20 Top Richest Pastors in Nigeria | Updated

Most Richest Pastors In Nigeria
Most Richest Pastors in Nigeria

Nigeria, known for its vibrant religious landscape and thriving Christian community, is home to some of the wealthiest pastors in the world. 

These spiritual leaders have amassed considerable wealth through their ministries, business ventures, and influential societal positions. 

In a nation where religion plays a significant role in shaping individual lives and public discourse, the financial success of these pastors raises intriguing questions about the intersection of faith and prosperity.

This article has compiled the 20 richest Pastors in Nigeria, their net worth, date of birth, and the name of their churches. 

20 Richest Pastors in Nigeria

Here are the wealthiest Nigerian Pastors:

1. Bishop David Oyedepo

Date of Birth: 27 September 1954 (68 years)

Name of Church: Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel International) 

Approx. Networth: $150 million 

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With a net worth of over $150 million, David Olaniyi Oyedepo is the richest pastor in Nigeria. Winner’s Chapel, commonly known as Living Faith Church Worldwide, was founded by David Oyedepo.  Unquestionably, he is among the wealthiest pastors in Nigeria, possessing a remarkable enterprise spanning multiple industries. 

In addition to being the head of the church, Oyedepo has ventured into publishing, real estate, and teaching. His entry into these fields has considerably increased his enormous riches and power.

Under the Dominion Group conglomerate, the church owns a publishing house, a university, a bakery, and a gas station, among other companies. Both Oyedepo and the church profit greatly from these endeavors. 

Oyedepo has an estimated net worth in the billions of dollars due to his strategic investments and entrepreneurial spirit, which have driven him to the highest level of success. 

According to reports, Oyedepo owns multiple opulent houses in Nigeria and elsewhere, in addition to four private jets. Critics have questioned whether these items are suitable for a religious leader, which has generated debate.

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2. Enoch Adejare Adeboye

Date of Birth: 2 March 1942 (81 Years)

Name of Church: The Redeemed Christian Church of God

Approx. Networth: $65 million 

 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Enoch Adejare Adeboye, affectionately known as “Daddy GO,” comes next on our list of the richest pastors in Nigeria. 

With millions of adherents, the RCCG is present in over 198 countries with over 19,000 branches in Nigeria alone.

The church runs a publishing house, a bottling plant for water, and a construction company, among other ventures. Though the specifics of their financial contributions are rarely made public, these endeavors bring in a substantial amount of money.

Pastor Adeboye has never emphasized spiritual issues more than worldly possessions. It’s critical to handle conversations concerning the riches of religious leaders with tact and accuracy.

He suggests that the ultimate objective in life is not monetary wealth by encouraging his followers to concentrate on spiritual development and community empowerment. 

While it’s true that pastors frequently get significant contributions from their congregants, it’s crucial to remember that their primary goal is usually spiritual guidance rather than accumulating wealth for themselves. 

3. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Date of Birth: 7 December 1963 (59 Years)

Name of Church: Believers Loveworld, aka Christ Embassy Church

Approx. Networth:  $50 million 

 Richest Pastors In Nigeria

Founder of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. (BLW), Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest pastors. 

He has accumulated income through various channels, including publishing, television networks, and real estate ventures, with an estimated net worth of over $50 million. 

Oyakhilome co-authors the devotional “Rhapsody of Realities,” reportedly selling millions of copies worldwide, contributing to his wealth.

His financial success has been facilitated by his charismatic leadership and large global following, which have allowed him to amass an opulent fleet of automobiles and a private jet.

Furthermore, a major factor in Pastor Chris’ success and growth has been his adept use of contemporary media channels, including social media and satellite TV. 

He uses these platforms to spread healing campaigns and motivational speeches that draw sizable audiences worldwide. His spiritual influence has increased, and he has benefited monetarily from this astute use of technology.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s business ability has played a significant role in making him one of the richest pastors in Nigeria, despite the media’s sporadic controversy around his extravagant lifestyle. 

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4. Pastor David Ibiyeomie 

Date of Birth: 21 October 1962 (60 Years)

Name of Church: Salvation Ministries

Approx. Networth: $41 million

With a $41 million fortune, Pastor David Ibiyeomie is among Nigeria’s most powerful and prosperous pastors. He is Salvation Ministries’ first General Overseer. Since its founding in 1997, the church has drawn a sizable following and expanded to over 140 branches throughout Nigeria and other countries.

Pastor Ibiyeomie’s success is attributed to more than just his considerable fortune; it also stems from his capacity to engage a wide range of people and galvanize support for humanitarian initiatives. 

His charitable endeavors have profoundly affected communities all around Nigeria, enhancing his standing as a leader committed to improving the lives of others. 

Additionally, by strategically utilizing media platforms, he has expanded his ministry’s influence and won the respect of many people worldwide.  

5. Bishop Ayodele Joseph Oritsegbubemi Oritsejafor

Date of Birth: 10 November 1955 (67 Years)

Name of Church: World of Life Bible Church 

Approx. Networth: $32 Million

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Ayodele Joseph Oritsegbubemi Oritsejafor is prominent in Nigeria’s religious and social landscape. 

Ayodele is the general overseer of the World of Life Bible Church. His net worth is over 32 million dollars.

His influence extends beyond the pulpit, as he has built a reputation as one of the richest pastors in the country.  

Oritsejafor’s fortune results from wise business decisions, diversified investments, and spiritual leadership.

Furthermore, Oritsejafor’s enormous wealth has enabled him to lead several charitable endeavors that have positively impacted communities throughout Nigeria. 

His reputation as a kind and socially conscious leader who works to reduce poverty and enhance the standard of living for many Nigerians has been cemented by his capacity to use his money for philanthropic causes.

6. Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Date of Birth: 3 February 1967 (56)

Name of Church: Daystar Christian Center

Approx. Networth: $30 Million

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Among Nigeria’s richest pastors is Pastor Sam Adeyemi. Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Is the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Center, one of the biggest churches in Nigeria.

He is well-known for imparting lessons on success concepts, leadership, and personal growth. 

In addition, Pastor Sam Adeyemi writes a lot and is in high demand as a speaker at conferences worldwide. 

Even if he is well-known for his leadership and influence, precise information regarding his financial situation might not be made public.

7. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Date of Birth: 1 January 1976

Name of Church: Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA)

Approx. Networth: $20 million

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The founder and senior pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, has had a major influence on Nigerian religion. He is one of the richest pastors in Nigeria with a net worth of $20 million. 

He has drawn a sizable following and accumulated substantial cash because of his compelling preaching style and capable leadership. 

His opulent lifestyle, which includes expensive cars and high-end apparel, reflects his success as one of Nigeria’s richest pastors.

In addition to his accomplishments in creating a flourishing church, Pastor Biodun is renowned for his generosity and participation in other humanitarian endeavors. 

But he’s been surrounded by controversy, especially after it was claimed that he engaged in sexual misbehavior, which damaged his reputation. Notwithstanding these disputes, Pastor Biodun’s financial clout in the Nigerian religious milieu cannot be disregarded.

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is still a powerful figure in the nation’s evangelical circles, and his wealth indicates both worldly affluence and spiritual authority as he manages both fame and criticism.

8. Pastor Paul Eneche 

Date of Birth: 4 June 1968

Name of Church: Dunamis International Gospel Centre

Approx. Networth: $20 million

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Pastor Paul Eneche is a well-known figure in Nigerian religion who has made important contributions to the spiritual and financial domains. He is among the wealthiest pastors in Nigeria, with an estimated net worth of 20 million dollars. 

Pastor Eneche is a spiritual leader, but his wealth is also evidence of his astute business sense and investment skills. His success confirms his influence across various industries and highlights the financial security his evangelical work provides.

It’s crucial to understand that Pastor Paul Eneche’s dedication to community development and philanthropy should not be eclipsed by money. 

His philanthropic endeavors have far-reaching effects that surpass monetary contributions, exhibiting an unrelenting commitment to the empowerment and welfare of society. 

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9. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

Date of Birth: 17 March 1952 (71 Years)

Name of Church: Kingsway International Christian Centre

Approx. Networth: $15 Million

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Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), a megachurch in London with branches in Nigeria and other nations, is Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo. 

He is one of the richest pastors in Nigeria. He has dabbled in several financial ventures, including real estate, and is well known for his engaging preaching style. 

Pastor Ashimolowo is wealthy, and his church is well-known for having a big social influence. But precise information regarding his fortune might not be easily obtainable.

10. Apostle Johnson Suleman

Date of Birth: 24 March 1971 (52)

Name of Church: Omega Fire Ministries

Approx. Networth: $10.5 million 

Apostle Johnson Suleman is the founder and Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries International, a rapidly expanding worldwide church. 

Apostle Suleman is one of the richest pastors in Nigeria, with over $10.5 million. His prophetic ministry and captivating preaching style are well-known. 

Apostle Suleman has given speeches on social issues and participated in several charitable endeavors. 

Even if his impact is acknowledged, the precise nature of his riches is not often clear.

11. Pastor W.F. Kumuyi

Date of Birth:  6 June 1941

Name of Church: Deeper Christian Life Ministry

Approx. Networth:  $10 million

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The Deeper Christian Life Ministry’s founder and general superintendent is Pastor W.F. Kumuyi. He has concentrated on holiness and strengthening the Christian faith and is well-known for his conservative Christian views.

Unlike some other pastors, he has not been as widely linked to extravagant shows of riches, even though he is regarded for his spiritual leadership.

12. Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Date of Birth: June 29, 1942

Name of Church: The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival

Approx. Networth:  $8 million

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The General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement is Pastor Lazarus Muoka. His ministry has expanded tremendously, and he is well-known for planning sizable evangelical gatherings.

Muoka’s riches are frequently linked to his church’s expansion and its congregants’ significant contributions.

13. Christopher Oghenebrorie Okotie

Date of Birth: June 16, 1958

Name of Church: Household of God Church International Ministries

Approx. Networth: $3 million

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The founder and leader of Household of God Church International Ministries is Pastor Chris Okotie. 

In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, he has entered politics by campaigning for Nigeria’s presidency. Okotie, an actor and musician, is also connected to the entertainment sector.

14. Bishop Mike Okonkwo

Date of Birth: 6 September 1945 (77)

Name of Church: The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) 

Approx. Networth: $3 Million

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Bishop Mike Okonkwo is next on our list of richest pastors in Nigeria, with a net worth of $3 million. He is the Presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM). 

He is well-known for his engaging sermons and effective leadership. His ministry has spread globally, enhancing his stature financially and politically.

Bishop Mike is from Anambra State, Nigeria, married to Bishop Peace Okonkwo, and blessed with a daughter.

15. Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Date of Birth: 25th January 1963

Name of Church: House on the Rock church

Approx. Networth: $10 million

Know Nigeria

One of the well-known mega-churches in Nigeria, House On The Rock Church, was founded by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, who also serves as its senior pastor. 

Adefarasin, well-known for his captivating preaching style, has amassed a sizeable following.

In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, he has spearheaded significant humanitarian initiatives and is an ardent philanthropist.

16. Pastor Tony Rapu

Date of Birth: January 1st, 1957

Name of Church: House of Freedom

Approx. Networth: $8 million

Know Nigeria

The senior preacher of This Present House, a thriving church in Lagos, is Pastor Tony Rapu, a former physician turned preacher. 

Rapu is well-known for his activism for social causes and pastoral responsibilities. He established the Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit that deals with problems including drug abuse and homelessness.

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17. Pastor Chris Kwakpovwe

Date of Birth: November 15, 1961

Name of Church: Manna Prayer Mountain (MPM) Ministry Worldwide

Approx. Networth: $4 million

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The idea of Pastor Chris Kwakpovwe’s riches can be contentious, even though he is unquestionably successful and powerful in Nigerian religion. 

The creator and publisher of the popular daily devotional Our Daily Manna is Pastor Chris Kwakpovwe. Although he is well known for his spiritual work, particular financial information is frequently speculative because pastors’ wealth is usually kept private.

Well-known for his prominent ministry, he has developed a sizable following and contributed significantly to charitable and community-building initiatives around Nigeria. 

Some contend that influential people like Pastor Chris must serve as role models by leading more humble lives and emphasizing social responsibility above material wealth.

It is important to acknowledge that the concept that worldly success is a sign of divine favour is held by many followers of prosperity theology, contributing to the perception of affluent pastors in Nigeria. 

18. Prophet Odumeje

Date of Birth: 

Name of Church: Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry

Approx. Networth: $500,000

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Without question, Prophet Odumeje—whom his adherents refer to as the Lion himself—has made a name for himself as one of the wealthiest pastors in Nigeria. 

His extravagant lifestyle and conspicuous wealth displays have drawn the attention of people all around the nation. 

Prophet Odumeje’s success is demonstrated by his various luxury possessions, which include pricey automobiles, stylish clothes, and lavish homes, in addition to his spiritual influence. 

His ascent to financial prominence has provoked debate and admiration in religious groups due to concerns about the compatibility of wealth and faith.

Prophet Odumeje is a self-described Indaboski, and his capacity to accumulate wealth has made some people question how religion and money interact.

19. Prophet Isa El Buba

Date of Birth: 1982 

Name of Church: EL-Buba Outreach Ministries, Int.,

Approx. Networth: $30 million

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A well-known person in Nigerian religion, Prophet Isa El Buba has accumulated a sizable fortune via his commercial ventures and ministry.

His influence goes beyond spiritual issues because he works in various fields, including journalism and real estate. His financial success has been attributed to his charismatic leadership style and diversification.

Prophet Isa El Buba’s riches reflect the economic reality of contemporary church leadership in Nigeria, despite objections from some areas criticizing the affluence of certain religious personalities. 

This phenomenon highlights how religion, business, and societal expectations are intricately intertwined in a religious landscape that is changing quickly. 

Prophet Isa El Buba is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest pastors, and his position provides special insights into the complex processes at work in the nation’s religious and economic worlds.

20. Pastor Ituah Ighodalo 

Date of Birth: April 6, 1961

Name of Church: Trinity House Church

Approx. Networth:  $13 million

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Pastor Ituah Ighodalo is well-known for his influential leadership and noteworthy contributions to the religious and business domains. 

He is the founding pastor of Trinity House Church. Before entering the ministry, Pastor Ituah had a prosperous career in investment banking. 

As such, he brings financial knowledge and strategic insight to his pastoral position. His business energy has brought him success in various endeavors, such as developing a profitable oil and gas company, adding to his impressive list of richest Nigerian pastors.

In addition to his financial achievements, Pastor Ituah has been a powerful voice on social problems, supporting programs for economic empowerment in Nigeria as well as healthcare, education, and other necessities. 

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Which Pastors Have Private Jets in Nigeria?

Bishop David Oyedepo: Bishop David Oyedepo has 4 private jet(s).

Here is a model of Bishop Oyedepos’ Private Jet(s)

  • Bombardier Challenger 604
  • Grumman Gulfstream I (G-159)
  • Gulfstream V (Gee-5)
  • Gulfstream IV (G-IV or GIV)

Pastor Enoch Adeboye: Pastor Enoch Adeboye has a total number of 2 private jet(s).

Models Of Pastor Adeboye’s Private Jet(s)

  • Gulfstream G550 (Tail Number – N730EA)
  • Gulfstream GIV (Tail Number – N707EA)

Late Prophet T.B. Joshua: Prophet T.B. Joshua was another prophet who had a private jet(s).

Models Of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Private Jet(s)

  • Gulfstream G550

Pastor Oritsejafor: Pastor Oritsejafor has 1 private jet(s).

Models Of Pastor Ortisejafor’s Private Jet(s)

  • Bombardier Challenger 601

Pastor Chris:

Pastor Chris is one of the pastors with private jets in Nigeria and has chosen to keep details of the jet secret.


Who is the richest pastor in Nigeria?

Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, is the richest pastor in Nigeria.

How did these pastors amass their wealth?

These pastors have accumulated wealth through various means, including successful church operations, media ventures, and investments.

Are these pastors involved in community development and charitable activities?

Many pastors are highly involved in community development and charitable activities, contributing to various causes and initiatives.

Who are the richest pastors in Nigeria?

The most wealthiest pastors in Nigeria are:
1. Bishop David Oyedepo.
2. Enoch Adejare Adeboye
3. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
4. Pastor David Ibiyeomie 
5. Bishop Ayodele Joseph Oritsegbubemi Oritsejafor
6. Pastor Sam Adeyemi
7. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo
8. Pastor Paul Eneche 
9. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
10. Apostle Johnson Suleman
11. Pastor W.F. Kumuyi
12. Pastor Lazarus Muoka.
13. Christopher Oghenebrorie Okotie
14. Bishop Mike Okonkwo

In conclusion

The list of the 20 richest pastors in Nigeria sheds light on the country’s significant wealth of religious leaders. While their prosperity may inspire some, it raises questions about the financial transparency and accountability within religious institutions. 

The prominence of these pastors underscores the influence and power they hold over millions of followers and their impact on Nigeria’s socio-economic dynamics. As discussions about wealth and religion continue, examining the implications of such affluence on both spiritual and societal realms is essential.


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