The Best Fashion Schools in Nigeria

Fashion Schools In Nigeria

Nigeria has enough competent fashion schools to make you an excellent fashion designer; you just have to look. ‘Looking’ in this context isn’t as simple as opening your eyes and seeing excellent fashion schools; you may have to research their history to see if they teach you how to excel at the science of making outfits.

However, conducting research can be time-consuming, especially when you have little time to make a decision. Since we have all the time in the world, we’ve conducted the research for you, and I’m more than happy to bring you our list of the best fashion schools in Nigeria.

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Best Fashion Schools in Nigeria

If you’re aiming to become very good at fashion design in Nigeria, you may have to get used to living in Lagos or Abuja. As you’ll see shortly, pretty much every one of the best fashion schools in Nigeria is either in Abuja or Lagos, and for good reasons.

Since the ‘reasons’ are beyond this article’s scope, I’ll simply skip them so we can jump into the items on our agenda: the best fashion schools in Nigeria for learners of any skill level. Here you go:

1. Evelyn Tailor School of Fashion Design

Evelyn Tailor is one of the most fully loaded fashion schools in Nigeria, complete with facilities like free Wi-Fi and even accommodation for learners outside the FCT. With outstanding facilities, the school’s curriculum can do what it’s supposed to do: make you a professional fashion designer in the least possible time.

Upon enrolling at Evelyn Tailor School of Fashion Design, you get a set of equipment to help you get started as soon as you start learning. The highly practical learning style sets it apart from others, making it one of the best fashion schools in Abuja, no doubt.

2. The Fashion Academy

The Fashion Academy is yet another Abuja-based institution good enough to be among the best fashion schools in Nigeria. It’s one of the more versatile fashion schools with courses cutting across both the crude tailoring and design illustration aspects of fashion design.

Some of the courses The Fashion Academy offers to students include the Fashion Design and Illustration course, the Flat Pattern Making course, the Sewing and Garment Production course, and entrepreneurship programs like Fashion Branding and Fashion Illustration.

3. Nobel Afrik Fashion Training School

Nobel Afrik is one of the most prestigious fashion schools in Nigeria, with a simple mission: to help students understand dressmaking patterns and the principles of fashion. The training school offers a wide variety of courses with different durations, ranging from as short as three months to as long as three years.

Some of the core contents of the Nobel Afrik dressmaking courses include clothing construction, style interpretation, factory and product management, and color sequencing. Upon completion of the syllabus, a student will be awarded an optional certificate that authorizes them to work professionally as a fashion designer in Nigeria.

Fashion Schools In Nigeria

4. Tiffany Amber Fashion School

What’s a better way to learn fashion design than by attending a school owned by one of Nigeria’s most popular fashion experts? You may know the Tiffany Amber brand by its collection of luxury outfits, but you probably don’t know they have a fashion school in Lagos that’s open to all.

For the uninitiated, Tiffany Amber is Folake Coker’s fashion brand, and this school is officially associated with Tiffany Amber. The school offers a course bundle that walks you through the process of outfit design and fashion entrepreneurship, awarding you a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

5. ISME Couture and Fashion Training School

Established in 2014, ISME Couture Training School didn’t take long to establish itself as one of the best fashion schools in Nigeria, thanks to its program variety and affordable fees. ISME starts you out with the theoretical aspects of fashion design before slowly transitioning to the practical concepts while providing you with the equipment and tools to follow through.

ISME Couture has five programs available to students, each catering to a different set of learners, with prices ranging from N20,000 to N150,000. The N20,000 is the Sandwich (crash) course that takes one month, while ISME’s N150,000 package is the Advanced Diploma that lasts for a full year.

6. Instituto Di Moda Burgo

Istituto Di Moda Burgo is an Italian fashion school available in over 150 countries around the world, with a presence in Lagos, for students looking for excellent fashion schools in Nigeria. Unlike most entries on this list, it primarily teaches European fashion design styles, but it welcomes multicultural perspectives nonetheless.

Upon completing the school’s course, you get a certificate that makes you employable at most European fashion firms, and you can even consider delving into fashion entrepreneurship. It’s not the most Nigerian academy on this list, but its Lekki branch effectively qualifies it to be one of the best fashion schools in Nigeria.

7. Klassic Fashion Design Academy

Klassic Fashion Design Academy, often shortened to KFDAcademy, offers several courses related to fashion design in its two Lagos locations. Unlike most other schools on this list, KFDA Academy doesn’t have a course bundle you can take to become an all-around fashion designer.

The programs available at Klassic Fashion Academy include pattern drafting, fashion illustration, fashion modeling, fashion-oriented business entrepreneurship, wardrobe management, and fashion photography, among others. If you ever feel the need to pick up any of those skills, KFDAcademy is one of the best fashion schools in Nigeria for you.

8. KGSignatures School of Fashion

KGSignatures is a fashion design brand that sells affordable outfits for women and runs a fashion school on the side, and that’s one of its primary selling points. Unlike most other fashion schools in Nigeria, you’re not learning from professional educators; you’re learning from fashion designers with considerable and tangible experience, making the entire process very practice-oriented.

KGSignatures teaches a wide variety of courses, including fashion illustration, computer-aided pattern drafting, fashion photography, pattern making, and sewing techniques, among others.

Beginners without prior fashion design experience can speed-run the process with the all-in-one Complete Fashion Design Program, which lasts for a year and teaches all you need to start your successful fashion design brand.

9. Rhoda Michaels Fashion Institute

Rhoda Michaels Fashion Institute may seem like it makes too many promises, but for one of the best fashion schools in Nigeria, teaching you how to sketch designs, manipulate colors, draft patterns, cut, sew, and manage a fashion business shouldn’t be too much to fit into a half-year (full-time) program.

The fashion institute runs several programs for different demographics to make fashion education available to everyone. Apart from the full-time program, there are part-time, exclusive, busy bee, night school, home advantage, express, and online classes, all carrying different but thankfully affordable price tags.

10. Ginani Fashion School

Ginani Fashion School offers a unique value proposition, as it claims to not only prepare students for the already challenging Nigerian fashion space but also provide them with all they need to compete globally. Founded in 2001, Ginani seems to believe it has cracked the secret formula in fashion education, which isn’t outrageous considering its age.

While the bulk of Ginani Fashion School’s courses are offline in-person engagements, they also have a collection of online courses and books you can use to learn fashion design from the comfort of your home, making it one of the most convenient fashion schools in Nigeria to attend.

11. OSC Fashion Academy

OSC (One Stop Celebration) College of Fashion is that unique fashion school that seems to have everything in order with no flaws or blemishes. Not living around Lagos? No worries; there’s a hostel space for males and females. Need parking space? OSC has you covered. Internet and stable electricity supply? What’s OSC’s 24-hour Wi-Fi facility and 40kVa generator there for?

OSC College of Fashion offers all the courses you may want, from the Computer-Aided Pattern Making course, to the Advanced Male and Female (separate courses) Wears course. The Garment Production course is another popular choice among students, and you may want to wrap things up with a Certificate for Fashion Management to prepare you for running a fashion brand in the real world.

Not including this academy in a list of the best fashion schools in Nigeria would be a serious blunder.

12. Zaris Fashion and Style Academy

Zaris Fashion Academy is one of the fastest-growing destinations for fashion education in Nigeria, and the reasons aren’t hard to see. For one, the school trains fashion designers of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to experts looking to add one more skill to their portfolio.

The school’s courses have a straightforward and easy-to-understand presentation: if you’re just starting, take the Rudiments course and then the Fashion Associate Course. If you have some experience, however, the Fashion Designer or Creative Designer courses are excellent ways to start.

The Computer-Aided Design (CAD) course is for experienced professionals looking to learn how to digitally illustrate their outfit designs. Also, Zaris has short courses in embroidery, pattern drafting, bag making, and stoning, making it the ultimate everything joint among fashion schools in Nigeria.


Which school is best for fashion design in Nigeria?

We’ve just listed quite a few, but you don’t have to choose from our recommendations. The best fashion schools in Nigeria for you will depend on what you intend to learn and where you stay; considering those two factors, your list might differ very much from ours, and that’s fine.

How much does a fashion school cost in Nigeria?

Again, it depends on what you’re learning and your existing skill level. A complete beginner should expect to spend around N500,000 in training fees before becoming a professional, while professionals looking to expand their skills will likely pay much less.

Is it worth it to go to fashion school?

Apprenticing with a tailor is an alternative, but there’s an awful lot you won’t learn going down that route. If you’re hoping to charge what the top fashion designers in Nigeria charge for their services, attending a decent fashion school isn’t recommended; it’s mandatory!


Not only have we proven that Nigeria has all the facilities you need to start a successful career, but we’ve also collected the best fashion schools in Nigeria for you to choose any that works for you. Now, you have no excuse for not starting your fashion as soon as possible, do you?

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