30 Unique Tribal Braids You Can Find in Nigeria

Unique Tribal Braids You Can Find In Nigeria

Hairstyles with tribal braids have been popular for many years. These styles are becoming more and more popular in Nigeria as more and more women of various ages and backgrounds adopt this adaptable and lovely hairdo.

Many of the most popular hairstyles among people with natural hair are protective braided looks. Tribal braids are a contemporary trend that is becoming very trendy. These variations on tribal braids offer a completely fresh approach to time-honored fashion.

The Fulani tribe in West Africa is where tribal braids first appeared as a way to commemorate the culture. Traditional versions of the style featured a straight back against the head and middle-parted cornrow braids that were beaded. This style altered and evolved over time, just like many others.

Today, when making tribal braids, people experiment with various braid widths and distinctive patterns as well. But what distinguishes this style constantly is the cornrow appearance.

We’ll examine in more detail a few of the 30 distinctive tribal braiding designs that you may discover all over Nigeria in this article.

Tribal Braids

Let’s start by finding out what tribal braids are. African and Afrocentric civilizations are where the braiding technique known as tribal braids first appeared. This fashion is frequently distinguished by its intricate and complex designs made with tiny braids. Tribal braids are attractive, a low-maintenance hairstyle that is ideal for working women despite their elaborate design.

1. Fulani braids

One of the most well-liked tribal braids in Nigeria is the Fulani braid. They have a distinctive pattern with a core braid that runs down the center and braids on either side of it. These braids are then embellished with beads, shells, and other ornaments to produce a magnificent, traditional-meets-modern appearance.

Tribal Braids

2. Yoruba braids

A succession of small, vertical braids that are organized in a grid-like design makes up the stunning Yoruba braid style. These braids may be fashioned to fit a range of different occasions and are ideal for people with natural hair.

Tribal Braids

3. Fishtail braids

A common hairstyle known for its detailed and complex pattern is fishtail braids. These braids are made by weaving together several tiny braids to form a fishtail pattern.

Tribal Braids

4. Nubian twists

A traditional design is a Nubian twist. For women who want a more subtle appearance, these styles have an exquisite yet simple pattern. Small braids are twisted together to form elaborate patterns for Nubian twists, which can then be dressed in a variety of ways.

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5. Cornrows

A traditional African hairstyle that has existed for millennia is cornrows. These designs are made by tightly braiding little pieces of hair near the scalp. There are numerous methods to style cornrows, ranging from straightforward straight backs to elaborate zigzag designs.

Tribal Braids

6. Box braids

Several small braids are weaved together to form a square or box-like design in box braids, a traditional pattern or style. To give a dash of individual flare, these braids are frequently embellished with beads or other decorations.

Tribal Braids

7. Marley twists

Marley twists are a distinctive and lovely tribal braiding pattern with twists that are thicker and more substantial than those in other patterns. For women who want a more textured, voluminous look, these braids are ideal.

Tribal Braids

8. Ghana Braids

In Nigeria and all of Africa, Ghana braids are a common hairstyle. Small hair strands are braided together in intricate patterns to produce these braids. Ghana braids can be arranged into more complex patterns or maintained close to the head.

Tribal Braids

9. Triangle braids

Triangle braids are colorful and distinctive tribal braiding pattern that consists of braids arranged in a triangle-like manner. These braids are ideal for those who prefer a more contemporary twist on classic tribal looks.

Tribal Braids

10. Goddess braids

Using thick, chunky braids that are braided together to produce a gorgeous, goddess-like appearance, the goddess braid is a popular hairstyle. These braids can be arranged in a multitude of ways and accessorized with beads or other trinkets.

Tribal Braids

11. Senegalese twists

For active women on the run, Senegalese twists are a well-liked, low-maintenance tribal braiding technique. Small, rope-like braids are twisted together to form these twists, giving the hair a textured, voluminous appearance.

Tribal Braids

12. Microbraids

Microbraids are a traditional tribal braiding technique that consists of tiny braids that are firmly braided together to produce a slick, sophisticated appearance. These braids may be done in a variety of various designs and are ideal for people with natural hair.

Tribal Braids

13. Dutch braids

A colorful and contemporary variation of the ancient tribal braiding techniques is Dutch braids. These braids combine a range of dexterous patterns to produce a magnificent appearance that is ideal for special occasions.

Tribal Braids

14. Herringbone braids

Herringbone braids are a distinctive and exquisite form of tribal braiding. These braids have a striking, geometric appearance because they are made of tiny hair parts that are weaved together in a herringbone pattern.

Tribal Braids

15. Twisted braids

Twisted braids are a lovely and adaptable tribal braiding technique. For women who want a more textured, voluminous style, these braids with their distinctive twist patterns are ideal.

Tribal Braids

16. Halo braids

Halo braids are a whimsical and enjoyable twist on conventional tribal braiding patterns. A halo-like shape made of these strands that may be fashioned in many ways is produced by weaving them together.

Tribal Braids

17. Butterfly braids

A distinctive and sophisticated tribal braiding style is the butterfly braid. These braids are made out of tiny, twisted strands of hair that are strung together to resemble a butterfly.

Tribal Braids

18. Crisscross braids

A contemporary and fun alternative to conventional tribal braiding patterns is crisscross braids. These braids have numerous crisscrossing braids that combine to form an original and organized pattern.

Tribal Braids

19. Twist outs

Popular hairstyles like twist-outs are ideal for women with natural hair. To get a textured, voluminous effect, this style entails forming a series of twists that are later unraveled.

Tribal Braids

20. Waterfall braids

A stunning and complex tribal braids technique is waterfall braiding. These braids have a waterfall-like pattern that cascades downward. For each event, these braids may be styled in a variety of different ways.

Tribal Braids

21. Flat twists

Popular hairstyles like flat twists are ideal for women with natural hair. This tribal braids design is created by weaving together several flat twists to produce a structured appearance that can be styled in a variety of ways.

Tribal Braids

22. Bantu knots

For women who want a more textured, voluminous look, Bantu knots are a fun and whimsical style that is ideal. These knots are made by twisting tiny hair strands into knots and pinning them in position.

Tribal Braids

23. Snake braids

A pattern of twisting braids in the form of a snake makes up the distinctive and daring tribal braiding style known as snake braids. For women who like a more cutting-edge, avant-garde appearance, these braids are ideal.

Tribal Braids

24. Reverse braids

Reverse braids are a fun and contemporary interpretation of conventional tribal braiding patterns. These braids have a distinctive design that involves braiding the hair backward, or upside-down.

Tribal Braids

25. Big box braids

Big box braids are a creative and entertaining hairstyle that is ideal for women who desire a more daring and bold appearance. These braids are formed by weaving together thick, hefty braids in a dramatic, boxer-style design.

Tribal Braids

26. French braids

French braids are a timeless and elegant hairstyle that looks great on ladies of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Small portions of hair are braided together in several complicated patterns that can be dressed in many ways.

Tribal Braids

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27. Jumbo twists

Jumbo twists are a distinctive and cutting-edge variation of conventional tribal braids patterns. These twists are ideal for women who prefer a more textured, voluminous look because they have a thicker, more substantial design.

Tribal Braids

28. Twists with loose ends

For ladies of all ages, loose ends and playful twists are the ideal hairstyles. To get a more effortless, natural look, this style entails producing a sequence of twists that are then left loose at the ends.

Tribal Braids

29. Zigzag braids

A fun and silly twist on the conventional tribal braids designs is zigzag braids. These braids have a sequence of zigzagging braids that provide an unusual pattern that is ideal for those who prefer a more contemporary appearance.

Tribal Braids

30. Braids with  extension

Extension-enhanced braids are a common hairstyle for women of all ages and socioeconomic situations. To give the braids a more dramatic, voluminous appearance, several patterns, and styles are weaved together utilizing extensions.

Tribal Braids


In conclusion, tribal braids are a lovely and adaptable hairstyle that is ideal for women of different ages and socioeconomic situations. There is a tribal braiding technique that is ideal for you among the myriad unusual and intricate ones available. 

Remember that the best way to enhance your beauty and confidence when picking a tribal braiding style is to select one that complements your face shape and personality.

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