Best Event Planners In Lagos Nigeria

Event Planners In Lagos
Event Planners in Lagos

The field of event planning flourishes in the vibrant metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria, where culture, elegance, and innovation come together. The spirit of an eclectic mix of events, ranging from opulent weddings to business galas, is determined by skilled event coordinators. These visionaries turn events of life-changing adventures, each with their own flair and passion for perfection.

Let’s explore the vibrant world of the best event planners in Lagos and discover their skill, ingenuity, and commitment to creating experiences that go beyond expectations.

Best Event Planners In Lagos Nigeria


  • Address: No. 371 Borno Way, Off Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba 100001, Lagos, Nigeria.

Zapphaire Events is one of the best event planners in Lagos. Go to Zapphaire Events if you’re searching for the most exceptional and best event planners in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a full-service event planning firm with an experienced staff that can help you organize an amazing event from beginning to end.

The Zapphaire Events team is made up of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, such as social media managers, graphic designers, project managers, and event producers. Zapphaire Events, an award-winning event producer, combines style and elegance to create memorable, one-of-a-kind events and weddings.

Zapphaire Events Know Nigeria
Zapphaire Events| Best Event Planners in Lagos


  • Address: 1 Adekunle Owobiyi, Off Oladele Khadiri, Behind Fantastic Hotel, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos.

Epicenter is known to be one of the best event planners in Lagos. Choose Epicenter Global Events, renowned for organizing various event types, including conferences, seminars, road shows, weddings, and more, if you want to save yourself the worry of managing your impending events.

They have both corporate and private sector clients in their portfolios. Ensure they can manage your event from beginning to end. Their designs mirror each client’s brand identity, making them the best option for individuals, products, corporations, or causes.


  • Address: 27 Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Newton & David Events is an unparalleled powerhouse in the field of event organizing, operating out of the vibrant metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria. This prestigious organization, which has been creating incredible experiences for more than ten years, has established the benchmark for elegance and sophistication. Dreams come true for Newton & David Events, renowned for their exacting attention to detail and love of grandeur.

They have established themselves as the pinnacle of luxury event planning in Lagos thanks to their skill in organizing opulent weddings, prestigious corporate events, and spectacular festivities. Newton & David Events are unique because of their steadfast dedication to going above and beyond. They create masterpieces with every event they plan, expertly fusing modern flair with classic style.

Newton And Da Vis Know Nigeria
Newton & David| Best Event Planners in Lagos


  • Address: 43B Emina Crescent, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos.

When it comes to event planning, Elizabeth R Events is a shining example of style and originality. This prestigious company has established itself as one of the best event planners in Lagos, with a reputation for flawless attention to detail and a skill for fusing contemporary trends with classic elegance. Elizabeth R Events is the standard for classy, aesthetically beautiful events. Her extensive portfolio includes elegant weddings, high-profile corporate events, and extravagant celebrations.

They offer a compelling experience for each and every guest by skillfully fusing ethnic themes into modern designs. The consistent commitment to providing individualized service sets Elizabeth R Events apart. Every time, they create a custom and remarkable event by carefully tailoring it to their client’s own vision and preferences.

5. 2706 EVENTS

  • Address: 12b Fola Osibo Street, Lekki Phase I, Lagos, Nigeria.

2706 Events is a remarkable and one of the best event planners in Lagos that offers breathtaking décor ideas and inspiration. Additionally, the organization shares the architectural design plan of the event venue and layout, along with detailed seating arrangements, on their corporate social media profiles. Setting new standards in the industry, 2706 Events creates captivating and motivating events. This company has quickly become one of the city’s most sought-after event planners, thanks to their creative ideas and impeccable execution.

A specialty of 2706 Events is turning a client’s concept into an amazing reality. Whether it’s a lavish wedding or a high-profile business event, their creative ability is evident in every painstakingly planned event, adding a magical element to every second. Their dedication to appreciating the distinctive qualities of every occasion is what distinguishes 2706 Events. Every celebration is a unique representation of the client’s goals and wishes thanks to their customized approach, creating events that guests won’t soon forget.

2706 Events Know Nigeria
2706 Events| Best Event Planners in Lagos


  • Address: 8B Oba Elegushi Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Wedding Guru is considered to be one of the best event planners in Lagos. Extremely talented in floral design, props, and styling that enhance the venue’s beautiful colors for both corporate and wedding events.

The Wedding Gurus, who specialize in creating magnificent weddings that exude elegance and charm, are the ultimate designers of moments that will never be forgotten. This prestigious event planning firm has made a name for itself among the best in Lagos’s dynamic wedding scene with a talent for fusing old-world elegance with new ideas.

The Wedding Gurus stand out for their commitment to providing individualized care. They carefully plan every event, from conception to implementation, to capture the special spirit and goals of the couple.

Their exacting attention to detail guarantees that every component—from entertainment to décor—harmonizes flawlessly to produce a captivating experience. Situated at the center of Lagos, The Wedding Gurus’ address denotes more than just a physical place—rather, it represents a place where dreams come true.

7. 3003 EVENTS

3003 Events is a high-end event management and planning firm with a solid track record of providing individualized service. They are known to be one of the best event planners in Lagos. They have a distinct touch and style that combines popular culture with local customs to create a timeless impression.

In the realm of event organizing, 3003 Events is a towering example of creativity and refinement. Praise for their flawless execution and perfect taste has earned this prestigious organization a spot among the city’s top event planners. Their exceptional capacity to transform ideas into reality is the key to their success.

3003 Events creates masterpieces for every event they plan, from lavish weddings to corporate galas, each one carefully crafted to capture the distinct personality of its customers. Their constant dedication to quality is what distinguishes 3003 Events. They have a passion for innovation and attention to detail, which guarantees that every moment is well-curated and leaves an impression on everyone in attendance.

8. The Ball Events

The Ball Events is a prominent example of elegance and well-thought-out execution in the colorful tapestry of Lagos’s event planning industry. This prestigious organization has established itself as one of the best event planners in Lagos, earning a reputation for its uncompromising dedication to perfection. Their unmatched commitment to realizing ideas is the foundation of their success.

The Ball Events creates unforgettable moments by bringing unmatched elegance and sophistication to every event, whether they are lavish weddings or business extravaganzas. The Ball Events stands out for its commitment to perfect execution. They turn venues into compelling locations with acute attention to detail and an innovative eye, making sure that every aspect works together flawlessly to create an enchanting experience.

9. Wow Connect Events

  • Address: Hall 6, Gacoun Plaza, 23 Road, Festac Town, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos.

Wow Connect is one of the best event planners in Lagos. Wow Connect, the well-known integrated event management and marketing firm, was founded in November 2010. They manage, coordinate, organize, and oversee events from beginning to end or in response to specific requests.

They go above and beyond to plan, promote, and oversee business, social, and special events when you ask them to handle yours. To give you the look that fits your program, they use their creative juices.

Wow Connect Events Know Nigeria
Wow Connect Events| Best Event Planners in Lagos

10. Haven of Imagination

  • Address: 18, Bamgbopa Street, Off-Eletu-Odivo Street, Abule-Ijesha, Lagos.

Haven of Imagination provides you with a well-organized, visually stunning event that meets your needs if you want to rent your events while avoiding mistakes in the industry’s pricing system. This is also considered to be one of the best event planners in Lagos.

The business specializes in preparing and educating aspiring members of the industry so they can start their clothing lines. Every year, they hold training sessions for event management.


What distinguishes a wedding planner from an event planner?

Both event and wedding planners are highly skilled and imaginative professionals. They shouldn’t be regarded as a single entity, though. To put it simply, an event planner is not a specialist in wedding planning, but a wedding planner can execute any kind of event.

How should I pick a company for event management?

The most important factor to consider when choosing an event management firm is experience. Seek out a group that has a track record of effectively planning business events. They have to have experience managing a variety of events and have worked with clients from a range of industries.

Who is the event planner’s intended audience?

The group of people who will be especially interested in coming to your event or who can relate to your brand is referred to as your target audience. The degree to which your event marketing is focused on a particular audience that stands to gain from attending will determine how successful your event is.

What precisely does an event planner do?

Meetings and conferences are properly organized, planned, and carried out thanks to the efforts of an event planner. Anything from product launches, weddings, and galas to award ceremonies, seminars, and charity fundraisers could be on your plate.


Even as the sun sets on Lagos’s energetic city, the legacy of event planners in Lagos endures. Their dedication to creativity, precision, and individualized service has made a lasting impression on the city’s celebration scene.

These innovative people and businesses are cornerstones of innovation, influencing the field of event planning in Lagos and establishing standards for grace, refinement, and unwavering excellence. They never stop elevating every event with their dedication to making dreams come true, leaving a lasting legacy of magical memories for everyone who attends.

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