10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria

Richest Comedians In Nigeria Know Nigeria

Who are these comic masterminds that are bringing such joy and laughter to homes and stadiums throughout Nigeria? The Nigerian comedy industry is about to begin, and it begs the question, Who are these bright minds that are turning comedy into gold and influencing not just our smiles but also their prospects?


Let me introduce you to the vibrant world of Nigerian comedy, where joke genius has no limits and laughter is the dominant emotion. Beneath every jaw-dropping joke and legendary act is the tale of ten remarkable people who have not only perfected the skill of making us laugh but have also accumulated substantial fortunes.

These comedians have captivated audiences in Nigeria and abroad with their stand-up and feature film performances, solidifying their status as the richest in the business.


Come along as we reveal the 10 Richest comedians in Nigeria, each of them is a comedy powerhouse and a representation of achievement in Nigeria’s thriving entertainment industry.

10 richest comedians in Nigeria

These lists are in no particular order and we won’t be mentioning any estimated net worth figures as we don’t have the exact statistics on that.


Ali Baba, also known as Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, is a stand-up comedian from Nigeria. We call him the comic king. In addition, he has a thriving profession as an actor and ceremony master.

Since 2022, he has maintained his position as the richest comedian in Nigeria. In the Nigerian entertainment industry, he is regarded as the father of humor due to his groundbreaking efforts in creating a niche for humor.


Regarded as “the father of the comedy business,” Ali Baba enjoys a great reputation in the business and has mentored numerous younger comedians.

In 1990, he started working as a professional comedian and was already making millions of Naira. He started the 1 January Concert, an annual comedy concert, in 2014.

Ali Baba began his career as a performer at business events and television appearances, despite coming from a royal family. He quickly rose to prominence and started putting on comedic events throughout the federation’s 36 states. With more than 15 awards under his belt, he is the most decorated comic in Nigeria.


  • Pioneer of Stand-up Comedy: Ali Baba is recognized as one of Nigeria’s first stand-up comedians, having contributed to the genre’s widespread popularity there.
  • Founder of Alibaba Group: He founded the entertainment company Alibaba Group, which has had a major influence on the development of the Nigerian comedy scene.
  • Multiple Awards: Ali Baba has won multiple awards, including the Comedian of the Decade award from the National Comedy Awards, the Nigerian Entertainment Award for Best Comedian, the Sun Award for Creative Arts, and the Nigerian Entertainment Award for Best Comedy Act.
Ali Baba Know Nigeria
Ali Baba| Richest Comedians in Nigeria


One of the richest comedians in Nigeria at the moment is Broda Shaggi, whose true name is Samuel Animashaun Perry. Facebook and YouTube are his sources of income.

Besides participating in Youtube Partnership Programs, he has over 1.87 Million subscribers.

Aside from that, he earns money through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and endorsements. 


  • Social Media Sensation: Broda Shaggi became well-known on social media sites pages like YouTube and Instagram due to his humorous characters and sketches.
  • Brand Endorsements: Broda Shaggi has partnered with numerous businesses and organizations to establish brand partnerships and endorsements as a result of his popularity and influence.
  • Nigerian Entertainment Award: In 2019, Broda Shaggi took home the Nigerian Entertainment Award for Best Online Comedy Series, demonstrating appreciation for the country’s entertainment sector.

3. AY

Ayodeji Richard Makun, popularly known as AY, is the second-richest comedian in Nigeria. Not only is AY one of the richest comedians in Nigeria but he also hosts “AY Live,” one of the biggest comedy events in the nation. Prominent comedians include Bovi, Helen Paul, and many more are on the show.

AY is a versatile performer who has had positions as an actor, director, TV host, comedian, and event planner.

He became well-known after participating in “Night of a Thousand Laughs.” AY has made a substantial contribution to Nigeria’s stand-up comedy scene. He has given rising comics encouragement by hosting the AY “Open Mic Challenge.”


  • Stand-Up Comedy: AY is well known for his stand-up comedy routines, which have helped him amass a sizable following both domestically and abroad. Large crowds have attended his comedy shows, such as “AY Live,” which are widely anticipated events on the Nigerian entertainment calendar.
  • Guinness World Record: In 2018, AY created history when he broke the record for “Most Viewed Stand-up Comedy Show on YouTube” with his comedy special, “AY Live.”
  • Nigerian Entertainment Award: “Comedian of the Year” is just one of the many awards that AY has received from the Nigerian Entertainment Awards.


Bright Okocha is also one of the richest comedians in Nigeria, better known by his stage name Basket Mouth.

With his flexibility, Basketmouth has carved out a position for himself in the entertainment sector. He is not simply a comedy master, star actor, and a talisman in event and ceremony coordination.

During the early stages of his comic career, Basketmouth won the National Comic Award and the Best Stand-up Comedian of the Year awards in 2005 and 2006.

A lot of big things have come his way thanks to his comedic career.


  • Stand-Up Comedy: Basketmouth is a highly successful comedian in Nigeria, recognized for his stand-up performances.
  • Multiple Awards: Basketmouth has been nominated for and won several awards including the Nigerian Entertainment Award’s Comedian of the Year, Winner of the Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards in South Africa, and Pan African Comedian of the Year. and the Nigerian Entertainment Awards’ Best Stand-Up Comedian prize.
Basket Mouth Know Nigeria
Basket Mouth| Richest Comedians in Nigeria


Bovi Ugboma, better known by his stage name Bovi, is praised for his flawless timing, astute sense of humor, and adaptability as a comic. Bovi is among the richest comedians in Nigeria. Bovi has proven his skill at comedy on a variety of stages, including stand-up, acting, and hosting.

He has a devoted following and received critical acclaim for his comedy specials and television series. Establishing himself as one of Nigeria’s leading comedians, Bovi’s entrepreneurial endeavors also include event production and management.

Nigerian comedy is highly competitive, yet Bovi thrives because of his ability to innovate and his acute grasp of audience tastes.


  • Stand-Up Comedy: Bovi is well-known for his witty, distinctive style, and observational humor in his stand-up comedy appearances. He became known as one of Nigeria’s best comedians after appearing at numerous comedy shows and events both at home and abroad.
  • Film and Television: As an actor, writer, and producer, Bovi has made a major impact on the Nigerian film and television industries. He has demonstrated his talent as a versatile entertainer by starring in multiple Nollywood films and television shows.
  • Hosting: With a lot of experience hosting award shows, concerts, and events throughout Nigeria, Bovi is a talented presenter and event host. In Nigeria’s entertainment sector, his charisma and stage presence make him a popular choice for presenting important events.
  • Recognitions and Awards: For his contributions to Nigerian comedy and entertainment, Bovi has been nominated for and won several awards, including Comedian of the Year at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards, The Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award for Best Actor in a Comedy (AMVCA) and The Nigeria Entertainment Awards’ Best Actor in a Comedy category.


Mark Angel is among the richest comedians in Nigeria. His comedy skit “This is not my real face” gained him significant notoriety.

As the comedian in Nigeria with the most YouTube subscribers, he has amassed over 8.8 million followers.

With Emanuella and Denison Igwe, he began his comedy skits. Aunty Success and he performed comedy together on several occasions when he later met her.


  • Success on YouTube: Mark Angel Comedy, the channel where Mark Angel posts his skits, has millions of subscribers and billions of views globally.
  • Recognition Across the Globe: Mark Angel’s comedic routines have been well-received by viewers outside of Nigeria and Africa.
  • Collaboration with Emmanuella: The popularity of Mark Angel’s Comedy has been greatly attributed to Mark Angel’s collaboration with Emmanuella Samuel, a young actress who appears in numerous of his skits.
  • Awards and Recognitions: In recognition of his services to Nigerian humor and entertainment, Mark Angel has been nominated for and won several honors. These include The Award for Excellence in Leadership and Entertainment presented by African Achievers, The Best Comedy Act of the Year City People Music Award, and The Best Comedy Act Nigerian Entertainment Award.


Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekiru is the real name of Oga Sabinus. Making skits and stand-up comedy are his interests. Oga Sabinus is one of the richest comedians in Nigeria.

Oga Sabinus portrays a sugar-coated man who plays a poor man and uses it to impress women. He is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest comedians and a highly well-liked comic. His primary sources of income are YouTube and Facebook.

He has achieved a lot in the comedy industry.

Oga Sabinus Know Nigeria
OGA SABINUS| Richest Comedians in Nigeria


Francis Agoda, better known by his stage name “I Go Dye,” is one of the richest comedians in Nigeria. He gained notoriety as one of the few Nigerian celebrities with a successful comedy career when he performed with some of the country’s top comics at the renowned comedy show “Night of a Thousand Laughs.”

Apart from comedy, I Go Dye has ventured into real estate and construction. Despite his wealth, his boyish appearance belies his ability to make even the most serious person burst out laughing. I Go Dye is the first comedian to tour Europe, performing in over 7 countries.


  • Stand-Up Comedy: I Go Dye, a well-known comedian in Nigeria, is renowned for his distinct brand of humor that blends wordplay, satire, and social commentary. He has made several appearances at comedic events, concerts, and gatherings in Nigeria and abroad.
  • Nigerian Entertainment Awards: I Go Dye has taken home several awards, including the Best Comedian title.
I Go Dye Know Nigeria
I Go Dye| Richest Comedians in Nigeria


Godwin Komone, popularly known as Gordons, is a multi-talented Nigerian entertainer and among the richest comedians in Nigeria. A source of inspiration for young comedians, he is a comedian, actor, TV presenter, composer, music artist, and TV personality.

Gordons was founded and began his career with the gospel music comedy group D.C. Envoy, based in Delta State. His poor childhood inspired him to try stand-up comedy, which turned out to be a lucrative endeavor.

Gordons Comedy Clinic is the name of the comedy show he hosts. His stage name reportedly came from the names Gordon’s Gin and Gordon’s Spark. 


  • Stand-Up Comedy: Gordons had a long and successful career as one of Nigeria’s most well-known comedians. He is renowned for his captivating stage persona, perceptive humor, and capacity to engage a wide range of listeners.
  • Nigerian Entertainment Awards: The Nigerian entertainment industry has acknowledged Gordons with nominations and prizes at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards, among other things. These honors recognize his influence on the Nigerian entertainment landscape as well as his contributions to the comedy genre.


Okey Bakassi, also known as Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule, is a formidable stand-up comedian.

Comedian Okey Bakassi is one of richest comedians in Nigeria. Okey’s comedic skill allowed him to perform in front of prominent Nigerians, including politicians and celebrities.

Okey was a very talented individual who demonstrated his ability to tell jokes using circumstances.

For his performance in Onye Ozi, he won the 2014 Best of Nollywood Awards’ “Best Actor in a Leading Role (Igbo)” category.


  • Stand-Up Comedy: He gained recognition as one of Nigeria’s top comedians by performing at various comedy shows, events, and concerts both domestically and abroad.
  • Nigerian Entertainment Awards: Nominations and wins at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards are just two of the ways that the Nigerian entertainment industry has acknowledged Okey Bakassi. These honors recognize his influence on the Nigerian entertainment landscape as well as his contributions to the comedy genre.
Okey Bakassi Know Nigeria
Okey Bakassi| Richest Comedians in Nigeria


Who is the world’s richest comedian?

Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld is still the richest comedian despite many syndication deals for his successful 90s comedy series Seinfeld, which he earned via his outstanding vehicle collection, TV career, and bank account. Time magazine says that Seinfeld made US$267 million from the series in 1998 alone.

What is Sabinus’ estimated net worth?

Sabinus, a very popular skit maker estimated net worth is around N600 million. He makes his money from content creation and influencing.

Who is the comedian from Nigeria who is in London?

Babatunde Aléshé, a rising young star in the Black British comedy circuit, is already well-known. Born in Nigeria and raised in Jamaica, he has gained a reputation for genuinely generating humor from experiences that aptly capture the diversity and richness of contemporary life.

Who is the military comedian from Nigeria?

Cute Abiola
After Cute Abiola underwent a trial and was required to perform supervised manual duty in the barracks, the Navy discharged him in December. The comedian was no stranger to controversy; before 2021, the Navy had arrested him multiple times. His birthday photos in a Navy uniform went viral in 2020, leading to his arrest.


In conclusion, it is impossible to avoid asking the following question while considering the lives and careers of the richest comedians in Nigeria. What exactly constitutes comic success? Is it the money gained, the laughs produced, or the influence felt well beyond the stage?

Not only have these comedy titans perfected the art of making us laugh, but they have also propelled the comedy profession to previously unheard-of levels of financial success and cultural significance. We are left wondering: Who will be the next comic visionary to influence Nigeria’s comedic scene and join the ranks of the richest comedians in Nigeria as their stories and laughs continue to inspire and resonate.

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