The Best Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria

The Best Teaching Hospitals In Nigeria
The Best Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria

Finding the ideal balance is essential when it comes to healthcare and education. And that is precisely what Nigeria’s top teaching hospitals have accomplished. 

In addition to offering excellent patient care, these remarkable medical facilities prioritize training the next generation of healthcare leaders in Nigeria. 

This article looks at these educational powerhouses, from their cutting-edge technology and top-notch research facilities to their devoted faculty members who ensure students get the best possible hands-on training. 

Read on to get the best teaching hospitals transforming Nigerian healthcare education.

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List of Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria

Here is a list of teaching hospitals in Nigeria:

S/NName of HospitalLocationState
1University of Benin Teaching HospitalBenin CityEdo
2University of Calabar Teaching HospitalCalabarCross River
3University of Abuja Teaching HospitalGwagwaladaFCT
4University College HospitalIbadanOyo
5Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching HospitalIle-IfeOsun
6University of  Ilorin Teaching HospitalIlorinKwara
7Irrua Specialist Teaching HospitalIrruaEdo
8University of Nigeria Teaching HospitalItuku-OzallaEnugu
9Jos University Teaching HospitalJosPlateau
10Aminu Kano University Teaching HospitalKanoKano
11Lagos University Teaching HospitalLagosLagos
12University of Maiduguri Teaching HospitalMaiduguriBorno
13Nnamdi Azikwe Teaching HospitalNnewiAnambra
14University of Port Harcourt Teaching HospitalPort HarcourtRivers
15Usman Dan Fodio University Teaching HospitalSokotoSokoto
16University of Uyo Teaching HospitalUyoAkwa Ibom
17Ahmadu Bello University Teaching HospitalZariaKaduna
18Federal Teaching HospitalAbakalikiEbonyi
19Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching HospitalBauchiBauchi
20National HospitalAbujaFCT

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What are the Best Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria

Let’s look at the top teaching hospitals in Nigeria, emphasizing their distinctive qualities and contributions to the medical field.

1. Ibadan’s University College Hospital (UCH)

One of Nigeria’s top teaching hospitals, UCH, is in Ibadan, Oyo State. UCH provides a comprehensive range of medical treatments, including specialist operations, diagnostic procedures, and cutting-edge research, with cutting-edge medical technology and a staff of highly qualified professionals.

2. Lagos’s LUTH, or Lagos University Teaching Hospital

Best Teaching Hospitals In Nigeria
Teaching Hospital Lagos

Lagos University Teaching Hospital is next on our list of best teaching hospitals in Nigeria. The Lagos-based LUTH is famous for providing superior healthcare.

This teaching hospital features state-of-the-art equipment, and a committed staff committed to offering top-notch medical care.

Patients have access to specialized care in a number of specialities, including oncology, paediatrics, and cardiology.

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3. Zaria’s Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital

The leading healthcare organization in northern Nigeria is ABUTH, in Zaria, Kaduna State. This teaching hospital is one of the best teaching hospitals in Nigeria.

It offers all-encompassing medical care, and its medical school offers highly qualified healthcare workers. The hospital offers various treatments, from routine surgeries to general medicine.

4. Ile-Ife’s Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex

Another renowned teaching hospital is the OAUTHC, located in Ile-Ife, Osun State. It is renowned for providing excellent patient care and being dedicated to medical research.

OAUTHC is a centre for high-quality healthcare in Nigeria since it provides specialized services in many medical specialities.

5. Abuja National Hospital

The National Hospital in Abuja is a premier medical centre renowned for its cutting-edge facilities and skilled medical personnel. It offers many medical services, such as urgent care, surgeries, and speciality treatments.

6. University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), Benin City

UBTH, located in Benin City, Edo State, is a renowned healthcare institution in Nigeria. It offers specialized medical services and serves as a training ground for medical professionals. UBTH’s commitment to healthcare excellence is unwavering.

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7. Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Lagos

Another gem in the heart of Lagos is the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH). This institution plays a pivotal role in meeting the healthcare demands of Lagosians and is known for its world-class healthcare services.

8. National Hospital Abuja (NHA), Abuja

Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, boasts the National Hospital Abuja (NHA), a centre of excellence in healthcare. NHA is committed to providing state-of-the-art medical care and is a medical training and research hub.

9. University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu

The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) in Enugu, Enugu State, is a key player in healthcare delivery in the South-Eastern region of Nigeria. With a focus on research and education, UNTH continues to make significant strides in the medical field.

10. Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta

The Best Teaching Hospitals In Nigeria
Top Teaching Hospital in Nigeria

Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, is home to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC). This institution has carved a niche for itself in providing comprehensive healthcare services and fostering medical education.

11. Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH), Nnewi

Located in Nnewi, Anambra State, the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH) is a beacon of hope for residents in the region. It is known for its dedication to healthcare excellence and continuous medical advancements.

12. University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH), Ilorin

UITH, situated in Ilorin, Kwara State, stands as a symbol of healthcare excellence in the North-Central region of Nigeria. It offers specialized medical services and contributes significantly to medical research.

13. Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (ISTH), Irrua

In Edo State, the Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (ISTH) has earned a reputation for its high-quality healthcare services. It is a referral centre for complex medical cases and is dedicated to training the next generation of healthcare professionals.

14. Federal Medical Centre, Owerri

Owerri, the capital of Imo State, houses the Federal Medical Centre (FMC). This institution is committed to delivering top-notch healthcare services and enhancing medical education and research in the region.

15. Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH), Kano

In the bustling city of Kano, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH) plays a vital role in providing quality healthcare services. It is closely associated with Bayero University, Kano, and strongly focuses on medical education and research.

16. Federal Medical Centre, Yola

Lastly, the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) in Yola, Adamawa State, is a crucial healthcare provider in Northern Nigeria. It upholds a strong healthcare excellence tradition and plays a pivotal role in medical education.

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What are the Services offered by Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria

In Nigeria, teaching hospitals provide a wide range of medical services, such as:

Consultation and diagnosis:

Medical professionals in teaching hospitals have a high level of training and experience, enabling them to identify and manage a variety of illnesses.

Disease and injury management and treatment:

Teaching hospitals provide a range of disease and injury management and treatment options, such as surgery, medicine, and rehabilitation.

Surgical procedures:

Teaching hospitals have qualified surgeons capable of carrying out various operations, including complicated and specialized ones.

Teaching hospitals have state-of-the-art laboratories and imaging technology that can be utilized to diagnose and track medical disorders.

Emergency care: Teaching hospitals provide emergency care around the clock for various illnesses and wounds.

Maternity Care:

Prenatal care, labour and delivery, and postpartum care are just some teaching hospitals’ maternity care services.

Pediatric care services:

Teaching hospitals provide various pediatric care services, such as well-child checkups, vaccinations, and treating accidents and illnesses that affect children.

Geriatric care services:

Teaching hospitals provide various geriatric care services, such as treating age-related illnesses and accidents and helping with daily living activities (ADLs).

Rehabilitation services:

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are just a few of the rehabilitation services teaching hospitals provide.

Many teaching hospitals in Nigeria provide specialist services like cancer treatment, cardiology, neurology, and oncology in addition to these general medical services.

The Nigerian healthcare system greatly benefits from the presence of teaching hospitals. They train medical students and residents, deliver top-notch patient care, and research novel medical techniques.

Are Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria Affordable?

Depending on the facility and the services offered, teaching hospitals in Nigeria range in price. But generally speaking, private clinics and public hospitals are less expensive than teaching hospitals.

This is due to a few factors. First, the overhead costs of training medical residents and students are incurred by teaching hospitals.

Second, teaching hospitals often feature more modern technology and equipment than other hospitals. Third, doctors with more training and experience frequently work in teaching hospitals.

Using a teaching hospital has a lot of advantages despite the extra expense. Teaching hospitals have a staff of doctors who are highly qualified and experienced, and they provide the most recent medical technologies and treatments. Teaching hospitals are similarly dedicated to giving their patients the best possible treatment.

Researching and contrasting hospital costs is crucial if you choose a teaching hospital. Additionally, you ought to inquire about available forms of financial support, including government grants and insurance policies.

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Are patients from other countries able to access these hospitals?

Both domestic and foreign patients are welcome at these teaching hospitals in Nigeria. Patients from neighbouring African nations and beyond are frequently seen there.

Do these hospitals provide reasonably priced medical care?

Nigerian teaching hospitals are renowned for offering more affordable medical care than many Western nations, despite healthcare costs varying based on the exact therapy and the patient’s condition.

Can I get lodging close to these hospitals?

Most of these hospitals have lodging options close by, making it easy for patients and their families to remain while receiving treatment.

Do these hospitals offer opportunities for medical students to train there?

These teaching hospitals offer medical students from Nigeria and overseas training programs that give them beneficial clinical experience.

How can I schedule a consultation at one of these medical centers?

Typically, appointments can be scheduled by contacting the hospital’s management or on their official website. International patients can have unique ways to get in touch with questions.


Nigeria’s top teaching hospitals have continuously proven their dedication to offering top-notch medical care. These facilities are crucial in improving healthcare in Nigeria and beyond, thanks to their cutting-edge technology, highly qualified staff, and commitment to research and training. These hospitals provide many chances and resources, whether you are looking for medical care or are interested in the healthcare industry.

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