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Shipping Companies In Lagos Know Nigeria

Shipping companies play a crucial role in facilitating international trade and ensuring the smooth movement of goods from one location to another. In Lagos, Nigeria’s economic hub, numerous shipping companies operate, each offering a range of services to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals alike. The contribution given by shipping companies in Lagos helps the industries in Lagos continue to prosper. In reality, because shipping companies bring in 24-hour business activity, its GDP has continued to rise along with the growth in economic value. 

Shipping companies are logistics firms specializing in the transportation of goods by sea, air, or land. These companies provide a wide range of services, including freight forwarding, customs clearance, documentation, warehousing, packaging, and delivery. They act as intermediaries between exporters, importers, carriers, and regulatory authorities, ensuring that goods are transported efficiently and in compliance with international trade laws.

Shipping Companies In Lagos

Many of the shipping firms in Lagos specialize in air freight, while others provide both marine and air freight services. Additionally, they provide regular road transit for cargo between Nigeria and its neighbors.

When transporting goods and services, the typical shipping times for air freight and sea freight, respectively, are 7 to 10 working days and 14 to 90 days, respectively.

In this article, we will explore why it is essential to choose the best shipping companies and provide a comprehensive list of the top 10 shipping companies in Lagos.

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What do Shipping Companies in Lagos Do?

Shipping companies in Lagos offer a range of services tailored to the unique needs of businesses and individuals involved in local and international trade. These services typically include:

1. Freight forwarding

Shipping companies in Lagos handle the logistical process of organizing and coordinating the movement of goods from one location to another. This includes arranging transportation, preparing documentation, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

2. Customs clearance

Shipping companies in Lagos assist in the smooth clearance of goods through customs, ensuring compliance with import and export regulations. They handle paperwork, ensure the proper payment of duties and taxes, and facilitate inspections when required.

3. Packaging and warehousing

Shipping companies in Lagos offer secure storage and packaging solutions for goods, safeguarding them during transit and providing convenient options for businesses that require temporary storage.

4. Tracking and tracing

To ensure transparency and provide peace of mind, shipping companies in Lagos utilize tracking systems that allow customers to monitor the movement of their goods from pickup to delivery.

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Why You Need The Best Shipping Companies

Here are the reasons why you need the best shipping companies in Lagos.

1. Commitment and Real-time Support

The process of shipping comprises numerous departments and potential difficulties. A reliable shipping business will adhere to cutting-edge security measures to guarantee prompt delivery. But as a shipper or receiver, you might worry about the shipment. 

For real-time information to be received, the shipping company’s dedicated support is essential. And a precise understanding of the delivery schedule in the event of any unanticipated delays. The best shipping companies offer 24/7 online, email, and telephone support.

2. Fast Delivery of Shipments

International shipping is known for taking longer than domestic shipping. However, the top shipping companies in Lagos put in place the necessary safeguards to minimize travel time. 

Compare the firms’ anticipated realistic delivery schedules. This is determined along with the business’s dependability. They follow all formalities and documentation requirements and they do not skip those to guarantee quick delivery.  

3. Safety of Cargo

The cargo must be delivered securely and undamaged after being transported safely. A faulty product cannot be exchanged, correct? The best shipping companies in Lagos ensure this. You can examine the facilities at the warehouse systems, the safety precautions they take, and the packing and shipping procedures they follow with the shipping firm. Reviews and ratings of shipping companies in Lagos may shed light on this issue.

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List Of The Top Shipping Companies in Lagos

Always choose the best service provider while seeking for an international shipping firm to move your goods, container, vehicle, etc. 

Here, I’ve included a list of the top shipping companies in Lagos that are trustworthy and provide top-notch customer service:

1. SIFAX Group

As a multinational conglomerate, it is a collection of businesses with diverse investing interests in the maritime, aviation, finance, and energy sectors. 

Best Shipping Companies In Lagos
Sifax Group

Sifax Group is currently one of the leading shipping companies in Lagos thanks to its outstanding reputation for service delivery, competent workforce, specialized business solutions, and usage of cutting-edge equipment.

It is located at number 54 Warehouse Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria

2. Associated Port & Marine Development Company

APMDC is a properly licensed and well-run shipping company with ISO accreditation.  The company has worked hard to provide a broad range of shipping and logistics services since its founding in the year 2005. Such services are hired out to vessel owners and charters operating in Nigerian waters.

Best Shipping Companies In Lagos

It is one of the top shipping companies in Lagos and is located at 7B Oranyan Road, Off Oduduwa Street,101254, Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Fortune Global Limited

Fortune Global is a reputable shipping and logistics firm with locations across the globe in 100 countries. 

Fortune Global Limited is one of the top shipping companies in Lagos. Marine logistics, international freight forwarding, project logistics, freight clearance, protocol services, free zone operations, and warehousing are a few of the services they provide.

Their office is at Ajao Estate 15 Fatai Irawo Street, Off Airport Road, Oshodi-Isolo.

4. Oregun Freight Handling Limited

They provide services for processing personal effects, warehousing, and package management.

Oregun Freight Handling Limited is located in Oregun, Ikeja, at Plot 11, Block 1, Memunat Ayodeji Crescent.

5. Simplified Corporate Logistics

Simplified Corporate Logistics has a team of professionals to devise specialized business solutions so that your company can grow quickly while remaining straightforward and effective. 

This Company is one of the best shipping companies in Lagos and has essentially served as the successful small and medium business firms’ right arm and is located at 11 Ajibade Oke St, Isolo 100263, Lagos, Nigeria.

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6. Comet Shipping Agencies

Comet Shipping Agency was founded in 1984. The Company has developed considerable expertise in handling all different types of vessels and cargo over the previous few decades in its capacity as an independent agent. 

More than 200 vessels were handled by Comet Shipping Agencies in the Lagos port alone.

Nalcomet Logo@2X 8.Png Know Nigeria
Comet Shipping Agencies

7. Antwerp Shipping Nigeria Limited

A variety of domestic and international courier, goods forwarding, and clearing services are provided by the shipping corporation. Their office is located in Eleganza Plaza, 1 Commercial Road, First Floor, Leo Block, Apapa.

8. Nonikings

They provide shipping services such as clearing and forwarding, packaging and sorting, as well as delivery and tracking of goods. Due to their ability to provide monthly discounts on premium air & sea freight, many startups and business owners use their services. Nonokings is ranked as one of the best shipping companies in Lagos.

Their office is located in Ikeja on Ola Ayeni Street.

9. Confidence Cargo Limited

Confidence Cargo Limited, a reputable company recognized for its superior service, is a leading custom-licensed air freight company and one of the top shipping companies in Lagos. It has always excelled in providing the best air freight consolidation services.

Confidence Cargo Limited is located at Aviation Estate, 7 Adeola Ajayi Crescent, Off M/M International Airport Road, 234001, Lagos, Nigeria.

10. LANSAL Ltd

The most well-known indigenous shipping company in Nigeria, Lansal Ltd, is well-known throughout the world. The company, which was founded in 1979, provides all-inclusive shipping and logistical services. 

Lansal Ltd is one of the best shipping companies in Lagos and is located at 4 Creek Road, Marina, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Choosing the best shipping company in Lagos is vital for ensuring efficient and reliable delivery of goods. These top 10 shipping companies in Lagos have established themselves through their reliable services, efficient operations, and wide-ranging capabilities. Whether you are an individual or a business engaged in international trade, opting for a reputable shipping company will help streamline your logistic needs, prevent delays, and ensure your goods arrive in a timely and secure manner.

Remember to consult with individual shipping companies in Lagos to understand their specific services, rates, and policies before making a final decision on which company to choose for your shipping needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose a suitable shipping company in Lagos?

It is recommended to consider factors such as reputation, experience, range of services, reliability, and customer reviews when selecting a shipping company in Lagos.

What documents are required for international shipping?

Commonly required documents include commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, and certificates of origin. Specific requirements may vary depending on the nature of the goods and the destination country.

How can I track my shipment?

Shipping companies provide tracking numbers or online portals through which customers can monitor the status and location of their shipments in real-time.

Can shipping companies handle customs clearance?

Yes, shipping companies usually offer customs clearance services, ensuring that goods comply with import and export regulations.

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