25 Best Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria

25 Best Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria

With an increasing population and rising healthcare needs, pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria are tasked with more responsibilities. Pharmaceutical companies play a crucial role in the overall health of citizens of a nation and Nigeria is no exception. 

Pharmaceutical companies are companies that are given licenses to research, develop, and produce market drugs used as medications. They are charged with the responsibility of developing drugs for commercial use.

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Some of the medications produced by pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria include antibiotics, antimalaria, antiretroviral, vitamins, minerals, cough and cold remedies, and many more.

In this article, we’ll explore the best pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria.

Who Are The Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria

The biggest pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria include Cipla, GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott Nigeria, Sanofi Nigeria, and Pfizer. 

These pharmaceutical companies are investing heavily in the development and marketing of new pharmaceutical products in Nigeria.

Why Nigeria Should Invest More In Pharmaceutical Companies

The pharmaceutical industry is so important in Nigeria as the whole purpose of the industry is to help mankind live longer, better, and healthier lives. This makes the industry an attractive asset for long-term investors.

The pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria is underperforming with glaring untapped opportunities. Priority should be given to pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria to ensure access by Nigerians to wholesome medicines and good pharmacy care. Proper investments should be made in this industry to upscale existing operating models to meet international standards in the short to medium term while building the framework for the future. 

Also, we need to move from controls and enforcement to facilitating expansion and access to good pharmacy care services.

The growth of the industry will remain stunted if the current approach is continued with an attendant negative impact on the health and well-being of Nigerians.

Investments should also be made to encourage local production as with this, Nigeria’s high dependence on imported products can be reduced, decreasing the influx of substandard and falsified medicines into the country. 

With this, the recent exodus of pharmaceutical companies (including GSK) from the Nigerian market can be halted and avoided. 

25 Best Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria

Below is the list of the best pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria

1. Evans Medical Plc

Evans Medical is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, with a factory located in Agbara, Ogun State. It was established in 1954 as Glaxo Nigeria Plc and in 1994, the name was changed to  Evans Medical Plc.

Evans Medical Plc specializes in producing prescriptive pharmaceutical products, nutraceutical (health) products, and products for the prevention and/or treatment of malaria. infections, asthma, ulcers, hypertension, diabetes, colds and flu, and erectile dysfunction.

2. Juhel Nigeria Limited

Juhel Nigeria Limited is the largest pharmaceutical company in Africa. It was founded in 1987 and has risen to be one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria.

The company operates in two major locations, the Oral Medicine Manufacturing Plant in Emene, Enugu State, and the Parenteral Medicine Manufacturing Plant in Awka, Anambra State

Juhel Nigeria Limited produces a wide range of about 100 pharmaceutical products and it is known mostly for products like tablet and syrup Manufacturing Plants, Antibiotic Capsules as well as bottled water, etc.

3. May and Baker Nigeria Plc.

May and Baker was founded in 1944 and is the oldest and one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. 

The company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines and antibiotics, anti-hypertensive, anti-malaria, and drugs for coughs and colds. 

May and Baker is located in Ikeja, the capital city of Lagos state.

4. Emzor Pharmaceuticals

Emzor Pharmaceuticals is a privately owned company and a giant manufacturer of drugs in Nigeria and the whole of Africa. It produces the paracetamol drug which is the favorite drug for headaches for many people.

The company Emzor Pharmaceuticals had a humble beginning as a local retail chemist shop in 1977 and has developed to be one of the most respected, indigenous multi-billion naira pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria.

Emzor Pharmaceuticals is a fully-owned Nigerian company and their products have covered over 25 countries globally. The company has produced over 140 pharmaceutical products such as analgesics, vitamins, anti-malarial, anti-tussives, antibiotics, anti-helmintics, antihistamines, antacids, and cardio-protective drugs.

5. Swiss Pharma Nigeria Limited (SwiPha)

SwiPha was founded in 1976 and is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. 

Swiss Pharma manufactures products such as anxiolytics, tranquilizers, antimalarials, antibiotics, tablets, caplets, oral liquid syrups, and suspensions. About 400 people are employed by this company.

6. Chemiron International Limited

Chemiron was established in 1987 and is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. It was formerly known as Chemech Laboratories Nigeria Limited before it was changed to Chemiron International Limited.

Chemiron International produces blood-nourishing capsules and blood-nourishing tonics.

7. Glaxosmithkline Nigeria Plc.

GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria Plc. (GSK) is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. They have three global businesses that research, develop, and manufacture innovative pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines, and consumer healthcare products.

They are among the first multinational pharmaceutical companies to hit the Nigerian market in the 1990s and their presence in the market has significantly grown. Over 2,500 people are currently employed by GSK.

Their goal is to become one of the world’s most innovative, and trusted healthcare companies.

Products across a wide range of therapeutic segments are manufactured and distributed by GSK including anti-retroviral, anti-malarial, vaccines, oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes and other metabolic diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, and neurology. 

8. Merck Ltd.

Merck is a multinational pharmaceutical company that specializes in a range of healthcare products, including vaccines, drugs, and other biologics. Merck is the pioneer in vaccine research, production, and delivery in Nigeria and their headquarters is in the US.

With over 6,000 employees, Merck is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. Their products are focused on the areas of cardiology, oncology, infectious diseases, and neurology. 

9. Pfizer Nigeria Ltd.

Pfixer’s West Africa headquarters is located in Lagos, Nigeria, since the 1950s, and they have been delivering life-changing breakthroughs to the people of Nigeria. They are one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria with over 4,000 people employed.

Guided by their three pillars of innovation, investing, and safeguarding, they are focused on serving the communities in which we live and work, broadening access to medicines, and strengthening healthcare delivery for the people who need it most.

Pfizer’s products are focused on the areas of cardiology, oncology, infectious diseases, and neurology. 

Pfizer Logo
Pfizer logo

They collaborate with healthcare providers, governments, and local communities as one of the world’s premier innovative biopharmaceutical companies to support and expand access to reliable, affordable healthcare around the world. 

10. Cadbury Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Cadbury Pharmaceuticals is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria and has been operating since the 1990s. It is headquartered in Lagos. They specialize in producing finished pharmaceutical products and active pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). 

The company operates across a wide range of therapeutic segments, including branded generic products. 

11. Reckitt Benckiser (Nigeria) Ltd.

Reckitt Benckiser is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. It is a multinational consumer goods company headquartered in the United Kingdom. They specialize in the production of health, hygiene, and home products. 

Reckitt Benckiser offers a range of healthcare services, including data collection and healthcare management, and its products are primarily focused in cardiology, oncology, infectious diseases, and neurology. Over 500 people are employed by Reckitt Benckiser in Nigeria.

12. Neros Pharmaceutical Limited

Neros Pharmaceutical was registered as a limited liability company on 5th August 1986 and has become one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. They have over 200 products and formulations that cut across different therapeutic classes and pharmacological segments. 

Neros Pharmaceuticals manufactures products such as anti-malarial, multi-vitamins (minerals), anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-hypertensives, analgesics, anti-diabetics, and anti-viral etc.

The company has a staff strength of more than 100.

13. Chi Pharmaceuticals Limited

Chi Pharmaceuticals started as Tropical General Investment in 1990 and became a limited liability company in 1996.

The company is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria and is certified by agencies like WHO, UNICEF, USAID & USP. 

Anti-ulcer, anti-diarrhea, anti-infectives, anti-allergies, antimalarials, and other health supplements are examples of products manufactured by Chi Pharmaceuticals.

14. Mopson Pharmaceuticals Limited

Mopson Pharmaceutical Limited is a leading pharmaceutical company in Nigeria. They are the top supplier of most of the pharmaceutical medicines of government hospitals including state and teaching, University Teaching Hospitals, industrial clinics, private hospitals, and clinics across Nigeria

Syrups and gastrointestinal drugs are some of the products manufactured by Mopson Pharmaceuticals.

15. Fidson Healthcare Plc

Fidson Healthcare Plc was founded in 1995 and is a leading pharmaceutical company company in Nigeria. 

The company became the first African company to manufacture antiretroviral drugs (ARVDs) in 2005. This was just 3 years after it created its first local drug manufacturing facility in 2002.

Anti-infective, anti-arthritis, gastro-intestine, anti-retroviral, cardiovascular, pain relievers, and other consumer goods are some of the pharmaceutical products manufactured by Fidson Healthcare Plc.

16. Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Limited

Greenlife Pharmaceuticals became a limited liability company in 1995 and is a leading pharmaceutical company in Nigeria.

Greenlife has about 75 Pharmacists among the over 300 members of staff employed. Funbact soap, Day by Day soap, Yappy Gandy, and others are some products manufactured by Greenlife Allied, another branch of Greenlife Pharmaceuticals.

Anti-malarials, anti-infectives, Anti-Inflammatories, Anti-Helminthics, Antihypertensives, Laxatives, and Multivitamins are some of the products manufactured by Greenlife Pharmaceuticals.

17. Pharmatex Nigeria Limited

Pharmatex was founded in 1994 and became a private limited company on the 29th day of July 2010, with a share capital base of ten Million Naira. 

Pharmatex specializes in manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and importation of drugs, foods, beverages and pharmaceutical products, livestock feed, and livestock medicament in Nigeria.

Nitrite, latex, vinyl, and dispensers are some notable products manufactured by Pharmatex.

18. New Heights Pharmaceutical Limited

New Heights Pharmaceuticals is located in Ikeja Lagos and is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. The company produces and distributes top-quality and effective drugs all over the country

They also market and retail products and services to healthcare professionals.

19. Sanofi

Sanofi is a French-based multinational pharmaceutical company and is at the forefront of vaccine development to fight against certain viruses like the coronavirus while carrying on the daily business of making and delivering medicines for patients.

Vaccines and antibodies to help fight against diseases are the main products of Sanofi.

20. Cipla

Cipla is a multinational pharmaceutical company. It primarily develops medication to treat respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, depression, and other medical conditions. 

Cipla is headquartered in India and has 47 manufacturing sites across the world including Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. 

21. Abbott Pharmaceuticals

Abbott Pharmaceuticals was founded by Chicago physician Wallace Calvin Abbott in 1888 to formulate known drugs. Today, it sells medical devices, diagnostics, branded generic medicines, and nutritional products. 

The company split off its research-based pharmaceuticals business into AbbVie in 2013.

22. Biofem Group

Biofem Group is a company that has several units involved in the importation, distribution, and marketing of quality pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

The company is located in Lagos.

23. Clarion Medicals  

Clarion Medicals is one of the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in Nigeria. Clarion Medicals is committed to serving humanity with superior products. Antimalaria, antiinfective, and cardiometabolic drugs are examples of products manufactured by this company.

24. Devon Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd

Devon Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd is a fast-growing pharmaceutical company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We Import and distribute finished pharmaceutical products

25. Adpharm Pharmaceuticals Limited

Adpharm is located in Surulere, Lagos, and it focuses on importing, selling, promoting, and distributing pharmaceutical and healthcare products. 

The company operates under the brand name Sivo and offers over sixty distinct brands of Over-the-Counter (OTC) and ethical pharmaceutical items.

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The list of pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria is endless but we just outlined a few of the best. These companies serve humanity by manufacturing and making available drugs, vaccines, supplements, and antibodies.

With proper investment in the sector, the Nigerian pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. The key players in the market are investing heavily in the development and marketing of new pharmaceutical products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the oldest pharmaceutical company in Nigeria?

May & Baker, Nigeria Plc was founded on September 4, 1944, as Nigeria’s first pharmaceutical company.

How many pharmaceutical companies do we have in Nigeria?

There are 130 pharmaceutical companies but only 9 are listed on the stock exchange.

Which agency is in charge of drug administration and control in Nigeria?

National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is in charge of drug administration and control in Nigeria.

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