10 Richest Women in Nigeria

Richest Women In Nigeria
Richest Women in Nigeria

Not only are women in Nigeria creating waves in a variety of economic sectors, but they are also breaking down barriers and dispelling preconceptions to become some of the most accomplished and prominent people in the country.


Nigerian women are achieving notable progress and solidifying their roles as prominent figures in the country’s economic scene, spanning several industries such as banking, real estate, entertainment, and entrepreneurship.

We will explore the remarkable paths to success, the industries they control, and their social effect as we delve into the lives and accomplishments of the top 10 richest women in Nigeria in this article.


These women have an entrepreneurial spirit, tenacity, and determination that have catapulted them to the top 10 richest women in Nigeria.

Let’s explore the lives of these inspiring women, their economic contributions to Nigeria, and the lessons that can be drawn from their achievements. 

10 richest women in Nigeria

These lists are in no particular order and we won’t be mentioning any estimated net worth figures as we don’t have the exact statistics on that.


Folorunsho Alakija is one of the richest women in Nigeria. She is the manager of Rose of Sharon Group, the Vice Chairwoman of Dayspring Property Development Company, and Famfa Oil.


Folorunsho Alakija was formerly an entrepreneur and she started her entrepreneurial career at Supreme Stitches which is today known as Rose of Sharon House of Fashion. 

She often empowers widows and orphans


Folorunsho Alakija’s main sources of wealth are her holdings in the fashion and oil businesses. She first became wealthy by exploring and producing oil, especially through her company Famfa Oil Limited, which possesses profitable oil resources in Nigeria. She has also spread her fortune by making real estate and fashion-related enterprises, most notably as the creator of the clothing line Supreme Stitches.

1. Folorunsho Alakija Know Nigeria
Folorunsho Alakija| Richest Women in Nigeria


She is a popular businesswoman and a pharmacist. She is among the richest women in Nigeria. She is the CEO of a very famous pharmaceutical company in Nigeria known as EMZOR CHEMIST LIMITED. 

She formerly worked in different pharmaceutical companies before establishing her own company. 

Stella Okoli has contributed greatly to the healthcare sector.

Her company is not only operational in Nigeria but also has other branches in countries like Ghana, Mali, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Her company produces and distributes over 50 pharmaceutical products.


Stella Chinyelu Okoli’s business endeavors in the pharmaceutical sector are the main source of her wealth. Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, a well-known pharmaceutical firm in Nigeria recognized for manufacturing an extensive array of superior medications and healthcare items, was founded and led by her. Okoli’s riches have mostly come from her ability to establish and expand Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries.


Daisy Danjuma is among the richest women in Nigeria and the wife of one of the richest men in Nigeria.

She is currently the Vice Chairwoman of Sapetro. She served as a one-term Senator of Nigeria.

She is a lawyer, a businesswoman, and an investor.


Investments and business are the main sources of her wealth. 

The majority of her wealth comes from her holdings in the oil and gas sector via her board membership at her family’s business, South Atlantic Petroleum (SAPETRO).

She also has holdings in other industries and real estate, which adds to her total wealth.


Fifi Ejindu who is also known as Offiong Ekanem Ejindu, is an entrepreneur. 

She was among the first African women to obtain a bachelor’s degree in architecture, having graduated with her B.Arch from Brooklyn, New York’s Pratt Institute, a renowned school of design, in 1983.

After completing her studies at Pratt Institute, she returned to the school to complete her Master’s in Urban Planning before relocating to Nigeria. She also completed many courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Besides being an architect and a philanthropist, Fifi Ejindu founded Starcrest Limited.


Fifi Ejindu’s prosperous career as an architect, businesswoman, and philanthropist is the main source of her wealth. With interests in telecommunications, real estate development, construction, and oil and gas, she is the founder and managing director of the Starcrest Group of Companies.

Her riches have been accumulated through the involvement of her architectural firm, Starcrest Group, in several high-profile projects. Her real estate holdings and charitable endeavors to advance healthcare and education in Nigeria are also well-known. 

Fifi Ejindu Know Nigeria
Fifi Ejindu| Richest Women in Nigeria


Bimbo Alase is an entrepreneur and investor in Nigeria. She was married to the late Kunle Arawole.

She is chairman and CEO of Leatherworld. She attended the Regent Academy of Design and Fine Arts in London as well as Pitman College in London.

Her post-graduate certificate in interior design from the London Design School is another possession. Her business, Leatherworld, is a well-known manufacturer of upscale furniture. She ran Glamour, a tiny gift shop and beauty parlor in Apapa, Lagos, before founding her business in June 1994.


Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is a well-known economist and leader in the world. 

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is among the richest women in Nigeria and is renowned for her contributions to economic growth and governance. She has held several prestigious roles, such as Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Finance Minister for Nigeria.

Because of her outstanding leadership, Okonjo-Iweala has received praise from all around the world, bringing her considerable riches and power.

Her Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was awarded in 1981 after she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard University in 1976. Nigerian economist, business advisor, politician, and expert in international development is Ngozi Okonjo.

He served as Nigeria’s finance minister and a former director of the World Bank. Notable for her work with women, she is also a philanthropist, motivational speaker, and author. 


The main source of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s wealth is her illustrious background in international development, finance, and economics. She has held illustrious positions like the Managing Director of the World Bank and the Minister of Finance of Nigeria, where she was instrumental in formulating economic strategies and policies.

Additionally, Okonjo-Iweala has held positions on several international organizations’ and businesses’ boards of directors. She has also gotten payment for speaking engagements, advice, and consulting work.

Ngozi Okonjo Iweala Know Nigeria
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala| Richest Women in Nigeria


Stella Oduah possesses a diverse personality and is an accomplished politician and entrepreneur. She revolutionized Nigeria’s aviation industry as the former Minister of Aviation in the country.

Outside of politics, her economic sense has resulted in investments in several industries, such as gas and oil.

She is well-known and has achieved financial success thanks to her range of achievements.


Stella Oduah’s career in business and politics is the main source of her wealth. She was a Nigerian senator and the former Minister of Aviation, where she was in charge of important aviation-related projects and programs.

Oduah also owns businesses in several industries, such as real estate, hotels, and oil and gas. Her total wealth has also been increased by her involvement in entrepreneurship and other business endeavors.


Bola Shagaya is a well-known businesswoman with a remarkable array of varied endeavors in her portfolio.

She has interests that cover a wide range of industries, from banking and communications to real estate.

She is one of the richest women in Nigeria thanks to her astute business sense and creative attitude. Besides her economic achievements, she has a long history of involvement in charity causes that support the rights of women and children.


Her varied business ventures, which encompass real estate, oil, banking, and photography, are the main sources of her wealth. Though her company Bolmus Group International has constructed luxury buildings in Nigeria and overseas, she is well known for her interests in a variety of sectors, most notably real estate development. Through her company Voyage Oil and Gas Limited, Shagaya has other interests in the oil sector. She also participates in humanitarian endeavors and has been on the boards of numerous banks in Nigeria.

Bola Shagaya Know Nigeria
Bola Shagaya| Richest Women in Nigeria


Mosunmola Abudu is the most successful lady in Africa and one of the richest Nigerian women. She is the founder of the black entertainment and lifestyle network with the fastest growth.

Mosunmola Abudu founded EbonyLife TV in 2006 as a division of Media and Entertainment City Africa (MEC Africa), having been born and raised in London. The network currently broadcasts in more than 49 nations in the Caribbean, the UK, and Africa.


The main source is her prosperous work as a television producer and media entrepreneur. She founded and serves as CEO of EbonyLife Media, a well-known media and entertainment firm in Nigeria that creates films, TV series, and digital material of the highest caliber. One of Abudu’s production companies is behind the “The Wedding Party” franchise, among other well-known TV series and films.

She also has holdings in real estate and other economic endeavors, which add to her total wealth. Abudu is renowned for her charitable endeavors that support women’s emancipation and education.


Olufunmilola Aduke Iyanda is an entrepreneur with multiple awards and one of the richest women in Nigeria. She writes, hosts TV, produces films and TV shows, and is a philanthropist.

She is the Executive Director of Oya Media and a co-founder of Creation Television UK. Funmi gained notoriety for eight years as the host of the discussion show New Dawn with Funmi Iyanda.

Funmi has been successful in starting four media enterprises over the years and meeting society’s media needs. She is reportedly one of the most admired and watched TV celebrities in Nigeria. 


Olufunmilola Iyanda, popularly called Funmi Iyanda, is a journalist, broadcaster, and media entrepreneur from Nigeria. Her work in entertainment and media has been the main source of her riches. In addition to presenting her chat show, “New Dawn with Funmi,” which aired on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Iyanda has participated in several radio and television projects. She has also written columns, filmed and produced documentaries, given speeches in public, and provided consulting services. A major factor in Iyanda’s riches has been her several employment in the media sector.

Olufunmilola Aduke Iyanda Know Nigeria
Olufunmilola Aduke Iyanda| Richest Women in Nigeria


Who in Nigeria is the first woman to become a billionaire?

Folorunso Alakija

She is a businesswoman and philanthropist and she is the first woman to become a billionaire in Nigeria

How did Folorunso Alakija rise to prominence as one of the richest women in Nigeria?

Folorunso Alakija got her wealth mostly from the fashion and oil sectors. She has greatly increased her riches through her co-founding of the Nigerian oil exploration company Famfa Oil Limited. Her assets in real estate and clothing also contribute to her increased net worth.

What kinds of challenges do women face in Nigeria’s business sector?

Cultural and sociological hurdles, discrimination based on gender, lack of representation in leadership roles, and restricted access to money and finance are just a few of the difficulties that women in Nigeria’s business sector confront. 


In conclusion, the list of the richest women in Nigeria is a strong reminder of the enormous potential that women have to propel economic development and social transformation. Through their entrepreneurial endeavors and facilitation of possibilities for others, these women have surmounted challenges, transcended preconceptions, and made noteworthy contributions to the advancement of Nigeria.

Their stories are not just ones of personal achievement, but also ones of inspiration, resiliency, and empowerment. They encourage upcoming generations of women to dream big, work hard, and pursue their goals with enthusiasm and tenacity as role models and trailblazers.

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