List Of Most Popular Beaches In Nigeria

Beaches In Nigeria

Despite not being recognized for its coasts, Nigeria is blessed with several gorgeous seashores; there are many breathtaking places and beaches in Nigeria to visit, known as the Giant of Africa.

Although it might not be the first nation that springs to mind when you think of gorgeous beaches, it is home to some amazing coastline. In Nigeria, beach lovers have many possibilities to explore, from crowded metropolis beaches to calm, secluded coves.

Some of Nigeria’s most alluring tourist destinations are its beaches, which provide weary tourists with a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Nigeria has extensive coastal plains in its southwest and southeast, and these locations naturally have beaches, which are popular tourist destinations and places to unwind.

Best Season to Visit Nigeria

The best months to travel to Nigeria are November through February because of the milder, drier weather that is ideal for outdoor activities and touring the nation. This is also a welcoming time to visit the beaches because the water is warm enough to swim in.

Moving about can be challenging during the rainy season, which lasts from April to October, as roads may become inaccessible owing to floods. A dry, dusty, and foggy environment is brought on by the harmattan season, which lasts from December to January; therefore, it is best to avoid going at that time.

We advise traveling there in the colder months to enjoy all Nigeria offers.

What is the biggest beach in Nigeria?

The estuary of the Iboe River is home to Ibeno Beach, the longest sand beach in all of West Africa. Ibeno Beach spans roughly 30 kilometers from Ibeno to James Town on the Atlantic side of Nigeria’s Akwa Ibom State.

How many beaches are in Nigeria?

In addition to the about ten artificial beaches, Nigeria has around 50 natural beaches. Lagos boasts the most beaches, with over 35 different beaches.

Although we cannot cover all of Nigeria’s amazing beaches in this list, we have given you the top 10 popular beaches in Nigeria. Look at it;

1. Bar Beach

On Victoria Island’s Ahmadu Bello Way, Lagos Bar Beach is a well-known beach. It spans from the Institute of Oceanography in the western part to the Eko Hotel in the east and is famous for its sand and bars.

Artificial levees made of concrete blocks are used to hold back the Atlantic, which regularly floods its banks in a hostile way. People from all walks of life flock to Bar Beach to take advantage of the cool Atlantic breeze on hot, muggy days. The neighborhood has no coconut trees or plants, but fresh fruits are frequently on sale, so it’s a good location for fruit lovers.

Sports enthusiasts will find plenty of fun things to do, including horseback riding along the beachfront, swimming, volleyball, and beach soccer, among other well-known beach sports. You could be tempted to jump into the sea on a lovely day to swim or surf, but these activities are strongly prohibited due to the powerful boiling currents.

2. Ifoko Beach

It is one of the most popular natural beaches in the nation and is situated in the City of Port Harcourt, the administrative center of Rivers State. It stands out for its complete natural attributes, preservation by the residents, and surrounding rainforest environment. Because most of them are fishermen, most of the population depends on the sea for their livelihood.

Ifoko Beach is ideal for observing whales, and the resort serves the greatest marine cuisine. Observing nature is the main activity that attracts visitors to the beach since the area is still mainly as it was created by nature.

Visitors may also enjoy the excellent dining options in the region, wander along the shoreline, and see the unique wildlife and environment. You can find freshly caught fish and other Nigerian culinary delights in nearby restaurants.

3. Barracuda Beach

One of Nigeria’s most inexpensive private beaches is Barracuda Beach, located at Okun Ajah Road, Okun-Mapo Village, Ajah, Lagos. It offers tourists an exciting experience with private lodgings with all the conveniences required for a pleasant and joyful stay. The Baracuda resort’s beach features white sand, crystal pure and immaculate.

The entire area has a tropical environment, which enhances the pleasure of sunbathing. Visitors have access to a basketball court and other sporting facilities there. Along the shore, there are eateries and a lovely lounge where you can enjoy various cuisine and drinks.

4. La Campagne Tropicana Beach

La Campagne Tropicana Beach is one of Lagos’ most well-known beaches in Ikegan, Ibeju, Lekki Lagos State. It offers relaxation and sports like swimming, paddling, trekking, hunting, and ocean fishing. It is a 65-acre tranquil retreat about an hour drive from Victoria Island in Lagos State.

In addition to a freshwater lake, a walking mangrove forest, a savannah, a long sandy beach, and the warm Atlantic Ocean, there is a five-star resort. This intriguing area offers canoeing, hiking, hunting, horseback riding, beach volleyball, beach football, snorkeling, and ocean water fishing. Additionally, you may stay in villas with African themes while on vacation.

5. Elegushi Beach

Beaches In Nigeria

Elegushi Beach, situated in the Ikate neighborhood of Lekki, Lagos State, is likely the most popular beach on the peninsula. However, bear in mind that you will need to be financially prepared if you want to enjoy yourself at the beach.

Elegushi Beach is the ideal spot if you want your beach vacation to include some adventure, lots of partying, and some culture. It might not be your first choice if you search for peace and quiet.

Visitors can sometimes participate in amusing paintball games, enjoy a relaxing horseback ride and much more. Several food stands also serve delectable regional cuisine and various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

6. Tarkwa Bay

Beaches In Nigeria

Tarkwa Bay is an artificial island composed entirely of sand dug up from the Atlantic Ocean that was built as part of the development of Lagos Port. Tarkwa Beach is safer for swimmers and surfers since it serves as a shelter for the Harbour and has significantly gentler waves than other Lagos beaches. 

Tarkwa Beach is located on a lovely and calm beach off the coast of Lagos, on the borders of Lagos Island. A portion of its population lives on this sandy island, a popular tourist destination for thousands of people visiting it daily.

7. Lekki Beach

Lekki Beach, located just a few miles from the city center, is the most well-known of the several beaches on the Lekki Peninsula. Another stunning beach in Lagos that continues to draw tourists from abroad is Lekki Beach. The sun is kept at bay by rented beach huts constructed of palm fronds and umbrellas, which also offer a place to consume food and drinks from nearby vendors.

Lekki’s beach and resort together provide the finest of both worlds, embodying the ideal opulent beach getaway. You can enjoy golfing, swimming, tennis, and resting at a health spa close to the beach, among other things, while being close to the beach. 

Additionally, there are many opportunities to go shopping and enjoy live performances and music; if you want to mix business with pleasure, this place makes it possible. It is perfect for a corporate retreat and has a private meeting, dining, and banquet facilities that can handle any gathering. 

If you have any questions about food, don’t worry; you can obtain delicious meals here, including international and regional cuisine. You may rest and unwind on the beach at this location.

8. Ibeno Beach

Ibeno Beach, which is well-known for being the height of fun and entertainment, is located inside the Ibeno Local Government in the southern region of Akwa Ibom State and spans an area of more than 1,200 square kilometers. Esit Eket Onna and Eastern Obolo Local Government Areas are located on each side of the coastline. 

Due to its extensive water sports infrastructure, the resort provides the most leisure options. It would be best if you visited Ibeno beach at night as it is a popular tourist destination and impossible to spend a quiet afternoon there due to the crowds.

The neighboring booths offer a variety of things at affordable prices, such as snacks, fruits, gourmet meals, beer, and drinks; they are renowned for their calm and secure environment.

9. Eleko Beach

Eleko Beach, located 45 minutes from Ikoyi, is a palm-fringed beach with a few modest privately owned beach bungalows. The beach is quiet during the week, but on weekends it comes alive with merchants offering a wide range of arts and crafts and fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, and prawns.

In addition to the various restaurants and pubs that line the beachfront, visitors may hire a beach hut for the day and have a grill prepared for them. Eleko Beach is well situated close to Victoria Island, Nigeria’s commercial hub, and the renowned Lekki Conservation Centre. It offers tranquility and quiet, making it a good choice for individuals seeking seclusion.

10. Patigi Beach

In Pategi, Kwara State, the River Niger, one of the major rivers and the longest river in Nigeria, which is in motion, borders Patigi Beach, providing a distinctive beach vista due to its rugged topography.

Numerous fishermen and fish lovers frequent Patigi Beach, which is renowned as one of Nigeria’s most romantic beaches. While enjoying beach activities, visitors have the opportunity to see the many fish species, such as whiting, bream, and flathead, that can be found in the river.

The restaurants on the bottom floor are known for their delectable appetizers and dishes created with freshly caught fish and shellfish. It’s the perfect destination for you and your partner of choice to go on a cruise.


We have compiled a list of the top 10 beaches in Nigeria, shown above. I hope you’ll select one or more of these well-known beaches in Nigeria as a vacation spot that’s right for you.

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What beach in Nigeria is the most expensive?

Elegushi Beach, Lagos State

What Nigerian state has the longest beach?

The longest sand beach in West Africa is located in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The Atlantic coast’s sandy beach stretches from Ikot Abasi via Eastern Obolo, Ibeno, Itan Brama, and Ibaka in Mbo.

Which is the finest beach in Lagos?

La Campagne Tropicana.

What beach in Nigeria is the cleanest?

Tarkwa Bay

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