The Best Dance Schools in Lagos

Best Dance Schools In Lagos

Dance becomes an art form that transcends boundaries in the dynamic city of Lagos, where the rhythm and movement pulse melds with everyday life’s busy energy.

The greatest dance schools act as stewards of history and innovation and are tucked away within this vibrant culture center.

Lagos is home to diverse dance schools that develop undeveloped talent and mold prospective dancers into masters of movement, specializing in everything from the pulsating beats of Afrobeat to the refined beauty of contemporary styles.

For those looking for the best dance education possible, Lagos is a true paradise because these institutions act as safe havens where passion and discipline collide and dreams come true.

In this article, has compiled a comprehensive list of the best dance schools in Nigeria that can help you build your dancing skills. Carefully follow the table of contents below for easy navigation.

Are there Good Dance Schools in Lagos

Nigeria’s energetic, fast-paced city of Lagos is a center for culture and creativity. Lagos has witnessed an increase in dance schools providing excellent instruction in various dance forms. 

Aspiring dancers have several opportunities to explore their passion and refine their talents, from modern hip-hop and ballet to traditional African dances.

The Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria (SPAN) is a notable organization known for its systematic approach to dance teaching.

With knowledgeable teachers and state-of-the-art facilities, SPAN provides a supportive atmosphere where students may flourish and fully immerse themselves in dancing. 

The Dance Academy Lagos is unique because it is committed to developing young talent via extensive training programs emphasizing artistic expression, performance abilities, and technique.

In addition, many independent dance studios serving a range of age groups and ability levels have opened up in Lagos.

These vibrant settings offer a variety of sessions catered to certain interests and create a welcoming environment for dancers to interact with like-minded people.

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What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Dance School in Lagos?

Several important considerations should be made when choosing a dance school in Lagos to guarantee the finest instruction and atmosphere:

The expertise of the Instructors: 

Evaluate the credentials and background of the instructors. Seek out instructors who can effectively impart their knowledge in addition to being accomplished dancers.

Variety of Dance Styles: 

Consider the selection of available dance styles. When a school offers a variety of possibilities, pupils can experiment with numerous genres and discover their specialization.

Facilities and Amenities: 

Take a tour of the school and assess the general facilities, including the dance studios and equipment. Proper ventilation, mirrors, high-quality flooring, and ample space are necessary for creating a favorable learning atmosphere.

Class Sizes and Structure: 

Verify the student-to-teacher ratios and class sizes. Better learning opportunities and more individualized attention are frequently made possible by smaller class sizes.

Performance Opportunities

Determine whether the institution provides venues for students to perform, such as showcases, competitions, or recitals. These experiences can give students real-world experience and boost their confidence.

Reputation and Reviews

Find out how well-regarded the school is in the dance world. Examine reviews, speak with current or former students, and ask for referrals to determine the school’s legitimacy.

The Best Dance Schools in Lagos

Here are the best Dancing schools in Lagos:

1. Apex Dance Company

Address: 41 Adebola Street, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

Phone: 0805 066 6269

Apex Dance School is ranked first on our list of the top dance schools in Lagos. This dancing school’s roster of highly qualified instructors, knowledgeable in various dance styles, makes it one of the best, guaranteeing students excellent instruction.

They are renowned for providing various dance styles, accommodating all interests and ability levels, from modern to traditional African dances. 

Frequent opportunities for students to display their talents through competitions and performances help them improve and gain confidence.

2. Corporate Dance World

Address: Behind Conoil Filling Station, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

Phone: 0803 465 2105, 0803 351 1964

Corporate Dance World is the next school on our list of the top dance schools in Lagos. This school specializes in dance programs with wellness and team-building elements tailored to business environments.

The school provides special programs that align with business requirements and aim to improve staff morale and togetherness via dance.

They were recognized for having elite teachers who combined their knowledge of dance with a grasp of business culture to create memorable and effective lessons.

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3. QDance Hub

Address: No 13 Manuwa Street, Ikoyi, Lagos State Nigeria

Phone: 0812 023 5336

QDance Center is one of the best dance schools in Lagos. The school draws creative minds because of its innovative choreography and propensity to push boundaries in the dance world.

The school’s embracing technology as a tool for dance education, which promotes fresh perspectives and cutting-edge dance forms, is another intriguing feature.

Additionally, they actively interact with artists from many disciplines, which produces a distinctive fusion of artistic expression and dance styles.

4. Active Danzz Studio

Address: 8C, 1 Layi Yusuf Cresent, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria

Phone: 0809 518 9000, 0817 670 1555, 0905 555 8271

Active Danzz Studio is unique in its strong focus on youth dance programs, developing young dancers’ potential and giving them a platform to succeed.

Integrates mental health, diet, and physical fitness into their curricula to provide a holistic approach to dance education.

Additionally, they give students regular performing chances, which helps them gain stage experience and confidence.

5. The Ayanjo Dance Company

Address: 13, Osemeka Street, Aguda Surulere, Lagos

Phone: 0803 251 7517

An eminent organization recognized for its emphasis on traditional African dance forms is the Ayanjo Dance Company. It celebrates the nation’s rich cultural legacy by maintaining and teaching a variety of conventional Nigerian dances.

The school is well-known for its proficiency in traditional Nigerian dance forms, offering real instruction and exhibitions highlighting the variety of Nigerian cultural dances.

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6. Beta Dance Academy

Address: Alagbado, Kola Bus Stop, lkeja, Lagos Nigeria

Phone: 0706 930 2501

Beta Dance Academy is an intriguing top dance school located in Lagos. Beta Dancing Academy is a reputable dance school that teaches various dance styles, such as hip-hop, ballet, and modern and traditional African dances.

The school is renowned for offering pupils a broad and well-rounded dance education through its extensive dance curriculum covering various forms.

7. Dance Afrique Studios

Address: 16 Olufunmilayo Street, Dideolu Estate, Ogba, Lagos State, Nigeria

Phone: 0810 857 4372

Popular dance school Dance Afrique Studios focuses on modern choreographic techniques, fusion dances, and contemporary dance forms.

This dance school offers performers a platform to experiment with modern dance trends and focuses on creative choreography and contemporary dance genres.

8. Hilary Jackson Dance Academy

Address: 9, Victor Bamiro, Off Irawo-osan Estate, Obanlenaro Bus stop, Ketu-Alapere, Lagos

Phone: 0706 250 8111, 0805 773 3630

The Hilary Jackson Dance Academy is renowned for its commitment to providing professional instruction and dance education.

It provides an organized curriculum with an emphasis on creative and technical advancement.

Renowned for its dedication to developing skilled dancers via demanding instruction that emphasizes artistic expression and technique.

9. Robotics Dance School

Address: Tete Street, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

Phone: 0706 930 2501

Because of its cutting-edge approach to dance teaching, the Robotics Dance School distinguishes out as one of Lagos’s top dance schools. 

The school is special because it combines dance and robots. It investigates innovative methods of fusing dance styles with technology, providing students with a cutting-edge educational opportunity.

Additionally, they provide a robotics and dance curriculum that lets students experiment with technologically infused choreography, motions, and creative expressions. People who are curious about these fields’ convergence are drawn to this strategy.

10. SPAN Dance Academy

Address: 13 Davies Street off Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos

Phone: 08091900700, 08093561000, 08093571000

SPAN Dance Academy, one of the top dance schools in Lagos, is well-known for its dedication to quality and creativity in dance instruction. 

With various dance forms available, such as hip-hop, Afrobeat, ballet, and modern, students can discover their passion and develop their abilities under the direction of knowledgeable teachers.

What distinguishes SPAN is its emphasis on personalized attention and overall development, emphasizing technical skills, personal growth, and creative expression.

In addition to offering a demanding curriculum, SPAN Dance Academy gives students many performance opportunities to show off their skills and get practical experience. 

Modern facilities and a welcoming community at the academy also help foster an atmosphere good for learning and creative inquiry. 

11. Tripple Heritage Dance Company

Address: 3, Eletu Way, Off Fujah Street, Obele Odan Surulere, Lagos

Phone: 0803 345 4042, 0703 516 7047, 0708 747 8375

Tripple Heritage Dance Company is a distinguished dance school in Lagos with an extensive curriculum and highly qualified instructors. 

The company’s devotion to delivering top-notch dance instruction and developing aspiring dancers with discipline and passion indicates its commitment to excellence.

Their wide variety of sessions accommodates students of all ages and skill levels, creating an engaging learning atmosphere that regularly yields outstanding talent.

The Lagos dance community has widely praised the school for emphasizing technique, artistry, and performance skills.

12. Ultrabest Dance School

Address: Duban Hotel (Gymnasium), County bus/stop, Ogba Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria

Phone: 0805 787 9990, 0703 921 1265

One of the greatest dance schools in Lagos, Ultrabest Dance School is renowned for being a shining example of quality in the city’s thriving dance industry. 

The school has made a name for itself as a top choice for budding dancers by fostering talent and pushing creative boundaries. 

With the faculty’s broad knowledge of dance forms ranging from modern to traditional African dances, students are guaranteed a well-rounded education that prepares them for various performing options.

Ultrabest stands out for its dedication to providing each dancer with individualized attention and supervision, fostering an environment where they can all thrive.

Students are encouraged to express themselves genuinely while improving their technical abilities at the institution because of its emphasis on creativity and innovation. 

13. Val’s – The Dance Studio

Address: Plot 62, Block 5, Theophilus Oji Street, Off Fola Osibo Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria

Phone: 0704 647 6520, 0704 647 6522, 0704 647 6523

Offering a wide variety of lessons for students of all ages and ability levels, Val’s – The Dance Studio has made a name for itself as one of Lagos’ top destinations for dance education. 

Val’s offers a supportive and motivating atmosphere for dancers to develop and flourish thanks to its staff of highly qualified instructors, cutting-edge facilities, and dedication to quality. 

Hip-hop, ballet, modern, jazz, and other dance forms are all covered in the studio’s extensive curriculum, which allows students to pursue their passions while receiving excellent instruction.

In addition, Val’s provides a nurturing environment where students may express themselves creatively and develop self-discipline and confidence. 

Val’s – The Dance Studio, one of the top dance schools in Lagos, never stops fostering the passion and dedication to excellence that will help it develop the next generation of gifted dancers.

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14. Vivace 3D Dance Academy

Address: 23 Bawala Street, Pedro, Phase ll, Gbagada, Lagos State, Nigeria

Phone: 0808 486 3654, 0802 299 8793

One of the best dance schools in the city, Vivace 3D Dancing Academy, is prominently located in the center of Lagos. 

This academy provides aspiring dancers of all levels with a dynamic learning environment thanks to its cutting-edge teaching techniques and elite instructors. 

Ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, salsa, and other dance styles are just a few lessons the academy offers to suit various learning styles and help students discover their special place in the dance industry. 

Modern facilities at Vivace 3D also give students a professional environment to polish their abilities and become ready for future jobs in dance. 

Because of this, Vivace 3D Dance Academy keeps drawing enthusiastic people who want to learn more about dance while receiving professional instruction and supportive care.

15. OR Art Academy

Address: N0 18 Glorious Hope Avenue, Oriokuta Estate, Agric-isawo rd, Ikorodu, Lagos Nigeria

Phone: 0807 457 6462, 0806 258 8261, 0903 811 8667

For several reasons, The OR Art Academy distinguishes itself as one of Lagos’ top dance schools. 

Its greatest asset is its staff of extremely knowledgeable and experienced dance instructors who are not just gifted performers but also outstanding educators committed to helping their pupils reach their full potential.

The academy provides a comprehensive selection of dance styles to accommodate various interests and ability levels. 

Contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, Afrobeat, and indigenous Nigerian dance traditions are just a few genres OR Art Academy offers thorough instruction.

Furthermore, the academy’s cutting-edge resources and facilities demonstrate its dedication to excellence. The studio areas are furnished with the newest technology and are planned to give students the best possible learning environment.

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What Age is Good to be Enrolled for Dance Classes?

The best time to sign up for dancing lessons largely depends on the interest and developmental stage of the child.

Typically, kids as young as three or four can enroll in entertaining and interesting beginner dancing courses that teach fundamental coordination and movement.

Developing a passion for dancing is these classes’ main goal, not perfect technique. When kids are a little older—roughly six or seven—they can start taking more structured sessions to help them with practice and discipline.

But it’s never too late to begin learning dance; adults and teens alike can enroll in introductory courses to discover their love of rhythm and movement.

The ideal time to begin dancing lessons is when the student is enthusiastic about learning, enjoys dancing, and is prepared to go deeper into the art form.


 What styles of dance do the best dance schools in Lagos offer?

The best dance schools in Lagos offer various styles, including contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, salsa, African dance, and more.

Are classes available for beginners at the best dance schools in Lagos?

Yes, the best dance schools in Lagos welcome beginners and offer introductory classes for those new to dancing.

Do the best dance schools in Lagos offer performance opportunities for their students?

The best dance schools in Lagos provide various performance opportunities, including recitals, showcases, and competitions.

Are private lessons available at the best dance schools in Lagos?

Yes, private lessons are offered at the best dance schools in Lagos for personalized instruction and skill development.

What are the Best dance schools in Lagos?

Here are the top dance schools in Lagos:
Apex Dance Company
Corporate Dance World
Q-dance Center
Ergonomic Victory Chair With Headrest
Active Danzz Studio
Ayanjo Dance Company
Beta Dance Academy
Dance Afrique Studios
Hilary Jackson Dance Academy
OR Art Academy
Robotics dance school
SPAN Dance Academy
ripple Heritage Dance Company
Ultrabest Dance School
Val’s – The Dance Studio
Vivace 3D Dance Academy


Finally, it should be noted that Lagos boasts a thriving and expanding dance scene, with several respectable dance schools serving a range of styles and ability levels. 

Aspiring dancers can explore and refine their skills in various styles in this vibrant city, ranging from classical ballet to contemporary dance and traditional African traditions.

Even if there are differences in the quality of dancing schools, people can choose the best fit for their needs through careful research, word-of-mouth referrals, and trial lessons. 

Lagos offers professional training and performance possibilities, making it an ideal place for ambitious dancers to hone their craft and follow their passion. 




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