13 Best Online Shopping Apps in Nigeria

Online Shopping Apps
Online shopping apps

Do you know you can shop for any goods of your choice online? You need online shopping apps in Nigeria which are websites where you can shop online.

Here, consumers and sellers can exchange goods and services online. When there are many vendors from which the buyer can choose. Everything that can be sold offline, including clothing, shoes, electronics, phones, gadgets, furniture, groceries, cars, and home goods, can be sold online in Nigeria on shopping apps.

Wish to know about online shopping apps? Read on and check out the 13 best online shopping apps in Nigeria.

13 Best Online Shopping Apps in Nigeria

1. Jumia

Jumia Nigeria is one of the best online shopping apps in Nigeria selling goods like electronics, smartphones, kitchen and home appliances, groceries, clothes, and more.

They are the best and most often used internet retailers in Nigeria right now. It is renowned for its excellent delivery, return policy, and product quality. Jumia Nigeria offers the nation a genuine online shopping experience. Nearly all Jumia products are available for purchase at substantial savings.

Jumia Nigeria is without a doubt the best online app in Nigeria today, and it gradually established a household name for online shopping.

Jumia offers an additional 5% incentive when you use their mobile app to shop in addition to the daily discount codes. Of course, as an app user, you have the right to extra investment.

13 Best Online Shopping Apps In Nigeria
Jumia| Online Shopping Apps

2. AliExpress

One of the most popular and best online shopping apps in Nigeria is AliExpress. To retail customers and retailers, the app offers a wide range of products, including mobile phones, clothing, laptops, shoes, home appliances, health, books, baby products, personal care, and others. They currently rank among the e-commerce apps in the globe that provide inexpensive goods of all kinds.

Their service offerings are developed to guarantee years of client delight. On AliExpress, independent sellers use the online shopping app to offer goods to customers. Direct purchases from AliExpress are incredibly safe because customers are always protected no matter what they purchase there.

3. Konga

In Nigeria, Konga is without a doubt the leader in online shopping. They transform the area into something the people of Nigeria find fascinating and appealing.

Asides offering things at a reduced price, Konga also provides functional promo codes. Their shipping is available countrywide, and their daily bargains are unmatched. You can always shop with confidence on Konga because any other merchants who try to hawk fake goods on the platform are kicked off with no harm done to the customer.

Their shipping and after-sale services are always of the highest caliber. Nationwide “pay on delivery” services are provided by Konga.

4. Amazon

Amazon is undoubtedly among the best online shopping apps in Nigeria and the rest of the world. Many individuals adore it for its broad selection of goods across all categories.

You are provided with options for every product search, making it simple for you to locate your preferred item at a competitive price. Products from Amazon can be delivered to Nigeria quickly and affordably by a variety of online delivery firms. Online retailers like Amazon make shopping simple.

13 Best Online Shopping Apps In Nigeria
Amazon| Online Shopping Apps

5. Jiji

One of the best and most popular online shopping apps in Nigeria for buying and selling goods (primarily secondhand goods) is called Jiji. The company caters to the mainstream market. Everything may be bought and sold online, including new and used cars, phones, fashionable apparel and shoes, electronics, homes, and more.

Jiji is an African online shopping app that provides a space for the exchange of goods and services between buyers and sellers. This app is the easiest for buying and selling anything, and it’s also the most significant online market in Nigeria.

Because there are many smugglers registered on this platform, you should always read seller ratings before paying for the items and/or services. This is especially important if you plan to buy something from Jiji.

6. Kara

Royal-coast Technologies Limited is the online shopping mall Kara Nigeria, which can be found at kara.com.ng.

They have operated many sales promotions during their more than three years in the Nigerian cyber-business environment.

Even though we have not yet purchased anything from them, some of our readers have done so successfully in the past. Sales of computers, smartphones, kitchen appliances, consumer goods, and fashionable accessories are offered by Kara Nigeria’s online malls.

7. Slot

One of the best online shopping apps in Nigeria is Slot, which is more than simply an online store. They operate retail locations in significant cities where customers may go to purchase phones and gadgets.

Slot Systems Limited is the top retailer of reasonably priced, dependable computers, electronics, accessories, and mobile devices. SLOT has established itself as a household name in Nigeria for providing all social strata with cost-effective and dependable laptops, phones, and peripherals.

Slot Nigeria is recognized for the excellent after-sales care and outstanding customer service it has maintained for such a long period.

Slot has a strong online presence through its website and social media channels in addition to having numerous national physical retail locations across the nation.

13 Best Online Shopping Apps In Nigeria
Slot| Online Shopping Apps

8. Vconnect

One of the first truly successful business directories to go online in Nigeria is Vconnect. It appears that their recent foray into e-Commerce is a great move in the right way.

When you shop on Vconnect, you are doing business with a firm that is passionate about protecting consumers’ rights and providing pre-and post-sale support.

Their goods are of good quality and are reasonably priced. You should feel confident while making purchases on the Vconnect website.

9. Payporte

Payporte is not only a well-known electronic shopping mall in Nigeria, but it also provides customers who regularly utilize its user-friendly app with helpful after-sales service.

Payporte enables customers to promote their high-quality goods via an online shopping app, just like Konga and Jumia. They have policies and controls in place to stop dishonest sellers, shielding their clients from all types of fraud.

Additionally, Payporte offers an affiliate network that enables individuals without their product to make money by recommending high-quality goods from other sellers.

13 Best Online Shopping Apps In Nigeria
Payporte| Online Shopping Apps

 10. eBay

Buy and sell the brands you’re known for, like seasonal clothing, designer purses, unique footwear, cutting-edge equipment, vintage timepieces, and consequently the newest toys. Shop for your preferred brands, such as Apple, Playstation, Adidas, Gucci, and Nike.

Download the eBay app to make it simpler to shop and save while on the go, whether you’re looking for bargains or to make money selling. This app makes shopping easier than ever.

11. Olist

Olist is a free online shopping app in Nigeria where you can buy and sell anything. It is considered one of the online shopping apps in Nigeria. Buyers can locate nearby sellers of the goods they’re looking for.

Almost anything can be listed for sale on Olist. On the platform, people even post job openings.

Because Olist is a free and easy way to shop online in Nigeria, people adore using it.

12. Wish

Wish is an online shopping app and marketplace with a US presence. Wish users can purchase goods from independent sellers.

You will receive a personalized feed as a customer on the Wish app or website based on your browsing and purchasing habits. Beauty & fashion, technology, and gadgets are a few of the purchasing categories available on Wish.

13 Best Online Shopping Apps In Nigeria
Wish| Online Shopping Apps

13. Ajebomarket

Unquestionably one of Nigeria’s best online shopping apps for men’s clothes, Ajebomarket was established in July 2013 and has a clear goal of dominating Africa. Both adults and teenagers can purchase its high-end stuff.

When you consider buying any fashionable items for guys, such as clothing, watches, shoes, or bags, check Ajebomarket first.


These online shopping apps have revolutionized how Nigerians shop and interact with goods and services thanks to their dedication to ease variety, and secure transactions. The best online shopping apps mentioned in this article provide access to a vast array of options for users, including anything from fashion and technology to daily necessities.

The future of online shopping in Nigeria appears bright, offering a smooth and dynamic retail experience for everyone as these platforms continue to develop and adapt. The Nigerian market is large enough to support additional inventive e-commerce businesses even if you are trying to build your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are online shopping apps?

Online shopping apps are website or app that facilitates electronic commerce and allows customers to browse a catalog of goods or services before making a purchase.

What is Nigeria’s biggest online retailer?

Jumia Nigeria
The biggest online retailer in Nigeria is Jumia Nigeria. Customers can search and shop for everything they need on our platform, which is the Jumia shopping website, from anywhere in Nigeria.

Which online shopping apps are the most popular?

Amazon, Walmart, and Alibaba are some of the most well-known online shopping apps. These three apps have established themselves as household names and rule the Internet retail industry. Many internet buyers choose them as their first stop since they provide a huge selection of goods at affordable costs.

Which online shopping app has the largest selection?

With a global revenue of US$131,019 million in 2021, Amazon.com is the market leader in online shopping. JD.com is in second place with US$118,515 million. With sales of US$51,950 million, apple.com takes third place.

Which goods are most frequently purchased online?

The most popular product sold worldwide is apparel and accessories, which are produced by the fashion industry. There are numerous goods in this $1 trillion market, including footwear, apparel, jewelry, and accessories, that appeal to different sorts of consumers.


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