11 Top Most Beautiful States In Nigeria

Most Beautiful States Iin Nigeria
Most beautiful states iin Nigeria

You’ll be shocked to learn that Nigeria is a great country endowed with beauty and glitz. You can take in your country’s beauty because there are various delectable sites in every State.

Each State in Nigeria has a unique feature that contributes to its beauty. Below are a few… The 11 Top Most Beautiful States In Nigeria are covered in this article. Let’s begin now!

11 Top Most Beautiful States In Nigeria

1. Abuja (Federal Capital Territory)

Abuja is one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria. It is more than just a state; it is a metropolis because it is where Nigeria’s executive branch is. You’ll be in awe of the city’s excellent infrastructure and stunning look.

The city has many parks and green areas, including Millennium Park, the biggest park there. Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom officially opened the Millennium Park in December 2003.

Next to another public park is the minister’s residence for the Federal Capital Territory. In addition, the city park offers a ton of indoor and outdoor entertainment, such as a lawn tennis court, a 4D movie theater, and several dining options.

Most Beautiful States In Nigeria
Abuja| Most Beautiful States in Nigeria

2. Lagos State

This State, mainly Yoruba-speaking, has magnificent night lighting systems, connecting bridges, and stunning road networks and it is considered one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria. Due to the efficient use of its resources, which made it possible to build excellent infrastructure, this State earned a spot on our list.

Lagos should be a developed state because it was formerly the capital of Nigeria. Lagos State has many well-known tourist destinations with its beaches and some of Nigeria’s largest corporations.

Because of several well-known structures, notably the Ikeja metropolis Mall, the capital of Lagos, Ikeja, is by far the most gorgeous area. Lagos also boasts many hotels, resorts, and other relaxing spots that increase the State’s GDP and appeal.

3. Edo State (Benin City)

The Edo state capital is Benin City. It is one of the oldest cities and most beautiful states in Nigeria, having existed before the arrival of the Spanish. Nigeria is a must-visit location due to its unique history and culture.

Aside from its many different arts and crafts, the city is particularly well-known for its bronze statues, some of which are currently on show in international museums.

Benin City’s top attractions include the National Museum, Igun Street, Ogiamen Palace, Okomu National Park, and the Palace of the King of Benin.

Foodies will love Benin City as well. You can sample a variety of delicious regional foods throughout the country, such as pounded yam and ogbono soup, in food markets, restaurants, and from sellers.

4. Enugu State

The gorgeous and well-known Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium is located in Enugu. The beautiful terrain of the area and its appealing vistas are credited with giving the coal city, as it is more often known, its charm. One of the most beautiful states in Nigeria is Enugu State.

Some of the State’s most picturesque neighborhoods are New Haven, Enugu GRA, Independence Layout, and Archara Layout.

Most Beautiful States In Nigeria
Enugu| Most Beautiful States in Nigeria

5. Rivers State

Rivers State is known to be one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria. Port Harcourt, the State’s capital and a city renowned for its vibrant nightlife and stunning water features, has a beautiful night view.

You would come upon Bonny Island, one of the State’s most stunning locations, on the southernmost tip of the Atlantic Ocean. Finima Beach and Bonny Nature Park are well-liked attractions that have gained popularity with visitors. Exquisite hotels have established bases in the State, which has improved security and a thriving nightlife.

6. Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom is considered one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria. Due to its attractiveness due to urbanization, Akwa Ibom, which is only to Cross River, has seen its fair share of tourists. State-owned Godswill Akpabio Stadium is a well-known attraction.

The State’s tourist attractions, including Ibom Plaza Uyo, Ibeno Beach, the National Museum Uyo, Lord Lugard’s Residence, and many others, are well-connected by roads and have attractively constructed buildings. It would be unfortunate if the State possessed all of these amenities but needed 5-star hotels to house the visitors.

Le Meridian Uyo is the most well-liked hotel in Uyo, proving that the State does not let its visitors down.

Most Beautiful States In Nigeria
Akwa Ibom| Most Beautiful States in Nigeria

7. Kaduna STATE

The River Kaduna the name of the State comes from one of Nigeria’s major rivers, Kaduna. The State’s distinguishing characteristics are lush meadows, a couple of little trees, and bushes.

Kaduna, located in the north of the country, is the third-largest city in landmass and one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria. This State in Nigeria is beautiful, and all the tourist attractions make it more alluring. The Matsirga waterfall, Kamuku National Park, Kaduna Museum, Kajuru Castle, Lugard Footbridge, Trapco Ranch and Resort, among many other unique locations, are just a few.

Everyone may enjoy museums, castles, villages, and waterfalls, among other attractions. One of the most beautiful states of Nigeria, Kaduna, offers a variety of interests.

8. Kano State

Kano, the State’s capital, is a significant economic and agricultural hub. It has a lengthy medieval history and is the oldest city in West Africa.

Due to its location in the southernmost region of the Sahara Desert, the lovely city of Kano is well known for its numerous festivals and horseback riding.

The Emir’s Palace, the Murtala Muhammad Library, the Kajuru Castle, Dala Hill, and the Gidan Makama Museum are a few of Kano City’s top sights.

Kano’s ancient arts and crafts are centered on leather craftsmanship, weaving, and fabric dyeing. The architectural remains of 15th-century constructions are also accessible to visitors.

Most Beautiful States In Nigeria
Kano State| Most Beautiful States in Nigeria

9. Cross River State

The lovely capital of Cross River state is Calabar, well-known for its lengthy history and palm oil trade. The Duke Town Church, one of Nigeria’s oldest churches, is in the city. Numerous primates, such as the Cross River gorilla and the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee, call this region home.

A stunning, welcoming city, Calabar is perched on a hill overlooking the Calabar River. It is also thought of as Nigeria’s cleanest and greenest metropolis.   

The city is home to a well-known yearly carnival, wildlife sanctuaries and reserves, and the University of Calabar, among other things.

10. Delta State

In Nigeria’s Niger Delta region sits Delta State, an oil-rich State. Particularly in Asaba, the State’s capital, and Warri, its commercial center, this lovely State is renowned for its excellent road systems.

The significant buildings in the two cities, as mentioned above, further enhance the splendor of the State. The Palace of the Olu of Warri, one of Nigeria’s first-class Kings, is one of the lovely spots to visit in Delta State.

The Golden Tulip Hotels, Chief Nana’s Palace, Effurun Garden Park, Abraka Turf and Country Club, Abraka River Resort Motel, and

11. Ondo State

The Yoruba tribe resides in Ondo state, western Nigeria, and Akure is its capital. Since Akure is a natural habitat, the air there is frequently said to be cleaner.

Rocks can be found in Akure, which has a beautiful natural environment. It boasts a fascinating geological past with engravings on rocks dating back to 900 BC, waterfalls, forests, alluring hills, and farms growing cocoa, corn, tobacco, and cotton in an urban setting.

Despite Akure receiving little attention from tourists, she offers a unique spectacle that leaves you wanting more.

Ondo State is the last but not most minor State on our list of the most beautiful states in Nigeria. Akure, the nation’s capital, has exceptionally well-thought-out planning. Regarding its infrastructure, the Sunshine State is blessed with various natural attractions, suitable topography, and lovely scenery.

Most Beautiful States In Nigeria
Ondo State| Most Beautiful States in Nigeria

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Nigerian State is wealthier?

The third most populous metropolis in the world and the economic and financial center of Nigeria, Lagos State, has a sizable retail market that promotes activity in the industrial sector. Lagos State is the fifth-largest economy in Africa and the wealthiest State in Nigeria.

Which Nigerian city is the cleanest?

According to a survey by IQAir, Osogbo, the capital of Osun, is the cleanest city in Nigeria (historical data from 2017 to 2022). According to IQAir, the ranking of the most polluted cities in the 2022 World Air Quality Report is based on yearly average PM2.16 levels.

Where do people primarily reside in Nigeria?

Lagos. With 8 million individuals Kano, with 3.8 million residents, and Ibadan, with 2.6 million, are Nigeria’s two most prominent cities after Lagos. Lagos is anticipated to have around 88 million residents by 2100, making it the world’s largest city.

Which Nigerian states are impacted by climate change?

Nigerian states, particularly those near the coast (Delta, Bayelsa, Anambra, Lagos, and Kogi) and flood plains, must be included in a comprehensive and organized strategy for the nation’s adaptation to climate change to increase adaptability to climate-related disasters.


In this article, we have successfully explored the most beautiful states in Nigeria. Nigeria is well known for its cuisine, sense of initiative, and oil production. It is the source of a vibrant and friendly spirit in various artistic expressions. Additionally, it is a unique destination due to its varied cuisines, islands, beaches, and other natural characteristics.

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