11 Best Bulk SMS Platform In Nigeria

Best Bulk Sms Platform In Nigeria

Do you intend to send out a considerable number of invitations but are unaware of any Nigerian bulk SMS service providers? If so, this article will review the best of them for you.

You will all agree that the initials SMS stand for short message service. On the other hand, bulk SMS is all about sending many Short Messages at once.

It is practical and quick. A small amount of strength, energy, and money can be used to communicate with dozens of individuals simultaneously. As a result, numerous best bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria offer the same or very similar packages but at varying costs and levels of service.

Without further ado, in today’s blog post, we’ll discuss the top 11 best bulk SMS platform operating in Nigeria.

What Is A Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS messaging is an out-of-date term for application-to-person SMS texting services. It primarily refers to transmitting a significant volume of SMS messages to a designated recipient group’s mobile phones.

Using a mobile phone application, software program, online interface, or integrating an SMS API with their website or system are just a few of the ways that businesses and organizations can use to send and receive SMS messages, which is one of the features that distinguish bulk SMS messaging from other types of messaging.

These bulk SMS messaging systems interact with a service provider’s SMS gateway to guarantee delivery to mobile phone numbers worldwide.

Currently, application-to-person SMS messaging services offer bulk SMS messaging in addition to sending single messages (like one-time passwords and delivery notifications), collaborative messaging (like group messaging services), and incoming number services (like mobile marketing campaigns, voting, or information lines).

Benefit Of Bulk SMS Platforms

While many of us cannot live without our mobile phones, not everyone constantly checks our email. In light of this, why should you spend time and money on SMS messaging? Is it appropriate for your company? To assist you in making a decision, we’ve compiled the top 5 benefits of bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria.

Immediate Effect;

An SMS requires less than 7 seconds to reach the intended recipient, as opposed to emails, which might not be opened for days, or direct mail, which might take days to be delivered. You may be confident that your message will be delivered quickly if you have the correct number.

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High Opening Ratio;

Compared to emails, which only have a 20% open rate, reports suggest that SMS messages can have a 99% open rate. Naturally, only some readers of your text will reply. However, someone who has seen your message is more likely to respond than someone who has not. Every text message is read, but many people choose to discard emails without even opening them.

Few Delivery Difficulties;

Due to spam filtering, marketing communications frequently never reach their intended target. With SMS, this is different. SMS texting is very dependable because there are no obstacles in the way of delivery.

Little Work Needed from Recipients;

SMS messages can only contain 160 characters. Therefore, advertisers must make their messages clear and simple to understand. Compared to recipients reading through a lengthy email, brief messages make it much easier for them to get the essence of your SMS campaign.

Most telephone service providers include several options that make responding to your bulk SMS messages simple. The recipient is more likely to read, comprehend, and reply to your message if you make it simple for them to do so.


Bulk SMS messaging is exceptionally affordable compared to other marketing strategies like TV, radio, or print. Messaging is a cost-effective and long-lasting solution because it is low-cost and offers a higher return on investment (ROI) than many other marketing techniques.

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Best Bulk SMS Platform In Nigeria

The following are the best Best Bulk SMS Platform In Nigeria that you can rely on, regardless of rank or hierarchy.

1. Nigeria Bulk SMS;

One of Nigeria’s top-ranking bulk SMS service providers, Nigeria Bulk SMS, has 12 years of experience and a customer database of over 70,000 people. They are Nigeria’s most popular provider of bulk SMS.

Nigeria Bulk SMS has prospered throughout the years and is well-known for the following:

  • Fast delivery of bulk SMS
  • Cheap Bulk SMS rates with Delivery to Numbers on “Do Not Disturb” (DnD) starting at only 1.70
  • System for Online SMS Credit Purchase
  • An appealing referral system
  • A platform that is compatible with mobile devices
  • SMS Units That Never Expire
  • Distribution of bulk SMS to more than 187 nations and 600 networks worldwide.
  • 24/7 helpful customer service
  • A bulk SMS reseller scheme that allows you to start selling SMS Credits by creating your website for a very minimal cost.
  • Top customers that purchase from them, like Cars45, Maersk, Emzor, Stallion Group, UAC, RCCG, Living Faith Church, Honeywell, and many others, have tested and trusted them.

When you sign up for the Nigeria Bulk SMS platform, you get access to special features like delivery reports, personalized SMS, phonebook directories, flexible SMS gateway APIs, SMS scheduling, personalized sender IDs, repeated number removers, SMS character counters, message histories, transaction histories, voice SMS/Robbo calls, and many other clever features.

2. Xwireless.Net;

This platform has been available for a while. You may easily explore its user-friendly UI. X-Wireless also offers Excel Plugin solutions that let you send SMS from an Excel sheet containing your messages and contacts.

For volumes between 1 and 9,999, the provider’s bulk SMS service is available for an SMS fee of 0.89. And the minimum volume can be as low as 0.73.

The procedures to purchase Bulk SMS online from X-Wireless are as follows:

  • Register for a profile on the website.
  • Log in to your account. 
  • You’ll find the Make Payment option in the left menu; select it.
  • The Order Page will be displayed.
  • Select a payment option after entering the amount you wish to pay.
  • Click Continue to finish making your payment.

The credits will be applied to your account once the admin verifies the payment.

3. BulkSMSNigeria;

Best Bulk Sms Platform In Nigeria

You can use this service to send your bulk SMS to all networks in Nigeria and more than 600 networks worldwide. Due to its ranking for bulk SMS-related terms in this nation, BulkSMSNigeria has a greater user base than most of the competition.

It is a leading Nigerian SMS network provider that provides payment choices. You can use the platform’s free and premium bulk SMS services in Nigeria and other countries.

Additionally, BulkSMSNigeria will offer you real-time delivery reports and deliver your messages to all active numbers, even DND numbers. Fifty free bulk SMS units are provided to you when you sign up on the website.

Regarding paying for SMS units, ₦500 is the minimum amount accepted for bank transfer/deposit. You must also note that a ₦50 Stamp Duty Deduction applies to all bank payments up to ₦1,000.

After making your payment, you can complete the payment notification form to get your account credited. You may use your email address as the depositor’s name or input it as the narration or description when transferring funds to the site.

4. Ebulksms.com;

This website is a well-known solution, and several prominent Nigerian businesses employ it; it has a simple, user-friendly design. Although it does not entirely fit on low-end mobile phones, it is also responsive. Ebulksms.com has a great SMS delivery rate, so the service is still recommended.

It has the most cutting-edge features and capabilities among Nigeria’s top 10 bulk SMS platforms as of 2022. Although a little pricey, their packages are adaptable and offered at competitive prices. Despite this, there is no doubt about the service’s quality.

5. Gold SMS 247;

You can buy SMS from Gold SMS 247 for as little as 72 kobo for each SMS. After you pay, the business gives you immediate delivery.

It offers affordable and dependable bulk SMS service in Nigeria for your company. This service can benefit your company as a crucial marketing and campaign tool for promoting the business. It helps build brand awareness and makes it easier to reach a sizable prospective market with a decent number of clients quickly. 

You may implement your marketing strategy and plan, increase client retention, and improve the interaction between customers and staff by using our Bulk SMS in Nigeria Service.

It is a dependable supplier because it has an extensive, robust network that can spread nationwide. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, the Gold SMS 247 Service is an affordable solution that will help you maintain contact with your customers. 

6. Smskernel;

It has a responsive design and the possibility for speedy message delivery, among other fascinating features. With the help of this tool, you can be confident that the intended recipient will receive your message in only a few seconds.

Due to its fluid and intuitive user interface (UI), the platform’s responsive design seamlessly suits low-end phones. Additionally, it sends text messages alerting users to important messages.

You are given 5 SMS units when you sign up, which you can use to test the service before placing an order. It is even simpler to use because it includes a mobile app. SMS has no further fees or costs; each message costs one naira.

You can also purchase a reseller package from Smskernel for a reasonable cost. It makes it simple to order something from the website and pay with a credit card. You are also credited after paying between 10 to 30 minutes of the time the order was placed.

7. Dmobili.com;

The platform features a user-friendly layout, even though you might not find its design responsive, and some major American corporations are among its clients.

After joining up, you are given three SMS units, and you can try the company’s service before buying more units. The rate of message delivery in Dmobili is quick. After setting the time and date, it also gives you the choice to send your message later.

One SMS costs 1.70 kobo to AIRTEL, MTN, and 9mobile, 2 cents to GLO, 4 cents to Visafone, Starcoms, and Multilinks (MTS), and 10 cents to overseas lines, according to the website. Additionally, it enables you to quickly purchase SMS units online using your cash card (ATM card).

8. Yugosms;

Even though its website isn’t very user-friendly on any device, it is still one of the top bulk SMS service providers in this nation.

Along with other benefits, it sends your messages swiftly and stress-free, and upon registration, it gives you 2 SMS units so you can test out the service. In addition, Yugosms also allows you to order an SMS unit and pay with your ATM cash card online or through its account.

It has a stylish message interface; however, several of its functions may use some work. However, the platform is a good choice you can take into account if you’re looking for a bulk SMS platform in Nigeria in 2023.

9. Padisoft;

Best Bulk Sms Platform In Nigeria

If you’ve worked in the Nigerian bulk SMS sector for a while, you should undoubtedly be familiar with Padisoft. One of Nigeria’s top SMS service providers is the SMS network provider. They provide outstanding and trustworthy bulk SMS solutions to private businesses and individuals.

You can buy bulk SMS units from the service provider Padisoft for as little as 90 kobo per unit with prompt delivery to Airtel, Glo, Etisalat, and MTN.

10. Speedwaysms;

You can check out this website if you need a service to quickly send bulk SMS across Nigeria. It offers the ability to buy SMS online using your ATM cash card or by paying straight to your account, and it has excellent message delivery. You should receive credit within 12 hours of making a payment.

11. SMS Live 247;

A cheap instrument that allows you to send one SMS per unit costs just 1.35. The platform is a fantastic website for bulk SMS distribution to all GSM & CDMA networks in this nation and more than 600 networks in more than 200 international locations.


The majority of these websites for bulk SMS providers offer the same capabilities, such as sending you a report after a message is delivered, scheduling messaging, allowing you to create custom sender names, etc. The only significant distinction between these websites is their pricing, and they also provide the option of setting up your reseller website so you may sell SMS units for a lower price.

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Which Nigerian OTP SMS service company is the best?

InfoTek: This is among the leading OTP service providers in Nigeria. They provide voice and SMS OTP and support the seamless operation of enterprises that offer financial services with OTP.

Can bulk SMS in Nigeria be tracked?

Yes, it is possible to determine from which operator and where it was supplied in response to your inquiry. That is the significance of the first two alphabetical characters in the sender ID.

Which website in Nigeria offers free bulk SMS?


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