Event Planning Websites In Nigeria

Event Planning Websites
Event Planning Websites

Enter a realm where dreams come true and events sparkle! Welcome to Nigeria’s premier destination for event organizing.

Event planning websites in Nigeria are your doorway to a world where parties are designed with style, originality, and a dash of magic. We are your go-to source for transforming ideas into life-changing events, from captivating weddings to business extravaganzas and everything in between.

Come along with us as we reinvent event planning, establishing new benchmarks for style, flair, and flawless execution throughout Nigeria’s diverse array of events.

10 Event planning websites in Nigeria


Eventful Limited is one of the event planning websites in Nigeria. They plan and execute elegant, formal corporate events as well as social gatherings.

With more than 18 years of experience in the events and hospitality sectors, they are Nigeria’s first event management and consulting company. Yewande Zacchaeus created the business in 2002.

Eventful Ltd. has been serving the needs of the majority of Nigerian corporate enterprises since 2002. The hallmarks of the company are passion, excellence, professionalism, and integrity, as well as our diversified clientele.

Eventful Know Nigeria
Eventful Limited| Event Planning Websites


Elizabeth R is also among the event planning websites that have a long history of successfully organizing and carrying out events. They would probably rank among the best event managers in Lagos, Nigeria.

The company headquarters are situated on the well-known Awolowo Road in Ikoyi, the hub of business and commerce in that area of Lagos. In addition, they provide excellent event planning, bridal gowns, and decorations.


In Lagos, BusyBee Events is one of the best and most renowned event-planning websites for weddings and various events. Whatever title you choose to give them—they are top-notch wedding planners, event planners, and corporate event managers—they can handle all of your event needs.

Through their meticulous planning from beginning to end, vendor sourcing and management, budgeting, space planning, and overall day-of coordination, they assist in creating unique, unforgettable experiences for clients. They provide services for a variety of events, including conferences, end-of-year celebrations, birthday parties for children, marriages, and even virtual events.

Additionally, they operate BusyBee Academy, an event training program that instructs and guides students in the fields of decorating and event design.

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Busy Bee Events| Event Planning Websites


Buflus Events is one of the event planning websites in Nigeria that can assist you with organizing, running, and throwing a party that your guests will be talking about for months.

They provide food delivery services, event supply and decor rentals, and event planning services in Lagos.

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Buflus Events| Event Planning Websites


This is among the well-known event-planning websites in Nigeria that plan and manage events. All types of social and unique events are planned, consulted, created, styled, and managed. They aim to make sure your wedding or event is everything you had dreamed of and more.

They are skilled event strategists, ready to provide an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Regardless of where you are in Nigeria, they collaborate with you to organize and carry out your opulent events and wedding ideas on a budget.

From small, personal gatherings to big, extravagant affairs. Always anticipate receiving elegant, bespoke, and stylish service from EBS.


Moontop Events is a company that produces and manages events and it is one of the best event planning websites in Nigeria. All types of social and corporate festivities are created, designed, and overseen by this company.

They offer a wide range of services, such as weddings, corporate gatherings, exhibits, birthdays, housewarmings, anniversaries, naming ceremonies, retirement celebrations, concerts, online celebrations, AGMs, bridal/baby showers, year-end parties, and even extremely private gatherings.

Additionally, they offer event consulting services.


Gadiel Event Planner is one of the event planning websites in Nigeria that provides top-notch birthday parties, conferences, seminars, funerals, team-building exercises, engagements, corporate events, social events, anniversaries, and top-notch product launch events in Lagos, Nigeria.

They also give the best leading event planning & top management in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. For all of your social and business events, they offer impeccable event production that is customized to your unique requirements and flawlessly executed.

They create a joyful atmosphere for your festivities, both domestically and internationally; they create amazing, unforgettable events for their clients in Nigeria that are unmatched in Lagos, Nigeria. They offer the greatest variety of events and help people make priceless memories.


The EventGirl NG is among the event planning websites that specialize in crafting exquisite moments via wedding and event celebrations. They envision every detail of your event and bring it to life. Among their services are Planning, Professional Training, Consultation, and Operations for Events and Decor and Styling.


Indigo Crystal Concept is a premier event planning website to organize events in Lagos. The company is courteous, accommodating, and focused on meeting all of your needs. They assist in organizing every facet of your celebration, including the meals, décor, and entertainment.

Anyone searching for a dependable and knowledgeable event planning team should visit this website. They will go above what you had anticipated and assist in planning an occasion that will always be remembered.

Website: indigocrystal.com.ng


Eventplanner.ng is one of the popular and best events planning websites in Nigeria. They make organizing social, business, bridal showers, weddings, and birthdays simple and enjoyable. They provide you with the most extensive resources you’ll need to remotely plan an event.

They are the website you can use to find reasonably priced local suppliers for event-related services including caterers, DJs, MCs, photographers, make-up artists, and wedding rings.

Additionally, they give you access to customizable tools to assist you in keeping track of your vendor payments, organizing events within your budget, and planning events. Even better, anyone wishing to plan an event can use their feature-rich program for free.

Website: eventplanner.ng

Why Event Planning Websites Are Important

1. Produces a more immersive brand experience

It can also achieve an immersive event experience for your guests by developing a completely branded website that upholds the principles of your event. Guests may experience the mood and legacy of your event through the information on your event website, provided it is designed, written, and includes interactive features.

2. A networking platform

Your event website can facilitate networking opportunities and peer interaction among guests if it is designed with appropriate interactive elements. Giving guests the ability to personalize their areas of your event website with their log-ins and profiles allows them to feel even more connected to your business and enhances their overall experience.

3. Learn important things about your audience

Your event website’s capacity to facilitate guest interaction is a great way to learn about the interests of your guests. You may determine which aspects of your event participants found most engaging, which parts may not have garnered the desired response, and how to make improvements to your event format moving forward by seeing how your attendees engage with your website.

4. Boost interest in your event

There are additional ways to generate interest in your event through your event website. You can create even more hype about your event and keep guests interested with new features and releases by releasing different site pieces closer to the date of the event.

5. Address questions from the audience

You can dedicate a page of your event website to answering those crucial attendee FAQs rather than replying to countless emails with the same questions. You can add to your FAQ answers in response to the inquiries you’re getting from participants because event websites are straightforward to update.


Is it profitable to be an event planner in Nigeria?

Establishing a profitable event planning business in Nigeria can be highly lucrative for entrepreneurs, given the substantial market demand and the potential to cultivate a broad network.

What is the job of an event planner?

The person in charge of planning and arranging meetings and special events, such as ceremonies, parties, weddings, corporate gatherings, and fundraisers, is an event planner. They are sometimes referred to as event coordinators or event specialists.

How can I succeed as an event planner in Nigeria?

Create a network. You could connect with other event planners, join professional associations, and attend industry events and conferences to develop a successful career in event planning. Creating a network will help you attract more business and get recommendations.

What distinguishes a party planner from an event planner?

While party planners take care of the social aspects, event planners typically organize and carry out the event. A lot of the variations rely on the specific situation.

How many hours does an event’s planning take?

Choosing a location and time: 10 to 20 hours. 8–10 hours are needed to create or acquire marketing materials. 5–8 hours to develop a registration process. Twenty to thirty hours are needed to plan the logistics of the event.


Event planning websites in Nigeria are your go-to source for realizing dreams, from glamorous weddings to business galas. We make your ideal events a reality by applying a little imagination and paying close attention to every little detail.

Celebrate life to the fullest, redefine greatness, and set out on a path where each event is transformed into a masterpiece that will never be forgotten. Come along with us to make your moments truly amazing.

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