10 List Of Health NGOs Making An Impact In Nigeria

List Of Health Ngos

NGOs are non-governmental organizations not funded by the government or supported by the state. In this piece, we will look at some of the health NGOs making an impact in Nigeria.

Before presenting you with a list of health NGOs in Nigeria, First thing first, let’s know what health NGO means.

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What is an NGO?

An NGO is simply a non-governmental organization that sacrifices to focus on a particular field to bring solutions to a problem.

NGOs are run, owned, or even funded by the government. Usually, individuals or a group of people come together to form these NGOs.

Furthermore, an NGO chooses and decides on a particular area it wants to focus on or the problem it wants to solve. These areas include health, legal, and education.

Health problems include mental health, HIV, Communicable Diseases, Nutrition, Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health, children’s health, and lots more.

The same goes for other areas in view.

List Of Health Ngos
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What are Health NGOs?

Health NGOs are formed bearing health issues in mind. They are formed to provide workable solutions to the health needs of people. Health problems include mental health, HIV, Communicable Diseases, Nutrition, Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health, children’s health, and lots more.

Health NGOs provide service to people through the following.

  1.  Special projects and research 
  2. Campaigns, lectures, events, symposiums, and much more
  3.  publication of articles 
  4. Advocacy group 
  5. Mass communication.

List of Health NGOs In Nigeria

Thank you very much for patiently coming to the essence of this article. Below is a comprehensive list of health NGOs that have an impact in Nigeria.

Scroll down and walk through the list of health NGOs in Nigeria. Note that his list is in no particular order.

1. Nigerian Red Cross Society

On our list of health NGOs in Nigeria, the Nigerian Red Cross Society ranks top 1. This humanitarian organization particularly provides social and health services to people in need in Nigeria. Their health services include first aid, emergency health care, disease prevention and control, hygiene/sanitation, and health promotion.

The Nigerian Red Cross Society also works on disaster risk reduction and response, which includes providing relief to natural disasters and conflict victims.

The mission of the Nigerian Red Society includes the alleviation of the situation of the vulnerable people that are affected by artificial and natural disasters, epidemics, armed conflicts, and the poorest communities covering both rural and urban areas, amongst whom are children, women, disabled, aged, displaced and many more categories of vulnerable people in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Red Cross Society works hand in hand with the government, some international organizations, and other NGOs with the common goal of addressing health and social challenges in Nigeria by providing solutions.

2. Society for Family Health

One of the leading health NGOs in Nigeria that focuses on family planning, reproductive health, and sexually transmittable diseases prevention and treatment. The Society for family health provides a variety of health services, including counseling and HIV test, prevention of mother-to-child transmission of sexually transmittable diseases, they also provide antiretroviral therapy.

This humanitarian Society for Family Health also works to increase the uptake of family planning knowledge and services, including contraceptive options.

They use innovative approaches and mass communication to reach underserved populations, such as working with community-based organizations and engaging men in family planning.

3. Clinton Health Access Initiative Nigeria 

The Clinton Health Access Initiative Nigeria is an international health organization that works to improve access to high-quality health care, drugs, and other advanced medicines for Nigerian people in need and neighboring countries.

They focus on HIV/AIDS, malaria, sexually transmissible infections, maternal and child health, and non-communicable diseases like diabetes and cancer. 

Their health services include improving health systems and policies, providing affordable and more effective medicines, and also strengthening healthcare delivery at the community level.

The Clinton Health Access Initiative Nigeria is one of the many NGOs that work with governments, other NGOs, and partners to advance health equity and achieve sustainable societal impact.

List Of Health Ngos

4. Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria

This professional health NGO of female health workers who work to improve the health and well-being of children and women in Nigeria. The Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria focuses on reproductive health, child and maternal health, and preventing gender-based violence and response.

The Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria provides mentorship, educational classes, and training to female health workers, advocates for women’s health rights, and conducts community outreach to raise awareness about health issues.

They also work on advocacy and policy to influence the government and other stakeholders to prioritize women’s health.

5. Save the Children Nigeria

This non-profit organization works to improve and ensure a good life for children and their families in Nigeria. Their health services include child nutrition, survival and development, immunization, and maternal and newborn health care. 

Save the Children Nigeria also works to provide protection, education, and child rights advocacy. They also work with government agencies, many NGOs, and other partners to address family/children’s health and developmental challenges in Nigeria. Save the Children Nigeria strongly focuses on gender equality and social inequality. 

6. Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria

The Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria is a non-profit organization that provides evidence-based health policies and interventions in Nigeria.

They organize and conduct advanced scientific research and analysis on health challenges in Nigeria; they also provide technical assistance to government agencies and many health institutions. 

The Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria also engages with the media and civil society organizations to pass awareness and promote public dialogue on health challenges. Their mission and vision are to ensure that health policies and practices are equitable, efficient, and effective in Nigeria.

7. Health Initiatives for Safety and Stability in Nigeria

Health Initiatives for Safety and Stability in Nigeria is a non-governmental humanitarian organization that ensures improved health and well-being in conflict-affected areas of Nigeria. 

They focus on reproductive health and primary health care of the society, mental health, and community health systems strengthening. They also provide emergency health intervention services during times of crisis and conflict.

Health Initiatives for Safety and Stability in Nigeria also work with local health authorities, civil society organizations, and the private sector to build sustainable health systems and promote peace in Nigeria.

8. Africare Nigeria

Africare Nigeria is a non-profit organization that works to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable individuals and communities in Nigeria. They provide comprehensive health services, including HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, maternal and child health care, malaria control, and nutrition.

Africare Nigeria also focuses on strengthening health systems and building the capacity of health workers to improve the quality of care. They collaborate with government agencies, other NGOs, and local communities to achieve their goals.

9. Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health Foundation is next on the list of health NGOs in Nigeria. This non-governmental humanitarian organization works tirelessly to reduce the mental health challenges within the larger societies of Nigeria.

Mental health foundation works to expand the knowledge about mental health among Nigerian citizens through mass communication, health education seminars, symposia, and publication of health articles and workshops.

Mental health foundation also works with the State and National Assembly to advocate mental health implementation and policy formulation in Nigeria.

The organization also re-integrates discharged people with mental health conditions into society. This is done through a program called “halfway back homes.”

The humanitarian organization also accepts volunteers they will work with to achieve their aims and objectives.

Their Mental Health programs include

  1. A Mental Health Academy
  2. Project 100 MH
  3. Health School Outreaches
  4. Mental Health Publications

10. She Writes Woman

Finally, she writes woman on our list of health NGOs in Nigeria. She Writes Woman humanitarian organization started in 2016 when Hauwa Ojeifo almost took her life but didn’t succeed. Later she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder, all mental health diagnoses.

She endured a lot of stigma and shame in her bid to access healthcare services for her mental health condition. The NGO “She Writes Woman” was formed after her experience.

She Writes Woman has a three-part vision, which includes 

  1. To create fundamental human rights awareness among mentally ill patients in Nigeria. Where people with mental health challenges will realize their fundamental human rights on an equal basis.
  2. The organization also aims to ensure that people interacting with mental health services are treated with respect, liberty, and dignity. 
  3. They also aim to create better lives for mentally challenged people Through programming, seminars, and services to ensure they feel and behave better.

In the list of health NGOs in Nigeria, She Writes Woman is undoubtedly a big name as they provide a 24-hour free-toll helpline with trained counselors available all day to talk to mentally challenged callers.


The above are listed as top Nigerian health NGOs. Nigeria is known to have a significant health challenge on its hands. Statistics show that as many as 60 million Nigerians face different health challenges. Only 10% of this number can get medical attention and treatment for their condition.

The Nigerian government’s efforts toward effectively addressing its citizens’ health challenges could be better and more adequate. But these health service NGOs come together with a common goal of finding solutions to health challenges.

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