List of Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria

Oil And Gas Companies In Nigeria
Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria

Nigeria, dubbed “the Giant of Africa,” continues to dominate the world’s oil and gas market. It is not surprising that the country is home to several renowned businesses specializing in this industry, given its substantial reserves and advantageous location. 

This in-depth article presents a thorough list of Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria while illuminating their contributions to domestic and global markets. 

This article will be your go-to guide for learning about the main actors advancing Nigeria’s dynamic oil and gas industry, whether you’re an investor looking for possibilities or simply inquisitive about the nation’s energy environment.


Unquestionably important, Nigeria’s oil and gas sector contributes significantly to the nation’s economy. Nigeria continues to produce the most crude oil in Africa, with proven oil reserves estimated at 37 billion barrels. 

It not only produces large amounts of oil, but it also has enormous natural gas reserves, which total over 200 trillion cubic feet. These resources are mainly located in the Niger Delta area, which is home to a large number of multinational corporations.

The effects of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry go beyond simple economics. It has a significant impact on national socio-political dynamics as well as governmental policies and foreign relations. 

Despite enormous growth and development potential, this industry faces problems like corruption, environmental deterioration, and shoddy infrastructure. However, new initiatives by accountable businesses and governmental organizations have sought to address these concerns more effectively.

Nigeria’s oil and gas sector faces doubts about its future dominance as the dynamics of power transition to renewable energy sources and environmental practices gather traction globally. 

The government understands the necessity to invest in alternative energy areas like solar power generation and agriculture to diversify its economy and reduce its over-dependence on hydrocarbons. 

Such initiatives seek to increase national toughness while maintaining Nigeria’s economic sustainability after using fossil resources.


Nigerian oil is also among the priciest; at the close of Friday’s trading, it sold for more than $118 per barrel. 

List Of Oil And Gas Companies In Nigeria

According to NNPC in their Annual Statistical Bulletin, Nigeria has produced over 8.42bn oil barrels and sold to over 56 countries worldwide. 

From records, Spain is Nigeria’s most significant oil Buyer as of 2022, followed by India, Italy, France, Netherlands, United States, Indonesia, Canada, Ivory Coast, and Portugal.

Here is a summary table of Nigeria’s oil buyers and how much they spent over the years according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS):

SpainN580.2 billion
IndiaN703.26 billion
ItalyN442.11 billion
FranceN233.74 billion
NetherlandN226.79 billion
United StatesN199.54 billion 
IndonesiaN197.60 billion
CanadaN202.03 billion
Ivory CoastN182.79 billion
PortugalN117.8 billion.

An analysis of the data indicates that an increased crude oil production by 100,000 daily translates to a 2.8 million output in February 2023.


Here are some of the top oil and gas companies in Nigeria:

1. Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil is also among the top oil and gas companies in Nigeria that is making waves in the oil industry. It was established in 1999 with headquarters in Irving, Texas.

ExxonMobil, one of the world’s most integrated fuels, lubricants, and chemical businesses, controls a portfolio of resources that leads the industry.

They have evolved our operational model and global organization to better capitalize on the size of our highly integrated company and worldwide brands. They operate globally in their three main businesses.

They prioritize minimizing greenhouse gas emissions while addressing civilization’s changing energy and basic demands. 

Additionally, they create opportunities for our employees to grow meaningfully, and they work to support the success of their industrial, commercial, and retail clients by setting the standard for operational and financial performance, forming crucial alliances, utilizing our competitive advantage, and coming up with novel solutions.

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2. South Atlantic Petroleum (SAPETRO) 

Headquarters: Odeku Street, Lagos, Nigeria 

One of the top oil and gas companies in Nigeria, South Atlantic Petroleum (SAPETRO), is well known for its proficiency in exploration and production.

 Since its founding in 1995, SAPETRO has contributed significantly to the expansion and advancement of Nigeria’s oil sector. SAPETRO has consistently pushed the limits of excellence, focusing on sustainable practices and innovation.

SAPETRO’s dedication to environmental stewardship distinguishes it from other Nigerian oil and gas industry participants. 

Through the use of cutting-edge technologies for clean energy alternatives and the application of strict regulations, the corporation is still committed to minimizing its ecological impact. 

This coordinated effort affects not only the local ecosystem but also broader international efforts for sustainability.

It is currently the second largest acreage holder in all offshore East and Southern Africa.

3. Hardy Plc 

One of the top oil and gas companies in Nigeria, Hardy Plc has a long and illustrious history. The business is notable for its dedication to excellence and innovation, consistently breaking new ground in its exploration and production endeavors. 

Hardy Plc has established itself as a prominent player in releasing Nigeria’s enormous hydrocarbon resources thanks to a varied portfolio of assets located all throughout the nation.

The emphasis on sustainability at Hardy Plc is one of the things that makes it unique. The business is committed to ethical business practices, ensuring it complies with legal standards and actively works to protect the environment. 

Additionally, Hardy Plc knows that success in the oil and gas industry depends heavily on collaboration. 

While upholding cultural values and fostering social harmony, the corporation aggressively seeks collaborations with regional communities, governmental organizations, and other stakeholders.

4. TotalEnergies

Next on our list of oil and gas companies in Nigeria is TotalEnergies, founded in 1924. TotalEnergies is rapidly establishing itself as a significant player in the Nigerian oil and gas sector. 

By funding renewable energy initiatives like solar power plants and off-grid systems, the corporation is adjusting to the shifting energy situation. 

By adopting this change, TotalEnergies hopes to lessen its carbon footprint while guaranteeing that Nigerians have dependable access to energy.

TotalEnergies’ dedication to local content development is one of the main characteristics that sets it apart from other oil and gas firms in Nigeria. 

To help local people succeed in the sector, the company has been aggressively pushing job creation and skills development programs. 

TotalEnergies educates young engineers and technicians through collaborations with academic institutions, providing them with the skills necessary for the developing energy sector.

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5. Nexen Petroleum Nigeria Limited

An international energy firm having activities in Asia, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, and Europe is CNOOC Multinational, the international division of CNOOC Limited. 

They have continually discovered and developed assets of the highest caliber to achieve their successful expansion as an upstream oil and gas producer.

Their company’s primary goal is to safely explore and produce from assets such as oil sands and offshore conventional and unconventional resources. 

Their size and capabilities produce a competitive advantage that ensures their delivery of long-term value as a member of the CNOOC Group of enterprises, which spans the full energy supply chain. 

6. Nigerian Agip Oil (NAOC) 

Among the big oil and gas companies in Nigeria is Eni. Eni whose headquarter is in Italy, was established in 1962 through Nigerian Agip Oil Company, its subsidiary.

It is an integrated energy company with over 31.000 people in nearly 68 countries. Their primary focus is on hydrocarbon exploration and production and power production. 

Additionally, NAOC emphasizes the value of environmental protection and goes to great lengths to reduce its ecological footprint. 

The corporation actively engages in community sensitization about best practices for protecting nature, invests in renewable energy projects, sponsors reforestation efforts, and uses cutting-edge technologies to reduce emissions. 

This shows how committed NAOC is to preserving biodiversity and how well-versed they are regarding environmental stewardship and long-term economic success.

7. Shell Energy

Shell is a top player in the oil industry. It has been active and cooperating with the NNPC since 1937. Many Nigerians love working for Shell because of its decent salary rates. 

Shell Energy, one of the top Nigerian oil and gas companies, was founded in 1937 with headquarters in Rivers, Nigeria. Over the years, the company has significantly impacted the nation’s energy industry. 

Shell Energy has been essential in utilizing Nigeria’s enormous hydrocarbon resources because of its broad knowledge and creative strategy. The corporation continually puts sustainable development first while ensuring a steady energy supply to fulfill rising demand.

Currently, Shell Energy has four subsidiaries in Nigeria: The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria joint venture (SPDC JV), Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCo), Shell Nigeria Gas (SNG), Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG)

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8. Equinor ASA

An important player in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector is Equinor ASA, formerly Statoil, founded in 1992 with headquarters in Stavanger, Norway.

With more than 50 years of experience in the nation, Equinor has proven its dedication to ethical business practices and sustainable development. 

As one of Nigeria’s top oil and gas companies, Equinor contributes a wealth of knowledge and technological breakthroughs to Nigeria’s energy sector.

Equinor’s importance in creating local content in Nigeria is one remarkable facet of its presence there. 

The corporation has proactively invested in supporting Nigerian enterprises and enhancing local capability through partnerships and joint ventures. 

Equinor encourages long-term sustainability within the sector in addition to Nigeria’s economic growth through fostering skill and knowledge transfer.

9. Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL)

One of Nigeria’s top oil and gas companies, Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL), has contributed significantly to developing the nation’s petroleum resources. 

Chevron is an American company known as one of the largest investors and oil producers in Nigeria with headquarters in San Ramon, California, USA. 

In 1913, Chevron started conducting business in Nigeria, dealing in gas, oil, and alternative energy. 

As a joint venture of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), it operates in onshore and offshore assets in the Niger Delta region. 

Since it began operating in Nigeria more than 50 years ago, CNL has substantially impacted the industry through its exploration, production, and refining efforts.

The dedication of CNL to social responsibility and community development initiatives distinguishes it from other oil and gas firms. 

Through the implementation of programs that address socioeconomic issues in education, health, and infrastructure, the corporation actively participates in the local community. This strategy not only promotes goodwill but also aids in creating enduring connections with stakeholders.

10. Addax Petroleum 

Headquarters: Beijing, China 

Addax Petroleum is one of Nigeria’s oil and gas companies established in 1994. This is the only Nogeria company subsidiary of one of China’s largest oil and gas producers, the Sinopec Group.  

One of its distinguishing characteristics is the company’s dedication to CSR initiatives, which go beyond merely extracting resources by engaging in sustainable practices that help local people.

Addax Petroleum’s focus on innovation and tech-driven solutions sets it apart from its rivals. The business has led the way in implementing cutting-edge drilling methods and technology to boost output while reducing environmental impact. 

Addax keeps upholding its dedication to ethical resource exploitation and promoting development and profitability in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry by making these efforts.

Addax Petroleum prioritizes upholding enduring connections with stakeholders at all levels in addition to its technical proficiency. 

The business ensures its activities align with national economic development strategies by encouraging engagement with governmental agencies, local communities, and other pertinent groups.


What are the top oil and gs companies in Nigeria?

There are several oil and gas companies in Nigeria. Here are the top firms:

 1. Exxon Mobil
2. South Atlantic Petroleum (SAPETRO) 
3. Hardy Plc 
4. TotalEnergies
5. Nexen Petroleum Nigeria Limited
6. Nigerian Agip Oil (NAOC) 
7. Shell Energy
8. Equinor ASA
9. Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL)
10. Addax Petroleum 

Which country is the biggest Nigerian Oil buyer?

The biggest oil buyer of Nigeria’s crude is Spain.

How many oil and gas companies are in Nigeria?

About 131 companies work in Nigeria’s oil industry, including drilling and survey contractors., including drilling and survey contractors, work in Nigeria’s oil industry

Who is Nigeria’s largest oil company?

One of Nigeria’s biggest investors and one of the country’s largest oil producers is Chevron.


Finally, Nigeria is home to a large variety of oil and gas firms, each of which is vital to the nation’s economy and energy industry. This list offers a thorough overview of some of the major participants in the market, highlighting their varied operations and contributions. 

These businesses will be crucial in fostering growth and assuring Nigeria’s sustainable energy output as it continues expanding its oil and gas resources.

Investors, decision-makers, and other stakeholders should monitor these companies’ actions and advancements as they manage the potential and difficulties in this fast-paced industry. Understanding Nigeria’s oil and gas industry would help us better comprehend its economic impact and work to maximize the potential gains for all parties involved.

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