List of 15 Oil and Gas Companies in Lagos

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Located in the heart of Nigeria, Lagos is known as a major hub for the oil and gas industry. The city is home to numerous oil and gas companies that play a crucial role in meeting Nigeria’s energy demands and contributing to the country’s economy. In this article, we will explore what oil and gas companies do, highlight the significance of oil in Nigeria, and provide a comprehensive list of the top 15 oil and gas companies in Lagos.

Oil and gas companies are businesses involved in the exploration, production, refining, and distribution of petroleum products. They operate in a complex industry that encompasses various activities, such as drilling for oil and natural gas, transporting and storing the resources, refining them into usable products like gasoline and diesel, and distributing these products to consumers.

Oil And Gas Companies In Lagos

The oil and gas sector is of vital importance to Nigeria, as it is the largest exporter of oil in Africa. With vast reserves and production capacity, Nigeria’s oil industry accounts for a significant portion of the country’s revenue and foreign exchange earnings. It has also been a major driver of economic growth and development.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest producer of fuel and oil for transportation. Nigeria has also been a part of OPEC, an international oil organization, since 1971. Petroleum from Nigeria is referred to as “sweet oil” or “black treasure.” This is because the country’s petroleum doesn’t contain Sulphur.

Now, let us delve into the list of the top 15 oil and gas companies in Lagos.

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Top 15 Oil and Gas Companies in Lagos

Below is the list of the top 15 oil and gas companies in Nigeria.

1. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

The state-owned company is responsible for petroleum exploration and production. Utilizing Nigeria’s oil and gas reserves for long-term national development is the responsibility of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Top 15 Oil And Gas Companies In Lagos

NNPC conducts petroleum product exploration, production, refinement, marketing, and retail sales. Additionally, it is involved in the development of petrochemicals and gas, oil and gas engineering, the oversight of public upstream projects, and the marketing of Nigeria’s accruable petroleum. It is putting into action a renewable energy program that joins the business world with agriculture to create ethanol.

2. Shell Nigeria

The Nigerian subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell is one of the biggest oil and gas companies globally.

Shell, the oldest energy firm in Nigeria, has a long-standing and ongoing commitment to the nation, its people, and its economy. With an average of 93,000 people across more than 70 countries, Shell is a large global group of oil and petrochemical enterprises.

To contribute to the creation of a sustainable energy future, we make use of cutting-edge technologies and adopt creative strategies. Shell is one of the top oil and gas companies in Lagos.

3. Chevron Nigeria

A multinational energy corporation engaged in oil and gas exploration, production, and refining.

One of Nigeria’s biggest investors and one of the largest oil companies in Lagos is Chevron. For the onshore and offshore assets in the Niger Delta region, they collaborate with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in Nigeria.

4. ExxonMobil Nigeria

Another global energy company involved in the exploration, production, transportation, and marketing of crude oil and gas products.

ExxonMobil engages in the exploration, production, and sale of crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum products, as well as the production and manufacture of petroleum products. ExxonMobil is a significant producer and distributor of common and specialized petrochemicals and has a stake in power plant infrastructure. To support these enterprises, we also run extensive research programs.

ExxonMobil upstream affiliates control a number of joint venture concessions and deepwater production sharing contracts in Nigeria that are currently focused on big secondary oil recovery projects, the monetization of natural gas liquids and gas, and sizable investments in the creation of local content.

5. Total Nigeria

A major player in the Nigerian oil and gas industry, operating in exploration, production, and marketing, and one of the top oil and gas companies in Lagos.

The global energy firm Total has a subsidiary in Nigeria called TOTAL NIGERIA that specializes in marketing and services. Operating in more than 130 countries and is dedicated to offering its clients sustainable goods and services.

Total Nigeria Plc has maintained its position as the market leader in Nigeria’s downstream oil and gas business for more than 50 years thanks to its broad distribution network of more than 500 service stations across the country and its wide selection of premium energy goods and services. On June 1, 1956, TOTAL NIGERIA PLC (RC 1396) was established as a private corporation with the goal of selling petroleum products in Nigeria. The company successfully merged on September 11, 2001, opening the door for long-term expansion and ongoing development.

6. Conoil Plc

A Nigerian petroleum refining and marketing company with a strong presence in downstream operations.

Nigerian oil marketing company Conoil Plc sells fuel, diesel, aviation fuel, petrol, kerosene, and other regulated fuels. Production and distribution of lubricants under the Quatro brand are some of the company’s further commercial ventures. Up until 2002, when Conpetro bought the business, it was known as National Oil and Chemical Marketing Plc.

7. Oando Plc

An integrated energy solutions provider engaged in upstream, midstream, and downstream operations.

In 2003, the combined business was given the name Oando PLC, making it Nigeria’s biggest downstream petroleum marketing firm. To accomplish the group’s goals in the upstream services sector, Oando Energy Services was founded in 2005 as an integrated oilfield services firm. It is one of the top oil and gas companies in Lagos.

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8. Seplat Petroleum Development Company

A leading indigenous oil and gas exploration and production company focusing on the Niger Delta region.

Shebah Petroleum Development Company Limited and Platform Petroleum Joint Ventures Limited joined forces to form Seplat in June 2009 with the express purpose of pursuing upstream oil and gas opportunities in Nigeria, particularly divestment opportunities arising out of the portfolios of the incumbent Major IOC.

Top 15 Oil And Gas Companies In Lagos

Seplat finalized the acquisition of Eland Oil and Gas, which is listed on AIM, in December 2019. Participating interests in OML 40 and Ubima marginal field are held by Eland.

Eight oil blocks are now part of their portfolio, including direct ownership of four Seplat-operated blocks out of the seven in the Niger Delta and one additional revenue interest.

9. Forte Oil

A prominent Nigerian energy solutions company involved in the downstream sector, including fuel retailing and petroleum products marketing.

Forte is a local energy company with its main office in Lagos, Nigeria, with extended activities in Ghana. It primarily operates in Nigeria’s downstream oil and gas industry, but it has expanded its business into other areas of the energy value chain. It is one of the top oil and gas companies in Nigeria.

10. Aiteo Group

An indigenous oil and gas company with operations in exploration, production, and downstream sectors.

One of Africa’s most rapidly expanding energy leaders is Aiteo which is one of the top oil and gas companies in Nigeria. They are an integrated energy group with a distinct future vision and the skills and resources required to provide oil and gas on a national and international level. They search for, produce, transport, and store energy resources in markets throughout the world.

In some of the most important basins in the world, including the Benue Trough and the Niger Delta basin in West Africa’s offshore fields, they are exploring ways to develop energy resources responsibly.

11. Kola Mega Green Ltd

The Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990 was used to create Kola Mega Green Limited, a business that offers products and services related to oil and gas. They are responsible for offering our clients top-notch services throughout the Pre-FEED, FEED, procurement, and construction project phases.

Osapa, Eti-Osa, Lagos, Nigeria, 45 Castle Rock Avenue is where you may find it.

12. Mainrops Limited

Young, skilled, and seasoned oil and gas employees can learn new skills or polish their current ones on a platform provided by Mainprops Limited, a well-known oil and gas design and training organization.

It is situated at 115 Allen Avenue, Ikeja Allen, Lagos, Nigeria.

13. Atlantic Marine & Oilfield Services

Atlantic Marine, a subsea engineering firm, is completely outfitted for diver and ROV intervention work. AMOS operates according to IMCA Procedures. A fully operational Oilfield Services, Subsea, and Dive Engineering Company, Atlantic Marine and Oilfield Services Ltd (RC. 160570) was established in 1994.

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Nigeria has registered Atlantic Marine & Oilfield Services Ltd to work as an oil services contracting company for the design, installation, construction, and delivery of specialized offshore surface and sub-sea engineering services to the oil industry. A joint venture concession between the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation and SaltPond Offshore Producing Company has recently allowed the company to expand its activities offshore in Ghana.

14. Matrix Energy Group

A major player in Nigeria’s fuel distribution market, operating through a vast network of retail outlets.

Incorporated on November 25, 2004, Matrix Energy Group is a rapidly expanding indigenous and integrated oil marketing and trading company in Nigeria.

Matrix Energy has developed over the years from a small supply and distribution operation to a fully integrated petroleum products marketing and trading company with clients and suppliers all over the world. As a result, they are currently ranked as one of the top oil and gas companies in Lagos and the logistics subsector of the Nigerian economy.

15. Sahara Energy Group

An energy conglomerate involved in exploration and production, oil trading, and infrastructure development.

Sahara continues to explore new horizons with ongoing investments in people, technology, strategic acquisitions, and expansion programs in order to repeat its passion for innovative ways to be the provider of choice wherever energy is used.

In accordance with its philosophy on good corporate citizenship, Sahara works with multilateral organizations and other important global stakeholders to promote global sustainable development and business transparency.

Since then, Sahara has grown to include upstream, midstream, downstream, power, and infrastructure development, with innovative investments in significant markets throughout the world.

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Oil And Gas Companies In Lagos


In conclusion, oil and gas companies in Lagos play a critical role in meeting Nigeria’s energy needs and contribute significantly to the country’s economy. These oil and gas companies engage in diverse activities, ranging from exploration and production to refining and distribution. The list provided above represents some of the most prominent oil and gas companies in Lagos. Their efforts are vital for Nigeria’s energy security and economic growth.

Oil and gas materials are produced in significant quantities in Nigeria. The nation is the sixth-largest producer in the world and the largest in Africa. Other than Lagos, Nigeria has a large number of oil and gas firms. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of oil in Nigeria?

Oil is crucial to Nigeria’s economy, accounting for the majority of the country’s export earnings and government revenue. It has played a significant role in shaping Nigeria’s economic growth and development.

What are the major challenges faced by oil and gas companies in Lagos?

Oil and gas companies in Lagos face various challenges, including security threats, infrastructure deficiencies, regulatory uncertainties, and environmental concerns.

What are the future prospects for the oil and gas companies in Lagos?

Despite the rising global shift towards renewable energy sources, oil and gas companies in Lagos are expected to remain significant in the foreseeable future. The diversification efforts toward cleaner energy sources and a robust regulatory framework will shape the industry’s future.

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