions.

Do young musicians have access to scholarships?

Many music schools in Nigeria provide financial aid depending on talent and need. Make sure to inquire about available scholarships with each college separately.

Can an adult learn to play an instrument?

Definitely! Working adults’ requirements and schedules are considered while creating adult music programs at several music schools.

Are there any music classes offered online?

Some music institutions provide online classes, allowing students to study from any location.

What professions are open to those who graduate from music schools?

Depending on their area of concentration, graduates of music schools can pursue jobs as performers, music teachers, composers, music producers, and more.


Finding the perfect music school is the first step in realizing your aspirations, and starting a musical journey is a rewarding experience. This article’s list of the top 10 music schools in Nigeria provides numerous chances for budding musicians. These institutions have something special to offer whether you’re passionate about jazz, contemporary, traditional Nigerian music, or classical music. So don’t be afraid to try it and show off your musical abilities.

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