Super Tip: How To Open PalmPay Account

How To Open Palmpay Account

PalmPay is a digital wallet and online payment system which provides consumers with financial services through a mobile application. 

One of its wonderful features is that PalmPay offers alternatives for users to make money while also utilizing the mobile app. Through awards, bonuses, and cashback, PalmPay users can earn money.

With PalmPay, you may pay bills, send money to other users, receive cash into your account, withdraw money to a bank account, and top off your airtime. You can reclaim your reward points any time after a certain transaction.

Read on and check out how to open PalmPay Account in Nigeria.

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How To Open Palmpay Account


Using PalmPay is quite secure. A trustworthy and safe provider holds your deposits. Transnet owns and operates PalmPay. NetEase and Transsion Holdings have partnered to create Transnet.

Transsion Holdings make Itel, Tecno Mobile, and Infinix, if we recall correctly. The two businesses have formed a collaboration. As part of this cooperation, all Itel, Tecno, and Infinix smartphones come pre-installed with the PalmPay app.

PalmPay has physical office addresses in Ghana and is a recognized business that owns Nigeria.

In Lagos, Nigeria, at 20 Opebi Road, Ikeja, PalmPay’s Nigerian headquarters are located.

The Ghanaian headquarters are at 54 Senchi Street, Airport Residential Area in Accra, Ghana.


The following criteria must be met to create a Palmpay account:

  • A Mobile phone
  • A legitimate email address
  • A working telephone number

That’s the essential prerequisite for a speedy Palmpay sign-up. However, if you wish to upgrade your Palmpay account, you’ll need an ID card and a Bank Verification Number (BVN) for verification purposes.


Check out and follow the detailed steps on how to open PalmPay Account below;


The first step on how to open a Palmpay account is to download the Palmpay app first. Depending on your device, you may get it from either the App Store for iOS users or the Play Store for Android users. After downloading the app, select the “Register” button.

How To Open Palmpay Account
Download the Palmpay App| How To Open Palmpay Account


The next step on how to open Palmpay account is to sign up for a new account.

The steps below should be followed to sign up for a new account on PalmPay:

  • On your smartphone, launch the Palmpay app.
  • Select “Sign Up” from the menu.
  • Enter your email address or phone number.
  • For your account, select a password.
  • Next, like “Sign Up.”
How To Open Palmpay Account
How To Open a Palmpay Account


After submitting your data, an SMS with a verification code will be sent to you. To validate your account, enter the code in the provided field. You can request for the verification code to be shipped again if you still need to get it.

How To Open Palmpay Account
How To Open Palmpay Account


Another important step on how to open Palmpay account is to create a Palmpay Profile. You will be requested to create your profile after verifying your account. To accomplish this, take the following actions:

  • Include a profile photo
  • Put your full name and birthdate here.
  • Please provide your bank information.
  • Invitation Code which is optional.
How To Open Palmpay Account
How To Open Palmpay Account


This is the last step on how to open Palmpay account. You must add money to your Palmpay wallet once it has been set up. Linking your bank account or depositing using your debit card are two ways.


1. Convenience

Palmpay is a practical substitute for conventional banking procedures because it enables users to carry out a variety of financial transactions using their mobile devices.

2. Low transactional fees for services

Palmpay offers users an economical option by having reasonable transaction fees.

3. Speed

Palmpay processes transactions rapidly, allowing users to complete them on time compared to the time it takes with typical banking methods.

4. Security

Palmpay protects user transactions and personal information with various security levels. The encryption and biometric authentication of transactions decrease the danger of fraud.

5. A variety of services

Several financial services are available with Palmpay, such as mobile money transfers, bill payments, airtime purchases, and others. Due to its adaptability, it can be utilized for various financial purposes.

6. Incentives and awards

When you conduct transactions, you can receive incentives and prizes.

For each person you invite, you get paid. The incentive will be given to you following the person’sperson’s creation of a PalmPay account.

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1. Rewards for all purchases

The majority of purchases made with the PalmPay app have unique benefits. PalmPoints or discounts can be used as these rewards.

1 naira is equivalent to a PalmPoint. Any time you need to recharge your airtime, you can get discounts of up to 50%. You might have 100 PalmPoints, for instance. You can receive a 50% discount using 100 PalmPoints to reload $200 worth of airtime, implying that a $200 airtime recharge will cost you only #100.

Your earnings in PalmPoints are based on the value of your transactions. You will also receive a 2% bonus (PalmPoints) anytime you pay cable TV and electricity bills. But this only pertains to, and this only applies to, the initial five bill payments, though.

2. Cash spree

When users suggest a successful user to the PalmPay app, they can earn money from that referral.

You will be rewarded #300 if the user accepts your invitation and opens a PalmPay account. A welcome bonus will also be given to the person you recommended.

3. Awoof Moni

The PalmPay app also has a referral feature called Awoof Moni. Contrary to Cash Spree, this feature is different.

You’llYou’ll be awarded in Awoof Moni along with the person you invited. To a PalmPay subscriber (or a friend who still needs to sign up for PalmPay), for instance, you may send an airtime coupon for #100.

You will receive a #100 payback after the recipient redeems it (or registers a PalmPay account to collect it).

Use the PalmPay app to reload your airtime for free by inviting friends and giving invite coupons.

4. Playing the lucky game

This lucky game is more like a game of chance. You can win cash prizes, airtime coupons, and discounts and coupons. You also have nothing to gain!

Since it’s a game of chance, your monetary awards could change every time. You should conduct transactions frequently if you want to win a lucky draw.

5. Being a member of PalmForce

You can join PalmForce if you have successfully recommended up to 5 users to the PalmPay app.

Instead of the normal PalmPoints, you can use PalmForce to make money. You will receive the prize paid immediately into your PalmPay account when you invite someone, and they register.

You will also receive a little extra every time one of these users completes a purchase. The bonus is determined by the transaction’s transaction’s financial stake.

Even if it’s optional, most people will only take the chance to work for real money. After receiving up to five accepted invitations, you can join PalmForce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register for PalmPay without BVN?

Even if you don’tdon’t have a BVN, you can still set up a complete bank account on PalmPay. You can as well fund your account by using a bank transfer, credit card, USSD, or a PalmPay Mobile Money agent.

Find the PalmPay app in your app store and download it. Even if you don’tdon’t have a BVN, you can still set up a complete bank account on PalmPay.

Can I get a loan via PalmPay?

In plain English, the PalmPay platform offers loans to those in need. You can get a quick loan within five minutes of acceptance with this app.

You are not mandated to give any documentation or security before borrowing. This streamlines and simplifies the borrowing procedure considerably.

Can I take my entire balance out of PalmPay?

Typically, there are no fees associated with PalmPay money withdrawals. Your bank account must be connected to your PalmPay account to accomplish this.

You can transfer money from your PalmPay account to your bank account and make a free cash withdrawal from an ATM.

What should I do if I encounter difficulties using Palmpay?

Contact Palmpay support if you need help utilizing the service if you encounter any problems. Any problems or inquiries you may have will be resolved with pleasure by them.

What drives individuals to use PalmPay?

Money can be easily paid and withdrawn using the PalmPay software for digital payments. Low fees, quick transfers, and handy payment methods are all offered.

In the vast majority of circumstances, PalmPay withdrawals are free of charge. Linking your bank account to your PalmPay account is required to accomplish this.


The steps on how to open a Palmpay account are simple and easy. You can create a Palmpay account quickly by following the instructions in this article, and you can then start using the platform to conduct transactions.

Palmpay is a fantastic payment tool for all your financial needs because of its practical features and simplicity of use.

Remember to add several payment methods, set up recurring payments, frequently check your account balance, and use Palmpay when shopping online. If you run into any problems, contact Palmpay support; they’ll be pleased to help.

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