16 Best Inverter Brands in Nigeria

Best Inverter Brands In Nigeria

Inverters are insanely useful gadgets, especially in a country with an erratic power supply like ours (sadly). It’s no surprise that there’s almost an endless stream of inverter brands in Nigeria, with new ones showing up by the day.

Inverter brands in Nigeria offer a wide range of services, from manufacturing inverters to supplying and installing them. Some also make and sell solar panels alongside their inverters to offer customers an easy way to charge their batteries and access clean and renewable electricity.

In this article, you’ll learn how inverters work and why you may need them in your home or office. Also, we’ll show you the 16 best inverter brands in Nigeria that make and sell inverters, batteries, and solar panels to help you set up a renewable stream of energy easily.

Why You Need Inverters

We use batteries to power many gadgets: phones, laptops, you name it. However, you might’ve noticed that some appliances don’t use batteries, and they don’t work with battery packs either. The reason for that boils down to the fundamental difference between DC and AC power.

The kind of power a battery supplies to an appliance is referred to as DC power, while the traditional electrical power that powers most household appliances is AC power. While DC maintains a constant voltage in one direction, the electricity flows in both directions for AC, changing the voltage from positive to negative.

So, how do inverters fit into this AC-DC jargon, you may ask?

In short, inverters change direct current to alternating current to make it possible to power traditional appliances using battery power. It typically works by connecting to a battery that provides the DC power, and it switches the direction of the voltage from the battery back and forth quickly, creating alternating current.

There are many uses for an inverter in Nigeria, but the most common is with solar panels. A solar panel charges a battery, but that battery won’t power any of your AC appliances by default, so it relies on an inverter to change the DC to AC, creating useful electricity for general use.

Another common use of an inverter is with a portable battery pack. If you live in a part of Nigeria with an erratic power supply, you can get a battery pack and an inverter to charge and power your devices that use AC power when the lights go out. There are portable AC power stations (battery packs with built-in inverters) on the market, but you can build one yourself if you have the technical know-how.

Now that you understand what an inverter means and why you need one, it’s time to see the best inverter brands in Nigeria for any use case.

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Best Inverter Brands in Nigeria

Here are the best inverter brands in Nigeria for 2023.

1. Sukam

Sukam is the Nigerian subsidiary of an Indian conglomerate that manufactures inverters, portable power stations, and battery packs. With a legion of market-leading products in its category, it’s no doubt that Sukam is one of the best inverter brands in Nigeria.

The company makes inverters for home and commercial customers alike, with capacities as high as 500 KVA. Some of Sukam’s most popular products include the Sukam 1050VA inverter, the Sukam Fusion 2.2 inverter, and the online UPS 3-3.

2. Prag Inverters

Prag makes inverters that compete with home generators, making them naturally noiseless and powerful enough to power virtually any home appliance. It also focuses on the looks of its products, which puts it among the best inverter brands in Nigeria.

The company has branches in Obanikoro, Onikan, Alaba, Abuja, Osogbo, and Port Harcourt. They have a list of all their inverters on their official website, with some of the most popular being the 1.2 KVA/12 V inverter and the 2.5 KVA/24 V Cyber-Power Inverter.

3. Orgone Tecnergy Limited

Orgone Tecnergy Limited is one of the few indigenous inverter companies that doubles as the best inverter brand in Nigeria. The firm focuses on the design and manufacture of products that help clients transition from regular public power to clean solar-based electricity. They design and integrate custom solutions based on clients’ demands, making them unique.

If you’re looking to go completely off-grid using solar panels, batteries, and inverters, Orgone Tecnergy Limited is one of the best inverter brands in Nigeria for you. The company also fixes street lighting and sells battery packs for clients that need related services.

4. Mesh Energy Systems

Mesh Energy Systems is a small firm in Nigeria that designs and implements renewable energy solutions, including inverters. Since it’s not a massive company yet, its inclusion among the best inverter brands in Nigeria is controversial, but it’s certainly a company to watch out for in the category.

5. CyberPower

CyberPower is a general technology company with an arm that manufactures different sizes of power inverters for both home and commercial use. Its products have up to 400 W of output power, making them powerful enough for laptops, tablets, and similar devices.

Some of the company’s cheapest devices include the CPS160PBURC1, the CPS175PSU, and the M175XUC. While those names are a mouthful, the inverters actually feature decent specs and are good enough to place CyberPower on our ranking of the best inverter brands in Nigeria.

6. Blue Gate Inverter

Blue Gate Inverter is a top-of-the-line Nigerian inverter brand that provides durable products to meet international standards of excellence. Its product categories range from online and offline UPS to inverters, stabilizers, and inverter batteries.

You can get the company’s UPS for as little as N16,500, while their commercial-grade high-level inverters sell for as much as N1.5 million. Some of their most popular products include the BlueGate 4KVA Pure Sine Wave UPS and the BlueGate 10KVA-180V inverter.

7. Exide

Exide started out by making batteries for inverters but quickly expanded its reach to the inverter market after considerable experience in the industry. Unlike Blue Gate, the company doesn’t have a huge lineup with tens of devices, but you can count on their offerings if they fit your specific use case. Thankfully, Exide has engineers willing to help you evaluate your setup for the perfect inverter, making them one of the best inverter brands in Nigeria.

8. Microtek

Microtek has a range of inverters and UPS systems designed for homes and offices of different sizes to keep your lights on. The company is a multinational tech manufacturer with an arm in Nigeria that produces and distributes Microtek products to customers.

Some of Microtek’s best inverters for the Nigerian market include Luxe Pure Sinewave UPS, Super Power Advanced Digital UPS, and the Energy Saver Advanced Digital UPS. With the undeniable product quality associated with Microtek, it’s undoubtedly one of the best inverter brands in Nigeria.

9. Luminous Inverters

Luminous describes its inverters as Nigeria’s number one, but that claim is slightly debatable. What isn’t debatable, however, is the fact that it’s one of the best inverter brands in Nigeria. It has different options for different categories of customers, including low- and high-capacity inverters as well as batteries to go with them.

Apart from the sale of inverters, the company can help clients transition from a dependent energy system to solar electricity. While the company’s headquarters are in Lagos, it offers nationwide services and can be reached through its website, email address, or phone number.

10. Mercury Inverter

Mercury is a large multinational company that offers deep-cycle batteries, solar panels, UPS systems, stabilizers, and, of course, inverters. The company has options in different price categories for different clients, from home customers to businesses and other commercial clients. Thanks to its scale, it has no problem competing with the best inverter brands in Nigeria.

Some of the company’s most popular inverters include the Mercury 1KVA Inverter 12V Pure Sine Wave and the expensive Mercury 3.5KVA Solar Hybrid Inverter System (with four 300W solar panels).

11. APC Home UPS Inverter

APC is one of the most popular UPS and inverter brands in Nigeria and beyond, offering a wide range of products designed to help you stop relying on the grid at all times. Since APC mostly targets a non-techie customer base, its products are always reliable and aesthetically pleasing, but the convenience comes at a cost: the company’s inverters are almost always prohibitively expensive.

12. Bersh Inverter

Bersh is another popular foreign company that sells high-quality, powerful sine wave inverters to the Nigerian market at a competitive price for what it offers. It has offerings for both home and commercial users, with the capacities differentiating them. Despite not having insanely cheap options, it remains one of the best inverter brands in Nigeria for high-end consumers.

13. Astrum Energy Solutions Limited

Astrum Energy Solutions helps homes and businesses transition to solar-powered systems, promising uninterrupted electricity and a reduced carbon footprint. The company claims it makes going solar affordable thanks to its decades of experience in the sector.

If you don’t need the rest of Astrum’s services, they’ll be happy to sell you an inverter to complement your existing solar setup at a competitive price. With 23 years of experience making and installing solar power generation systems, this company is easily one of the best inverter brands in Nigeria.

14. Somotex Inverter

In search of a noiseless and pollution-free alternative to Nigeria’s power debacle, Somotex provides durable inverters that serve as cleaner electricity sources than the almost ubiquitous petrol generators. Over the years, Somotex and its legion of sister companies have been among the best inverter brands in Nigeria.

Some of Somotex’s products include the Online UPS 3-3, the Fusion 2.5/3.5KVA, and the Brainy Pure Solar Hybrid inverter.

15. Felicity Solar

With 16 years of experience installing, maintaining, and manufacturing solar energy systems, Felicity maintains some of the best pure sine wave hybrid inverters in the industry. It also sells other products in the solar energy category, including lithium battery systems, MPPT charge controllers, and all-in-one solar street lights.

Despite not being a Nigerian company, Felicity is quite popular in the country and is no doubt one of the best inverter brands in Nigeria. The company’s Nigerian headquarters is at Plot 1, Tomezi Avenue, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos. You can also reach them via email at samael@felicitysolar.com or nancy@felicitysolar.com.

16. Gennex Technologies

Gennex Technologies focuses on solar transition kits, offering a wide range of products including inverters, solar panels, and inverter batteries of varying sizes. The company’s inverters are designed for regular home and office use and will work with most of the appliances you use.

You can order any of the company’s products through their websites, but they’re also generally available in stores nationwide. Their great product selection and impeccable customer support put them among the best inverter brands in Nigeria.


Nigerians are becoming more enlightened about the numerous benefits solar energy offers over gasoline generators and public electricity. To set up a useful solar system, however, you’ll need a capable inverter, and for that, this article lists the best inverter brands in Nigeria.

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