Best Sanitary Pads in Nigeria

Best Sanitary Pads In Nigeria
Best Sanitary Pads in Nigeria

The need for women to select the best sanitary pads cannot be overemphasized. Finding the best sanitary pads is a key priority in Nigeria, where women’s health and well-being depend on having access to high-quality feminine hygiene products.

The market for menstrual hygiene products is always expanding, making it difficult to choose between the many possibilities.

When choosing the best sanitary pad, there are several things to consider, ranging from absorbency and comfort to cost and dependability.

After considering some factors like absorbency, convenience, cost, and flexibility, the Knownigeria team has come up with a comprehensive list of some of the best sanitary pads available in Nigeria.

This article provides detailed information about the best sanitary pads in Nigeria you can opt for if you are confused about making a choice considering the outrageous number of brands available.

These prices are correct as of the time of the first publication of this article, please be adviced that prices are meant to change depending on when(year) you are reading this article because of Nigeria’s inflation rates. We would try as much as possible to update these prices


What are Sanitary Pads used for?

Sanitary pads, napkins, or menstrual pads are other names for absorbent materials women wear throughout their menstrual cycles to collect and hold onto menstrual blood. 

They are made to be comfortable, stop leaks, and uphold personal hygiene while a woman is menstruating. 

Sanitary pads are available in various sizes, shapes, and absorbencies to meet varying flow levels and preferences. 

After use, they are disposed of and worn inside underpants. Sanitary pads primarily absorb menstrual blood and offer protection to maintain comfort and hygiene during the menstrual process.

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What are the Best Sanitary Pads in Nigeria?

Here are the top Sanitary Pads in Nigeria:

1. Always

  • Always Regular: ₦1,500-₦2,000
  • Always Super: ₦1,700 – ₦2,300
  • Always Maxi: ₦1,800 – ₦2,500

First on our list of best sanitary pads in Nigeria is Always. Many women throughout the nation have come to trust it Always because of its dedication to offering exceptional comfort, superb absorption, and dependable protection. 

The company distinguishes itself from its rivals by emphasising innovation and ongoing development, guaranteeing that women can access superior menstrual hygiene products.

Always is unique because of its commitment to comprehending and meeting the unique demands of Nigerian women. 

The problem with Always is that it is expensive compared to other brands. 

2. Always Ultra

  • Always Ultra Regular: ₦2,000 – ₦2,700
  • Always Ultra Super: ₦2,200 – ₦2,900
  • Always Ultra Maxi: ₦2,500 – ₦3,200

Always Ultra is the next product on our list of the top sanitary pads in Nigeria. 

A special version of the Always brand, Always Ultra is well-known for its exceptionally high absorption and ultra-thin construction. 

These pads are very popular for heavy flows because they feel smooth, comfy, and absorb highly.

The pricey nature of this sanitary pad presents a hurdle. It costs even more than standard Always pads. According to some customers, the thinness reduces comfort level overall.

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3. Lady Care

  • Lady Care Regular: ₦1,000 – ₦1,300
  • Lady Care Super: ₦1,200 – ₦1,500
  • Lady Care Maxi: ₦1,400 -₦1,700

Among the best sanitary pads in Nigeria is Lady Care. It is renowned for being gentle and effective in providing long-lasting defence. 

This brand offers ladies a dependable and comfortable menstrual experience by prioritising comfort without sacrificing absorbency.

For longer durations or larger flows, ladycare might not be appropriate. Comparing the materials to those of other brands, some people say they feel less soft.

4. Soft Care

  • Softcare Regular: ₦1,200 – ₦1,500
  • Softcare Super: ₦1,400 – ₦1,700
  • Softcare Maxi: ₦1,600 – ₦1,900

Unquestionably, Softcare is among the top brands of sanitary pads in Nigeria, providing women with outstanding comfort and security during their menstrual cycles. 

Softcare is unique in that it is committed to offering premium, breathable materials that shield against discomfort and irritation. 

Softcare focuses on meeting the demands of women by emphasising absorption capacity and leak protection so that they may confidently go about their daily activities without any interruptions.

Furthermore, Softcare’s dedication to innovation has created pads with cutting-edge characteristics, including improved absorbency and odour management. 

5. Always Maxi

Always Maxi Regular: ₦1,800 – ₦2,500

Without a doubt, Always Maxi is among Nigerian women’s greatest sanitary pad solutions.

Many women love it because of its exceptional absorbency and durable protection during their menstrual cycle. 

Always Maxi offers a snug and comfortable fit thanks to its special FlexFoam technology, letting women go about their everyday lives pain-free.

Maxi’s unique design, which provides superior absorption and leakage prevention, is one of its best features. 

Because of this, it is especially well-suited to the difficulties of daily living in Nigeria, where there may not be as much access to clean restrooms. 

The Always Maxi’s soft cover also refreshes customers all day while reducing discomfort.

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6. Lady Sept 

  • Lady Sept Regular: ₦1,300 – ₦1,600
  • Lady Sept Super: ₦1,500 – ₦1,800
  • Lady Sept Maxi: ₦1,700 – ₦2,000

Lady Sept has become one of Nigeria’s most well-known sanitary pad brands. Lady Sept provides women with high protection and confidence during their monthly periods with its cutting-edge technology, ultra-absorbent material, and comfortable design. 

In contrast to other sanitary pads available on the market, Lady Sept pays close attention to the specific needs of Nigerian women when developing new products. 

7. Always Infinity 

  • Always Infinity Regular: ₦2,200 – ₦2,900
  • Always Infinity Super: ₦2,500 – ₦3,200

Always Infinity has swiftly risen to the top of Nigerian consumers’ lists of sanitary pads.

Its cutting-edge FlexFoam technology provides outstanding comfort and superb protection, making it a great option for active women. 

This pad provides all-day confidence without adding bulk or causing pain because it can absorb up to ten times its weight and conform to the body’s curve.

Moreover, Always Infinity distinguishes itself from other sanitary pads on the Nigerian market thanks to its remarkable absorbency and distinctive appearance.

8. Angel Secret

  • Angel Secret Regular: ₦1,600 – ₦1,900
  • Angel Secret Super: ₦1,800 – ₦2,100
  • Angel Secret Maxi: ₦2,000 – ₦2,300

Angel Secret pads are renowned for supple and trustworthy leak protection. They put comfort and efficient absorption first, ensuring ladies are secure and at ease during their menstrual cycle.

The pad comes in various alternatives with varying absorbencies, including standard, super, and overnight pads.

Most pad users express dissatisfaction over two issues: the pad is expensive and not usually available in all locations. 

9. Laurier

  • Laurier Regular: ₦2,000 – ₦2,500
  • Laurier Super: ₦2,300 – ₦2,800
  • Laurier Maxi: ₦2,500 – ₦3,000

Laurier provides cutting-edge pads that are made for security and comfort. 

They combine several features to improve comfort and give dependable leak protection, flexibility to accommodate varying flow volumes, and choices for a worry-free and enjoyable experience.

Interestingly, this pad has cutting-edge technology like a cottony soft top layer and wings that adjust to your body movement. 

The pad’s discrete design and comfortable fit are what most people prefer about it.

10. Nittol Ultra

  • Nittol Ultra Regular: ₦1,200 – ₦1,500
  • Nittol Ultra Super: ₦1,400 – ₦1,700

It is well known that Nittol Ultra pads have good absorbency and leak protection. 

These pads have a moderate absorbency to control varying flow levels, giving women a sense of security and dependability during their periods.

Other companies’ Nittol Ultra pads may provide more diversity and leak protection.

A few users have complained that the wings are not particularly flexible.

11. Bella

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  • Bella Regular: ₦1,000 – ₦1,300
  • Bella Super: ₦1,200 – ₦1,500
  • Bella Maxi: ₦1,400 – ₦1,700

Bella has many pads that can be customised to fit different preferences and flow intensities. 

They provide equal weight to comfort and efficacy in absorption, allowing women to select the pads that best suit their needs in comfort and absorbency during their menstrual cycle.

For use overnight or with larger flows, it might not be appropriate.

Some customers claim that the materials feel less robust compared to other brands.

12. Molped

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  • Molped Regular: ₦1,400 – ₦1,700
  • Molped Super: ₦1,600 – ₦1,900
  • Molped Maxi: ₦1,800 – ₦2,100

For good reason, Molped has swiftly established itself as one of Nigeria’s top sanitary pads. Its excellent absorption, comfort, and cost blend distinguishes it from competing products. Numerous women have lauded its capacity to offer enduring protection without inflicting any discomfort or irritation.

Additionally, Molped’s extensive product selection caters to every lady’s unique demands and tastes. Molped has a solution that satisfies the various needs of Nigerian women, whether they are related to light or heavy flow days or specific size requirements. 

Its creative design and meticulous attention to detail also show a dedication to excellence not commonly found in other sanitary pad companies.

13. Natura Fem

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  • Natura Fem Regular: ₦1,700 – ₦2,000
  • Natura Fem Super: ₦1,900 – ₦2,200
  • Natura Fem Maxi: ₦2,100 – ₦2,400 

Nigerian women have taken to Natura Fem as one of the greatest sanitary pads available right away. Using natural and skin-friendly materials to provide an unmatched level of comfort and protection during menstruation is what distinguishes Natura Fem. 

With its cutting-edge technology, Natura Fem ensures optimal absorption and leak protection, offering women peace of mind during their menstrual cycle in a market overflowing with options.

Furthermore, it is impossible to overlook Natura Fem’s commitment to sustainability. The company’s eco-friendly programs and packaging not only lessen their negative effects on the environment but also appeal to an increasing proportion of Nigerian customers who care about the environment. 

14. Virony 

  • Virony Regular: ₦1,100 – 1,400
  • Virony Super: ₦1,300 – ₦1,600
Know Nigeria

Virony sanitary pads have become popular in the Nigerian market since they provide women with unmatched comfort and protection during their menstrual cycle. 

Virony guarantees optimal absorbency and leak-proof confidence with its cutting-edge technology and premium materials, enabling women to go about their days without interruptions. 

Apart from its practicality, Virony’s dedication to offering reasonably priced, high-quality sanitary products has struck a chord with customers throughout Nigeria, making it a well-liked and reachable option for ladies from diverse backgrounds.

Virony’s emphasis on user comfort is one of its primary differentiators. Soft, breathable materials were used in the design of the pads to prevent irritation and discomfort and provide a comfortable experience all day. 

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What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sanitary Pad in Nigeria?

When selecting a sanitary pad, there are several things to take into account:

Absorbing Power: 

Think about your flow: is it light, moderate, or heavy? Select a pad whose absorbency corresponds to your flow to ensure efficient protection against leaks.

Fit and Comfort: 

Seek for pads that are pleasant to wear. Think about the material, shape, and size of the pad. A proper fit guarantees it stays in place without causing pain or irritation.


To lessen the chance of rashes or irritation, use pads made of breathable materials that encourage air circulation and inhibit excessive perspiration.

Length and Density: 

Depending on your demands and tastes, decide on the pad’s length and thickness. While smaller pads offer discretion, longer ones offer greater coverage.

Skin Sensitivity: 

To reduce the possibility of discomfort or allergic reactions, choose pads that are hypoallergenic or specially made for sensitive skin if you have sensitive skin.

Wings or Not at All: 

Certain pads have wings or side flaps that aid in keeping the pad firmly in position. Consider whether you like pads with or without wings for extra security.

Extra Elements: 

Certain pads include moisture-wicking capabilities, odour control, or natural/organic materials. Think about these aspects in light of your requirements and preferences.

The Price and Availability: 

Take into account the pads’ accessibility and price. Select a sort or brand that is affordable and easily accessible when required.

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What are the key features when choosing the best sanitary pads in Nigeria?

Key features to consider include absorption level, comfort, breathability, and leakage protection.

Are there eco-friendly options for sanitary pads available in Nigeria?

Yes, eco-friendly options are made from sustainable materials and biodegradable components.

Can I find hypoallergenic sanitary pads in Nigeria?

Yes, you can find hypoallergenic options suitable for sensitive skin and allergy-prone individuals.

Do the best sanitary pads in Nigeria offer long-lasting protection?

Yes, reputable brands offer long-lasting protection against leaks and odours.


Supporting women’s health and well-being requires choosing the best sanitary pads available in Nigeria. It is clear from a thorough analysis of the several brands on the market that comfort, absorption, and general quality are prioritised. These best sanitary pad options give women across the nation confidence and peace of mind by focusing on offering dependable protection during menstruation. 

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