10 Best Dispatch Riders in Lagos

Dispatch Riders In Lagos
Dispatch Riders in Lagos

Dispatch riders are quickly taking over as a crucial industry in Lagos because it’s tough for people to travel around easily due to the severe traffic. The riders are quick and efficient, and they can deliver goods quickly in addition to being familiar with the city.

You’ve probably used the services of a dispatch company at some point, whether you’re a business owner who depends on distribution to sell your products or a person who needs to send something to a loved one. Dispatch riders play a crucial role and frequently handle delicate items like food or smartphones. This is why it is suggested that you only work with reputable businesses.

Do you need trustworthy and effective dispatch riders in Lagos? Look nowhere else! We’ll introduce you to the 10 best dispatch riders in Lagos in this article, who are available to handle all of your delivery requirements.

These dispatch riders have a solid track record of providing excellent service and a dedication to client happiness. Let’s explore and choose your ideal delivery partners.

10 Best Dispatch Riders in Lagos

1. Gokada

Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, is home to the premier technological startup Gokada, which has the potential to overtake all other African competitors in terms of Dispatch Rider and logistics in Lagos. It is considered one of the best dispatch riders in Lagos.

You may complete all tasks on a single platform using the app. It’s no longer necessary to download numerous apps to complete various delivery types.

Real-time tracking of your products from pick-up through delivery. Customers can also be given the tracking URL.

Instant parcel delivery, meal delivery, ride-hailing, and other services are all offered by Gokada. Gokada is based in Lagos at the moment but is spreading to other places.

Contact Details

Address: 11 Tinubu St, Onipanu 100252, Lagos

Phone number: 0802 726 1647

10 Best Dispatch Riders In Lagos
Gokada| Dispatch Riders in Lagos

2. Red Star Express

Red Star Express has established a strong reputation as one of the best dispatch riders in Lagos thanks to its wide network throughout the nation.

To compete in the fiercely competitive Nigerian market, businesses must offer dependable, high-quality services. Here are some reasons Red Star is the greatest in the field.

Red Star Express is a diverse business with a focus on customer service. Air express, domestic direct distribution, and bulk mail are its three main business segments.

Five service subsidiaries of the Group are focused on offering value-added services. They also provide warehousing, integrated logistics solutions, and a variety of other services.

The company’s experience in several industries aids clients in achieving their goals more quickly.

The business has a listing on the Nigerian stock exchange, and its array of services has expanded over time. In 1994, the company’s founder, Red Star Express, partnered with US express service juggernaut FedEx.

Additionally, the business processes bulk mail and provides a variety of expedited delivery options. Other divisions include freight management, warehousing, and forwarding of freight.

3. Trans-Nationwide Express Plc (TRANEX)

Trans-Nationwide Express Plc (TRANEX) is one of the best dispatch riders in Lagos offering local and international express delivery, haulage, freight, and other transportation and storage services.

Delivery via Tranex Express is focused on domestic express delivery within Nigeria, and they have offices in all of the state capitals as well as other significant cities. You may ship and get your things exactly when you want them thanks to the wide variety of delivery choices it offers. Same-day and next-day deliveries are available as choices for services.

Deliveries to isolated regions of Nigeria, such as Bonny Island, Gembu, Ogoja, etc., typically take two to three days. Speed, security, signatures, express service specialization, and individualization are just a few of their service advantages.

Major global partners in more than 200 nations facilitate TRANEX international delivery.

Contact Details

Head Office Address: #28, Oshodi Apapa Expressway, Oshodi Lagos.

Customer Care Services : (+234) 8123682573

4. CourierPlus Ltd.

A Nigerian company offering supply chain management services is called CourierPlus Ltd. Having been established in 2009, CourierPlus has developed into one of the best dispatch riders in Lagos. Their positioning enables them to propose and deliver tailored business solutions to customers both domestically and abroad.

To foster their growth, all businesses, no matter how little, need a support structure, and at CourierPlus, they deliberately build solutions that cater to this need.

CourierPlus is more than just a dispatch rider; they link people and recognize that every connection they make has the potential to deliver long-lasting joy. Most importantly, they firmly believe in the power of development.

Contact Details

Address: 1A, Olabode Street, Muritala Muhammed International Airport Road, Lagos Nigeria

Phone no. +234–703-307-4129

10 Best Dispatch Riders In Lagos
CourierPlus Ltd.| Dispatch Riders in Lagos

5. Send Mercury

Send Mercury is a cutting-edge dispatch rider committed to offering quick, dependable, and effective delivery services to fulfill the needs of Clients in Lagos.

Send Mercury provides door-to-door delivery, immediate pickups, bulk deliveries, real-time tracking, logistics handling, pay-on-delivery, and same-day delivery services.

Contact Details

07025007689 or 07025007679

6. Brain Express

In contrast to some of the bigger, more well-known dispatch riders in Lagos, Brain Express specializes in bike delivery services and can deliver your package quickly. To beat the traffic and deliver your delivery on time, Brain Express works directly with its customers.

In Brain Express, their bike messengers travel throughout the cities of Lagos. Customers can save money by using bike dispatch riders in Lagos because there are fewer costs associated with them, such as fuel and congestion fees. When a customer utilizes Brain Express again, a positive working relationship frequently develops, and discounts are frequently provided, especially for shorter deliveries. Brain Express and the consumer both benefit from repeat business.

Contact Details


10 Best Dispatch Riders In Lagos
Brain Express| Dispatch Riders in Lagos

7. HOR Logistics

HOR Logistics is another logistic that is among the best dispatch riders in Lagos. Established in 2017, they have grown quickly and have now expanded their offerings to include delivery services within Nigeria, international shipping from the UK and the US, and assistance with the checkout. Through their Logistics Synergy program, Fleet management program, and Mentorship program, we empower people.

Contact Details

Address: 3B Lucky Garden, alternative route, Opposite Rhema Chapel Chevron, Lekki Expressway, Lagos, Nigeria

Contact no.: +2348133827441

Website: http://horlogistics.com.ng

8. Packmyload

Packmyload is a reputable moving business with technology at a core that was built to transfer more than just your possessions. Their diligence and sincere smiles will move you.

Strong, experienced packmen who have undergone a 5-star experience are provided with each Pack. To load, transport, and deliver your products safely, they will go above and above.

Contact Details

Address: 12 Hundeyin St, Ogudu 100242, Lagos, Nigeria

Contact No.: +2347007225776

Website: https://www.packmyload.com/my

Packmyload Know Nigeria
Packmyload| Dispatch Riders in Lagos

9. MGL Logistics

MGL Logistics takes pride in being the only domestic dispatch rider with the foresight, aptitude, and world-class customer service culture to rival any global brand. They provide businesses and organizations in Nigeria, the United States, and the United Kingdom with end-to-end logistics solutions.

MGL, which operates out of three locations across the USA and Nigeria, is another prominent dispatch rider in Lagos and is currently ranked among one of the best dispatch riders in Lagos.

Since 2021, they have been distributing and working in the logistics industry, continuously expanding. On the Google Play store, you may get the MGL app.

Location: 3, Church Street, Off Olowu Street, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

10. Wainwork Logistic

Wainwork Logistics excels in providing quick and effective delivery. You can check the progress of your deliveries at every stage thanks to their knowledgeable dispatch riders in Lagos and cutting-edge tracking technology.

They place a great priority on punctual deliveries and handle your items with the utmost expertise. You can rely on Wainwork Logistics for timely and dependable service.

Contact Details

Call/WhatsApp:+234 818 068 3062 or 07089851034

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another name for the dispatch riders?

Motorcycle dispatch riders, also referred to as couriers, deliver packages swiftly. Packages, letters, legal documents, and messages are examples of items.

Which is more affordable, Uber or Bolt?

Though prices can change depending on the city and the time of day, Bolt is often less expensive than Uber. Additionally, Bolt and Uber also offer the option to ship items, which is more convenient (and frequently less expensive) than personally delivering an item.

What role does dispatch riders play?

Emergency and non-emergency calls from people who may be in danger are handled by dispatchers. In addition to keeping confidentiality throughout, they manage the call by ensuring that the appropriate response teams are available to care for them.

Is inDriver less costly than Bolt?

Uber deducts 25% from fares, Bolt adds 15%, and inDriver levies an 8% commission fee. Because of this, commuters will probably spend less if they plan rides through inDriver. They also can haggle and establish pricing before trips.

What does delivery cost in Lagos?

Deliveries inside the Lagos Mainland or Island cost between 700 naira and 1,500 naira, while those from the Lagos Mainland to the Island, or vice versa, cost between 1,000 naira and 3,000 naira for packages weighing less than 5kg. Deliveries within Lagos may be made the same day or take 1-3 days, depending on the delivery company.

Which is more affordable, Uber or Bolt?

Bolt often charges less than Uber, though prices might change depending on the city and the time of day. Additionally, it is more convenient (and frequently less expensive) to send packages using Uber or Bolt than it is to deliver an item yourself.


In Lagos, the logistics sector is a rapidly expanding industry, and as a result, many of them have appeared recently. As a result, there are several factors to take into account when choosing a dispatch rider. When choosing which dispatch riders in Lagos to utilize, reliability and cost should be taken into appropriate consideration.

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