The Best Nursing Schools in Ogun State

Best Nursing School In Ogun State

With 10 government-approved schools of nursing, Ogun State is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in Nigeria to study nursing, and it’s not even close. The number is not even as impressive as the variety; from degree-awarding departments of nursing sciences to schools of post-basic nursing, Ogun State has it all, and more.

In this post, we’ll look at the realities of studying nursing in Ogun State by evaluating all 10 nursing schools in the state. From there, you can compare their offerings with your requirements and decide the best nursing school in Ogun State for you.

The Best Nursing Schools in Ogun State

Ogun is one of the most abundantly blessed states in Nigeria in terms of schools, so it’s only natural that there are so many schools of nursing in the state. The question here, however, is how those options stack up, and which one should you choose for your nursing education.

To answer that question, here’s our evaluation of the best nursing schools in Ogun State:

1. School of Nursing Sciences, Babcock University

Babcock University of one of the most respected private universities in Ogun State and Nigeria at large, so it’s only natural that you may want to study there. As a faith-based (Christian) institution, however, it’s only a realistic option for individuals with beliefs compatible with the Christian faith.

Babcock University’s School of Nursing Sciences awards Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing Sciences, a program that takes five years to complete. There are two modes of admission to the school: regular and direct entry.

With direct entry admission, you start at the 200 level and study for four years, but you must have a license to practice nursing in Nigeria. If you’re not already a nurse, you can write the JAMB UTME exams, choose Babcock University and Nursing Sciences as your preferred institution and course respectively, and score higher than the minimum requirements.

Babcock School of Nursing Sciences has four departments: community health, adult health, maternal and child health (midwifery), and mental health and psychiatry.

2. Department of Nursing Science, Chrisland University

Chrisland University is another reputable faith-based school in Ogun State with a fully accredited nursing faculty that also awards Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing Sciences. Successfully securing admission to study nursing at Chrisland would make you one of their first nursing students, as the school only received accreditation to offer the program last year.

While it’s probably the youngest nursing school in Ogun State, it’s easily also one of the best, as it’s one of the only three schools offering B.NSc in the entire state. Its entry requirements are the same as that of Babcock University’s School of Nursing, and its nursing program lasts for the same five years.

3. Department of Nursing Science, OOU

Olabisi Onabanjo University
Credit: OOU

If Chrisland’s nursing school is too young for your liking, the Department of Nursing Science at Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital is another excellent nursing school in Ogun State to consider. It’s also the only public university offering nursing in Ogun State, so it’s your only choice for a subsidized nursing education.

While its entry requirements are more or less the same as those of the two preceding schools, securing admission at OOU is significantly more challenging, as it’s a state-owned school. Regardless of your criteria for determining the best nursing school in Ogun State, OOU will surely come among the top three.

4. School of Nursing, Abeokuta

According to information on its website, the School of Nursing, Abeokuta is a basic nursing school established to train fresh secondary school leavers in basic nursing for a solid footing in the in-demand profession. While it doesn’t award degrees like OOU, Babcock, or Chrisland, its certificate is sufficient for a general nursing (RN) license with the NMCN.

Admission into the nursing program is the same as for any basic nursing school in Ogun State with NMCN approval, but it’s slightly more challenging than private institutions. Located at Idi-Aba in Abeokuta, it’s the only nursing school in Ogun State’s capital, Abeokuta with a perfect balance between cost and quality of education.

5. School of Nursing, Ijebu-Ode

The School of Nursing, Ijebu-Ode, offers programs in both basic and post-basic nursing, making it one of the most important nursing schools in Ogun State. Its basic nursing program lasts for three years and earns students a general nursing license upon completion, as the school is approved by the NMCN.

On the other hand, it has post-basic programs in perioperative, cardiothoracic, ophthalmic, and anesthetic nursing, but you can only study those programs if you’ve already completed your basic nursing education. This Ijebu-Ode School of Nursing, beyond doubt, is one of the only useful nursing schools in Ogun State for both aspiring and professional nurses alike.

6. Ogun State School of Nursing, Ilaro

The Ogun State School of Nursing, Ilaro, is one of the few state-owned nursing schools in Ogun offering basic nursing and midwifery programs for fresh secondary school graduates. Established in 2003/2004 primarily for job creation, it’s perhaps the oldest state-owned basic nursing school in Ogun State.

The school boasts of its low fees, accreditation status, and track record compared to other nursing schools in Ogun State, and it has a vision to prepare competent and polyvalent nurses to meet community nursing needs. Entry requirements into this nursing school in Ogun State include obtaining five O’level credit passes and passing the school’s mandatory entry examinations.

7. School of Nursing, Sacred Heart Hospital, Lantoro

Sacred Heart Hospital has a nursing school in Ogun State that offers a basic nursing program that runs for three years. Owned by the Catholic Diocese of Abeokuta, it’s faith-based, to an extent, and was formerly a school of midwifery before converting to a full school of nursing.

The school’s admission form comes out by February or March of every year at a fee of N15,000. After purchasing the form, applicants will be required to undergo both written and oral examinations before the school releases a list of successful candidates at its discretion.

It’s not the best school of nursing in Ogun State, but for someone after a low-cost introduction to professional nursing, this school should be sufficient.

8. Oba Ademola II School of Basic Midwifery

Oba Ademola II School of Basic Midwifery is the only nursing school in Ogun State dedicated to the practice of midwifery education. Based in Oba Ademola II Hospital, Abeokuta, the school offers a basic midwifery program that runs for three years and qualifies students for a general midwifery (RM) license from the NMCN.

The school may also offer unspecified post-basic nursing programs. Entry into the basic nursing program at Oba Ademola II School of Basic Midwifery requires aspirants to possess five credits in any O’level examination, including in English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in not more than two sittings.

9. School of Psychiatric Nursing, Aro, Abeokuta

School Of Psychiatric Nursing

The School of Psychiatric Nursing, Aro, is a federal school of post-basic nursing that offers advanced nursing education in psychiatric nursing. This school is based at the popular Aro Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Abeokuta, one of the most popular in the South West.

This nursing school also prides itself as the first school of psychiatric nursing, not only in Nigeria but also in Africa as a whole. Aspirants into this school must possess the general nursing license (RN) from the NMCN and five credit passes in any O’level examination.

10. Jala Jalaaluka for Ahad (JAFAD) School of Nursing, Oru-Ijebu

Formerly Jala Jalaaluka for Ahad School of Nursing, JAFAD College of Nursing Science runs a basic nursing program to develop students’ skills and graduate qualified general nurses for the Nigerian healthcare industry.

To secure admission into JAFAD College of Nursing Science, Oru-Ijebu, applicants must possess five credit passes in WAEC or NECO in not more than two sittings and pass both the written and oral entry exams. They’ll also need to submit a personal essay about themselves and three reference letters from individuals of good standing in society.

Application forms for this school are available through certain WEMA Bank branches, Fresh FM studios, Radio Lagos studios, and Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation studios.


Which university in Ogun State offers nursing?

Babcock University, Chrisland University, and Olabisi Onabanjo University all have nursing departments that offer nursing as a course. They all award bachelor’s degrees in nursing sciences (B.NSc) after completion of a five-year program.

How many nursing schools are in Ogun State?

Ogun State currently has ten schools of nursing, and the count is still on. From degree-awarding institutions like Chrisland and OOU to basic and post-basic nursing schools like Ogun State School of Nursing, Ilaro, there’s a pretty diverse selection of nursing schools in Ogun State.

Is there a nursing course in OOU?

Olabisi Onabanjo University offers a nursing program that runs for five years and awards students a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Science upon completion. However, getting admitted to the program is pretty challenging, as OOU is the only public university offering nursing sciences in Ogun State.


Ogun State may have many deficiencies, but it’s certainly doing well in terms of nursing schools. From the School of Nursing in Abeokuta to the degree-awarding School of Nursing Sciences at Babcock University, you’ll always find a good nursing school in Ogun State.

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