14 Health Benefit of Bitter Kola

Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola
Health benefits of Bitter Kola

Bitter kola, or Garcinia kola, is indigenous to Nigeria. Because of its potent medicinal and restorative powers, bitter kola has been a mainstay in traditional treatments for many years.

The bitter kola plant has a number of active constituents that have a variety of health advantages. Bitter kola is a potent source of health advantages that should not be disregarded, from enhancing immunity to assisting digestion. This article will examine the definition of bitter kola, its Importance to most Nigerian traditions, and its wonderful 14 benefits of Bitter Kola.

What is Bitter Kola?

Bitter kola, also known as Garcinia kola is a common remedy used by African healers and it is thought to have laxative, antiparasitic, and antibacterial properties.

The seeds can treat hacking, colic, colds, bronchitis, throat infections, and liver problems… A biting stick can also be made out of it.

Typically eaten bitter kola seeds have a potently bitter flavor that gradually gives way to a slight sweetness as you chew.

Importance of Bitter Kola in Most Nigerian Traditions

  • It is an important component of community meetings.
  • It is a part of many rites of passage as well as ceremonies that bind treaties and agreements.
  • Kola nuts were enjoyed by even the Prophet Muhammad himself and were given as gifts. Kola nuts were given as alms during significant festivals by the wealthy followers of Muhammad.
  • The bitter kola plant, maybe the second-most significant indigenous cash crop, is very effective in reducing rural poverty. Kola was once even accepted as payment in full or in part for taxes. Kola is much more than just a market staple in a down economy and a cultural icon.
  • Claimed to help with toothaches, infections, skin conditions, and fatigue…

14 Health Benefit of Bitter Kola

1. Osteoarthritis treatment

Bitter kola is renowned as a powerful illness transformant that may provide relief from osteoarthritis. According to studies, garcinia kola appears to provide significant pain-relieving and calming effects on those with knee osteoarthritis.

Accordingly, garcinia kola is seen as a prospective osteoarthritis illness action transformant with a high likelihood of producing a good result. It aids in lessening joint resoluteness, pain, and irritation. The underlying cause of joint inflammation and depressing pain may be a joint injury, weight gain, aging, or genetics.

Therefore, making use of this mysterious plant can help to address a variety of problems and get their foundations right.

2. Loss of weight

Loss of weight is another health benefit of Bitter Kola. Bitter kola is well known for being a typical appetite suppressant and an extraordinary thirst stimulator, and as such helps with decreasing weight loss because the body needs less food intake and a lot more water intake to get rid of excess fat and stay strong.

Health Benefit Of Bitter Kola
Loss of weight| Health Benefit of Bitter Kola

3. Acts as an anti-poison

A natural, herbal cure for all types of food poisoning is to chew bitter kola. It functions by detoxifying and halting bacterial contamination brought on by tainted food. People have been chewing bitter kola for hundreds of years, and they continue to do so today because it possesses antiviral and antibacterial properties.

If at all feasible, shortly after coming into contact with a tainted food source, digest the bitter kola’s nut and bark. Taking it will free the person from viral illnesses and produce effective anti-contamination benefits.

When consumed, the bitter kola’s strong antibiotic aids in preventing potential food poisoning from previously contaminated items.

4. Treatment For Glaucoma

Another health benefit of Bitter Kola is the treatment of Glaucoma. Glaucoma is becoming more widespread and, if not treated appropriately, can have serious consequences. Due to the bitter kola’s high beta-carotene content, it is used as an eye treatment. As a result, bitter kola aids in the treatment of glaucoma by lowering ocular pressure. It is advised to consume bitter Kola twice a day to treat glaucoma.

Glaucoma symptoms may be lessened by consuming bitter Kola or applying eye drops formulated with Kola. Before beginning any treatment, always abide by your doctor’s recommendations!

Maintaining good health and avoiding long-term issues like retinal blindness is also crucial.

Health Benefit Of Bitter Kola
Glaucoma Treatment| Health Benefit of Bitter Kola

5. Malaria prevention

Malaria Prevention is another health benefit of Bitter Kola. Kolaviron, the bitter kola’s antimalarial compound, is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory phytochemical and antioxidant that has high antimalarial activity.

Numerous plants include compounds known as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. They protect your body resistant to damage from free radicals. Bitter kola is a fantastic source of antimalarials because it contains a number of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

There are many known medical uses for bitter kola, including the treatment of malaria. They are an effective option for treating a variety of illnesses and disorders since they can combine with other natural treatments.

Traditional healers have long advocated using bitter kola to cure malaria, and science are now following suit.

6. Diabetes mellitus Therapy

Since ancient times, people have employed bitter kola as a traditional treatment to treat a variety of ailments, including diabetes. For its medical advantages, it has surely garnered attention on a global scale. Recent research has demonstrated that their active component, Mellitus, can assist diabetics in lowering and balancing their blood glucose levels.

With the use of this natural treatment, diabetes may be safely and effectively cured without the need of costly drugs or other treatments. Blood sugar levels can be lowered and high glucose levels in diabetic patients can be reduced with the aid of bitter kola seeds.

Patients with type 2 diabetes who want to manage and treat their disease while addressing complications take bitter kola.

The Kolaviron property in Kola nuts may protect type 2 diabetics from injury against hypoglycemia. Kola nut extract can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce hypoglycemia episodes…

7. Enhance the lung’s function

Another benefit of Bitter Kola is that it enhances the lung’s function. An antioxidant called saponin is found in garcinia kola. It has cleaning and purifying properties. By enlarging the alveolar ducts and sacs, this further enhances lung function and, as a result, strengthens the lung tissue’s fibers. It has an antioxidant content that is ideally high for a healthy body.

Health Benefit Of Bitter Kola
Enhances Lung Function| Health Benefit of Bitter Kola

8. Helps with Pregnancy

This is the eighth health benefit of Bitter Kola. Bitter kola helps pregnant women by strengthening the uterus and regulating blood circulation…

Additionally, it promotes uterine health, which enhances general well-being. Bitter kola has a wide range of additional health advantages that can treat a wide range of ailments.

The risk of postpartum depression and other issues like infection, dehydration, and uterine prolapse are decreased by bitter kola drinks. A natural treatment for all types of gastrointestinal issues is bitter kola can.

9. Treatment for Cold and Fever

Bitter kola provides relief for chest colds and continues to prevent colds from spreading throughout the body by having the ability to enlarge the alveolar sac and pipe.

10. Impotence treatment

According to research, garcinia kola, also known as “severe kola,” produces effects similar to those of a love potion in males by causing or increasing their desire for sex. As a result, it is used to cure impotence.

11. Resistance to disease

Bitter kola affects a number of the body’s regulatory systems, including those that protect it against disease. In addition to enabling the body to adapt to strain, it also acts as a barrier against infectious infections. It has antibacterial qualities.

12. It is composed of Antibacterial properties

Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi, Streptococcus pyogenes, and Staphylococcus aureus are among the bacteria that the bitter kola leaf can host.

Additionally, these plants possess anti-inflammatory qualities that can be used to relieve pain and inflammation.

The bitter kola’s saponin and tannin bioactive components are what give it its antibacterial effects. Additionally, these characteristics aid in the isolation of all STIs.

13. Can Aid in Increasing Energy Levels

Caffeine, a natural stimulant that can aid increase energy levels, is abundant in bitter kola. Theophylline, theobromine, and other substances that have similar physiological effects are also present. It has been used by traditional medicine for ages to treat a variety of illnesses, including weariness.

However, consuming too much caffeine can have negative effects like restlessness, insomnia, and even a faster heartbeat. Therefore, it is advised to drink bitter Kola in moderation.

Additionally, bitter kola might offer other health advantages that subtly increase energy levels. It has been demonstrated, for instance, to possess antibacterial qualities, which can aid in lowering the risk of illnesses that might lead to weariness. Additionally, it aids in digestive improvement and inflammation reduction, enhancing general health and well-being.

Health Benefit Of Bitter Kola
Increasing Energy Level| Health Benefit of Bitter Kola

14. Reduces Depression Symptoms

This is another health benefit of Bitter Kola. An all-natural treatment for depression and anxiety for ages has been bitter kola. It can reduce anxiety and depression…

Its special blend of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other plant chemicals makes it an effective remedy for sadness and anxiety…

It could also aid in stress reduction, making it an important therapeutic tool for treating these diseases.

Health Benefit Of Bitter Kola
Reduces Depression Treatment| Health Benefit of Bitter Kola

Frequently Asked Questions

To what extent does bitter kola affect the liver?

Bitter kola can detoxify the body and shield the liver from the negative effects of alcohol and food illnesses.

What effects do groundnut and bitter kola have on the body?

[size=0.1797]2) Groundnuts and bitter kola work together to strengthen the immune system. Diseases are fought because of this. [size=0.1797]3) Pregnant women will benefit from it. [size=0.1797]Proteins and foliates are abundant in the bitter kola and groundnut combo.

Will bitter kola lower blood sugar levels?

It has been demonstrated that using bitter kola for a long time will reduce and normalize blood sugar levels. Bitter kola can offer some relief to those who experience the harmful symptoms of high blood sugar.


As you can see from the benefit of bitter kola, it is time to incorporate it into your diet. It is high in calcium, iron, and vitamin C, and has a very high potassium content.

However, it is always advised to obtain qualified medical guidance before taking any dietary supplements and to always abide by their recommendations.

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