List Of Popular Schools For The Blind In Nigeria

Schools For The Blind
Schools for the Blind

Unaffected by a person’s physical limitations, everyone has the fundamental right to an education.

Schools in Nigeria are dedicated to serving the blind and visually impaired with high-quality instruction and assistance.

These schools help visually impaired individuals live independently and reach their full potential.

These schools are selected based on certain factors like their curriculum, extracurricular activities, and their ability to meet the special needs of the blind.

You’ll learn about a few of the popular schools for the blind in Nigeria from this article. Do well to read till the end.

1. Pacelli School for Blind Children or Only Partly Sighted

Pacelli School is one of ‘the most illustrious and historic schools for the blind in Nigeria.

They provide students who are visually impaired with education, career training, and rehabilitation services. Education at Pacelli School extends beyond the classroom.

The curriculum covers a wide range of disciplines and is specifically designed to satisfy the special requirements of students who are blind or partially sighted.

Students get information and abilities from it that equip them for a wide range of opportunities.

In addition to regular education, the school offers vocational training to make sure students learn real-world skills that will help them become independent and find work.

The Pacelli School is very focused on rehabilitation. In order to assist students in maintaining their emotional and psychological well-being, it provides mobility training, orientation, and counseling.

The school actively collaborates with local communities to increase awareness and support for the blind and cultivates an inclusive atmosphere where students feel a sense of community and belonging.

Location: Lagos

List Of Popular Schools For The Blind In Nigeria
Pacelli School| School For The Blind

2. Wesley School for Children Who Are Blind or Partially Sighted

This is also one of the reputable schools for the blind in Nigeria. Wesley School empowers visually challenged kids with academic and career training.

Students at Wesley School enjoy a broad and well-rounded education, with a curriculum that is customized to meet their individual needs. It’s an environment that fosters knowledge.

The school provides vocational training in addition to academic instruction, giving students real-world skills that improve their employability and independence. Wesley School is dedicated to its students’ emotional health and rehabilitation.

They provide essential services like counseling, orientation, and mobility training. The school creates a welcoming atmosphere where students with vision impairments feel included and actively participate in the community to raise awareness and provide assistance for the blind.

List Of Popular Schools For The Blind In Nigeria
Wesley School| Schools for the Blind

Location: Surulere, Lagos

3. Federal College of Education (Special)

Location: Oyo

This Oyo State-based college specializes in preparing educators to work with pupils who have exceptional needs, such as the blind and visually challenged.

It is known to be one of the popular schools for the blind in Nigeria. It is essential to enhance the professional development of educators.

The school’s main goal is to increase teachers’ ability to instruct and support students with a range of needs. They support a more fair and inclusive society by preparing educators with a focus on special education.

The Federal College of Education (Special) supports inclusive teaching methods. They think all students should have access to a good education and a nurturing learning environment, regardless of their aptitudes. The school makes sure that teachers are equipped to fulfill the requirements of students with disabilities by providing a variety of programs, such as courses in rehabilitation counseling, special education, and other relevant subjects.

4. School for the Blind

Location: Jabi, Abuja

This school is one of the popular schools for the blind in Nigeria that provides visually challenged students with academic instruction and career training.

It is situated in Abuja, the nation’s capital. In the northern part of Nigeria, it’s a major institution for the blind.

The School for the Blind provides a tailored education for visually impaired students. Its curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education.

Beyond academics, the school offers vocational training programs that equip students with practical skills. These skills are essential for employment and for leading independent lives.

The school places a strong emphasis on rehabilitation. Students receive valuable mobility training, orientation and mobility skills, and counseling services, all contributing to their emotional and psychological well-being.

The School for the Blind fosters an inclusive environment that promotes a sense of belonging and community. The school’s facilities are designed to cater to the needs of visually impaired students, including accessible classrooms, Braille materials, and assistive technology.

5. Government Technical College for the Blind

Location: Ikere, Ekiti

This is one of the schools for the blind in Nigeria that helps blind and visually impaired pupils gain useful skills for the workforce by offering them technical and vocational instruction.

Beyond standard academics, the college emphasizes practical skills highly. Students can become self-sufficient and gain employment by learning technical skills and trades.

According to the Government Technical College for the Blind, empowerment comes via education. Their students are prepared with information and abilities that shatter barriers and dispel myths. Students who are looking for a sense of purpose and belonging can find it at this welcoming and open campus.

It’s a place where strengths triumph over weaknesses. Visually impaired people can achieve their goals and lead independent lives with the correct education and assistance, as demonstrated by the Government Technical College for the Blind.

It illuminates the way like a ray of hope and opportunity.

6. FCT School for the Blind

Location: Kuje, Abuja

FCT School for the Blind is one of the well-known schools for the blind in Nigeria. The teaching and rehabilitation of visually challenged students are the focus of this Abuja-based institution.

To accommodate its students’ varied needs, it provides a range of programs. The school provides a number of services, such as mobility training, vocational skill development, and Braille education.

With the help of this all-encompassing approach, students are given the means to live autonomous and satisfying lives.

In addition, the school is dedicated to fostering inclusivity and dismantling social obstacles.

By teaching them that their vision handicap is not a limitation but rather a distinctive part of who they are, it gives students confidence.

Fct School For The Blind
FCT School for the Blind| Schools for the Blind

7. The Nigerian Farm Craft Centre for the Blind

Location: Ibadan

The Nigerian Farm Craft Centre for the Blind is a symbol of tenacity, willpower, and the value of education in the bustling metropolis of Ibadan. It is considered one of the popular schools for the blind in Nigeria.

This school, also known as NFCCB, is a ray of hope for Nigeria’s blind population. NFCCB was established with the explicit goal of empowering people who are visually impaired.

It provides specialized training programs for the workplace and skill development opportunities. The idea that education can remove obstacles and open opportunities to a better future is at the core of its curriculum.

The center gives its pupils real-world skills, including weaving, ceramics, farming, and animal husbandry, so they may support themselves and become financially independent.

Through nurturing these abilities, NFCCB dispels myths and stereotypes while also changing lives.

8. Nigerian Model Special School for the Blind

  • Location: Ibadan

This school provides targeted instruction along with a nurturing atmosphere that enables students to flourish and overcome obstacles, which is a ray of hope.

It is one of the popular schools for the blind famous for its dedication to academic success.

Students who are blind or visually impaired can receive a high-quality education at this school that is specifically designed to meet their needs, giving them the tools they need to thrive in the world of sight.

Along with providing mobility training, vocational education, and vital life skills, the school also prioritizes academic development.

Students who complete these programs will have the skills necessary to live autonomous, happy lives. The institution is essential in advancing inclusivity and transforming attitudes around blindness, in addition.

9. School of Blind and Deaf

Location: Oro

School for the Blind and Deaf is evidence of the idea that all children should have access to high-quality instruction.

The school provides specialized programs and support for students who have visual and hearing impairments and it is among the popular schools for the blind in Nigeria.

This school offers a solid foundation for the academic and personal development of these kids by attending to their specific needs. This inclusive attitude is one of the school’s unique selling points.

Blind and deaf children learn together in the same classrooms to promote respect and understanding. This coexistence model promotes academic success and creates connections among students with unique skills.

10. The Federal School of the Blind

Location: Jalingo, Taraba

This is also one of the popular schools for the blind in Nigeria. The Federal School of the Blind offers vocational training and a comprehensive academic program. Students acquire computer skills, mobility training, Braille literacy, and other life skills for independent living.

This school stands out for its unwavering dedication to helping each student reach their best potential. It reminds them that their visual impairment is not a limitation but rather a special part of who they are, and it instills in them a sense of confidence, perseverance, and resolve.

The school is a great example of an organization dedicated to developing the visually impaired in a diverse and inclusive society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which blind school is the most well-known?

Perkins School of Blind, Inc.
The most well-known is thought to be Perkins School for the Blind, formerly known as Perkins Institution for the Blind. It was the first blind school established in the United States, having been established in Massachusetts in 1829.

What is the number of special needs schools in Nigeria?

Only 1,177 fully operational special needs schools are currently in operation throughout the nation, with Kano (153), Kaduna (79), and Lagos (75) having the biggest concentrations. At present, the nation has 33,603 inclusive schools, with the highest number of 3,522 schools in Kano State; Kaduna State has 2,296 schools, and Katsina State has 2,096 schools.

What is a blind school?

It provides blind kids with free education from kindergarten to graduation. Children who are completely blind can receive mobility training in addition to reading and writing in Braille.

Which Nigerian school was the first to accept blind students?

The Sudan United Mission established the Gindiri Training School in northern Nigeria in March 1953.


In conclusion, the list of popular schools for the blind in Nigeria showcases the admirable efforts undertaken to offer visually impaired students a high-quality education and support.

These schools are essential in creating an inclusive learning environment that enables visually impaired students to overcome obstacles and reach their full academic potential.

These schools for the blind are dedicated to meeting the special requirements of the blind, such as providing assistive technologies, accessible spaces, and specialized teaching techniques, which represents a step in the right direction for inclusive education in Nigeria.

The general well-being and prospects for the future of visually impaired pupils are greatly enhanced by these schools, which foster an environment that values independence, skill development, and social integration.

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