15 Best Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria

Best Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria

The introduction of numerous financial service providers has enabled Nigeria to use virtual dollar cards faster. While some fintech firms are ceasing to operate virtual dollar cards nationwide, other suppliers of this product are rising to the top and providing you with a wide range of virtual dollar options.


In terms of look, a virtual card is comparable to a physical card, but you can only use virtual cards for online transactions.

Since virtual dollar cards are the subject of this article, it is important to comprehend what they are and how important they are.


In this article, we will be exploring the 14 best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.

Let’s get started!

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What Is A Virtual Card?

A virtual card is a digital card that functions like a physical card and can only be used for online purchases and payment transactions.


You can purchase a virtual dollar card in Nigeria.

Regular digital payments from Nigeria, whether for online purchases or subscriptions, can be difficult, especially on overseas international platforms like Facebook, Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, and Netflix.

How To Obtain A Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria

You can obtain a virtual dollar card in Nigeria with a smartphone app. In contrast to a physical dollar card that may be used at any Nigerian bank for payments, obtaining a virtual dollar card is also simple. But before you can get the card, you must have a domicile, which can be difficult because of the documentation requirements.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria

1. Security

Nobody wants to take the chance of losing money when making online purchases. Thus, the security of payments or transactions must be a top priority when choosing a virtual dollar card in Nigeria. You must carefully examine the security framework in place to prevent a data breach on your virtual card when you use it online.

2. User-Friendliness

Everyone wants to utilize a platform with simple navigation and no overly complicated features that would make it difficult to use for new users.

Therefore, be sure to select a virtual dollar card provider with a straightforward user interface that can enable you to complete your payment process with little or no assistance.

3. Accessibility

A responsive customer care team always on hand to answer your questions is required for your virtual card provider. Additionally, the virtual dollar card must allow you to conduct international business or make payments without regard to geography or deadlines.

4. Card Capacity And Transaction Charges

You need to be aware of these requirements to determine how best to use the virtual dollar card in Nigeria to satisfy your online payment needs. For example, some credit cards have a $1000 card limit, while others have a $10,000 limit.

To know how much the virtual dollar card provider will charge you when you use the virtual card, you must also look at the transaction cost.

Best Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria

14 Best Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria

1. Sendbit Card

Sendbit card is one of the best virtual dollar cards right now in Nigeria as it serves to help individuals pay for all international online transactions and purchases. Sendbit cards work effortlessly and smoothly in paying for online transactions on platforms like Namecheap hosting, Aliexpress, Amazon, Facebook, X (Twitter), and many more.

The simple registration process and cheap rates are the predominant reasons people go for it. You can fund your card with a minimum of $3 and can also fund more than $1000 on it.

On this list we have carefully listed, the Sendbit card as the most recommended and also popular demand.

2. Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash is the first best virtual dollar card in Nigeria. You can conduct international online transactions using Chipper Cash’s virtual dollar cards. In addition, a Chipper Cash Visa virtual dollar card can be funded for free using your Chipper wallet.

Chipper Cash makes it simple for anyone to send and receive money quickly and for free within and outside Africa.

With the help of this digital wallet service, you may send money to your loved ones, coworkers, or anybody else who needs to be paid right from your mobile app.

A government-issued ID and personal information are also needed for Chipper Cash verification.

Once the setup is complete, you can start sending money to any location in the world. The Chipper Cash mobile app is very user-friendly, clear, and intuitive, making it simple for even the least tech-savvy user to get things going.

Given that Chipper Cash has received approximately 5 million down payments, you should know that using this virtual card is comparable to using real credit or debit cards.

The Chipper virtual dollar card has a $1,000 daily withdrawal cap, but there is no cap on the total amount that may be taken out. Your credit card has a daily funding limit of $1,000 and a $5,000 monthly withdrawal cap.

Note: Chippercash has introduced a ₦500 for all failed transactions due to insufficient funds on your card.

3. Payday

Payday allows you to make and receive immediate money internationally. For added convenience, you may make online payments and purchases abroad using the platform’s virtual dollar card. Additionally, you can open free foreign accounts in the US dollar, British pound, and euro currencies.

You can use the Payday virtual dollar card at your convenience because there are no financing or withdrawal restrictions.

Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria
Payday Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

4. ALAT By Wema

Wema Bank, a commercial bank, manages this virtual dollar card in Nigeria. It provides a full range of financial services, including bank accounts, actual debit cards, savings accounts, loans, and one of Nigeria’s top virtual dollar cards.

Once your account is established and funded, you can load up to $20,000 onto your card directly from your Naira balance and, if necessary, convert the dollars back to Naira.

However, it is incompatible with 3D Secure and cannot be used on websites facilitating money transfers.

5. Vella

A fintech payment platform called Vella enables companies, suppliers, and independent contractors to receive, process, and distribute payments across borders in Africa and elsewhere.

The Vella service app is made to be straightforward, quick, and simple to use. More than 12,000 companies already select Vella as their payment growth partner.

Additionally, you can effortlessly integrate Vella into your preferred eCommerce platforms and leverage their specially outlined developer API.

To begin using Vella, create an account, confirm it with a valid government-issued ID, and then explore the gateway of your choice to access quick and inexpensive cross-border payment options.

6. Fundall

Fundall is a virtual dollar card in Nigeria that offers personal and commercial customers various financial services, including loans and savings accounts, bank accounts, and budgeting tools. They recently introduced a virtual dollar card that allows users to spend money online without restrictions. The initial card is free, with a $5 minimum load requirement.

14 Best Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria
Fundall Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria

7. Mintyn

In some ways, Mintyn Digital Bank offers services and products similar to those of conventional banks. One of them is a virtual dollar card that enables you to purchase various goods anywhere in the world.

You can transfer and receive money with Mintyn’s virtual dollar card as you effortlessly use other countries’ versions of websites like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Apple Music, etc. Funding your Mintyn account is a crucial prerequisite for using a virtual dollar card on this website.

8. Wallets Africa

Wallets Africa’s platform offers digital and physical cards with naira and dollar amounts. If you enjoy traveling and think physical dollar cards are inappropriate for your needs, virtual dollar cards can be useful.

The virtual dollar card from Wallets Africa is secure and has a $1 monthly maintenance fee. Along with a 2% cost to fund your virtual card from an external account, the company also charges $0.75 for foreign transactions.

9. Bitsika

Bitsika is also one of the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria. It is possible to send and receive money between Ghana and Nigeria via the Bitsika payment network. You instantly receive a Bitsika wallet when you register a Bitsika account. You can fund this wallet and use it to send money to other Bitsika wallets or to make other payments within Ghana and, consequently, to Nigeria.

You can send and receive money with Bitsika in Naira, cedis, CFA francs, and several cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Then, with a hefty 8% fee, you can use a virtual Visa debit card to purchase.

To start using Bitsika, you must download the Bitsika app. Bitsika features a virtual dollar card that lets you conduct transactions.

14 Best Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria
Bitsika Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria

10. Changera

You can send money to Nigeria from any location in the world with the help of Changera, another intriguing tool that is quick and secure. It is a virtual dollar card in Nigeria that can be used anywhere in the world and may also be created in Nigeria using the software.

You can fund your Changera virtual debit card after creating it using FIAT or a cryptocurrency wallet.

You can create as many virtual dollar cards as you’d like with Changera so that you have different cards for various online activities.

The app shops for the iPhone and Android each have Changera accessible.

The US, Europe, and other African nations can use this app to send money to friends and family members in Nigeria. Your Changera wallet can be topped up with money using

11. Wallet Africa

Wallets Africa is a financial and online payment solution provided by Wallets. Ng enables you to conduct transactions in Africa and spend money worldwide.

You can access your money physically or digitally using this service. Their Magic Visa card is a unique debit card made specifically for online and offline shopping.

Your personal information will be needed to set up your account with Wallets Africa, just like every other virtual card supplier on this page. On the site, information including your name, address, and government-issued ID like a passport, driver’s license, BVN, or NIN will be utilized for verification purposes.

You can start sending money to people outside of Nigeria once you’ve set everything up, and you can use the Magic Visa Card.

12. CashBuddy

You can conduct your online transactions thanks to this virtual currency service provider. For example, you can use this card to pay for online services you buy from any African country and get paid for your goods and services.

It would be best to start using your card without any obvious or unnoticed charges before you can open a CashBuddy dollar card account. Up to $10,000 can be added to your account each month.

14 Best Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria
Cashbuddy Virtual Dollar Card In Nigeria

13. Geegpay

A digital financing platform specifically created for the gig economy is called Geepay.

It enables anyone to set up a free foreign domicile account with a currency other than their own, such as GBP, USD, or EUR, to collect payments for tasks completed on online freelancer marketplaces like Upwork.

If you’re an employee, you may easily automate your billing, raise your credit score to access loans and obtain debit cards for convenient shopping.

Geepay Know Nigeria
Geegpay Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

You must link an existing bank account and enter personal information such as your name, address, and other contact information, as well as one of the three government-issued IDs, to sign up for Geepay.

Once ready, you can access the Geegpay virtual and physical networks, send and receive money internationally, and more.

14. Grey

Grey is a virtual dollar card in Nigeria that allows users to shop and pay for subscriptions online from retailers worldwide. In addition, Grey is a virtual dollar card in Nigeria that assists its users in facilitating foreign payments more quickly and easily.

You don’t have to worry about paying for your web hosting, domain registration, Spotify, Netflix, and other streaming subscriptions because the business issues Mastercard for this purpose, which is accepted on practically every digital store.

The issued card is highly secure, comes with instant and real-time notifications, and allows you to freeze and unfreeze your card from the Grey app temporarily. In addition, you can be sure Grey will protect your funds by adding another degree of protection using two-factor authentication.

15. Klasha

Users of Klasha can send and receive money globally and conduct online transactions anywhere in the world. It accomplishes this by giving each user a virtual card. In addition, their mobile app allows for the annexation of the service.

The Klasha virtual dollar card in Nigeria allows volume payments considerably above the $100 cap. Pay online for your subscriptions to services like Netflix, Facebook advertisements, and Airbnb, as well as for any purchases you make on eCommerce sites that accept dollars.

Significance Of Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

  • Virtual dollar cards in Nigeria enhance easy and safe transactions.
  • Since you won’t have to expose yourself to potentially harmful microorganisms on physical (plastic) cards, it is more hygienic.
  • Unlike real cards, which would affect all of your payments and subscriptions once you cancel any deal, you can easily cancel one transaction without impacting other payments or subscriptions.
  • Since the virtual card cannot be physically seen, you need not be concerned about thieves.

Can I purchase cryptocurrency with a virtual dollar card in Nigeria?

Once you have funds in your account, you can create a virtual dollar card that you can use to make payments online on most websites, with a few exceptions like cryptocurrency purchases, online trading, betting websites, or money transfer services.

Can I make foreign purchases with my Alat virtual Naira card?

The ALAT Card is made for simple online and offline transactions, including paying bills and subscriptions, shopping online (both domestically and abroad), and more.

What is the Chipper Cash virtual card’s dollar limit?

On its virtual card, Chipper Cash has a daily maximum limit of $1,000 and a monthly maximum of $4,000.

Which credit card works best in Nigeria for foreign transactions?

The Best Virtual Card for International Transactions is Bitnob. You can quickly make payments on international marketplaces like Fiverr, Mailchimp, Skillshare, Apple, Aliexpress, Amazon, Netflix, Figma, Canva, and many more. Additionally, Bitnob’s virtual card can be used outside of Nigeria.


Virtual dollar cards are excellent substitutes for cash when buying things online. You can make unrestricted purchases of your favorite goods using this virtual card.

You now understand better how to support online foreign transactions thanks to the list of the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria that was just provided.


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