14 Best Spas In Lagos

Best Spas In Lagos

Lagos is one of Nigeria’s most well-liked states, if not the most so. Some of the traits connected to this condition are the commotion. The phrase “center for excellence” is not only thrown about for show. You have to be exceptional if you want to succeed in business in Lagos. Lagos is typically split into an island and a mainland. Our attention is on the Island where luxuries are required.

It could be challenging to choose the best spa in Lagos. This is due to the truly fantastic resorts that are available here. They all provide a variety of services that are high-quality and stylish. We have a spa in Lagos that is both the greatest and the most affordable.

Read on and check out the 14 Best Spas in Lagos.


1. Increase the flow of blood

In a spa, the water is typically maintained at a higher temperature (35–38°C), which helps your muscles and tendons relax and stimulates blood flow. Tiredness and physical soreness will subside after your circulation is improved.

2. Get rid of toxins

Spas also help our soft tissues discharge toxins because of the hot water’s ability to do so. After spending a day in the water, your skin will appear cleaner, smoother, and more radiant—but most importantly, impurities-free.

3. Improves flexibility

Pressurized water jets with varying heights are available at the spa to target various body regions. A soothing massage that promotes flexibility can aid your neck, thighs, buttocks, calves, and other muscles.

4. Boost the quality of sleep

You’ll feel better after spa visits combined with unwinding massages. When our muscles are relaxed, we can fall asleep more quickly and have more restful sleep. What’s the purpose? To feel refreshed and have enough energy when I wake up.

5. Boost the immunity

The stimulation of our lymph nodes by spas contributes to the improvement of our body’s defense mechanisms. You’ll notice that looking after your exterior self also has a great effect on the inside.

6. Relieves pain

Our hotels also have the opportunity for body treatments like massages, all performed by qualified therapists who can identify the cause of pain, concentrate on it, and progressively lessen it throughout these sessions. These treatments are available in addition to all the advantages water can provide.



The first location we are considering is unquestionably more than just one of the massage spas in Lagos. The Tirtu Ayu Spa has expanded the idea of spas beyond massages. Because of this, they are regarded as Lagos Island’s top beauty spa.

One of their numerous advantages is having locations all over the place. You must pass through two spots alone on the Island and another in Abuja. They should be the best, especially with features like a membership program and a kid’s menu. It is at 8 Olabode George St, 106104, Lagos, Nigeria.

14 Best Spas In Lagos

2. Clear Essence Resort California Spa  

Saying you are speaking about the best spas in Lagos while omitting the top spot on their extensive list would be incorrect. There are undoubtedly additional amenities at the Clear Essence California Resort Spa. As a comprehensive resort, they can provide a wider range of services than you might anticipate.

The spa packages offered here make decisions that could otherwise be difficult to make. We are searching for value for our money, and this spa consistently provides it. It is located at 13 Alexander Rd,101233, Ikoyi, Lagos.

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One of the best and most seasoned spas in Lagos State, Nigeria, is Bioviva. They are primarily devoted to Christian meditation and are the first holistic spa in West Africa.

According to their clients, a spa session with them will link the mind, body, and spirit. They also provide a unique and sensitizing environment that encourages mental clarity and sexual purity.

Using a combination of elements from Africa, Asia, and the West, Bioviva Holistic Spa excels at designing and developing specific treatments and skin care products. They have more than 40 years of experience with clientele from all over the world.

They are experts in acupuncture, cosmetic treatments, special care for older adults, vitamin infusion, rejuvenating therapies, and spa services. They also work in Christian meditation centers and advanced skincare. It is located at 4 Onitilo Street, Ikoyi Lagos.


Body Temple has been a program for comforting souls since 2011 and is situated in the center of Victoria Island, Lagos. It’s a location where individuals can unwind, refuel, and rest.

Only you and your needs are the centers of this small, sensitive spa. The extensive selection of spa services will leave you with plenty of options. You were considered in the design of this spa, which includes the therapy rooms, oxygen bar, and manicure and pedicure section.

Their therapists are extremely knowledgeable, and their spa treatments are created to immerse and soothe your soul while renewing your body and mind.


Oriki Spa is considered one of the best spas in Lagos. This company focuses more on skincare than on spas. They also offer massage and skin care, though. This skincare brand uses natural ingredients to provide the greatest methods for unwinding and reducing stress.

Along with massages, body treatments, skin care, and facial treatments, Oriki also offers a men’s grooming salon and a halo hair salon. Couples massages can be had here as well.

From head to toe, Oriki Spa provides its customers with a wide choice of services. They provide hammam baths, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, and massages. For as little as 18,000 a session, you can book a session at this spa.

14 Best Spas In Lagos


A holistic center for well-being and beauty is Rejuvenee. They provide first-rate services to enhance their clients’ well-being and inner tranquility.

They have some of the best equipment, knowledge, and therapists regarding spas. Over 20 years in the beauty, luxury spa, and leisure industries, they have combined their expertise while paying special attention to detail.

They are experts in cosmetic dentistry, body cleanses, body wraps, and facial rejuvenation. They also include a men’s grooming room, exercise studio, weight loss consultant, henna lounge, nail studio, lash bar, hair salon, and private terraces space for special gatherings.

The personnel at Rejuvenate Spa is well-trained, cordial, and quite professional.

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This all-natural beauty spa is situated in the Ikeja Golf Club, 1 Works Road, off Oba Akintobih Way, in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. It offers only the best spa services and herbal and natural skin care products.

In the years since its doors in 2014, prominent figures in the city have given it numerous favorable reviews.

It is one of the best spas in Lagos that ensure a healthy lifestyle and general wellness by offering the best spa treatments and massages.

8. B Natural MedSpa

The B-natural gym and fitness center is one area of the spa I can’t leave out; you could burn off that extra calorie… It is the best spa on Lagos Island.

With a wide variety of spa services of the highest caliber, the Bnatural Spa has established a reputation in the Lagos spa business. Whether you want a body spa or a massage spa in Lagos. We will never stop praising this spa.

B-Natural Medspa is a top-notch facility for skin, laser, and cosmetic procedures. They offer a variety of skincare services like manicures and pedicures, complexion blending, acne therapy, hand and foot treatments, hair removal, botox cosmetics, massages, facial Cutera Titan mole removal, hydra facial derma fillers, skin tag removal, and more.

The spa provides high-quality laser treatment, spa services, and cosmetic dermatology thanks to a staff of skilled medical professionals.

Spas In Lagos Nigeria

9. Skin Glow Therapeutics

The Skinglow Therapeutics is a good bet if you’re looking for one of the spas in Lagos to obtain high-quality spa services to revive, regenerate, and restore weakened strength and lost beauty.

To attain the highest level of client happiness, the beauty center also seamlessly combines Western technology with African medicines and styles.

Skin Glow, based in Ikeja, offers a wide range of cosmetics, spas, and makeover services to meet all your demands.

10. Jane’s Haven Beauty Spa

Jane’s Haven Beauty Spa is a skincare spa in Lagos, Nigeria’s Lekki neighborhood. As one of the best spas in Lagos, it is renowned for offering a customized spa experience.

Additionally, one can relax and not feel hurried in the setting. You can count on feeling rejuvenated and having your best appearance at the end of your day at Jane’s Haven.

The advisors at Jane’s Haven will also give you the necessary guidance to enhance your general wellness. This involves maintaining a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and getting bodywork and massages to keep you performing at your peak.

11. Beauty Beseech Spa & Salon

Through therapies and treatments that adhere to all traditional and contemporary international and local methods, Beauty Beseech Spa & Salon is one certain way to renewal.

This exotic spa and salon in Surulere are completely furnished with state-of-the-art amenities for a seamlessly-fused hotel and salon experience. Beauty Beseech is run by some of the best hands in the business.

Spas In Lagos Nigeria


Another spa in Lagos recently gained recognition is called The Oasis Med. With so many experts on her staff, the services are as professional as possible. We discussed how spas should focus on both physical and mental wellness, and this one does.

Although they are not the most affordable spas in Lagos Island, value for money is guaranteed here—another justification for ranking them as one of Lagos, Nigeria’s top spas. It is in Lekki Phase I, 14b Oladimeji Alo St, 106104 Lagos.


As you continue to search for Lagos’ premier spa, the major topic of conversation has stayed the same. Even though the subject of this discussion is spas in Nigeria, YB Cocoon Day Spa is a necessary component of any panel on resorts in Nigeria. The services at this spa are reasonably priced, which is only one of the various benefits of using it.

They are one of the best spas because of the variety of treatments they offer and the efficient way they conduct business.

The address is 5A ABEKE ANIMASHAUN STREET, OFF Chris Madueke Dr, Lekki Phase 1 106104, Lekki, Lagos.

14. Spa Intercontinental

While Lagos Island may be our primary concern, we have no fear of crossing the bridges. We had to include the Spa Intercontinental on our list of best spas in Lagos when we first encountered it because of this.

Their top beauty spa in Lagos, according to some consumers who employed their services, was straightforward and plan-oriented.

When you come here, you will have access to more than just beauty, though. Along with a broad range of other things, soothing massages are moreover offered. It is situated in 52a Kofo Abayomi St, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Spas In Lagos Nigeria


What do people do at spas?

Spas provide various services, such as massage therapy, hydrotherapy, facials, manicures, pedicures, foot therapy, body wraps, aromatherapy, and acupuncture. Even Pilates, yoga, and meditation are popular spa services.

What is the spa’s primary purpose?

The goal of a spa is still to offer a place where you can unwind physically and mentally. Spa therapy provides the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing necessary for preserving a healthy way of life and extending life.

What exactly is a spa and wellness center?

The spa and wellness areas are where guests go to work out and receive specialized treatments to enhance their health. A sauna and treatment rooms are part of the spa’s wellness amenities. There is a sauna and a gym at the spa and wellness center.


The spas provide the best amenities, expert management, and massage treatments. These spas offer the best amenities and a tranquil environment, making them the perfect place to unwind.

Although there are numerous spas in Lagos, we’ve just listed the best 14 here. Make sure to stop by one of them. Your spirit, mind, and body will be revitalized after a visit to one of the spas on the above list.

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