Best 8 Private Security Companies In Nigeria

Security Companies In Nigeria

Private security companies in Nigeria have stepped up to bridge this gap by floating top-level security organizations, as both the government and officials of the Nigerian Police have frequently acknowledged a lack of workforce and staff within the force.

Due to Nigeria’s security challenges, the private security industry is expanding quickly. Some of these private security companies are so skilled and qualified that central banks, corporations, and politicians now use them in addition to and instead of the Police.

In this piece, we will categorize the best private security companies in Nigeria in no particular sequence.


The registration of the firm with which you intend to manage the Security Outfit is the first thing that comes to mind when starting a private security firm or Business Outfit in Nigeria.

  • Perform a name availability search – Get two distinct names of your choosing, such as a combination of your first and last names or your children’s names.

    Everything hinges on your decision. Suppose you live in Lagos, Kano, Rivers, or Abuja; in that case, you can conduct the name search for your security firm and complete all registration procedures online by visiting the CAC website. However, you can visit the Corporate Affairs Commission office and complete this work if you reside in another state.
  • Then you proceed to the website’s document section and upload the completed forms, the payment receipt, the Notice of Approval, as well as the directors’ and shareholders’ forms of identification, such as a driver’s license, voter’s card, international passport, or national ID card, as well as any other documents that serve as proof of identity.
  • Once your security company or business is registered with CAC, it becomes a legal entity that can bring and receive legal proceedings. The next stage is getting a private security license from the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).
  • Every private security company (or private security personnel company) in Nigeria must get a license and abide by the rules set forth by the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC). The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps Act No. 2 of 2003 and the Amendment Act of 2007 serve as enabling laws.

Requirements for Registration of a Security Company

  1. Minimum of two shareholders (adults)
  2. Minimum of two directors (adults)
  3. Minimum of Ten Million Share Capital
  4. Must be a Limited Liability Company (Ltd) or Plc (not business name)
  5. Obtain a license for private security from the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)

The applicant must fulfill the conditions given below to receive the license mentioned above;

  1. A request for a private guard license was made to the NSCDC Commandant General.
  2. The Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, in two certified true copies.
  3. The certificate of incorporation should be copied twice.
  4. Payment of N500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira).
  5. Tax Clearance Certificate.
  6. Statement of Account.
  7. Letter from a Legal Adviser.
  8. Letter from an Auditor
  9. Proposed salary structure
  10. Veterinary certificate (Optional)
  11. PHS forms are only available for one hundred thousand dollars (100,000) and must be with every director.
  12. PHS forms must be submitted with two copies of the directors’ identification documents.
  13. Letter from bankers.
  14. Eight copies of the directors’ passport photos.
  15. In the presence of Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps officials, each of the Directors signed eight complete images of themselves against a white background with five fingers.
  16. A photocopy of the director’s international passport, national ID card, or driver’s license signature page should be fastened to the file jacket’s back cover.
  17. Each column should be filled in on the PHS form, and all fields must be sufficiently filled up to show Nil or Not Applicable for any questions the Directors do not intend to respond to.
  18. letters of recommendation for each director from the referees
  19. Two images of a guard wearing the uniform and one uniform sample. The attire must not mimic anything from a private guard company or a government organization.

A license application may be granted at the NSCDC’s sole discretion, subject to the applicant’s capacity to meet all requirements.


Only the event’s objective can determine how much it will cost to hire private protection. It will cost between N500,000 and N1 million to defend your home, business, building, or workplace.

When dealing with these top security firms in Nigeria, factors like the length of the private guard’s stay and the welfare of private security are considered.

Security Companies In Nigeria


There is a growing need for everyone to take security seriously, which is why so many new security firms are emerging. Let’s take a closer look at them below;

1. Eliezer Group

Eliezer Group is the first security firm on this list with the best service offers. You can acquire a service integrating several security aspects with Eliezer’s security division.

The fact that this security firm provides building protection, guard service, security consultancy, and other services sets it apart from the others on this list. Eliezer Security Group also employs well-trained guards with a proven track record of excellence, so you can relax knowing that your workspace is secure.

Eliezer’s inclusion on the top list is partly because they also offer services for connecting building automation systems. A cutting-edge security system that provides significant advantages to facility and security administrators and end users is the integration of building automation systems.

The real potential, however, resides in controlling these technologies as a component of an all-encompassing security and building system.
Consulting services from Eliezer Security Group assist companies in developing and implementing a secure environment for their operations and public events.

They have highly skilled employees, skilled security and consulting experts who offer tactical and strategic guidance to businesses nationwide.

The company will provide personalized security solutions to satisfy your unique security demands because it has more than 20 years of experience in the security industry. They are among the best security firms in Nigeria and have an excellent record of achievement.

2. Ashaka Security Company

One of the top security companies in Nigeria is called Ashaka Security, commonly known as Asco Limited. Providing and installing security systems is one of their security services, and the business makes it simple for anyone who needs to install security mechanisms in their homes or offices.

Additionally, they offer security coverage for large meetings, public events, and social gatherings nationwide. Executive protection and armed police escort are additional services. One of their unique services is the provision of trained dogs and trained dog handlers.

The organization also provides a well-equipped air-conditioned hall for operational training and refresher courses for workers, supervisors, officers, and managers.

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3. Proton Security Company Limited

One of the major security companies in the nation, Proton Security is renowned for offering reliable and superior security services. Their service is available in all 36 states of Nigeria.

This includes security guard services, armed escort or VIP protection, electronic security, and security for special events. They assert that since beginning operations in the nation, they have experienced enormous success in preventing theft and security-related problems.

Due to the technicalities involved, only a few security organizations in Nigeria offer dog services as one of their service offerings. Additionally, they provide specialized security training to help those who desire to become personal guards.

A service offered by Proton Security Company Limited is electronic queue management. Additional service options include risk management, vehicle tracking, and digital display systems.

4. Damon Guards

Damon Guards is another reputable security company in Nigeria. Among other significant cities in Nigeria, they operate in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Uyo, Maiduguri, Akure, Jos, and Ado Ekiti.

Since its founding in 1993, Damon Guards has grown to be among the biggest security monitoring companies in the nation. The company plans to establish operations in several neighboring West African countries.

Their services are customized to meet the individual demands of each customer, and their security crew has received training to handle various situations effectively.

5. Halogen Security

Halogen Security is a well-known security firm in the country, and its employees can be found in various significant businesses. They offer security services to financial institutions, government parastatals, schools, transportation companies, oil and gas companies, and estate facilities.

Their well-known partners are Chevron, EcoBank, Access Bank, MTN, La Caserta, and British International School. Since 1997, PROTEACOIN Group, a global partner of Halogen Security Security, has offered managerial and technical support to the firm.

Halogen Security upholds its reputation for excellent service by being a member of several professional organizations in Nigeria, including the Society of Security Practitioners in Nigeria and the Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals.

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6. KingsGuard Private Security Company

Established in 1992, Kings Guard is a respected and well-known security brand nationwide. They offer VIP Protection, Maritime Security, Security Guards, Security Dogs, Armored Vehicle Sales, Special Investigations, and Security Training services.

They are renowned for using cutting-edge security systems, which can also be bought. Their sophisticated security systems include:

  • Smoke alarm dome cameras.
  • Color weatherproof infrared cameras.
  • LCD video monitors.
  • LCD one-channel monitors.
  • Glass break detectors.
  • Others.

Their clients include the African Development Bank, African Reinsurance Corporation, NNPC, AIICO Insurance, Total, SEC, and Airtel.

7. ASA Security Nigeria

ASA Security is a well-known security service company in the armored car financing transport market. They are renowned for offering cutting-edge security technology services and specialized training, advice, and defense.

ASA is regarded as a top-tier security company by many national organizations. They serve various clients, including former military officials, ministers, prime ministers, and high-ranking people.

They provide various services, including home safety and security, escorting in a car, and manned guards in uniform. One of their national security solutions also entails expertly installing panic buttons.

The placing of security doors at seaports and airports, industrial and shopping centers, project management, and workplace security are additional service offerings.

8. Synergy Guards Nigeria

A subsidiary of Synergy Guards UK, Synergy Guards Nigeria is known for offering trained and certified protection to public parastatals, academic institutions, and private businesses.

Their security personnel uses the most recent technological tools to ensure utmost security. In addition, they offer projectors, video walls, security cameras, and emergency and firefighting response services.

Additionally, they provide specialized security options to meet each client’s particular needs in terms of protection. Synergy Guards Nigeria offers various services, including key management, mobile patrol, protocol and escort services, and alarm response.

Some additional security services they offer include security training, equipment supply, event security, CCTV system supply, installation, and remote monitoring.

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Can Nigerian security be enhanced?

Nigeria is regarded as having the largest population in Africa, with a total of approximately 200 million people; there will inevitably be security difficulties with such a large populace. Law enforcement is also anticipated to respond appropriately to protect the security of people and property.

This is a legal obligation placed on law enforcement personnel and a privilege extended to citizens of Nigeria. Law enforcement agencies use information collection and surveillance as two cutting-edge strategies to counter security risks.

These let them collect the data they need to stop a crime from happening, intervene in one that is underway, or look into a crime that has already occurred.

Final Thoughts

Due to the growing security threat, Nigerians are taking additional precautions to protect their lives and property by tightening security everywhere around them. And this article concentrates on the history of these security firms in Nigeria and the one that is most likely to safeguard life and ensure property security.

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What is Nigeria’s top security organization?

A section of the Nigerian government called the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) is in charge of managing counterintelligence and foreign intelligence operations.

Are firearms allowed for private security in Nigeria?

No, private security in Nigeria is prohibited from carrying weapons by law; instead, it must use the Nigerian Mobile Police Force (MOPOL). The Nigerian Police Force has a paramilitary division that collaborates with the private security group.

How much does registering a private security firm cost in Nigeria?

About N500,000 is required to apply for a private guard license to the NSCDC Commandant General.

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