Top 13 Best Hospitals In Abuja

Best Hospitals In Abuja

Nobody ever prays to get sick, yet sickness does occasionally drop by unexpectedly, whether we like it or not. However, whenever it does, you should go to a reputable hospital or healthcare facility that can, at the very least, provide some relief and recovery.

Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, is home to top-notch hospitals that provide first-rate medical care and services. These hospitals have cutting-edge equipment, highly skilled medical staff, and a dedication to giving their patients the best care possible. We shall examine the 13 best hospitals in Abuja in this article, highlighting their specialties, amenities, and contact details.

How To Know A Good Hospital

There has been an increase in demand for top-notch healthcare facilities. As the baby boomer generation ages, chronic illnesses are more likely to strike them. The number of people with chronic diseases is also rising due to improper lifestyle and dietary habits.

Additionally, patients are now very wary of shady healthcare schemes. Therefore, building excellent hospitals that provide top-notch healthcare services at reasonable costs has become essential.

Here are three characteristics that an excellent hospital should have:

1. Patient-Centered Approach

At every point of the patient’s journey, the best hospitals always put their patients’ comfort and convenience first. An excellent hospital should prioritize the patient’s experience, from scheduling an appointment to leaving. Giving patients all the information they require is imperative to hasten the decision-making process.

2. Coordinated Care

A great hospital’s efficient operation depends on internal coordination and communication across diverse sections. It guarantees that patients have no stress at any point, from admission through post-operative rehabilitation. Therefore, hospitals must provide standardized care pathways for the most prevalent medical disorders.

3. Advanced Technology

The capacity of a top-tier hospital to use the most recent technology is one of the most essential characteristics that set it apart from an average hospital. Healthcare has revolutionized thanks to technology, which has reduced costs and increased safety and speed.

For instance, robotics has made many complicated and time-consuming procedures simpler. Additionally, the results are accurate and error-free thanks to the utilization of cutting-edge testing apparatus.

13 Best Hospitals In Abuja

1. Kelina Hospital

Best Hospitals In Abuja

Kelina Hospital, a premier medical facility, is home to the best hospitals in Abuja. To protect, improve, and promote family and individual health, Kelina Hospital opened its doors in February 2008. This was done by giving people access to top-notch surgical and medical care. It is a private company that has made a name for itself as the best hospital in Abuja City.

Modern equipment is used in Kelina Hospital, and the environment supports patient recovery. They work to innovate to deliver the highest levels of patient satisfaction, the best surgical outcomes, and consistently correct diagnoses.

Contact Information –

  • 123 Third Avenue, Gwarinpa Estate in Abuja, Nigeria
  • 0803 330 9669 / 0812 990 8323

2. Wellington Clinics, Abuja

Wellington Clinics is another of the best hospitals in Abuja that give health and fitness more of a focus. The hospital has a solid reputation in general surgery. They work alongside specialists in gynecological physical therapy and obstetrics; and offer a variety of medical procedures, such as spine and plastic surgery.

You can also get in touch with them for your orthopedic and imaging needs, as they are experts in obstetric and gynecological physical therapy. They have specialties in general surgery as well. They have a cutting-edge medical lab that can meet all your blood analysis needs.

The health and well-being of their patients come first, and they regard the patient as the center of the medical universe. They always consider it a privilege to comply with your medical requirements.

Contact Information –

3. Chivar Clinic And Urology Center

Chivar Clinic and Urology Center is the sole operator of a reliable Shockwave Lithotripter (ESWL) in West Africa. They employ a substantial number of capable, knowledgeable, and friendly people. Chivar Clinic and Urology Center first opened its doors on October 12, 2007, and today this facility is renowned for providing a wide array of treatments, including imaging, diagnostic care, radiological examinations, and limited-access surgery.

They are known for offering excellent diagnostic care and working with the latest medical technologies.

Contact Information –

4. Brookfield Center For Lifestyle Medicine

The Brookfield Center for Lifestyle Medicine has skilled medical staff and is one of the best hospitals in Abuja. They prioritize managing weight loss, alleviating waist discomfort, and offering various other medical services.

Not only should we point out the hospital’s excellent location but also the fact that it has a top-notch general medical staff and is outfitted to handle all family care needs. They are open Monday through Saturday, providing consistent and safe service; Sundays are their only day off.

When you attend your first appointment, the hospital advises printing, filling out, and bringing the registration form from their website.

Contact Information –

5. Cedarcrest Hospitals

Cedarcrest Hospital has offered obstetrics, radiological testing, gynecological physical therapy, and imaging in Abuja since it opened in January 2008. The hospital provides only the best medical care and is well-equipped with state-of-the-art medical tools and supplies. The hospital manages and treats ear, nose, and throat disorders.

They are among the best hospitals in Abuja that offer ear surgery and imaging treatments, obstetrics and gynecological physiotherapy, and radiological examination. The hospital is state-of-the-art in every way.

Contact Information –

6. Primus International Super Specialist Hospital

At Primus International Super Specialty Hospital in Abuja, Nigeria, specialists in kidney transplants and joint replacement surgery can be found. They offer brand-new, cutting-edge surgical equipment and specialize in all surgical procedures, including spine surgery. They can handle any medical treatment, including radiological scans and organ transplants.

Blood tests and ear surgery are just two of the treatments that this hospital is equipped to perform. Additionally, they offer state-of-the-art medical technology, which elevates them to the best hospitals in Abuja. You may be sure that even the most challenging medical situations will result in a speedy recovery when God and this hospital staff are on your side.

Contact Information –

7. The University Of Abuja Teaching Hospital

The University of Abuja Teaching Hospital offers a wide range of health services like surgery, parasitological testing, orthopedics, viral infection treatment, ophthalmology, fertility consulting, and ear surgery; in addition to the medical and surgical training they give University of Abuja medical students. 1982 the hospital was a specialist facility; in 1993, it became the Federal Medical Centre.

With a strong reputation for medical treatment and training, this hospital holds one of the top ten rankings in hospitals in Abuja. The facility has room for around 400 patients at once. They now want to expand the number of patients to 500.

Contact Information –

  • Teaching Hospital Road, Gwagwalada, Abuja, Nigeria
  • 07040045614, 08036082642

8. Hi-Fi Hospital Abuja

Hi-fi Hospital, which offers first-rate medical treatment and diagnostics, is one of the best hospitals in Abuja. Hi-fi has medical professionals who can treat any illness and provide a wide range of medical services. They provide top-notch, effective, practical medical support services to enhance and promote health.

They coordinate the provision of primary and secondary healthcare with the National Health Insurance System.

Contact Information –

9. Nisa Premier Hospital;

Nisa Premier Hospital, which has superb professional experts on staff who are truly worried about your health and well-being, is one hospital in Abuja with contemporary technology equipment. Nisa Premier Hospital was established in 1996 by famous gynecologist and specialist in reproductive health, Dr. Ibrahim Wada.

The hospital is committed to compassionately providing excellent medical care. They offer family medicine, cutting-edge gynecological treatment, and advanced technology. To assist doctors with diagnosis and therapy, its bioscience laboratories operate around the clock and perform both standard and highly specialized tests.

Some tests they can perform include cytology, immunology, histology, chemical pathology, hormone assays, and hematological studies. Each one has a fertility clinic.

Contact Information –

  • 15 to 17, Alex Ekwueme Street, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria
  • 08174209999, 07034179895

10. Nizamiye Hospital

This facility is one of the few hospitals in Abuja that offers premium healthcare at an affordable price. In addition to having well-equipped laboratories, a well-stocked pharmacy, and enough wards for patients upon admission, the hospital has six consulting rooms with space for two doctors at a time, indicating that during the busiest times, it might have 12 doctors available to cater to patients’ needs.

Contact Information –

11. Limi Hospital (Central Area)

This is, without a doubt, one of the best private hospitals in Abuja. It has all the necessary tools to provide most normal tertiary institutions in Nigeria with complete medical services. In addition to having one of the most energetic, young, and educated staff of any hospital in Abuja and Nigeria, Limi offers high-quality services at relatively reasonable prices.

As all records are computerized, you don’t need to pay for a hospital card; all you need is the hospital’s number. Over 100 health maintenance organizations and businesses trust Limi, including United Healthcare and Novo Health.

Contact Information –

12. Royal Specialist Hospital

At Royal Specialized Hospitals in Abuja, the need for orthopedic and ophthalmic care can be met. They use brand-new equipment to manage all laboratory investigation requirements and are experts in obstetrics and gynecologist physical therapy. This hospital has several locations around Nigeria, and its personnel includes general surgery specialists.

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Contact Information –

13. Garki Hospital Abuja

Garki Hospital is one of the leading private hospitals in Abuja that provides a comprehensive range of medical treatments. It is renowned for its orthopedic, gastrointestinal, cardiology, and general surgery departments. Modern operating rooms and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment are available at the facility.

Contact Information –


Some of the top medical facilities in the nation are found in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. These healthcare facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, highly qualified medical staff, and a dedication to patient care, and they offer first-rate healthcare services.

Abuja’s healthcare system, which includes government-run and privately run facilities, provides a wide range of specialties and services to meet the demands of its population. The 13 best hospitals in Abuja featured below are renowned for delivering excellent healthcare and should be considered while seeking treatment there, whether you need specialist care, emergency aid, or standard medical services.

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Who is the owner of the Nizamiye Hospital in Abuja?

The Nizamiye Hospital, which has been open since 2014 and is owned by a group of Turkish and Nigerian investors, was founded to imitate the medical services available abroad in Nigeria.

What is the name of Nigeria’s first private hospital?

Lantoro’s Sacred Heart Personal Hospital was founded in 1895, or roughly 124 years ago. It is Nigeria’s oldest still-operational hospital.

What is the name of Abuja’s largest medical facility?

National Hospital Abuja

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