10 Best Old Peoples Home in Lagos Nigeria

Old Peoples Home In Lagos

Senior citizens tend to need a lot of attention and care due to no fault of theirs, and trying to handle the busy schedule of working in Lagos and caring for an elderly relative is practically impossible. Thankfully, you don’t have to do that, as that’s the service the average old people’s home in Lagos renders.


For a monthly fee, an old people’s home in Lagos will accommodate your senior citizens and offer them 24-hour care on your behalf. Another related service for people with accommodation for their old people is a homecare agency, and they differ from old people’s homes because they don’t offer accommodation; they only care for the elderly at home.

If you need either of those services, stick with us as we show you the ten best old peoples home in Lagos, their locations, and how much they cost. Before that, however, let’s look at what an old peoples home in Lagos means in detail and the benefits of using one.


What is an Old Peoples Home?

An old people’s home, also a retirement home, is a facility for housing the aged. It usually has multiple compartments to accommodate several residents with facilities to ensure optimal physical and mental health for all occupants.

Most old people’s homes in Lagos include some quality-of-life features like recreational equipment, medical facilities, gatherings, and facilities for meals. Trained caregivers look after the elderly residents ensuring they have the needed physical help and companionship to stay happy within the home.

Most old peoples home in Lagos are available on a rental basis, with the rental costs much higher than that of an average residence since it includes the caregiving fees. Some are paid for by missionaries or philanthropists and are available to the intended residents for free.

With that said, it’s essential to point out that the ‘nursing home culture’ remains relatively unpopular in Nigeria, as most Nigerians tend to prefer living out their later days with their family. As expected, that setup is not very practical and breeds several issues, facilitating the creation of ‘new’ old peoples home in Lagos State.


If your elderly relatives would not go to a nursing home, the homecare agency setup may work for them, and that setup is even more popular in Nigeria. In this arrangement, you get accommodation for them, hire a homecare agency, and have the caregivers render their services to the elderly clients from the comfort of their homes.

Either way, it’s essential to have a deep-hearted discussion with your elderly relative before deciding what sort of care program they’ll have to endure in their later days. If they prefer a dedicated home, the following section will list the best old peoples home in Lagos and where to find them.

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Old Peoples Home In Lagos

Best Old Peoples Home in Lagos

1. Rock Garden Homecare Agency

Rock Garden Homes is not a retirement home per se, but they offer a service that rivals that of a traditional old peoples home in Lagos. Rather than provide a facility where they care for seniors, Rock Garden Homecare Agency offers domiciliary care services, “bringing the hospital to the comfort of your home,” in their own words.

This agency is perfect for elders that prefer to receive care at home instead of at a facility with other senior citizens. Also, you can save money on the service if you have a dedicated primary caregiver and only need the pseudo-medical service.

Rock Garden Homecare Agency is located at 191 Okeletu-Ijede Road, Elemu Bus-Stop, Ikorodu, Lagos. The agency offers 24-hour nursing, live-in caregiving, and live-out caregiving services at variable rates depending on your specific needs. According to the price quotes on their website, you should expect to pay anywhere between N79,000 to N249,000 per month for the service, which is fair.

2. Winiseph Care Home

Winiseph Care Home runs an old peoples home in Lagos for senior citizens to connect with their peers and receive world-class care and nutrition from the organization’s trained professionals. To offer the best possible service, Winiseph’s care procedure involves getting to know its clients and adjusting to largely maintain their preferred daily routines.

The company’s services range from full-on medical checkups to social rehabilitation with other seniors, recreation, balanced nutrition, home care, etc. According to the organization’s website, Winiseph Care Home is conceptualized to meet clients’ physical, social, and emotional needs.

The facility is located at 326 Adeyemi Akapo Street, Omole Residential Estate, Phase 1, Ojodu, Berger, in Lagos. However, you can contact representatives without physically showing up at the facility through the contact form on their official website and the available phone numbers.

3. Wellcare Home Medicals

In a similar fashion to Rock Garden Homecare Agency, Wellcare Home Medicals focuses on caring for the aged from the comfort of their home, so they don’t operate a physical old peoples home in Lagos to house them. While this system requires the customer (you) to provide accommodation, it’s usually cheaper, as the homecare agency won’t charge you for the space anymore.

While it’s primarily headquartered in Lagos, you can access the organization’s services from 12 different states in Nigeria, including Lagos, of course. Over its 13-year history, Wellcare Home Medicals claims to have cared for over 1,000 clients, training 2,000+ professional caregivers while at it.

The company’s headquarters is at 90 Marine Road, Apapa GRA, Lagos, but you can reach them through the phone numbers available on the Wellcare Home Medicals website. As hinted, caregiving isn’t Wellcare’s only forte; they’re also excellent at caregiving training.

4. Regina Mundi Home for the Elderly (Holy Family Home for the Elderly)

Regina Mundi Home for the Elderly is a faith-based institution designed to provide expert physical, psychological, and spiritual care to the elderly. Unlike most other old peoples home in Lagos, it’s a nonprofit, making it cheaper to enroll someone in the facility.

The management promises to run an extensive background check on each of the senior citizens before admitting them to the facility to avoid making the place a ‘dumping ground.’ Thanks to this policy, most residents at Regina Mundi Home for the Elderly are refined, reassuring you that your elders have good company.

The home is located in Regina Mundi Catholic Church at 142 Agege Motor Road, Fadeyi 102215 area, of Lagos State. You can also contact the management by telephone at 08074589436. For the price or lack thereof, this facility is one of the best old peoples home in Lagos.

5. Alpha Nursing Agency

Alpha Nursing Agency offers caregiving services to a wide range of clients, including kids, the ill, and, of course, the elderly. Like many other options on this list, this agency doesn’t own or run a nursing home; you can only hire them to care for your elderly relative at home.

Since the agency launched in 2000, it has grown steadily to become one of the best old peoples home in Lagos. The agency’s services are available in over 10 states of the country, but the main headquarters remains at 38, Oyewole Street, Off Shylon Street, Ilupeju, Palmgrove, Lagos State.

6. Blue Gate Home Care – Healthcare Agency

As hinted in the name, Blue Gate Home Care is a full-blown healthcare agency that happens to have a division that specializes in caregiving, and that division also happens to be very good. While the service is available in almost all 36 states in Nigeria, its primary headquarters is at Jubril Martins Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

The healthcare agency offers several services that may apply to senior citizens, including physiotherapy services, doctor’s visits, registered nurse services, and caregiving services. However, there aren’t details of pricing or terms on the agency’s website; you’ll have to contact them for that.

To contact Blue Gate, you can use any of the phone numbers on their website or write to

7. Greymate Care

Despite not being one of the oldest home care agencies on this list, Greymate Care deserves accolades for having the best-designed websites of all considered options, as well as iOS and Android apps to manage your accounts.

Greymate lets you hire a caregiver for your elderly relatives without visiting their facility or discussing technicalities on a call for hours. Thanks to their intuitive website and mobile apps, clients can hire caregivers for as little as N2,500 for 24 hours, with even cheaper plans and longer contracts.

Greymate Care claims CNN, Forbes, BellaNaija, and The Guardian swears they’re great, but that’s only partly true. That’s not to say they’re not great; they wouldn’t have made it into this list if that’s the case. Greymate Care is headquartered at 23 Agodogba Avenue, Ikoyi 106104, Lagos.

8. Accent Care Homecare Agency

Accent Care Homecare Agency is another Rock Garden-like agency that focuses on caring for senior citizens at home rather than running a facility that houses them. In addition to caring for seniors, the agency trains willing caregiving professionals, with over 15 trained professionals over five sessions so far.

Accent Care’s services are largely restricted to Lagos and areas around the metropolitan Nigerian state. Their professionals offer several home care services, including exercise guides, light errands and chores for clients, meal planning, feeding, and hospital escorts.

The agency is located at 391 George Crescent, Off Wemco Road, Ogba, Lagos. You can also reach out to them by emailing, calling the phone number on their website, or using the contact form accessible through the website.

9. Elderly Care Home

Elderly Care Home is one of the better-assisted living facilities for senior citizens located at 3 Oki Lane, Mende, Maryland, in Lagos. The facility is easily accessible, located only 10 minutes away from the state capital, Ikeja.

Unlike some of the Elderly’s competitors, this old peoples home in Lagos is a non-medical care home, which means there are no qualified doctors or nurses to offer medical treatment to residents. However, they have a hospital escort service to ensure their clients get necessary medical help when due.

In addition to the escort service, Elderly Care Home offers other services like respite care, dementia care, and nutritional care. No doubt, the home is one of the best old peoples home in Lagos.

10. Family Ark Mission International

Found in 1994, Family Ark Mission International is registered with the CAC with a mission to help senior citizens in Nigeria make the most of their ‘later’ life. While the organization doesn’t seem to run a dedicated old people’s home in Lagos, it has a variety of services that can easily serve as alternatives to that.

Some of Family Ark Mission’s services include the educational center for the aged that teaches senior citizens how to use computers and other technological devices. Others include Meals on Wheels, to provide healthy meals to older people living alone or receiving care, befriending services, and the annual World Elders Day.

The organization is headquartered at Unity Close, H53 Abesan Estate, Ipaja, Lagos. Interestingly, the agency’s services and advocacy aren’t limited to Nigeria; they have international partners in the U.S., U.K., and South Africa.

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Looking at the list, you’ll notice a lot of entries that aren’t old peoples homes in the traditional sense, primarily because there aren’t enough to make a comprehensive list. However, homecare agencies are pretty close, and if you already have an accommodation for your elderly, hiring one is cheaper and more trustworthy than using a typical old people’s home in Lagos.

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