The Best ​​Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria

Best ​​Health Insurance Companies In Nigeria
Best ​​Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria

Over time, Nigeria’s healthcare environment has changed significantly as more people and families understand how important it is to have comprehensive health insurance. 

Reputable health insurance companies are becoming more and more necessary as the demand for high-quality healthcare services rises. 

Selecting the best health insurance provider to suit their needs can be difficult for astute consumers in a market overflowing with possibilities.

To help you make sense of this complex web, provides a comprehensive list of the best health insurance companies in Nigeria, highlighting their features, clientele, and general efficacy. 

Whether you are a first-time customer or thinking about changing providers, knowing who the major players are in Nigeria’s health insurance market will help you make an informed choice that will protect your health and finances.

In addition to the list, the article will also provide information regarding the benefits of health insurance and the dangers of not having one. 

The table of contents below will help you navigate easily. 

What are the Benefits of Health Insurance?

Health insurance has numerous advantages and can greatly impact someone’s financial security and general well-being.

Medical Coverage

Prescription medications, hospital stays, doctor visits, and procedures are all covered by health insurance. With this coverage, prompt access to healthcare services is guaranteed without requiring significant out-of-pocket payments.

Financial Protection

It provides insurance against unforeseen, expensive medical expenses. Health insurance lessens the financial strain in the event of illness or accident by paying for many medical costs, keeping people from running out of money or getting into debt.

Preventive Care Services

Preventive care treatments, such as immunizations, screenings, and check-ups, are often covered by health insurance policies. These services improve overall health outcomes by aiding in the early detection and prevention of illnesses.

Network Access

A network of medical professionals, such as physicians, specialists, hospitals, and clinics, is frequently made available to people with health insurance. This network guarantees that people can see licensed practitioners within the limits of their insurance.

Chronic Disease Management

Health insurance can help people manage their chronic diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, or heart disease, by paying for specialized care, ongoing treatments, and drugs.

Mental Health Support

Many health insurance policies now cover mental health services, such as counseling, therapy sessions, and treatment. This addition recognizes the significance of mental health.

Emergency and Urgent Care

Health insurance offers peace of mind in the event of unanticipated medical emergencies by covering emergency medical services and urgent care visits.

Family Coverage

Health insurance frequently includes coverage for family members, guaranteeing that their medical requirements are satisfied and protecting the health of the entire family as a whole.

Employment Benefits

One popular benefit offered to employees is health insurance, which helps employers recruit and retain skilled workers. Additionally, it improves worker health, which lowers absenteeism and raises output.

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Best Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria

Here is a list of registered top insurance companies. Also, this list shows some notable health insurance companies in Nigeria:

1. Avon Healthcare Ltd

Medical Facility 6 Know Nigeria
Best ​​Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria

Location: Lagos

Phone No: 0700 277 9800

First on our list of best health insurance companies in Nigeria is Avon Healthcare Limited. Nigerian business Avon Healthcare Ltd. is well-known for providing comprehensive and creative health insurance solutions. 

They provide a selection of insurance policies designed for corporate, family, and individual customers. 

In addition to offering access to a large nationwide network of hospitals, clinics, and medical specialists, Avon Healthcare is committed to guaranteeing client happiness. 

Their emphasis on cutting-edge healthcare services strives to increase their clients’ access to high-quality medical care. To learn more about this Nigerian health insurance company, visit their official website below:


2. Hygeia HMO

Location: Lagos

Phone No: 0700 4943 42466

Next on our list of top health insurance companies in Nigeria is Hygeia HMO. They provide various health insurance policies designed for families, individuals, and businesses. 

Their services include nationwide access to a large network of clinics, hospitals, and healthcare providers.

Hygeia HMO aims to improve client access to and affordability of healthcare. To learn more about this Nigerian health insurance company, visit their official website below:

Hygeia HMO

3. Axa Mansard Health Insurance

Location: Lagos

Phone No: 0700 29262 67273

One of Nigeria’s top insurance providers, AXA Mansard Insurance Plc, is the parent firm of AXA Mansard Health Insurance. 

Their area of expertise is offering full-service health insurance. They provide a range of health plans that cover medical consultations, hospital stays, operations, and more and are geared toward individual and business consumers. 

The goal of AXA Mansard Health Insurance is to make sure that its clients have access to high-quality medical treatment.

To learn more about this Nigerian health insurance company, visit their official website below:

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4. Reliance HMO

Location: Lagos

Phone No: 0700 7354 2623

Reliance HMO is dedicated to offering Nigerians easily accessible and reasonably priced healthcare options. 

They provide health insurance plans with access to specialists, limitless consultations, and an easy-to-use mobile app for quick access to medical services. 

Reliance HMO is committed to providing its members with high-quality services and expanding access to healthcare. To learn more about this Nigerian health insurance company, visit their official website below:

5. Royal Exchange Healthcare Limited

Location: Ikeja

Phone No: 01 460 6690

Royal Exchange Healthcare Limited is one of Nigeria’s top-leading health insurance companies. 

Intending to give people and organizations access to high-quality healthcare and financial security, they offer a range of health insurance products and services.

They could provide a variety of health insurance plans that are designed to satisfy the various needs of their clients. 

As an insurance provider, Royal Exchange Healthcare Limited probably stresses the value of health insurance, hoping to lessen policyholders’ financial obligations related to medical costs and make access to care easier.

To learn more about this Nigerian health insurance company, visit their official website below:

6. National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) 

Location: 443, Herbert Macaulay Wa, Lagos

Phone No: 0903 387 3054

Within the state of Lagos’s jurisdiction, the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is one branch of implementation of the national healthcare program. 

The goal of the government-run NHIS is to offer Lagos State citizens easily accessible, reasonably priced, and high-quality healthcare services.

 It is designed especially to satisfy the healthcare needs of Lagosians, yet it functions within the parameters of the national health insurance scheme.

The Nigeria Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) as one of the leading health insurance companies in Lagos provides individuals, families, and organizations with a variety of health insurance packages or plans that allow them to get a range of healthcare services at approved healthcare providers throughout the state. 

Depending on the particular plan selected, these services could include primary care, hospitalization, procedures, preventative care, and more. 

To learn more about this Nigerian health insurance company, visit their official website below:

7. Standard Insurance Consultants Limited (SICL)

Location: Lagos

Phone No: 0807 589 4030

A business in Nigeria’s insurance industry is Standard Insurance Consultants Limited (SICL). 

Their area of expertise lies in offering health insurance solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of both people and institutions. 

A variety of health plans that cover different medical costs, consultations, and hospital stays are provided by SICL. 

Through their insurance options, they ensure that their consumers access high-quality healthcare treatments while focusing on customer-centric service.

To learn more about this Nigerian health insurance company, visit their official website below:

8. Union Commercial Insurance Brokers Limited (UCIB)

Location: Ikeja

Phone No: 0810 089 3504

Prominent health insurance provider UCIB is renowned for its extensive coverage and customizable policies. 

Their customer-centric approach has earned them a reputation, as they provide diverse health insurance alternatives to meet different demands. 

UCIB is distinguished by its dedication to offering individualized services and helping customers navigate the complexities of health insurance to ensure they select the best possible coverage.

Their policies frequently cover various medical services, such as hospital stays, specialist consultations, and preventive treatment.

To guarantee that its consumers have access to high-quality healthcare facilities and services, UCIB works to maintain a sizable network of healthcare providers.

To learn more about this Nigerian health insurance company, visit their official website below:

9. Insurance Brokers Hilltop Ltd.

Location: Ikeja

Phone No: 0802 320 4401

An additional significant participant in the health insurance market is Insurance Brokers Hilltop Ltd. 

Well-known for their proficiency and broad understanding of the industry, they specialize in developing personalized health insurance plans for both people and companies.

Their emphasis on designing customized strategies that address unique client demands is one of their primary differentiators. 

This involves providing a range of coverage alternatives to suit different needs and budgets. 

They ensure their clients are fully aware of their policies’ terms and coverage by prioritizing transparency and clarity in their services.

Additionally, they uphold robust connections with an extensive network of healthcare providers, making it simple for their policyholders to obtain high-quality medical treatments. 

To learn more about this Nigerian health insurance company, visit their official website below:

10. Premier Medicaid Limited

Location: Lagos

Phone No: 0809 694 9814

Known for its broad network of healthcare providers and specialised coverage, Premier Medicaid Limited is regarded as one of Nigeria’s best health insurance companies. 

By providing comprehensive health insurance policies that are customized to match the various demands of their consumers, they have successfully carved out a niche for themselves.

Their emphasis on accessibility to high-quality healthcare is one of their most distinctive qualities.

Premier Medicaid Limited guarantees its policyholders a wide range of medical services, such as regular check-ups, specialist consultations, hospital stays, etc. 

They frequently emphasize wellness programs and preventive care to assist their consumers in maintaining good health.

To learn more about this Nigerian health insurance company, visit their official website below:


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Location: Lagos

Phone No: 0812 101 0100

As a top health maintenance organization, IHMS HMO is distinguished by its all-inclusive healthcare coverage and customer-focused philosophy. 

They are excellent at providing various health insurance policies customized for private and business clients.

The focus on individualized care that IHMS HMO places is one of its distinguishing features. 

By providing adaptable plans that accommodate different budgets and medical needs, they put the individual needs of each policyholder first. 

Their insurance frequently covers inpatient and outpatient care, access to a network of specialists, and preventive health programs.

IHMS HMO prioritizes customer happiness, seen by their proactive support and attentive customer care. To learn more about this Nigerian health insurance company, visit their official website below:

12. Redcare Health Services Limited (HMO)

Location: Lagos

Phone No: 0700 733 2273

Redcare Health Services Limited is a respected HMO with an established track record of offering easy-to-access and all-inclusive medical care. 

Their specialty lies in providing a wide array of health insurance policies customized to fulfill the distinct requirements of individuals and corporations.

Redcare stands out for its emphasis on easily accessible medical care. They prioritize a comprehensive range of medical services, including hospital stays, outpatient care, expert consultations, and preventive health initiatives, being covered by their insurance policies. 

Their emphasis on preventative treatment demonstrates their dedication to encouraging general health among their members. That is why we have listed them among our best health insurance companies in Nigeria.

To learn more about this Nigerian health insurance company, visit their official website below:

13. Hallmark HMO

Location: Lagos

Phone No: 0700 42556 275466

Interestingly, Hallmark HMO is among the best health insurance companies in Nigeria. It is well-known for its individualized and adaptable health insurance policies. 

Their distinctive offering in the market is their ability to customize insurance plans to meet their clients’ individual or business demands.

Hallmark’s dedication to providing individualized attention is one of its main advantages. They collaborate extensively with their clients to create programs that suit their healthcare requirements and financial situation. 

These policies frequently cover numerous medical services, such as hospital stays, outpatient care, maternity treatments, etc.

To learn more about this Nigerian health insurance company, visit their official website below:

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Why not having Health Insurance Might be dangerous in Nigeria 

In Nigeria, not having health insurance can provide serious dangers and difficulties for several reasons:

Financial Strain

The cost of healthcare can be prohibitive in Nigeria, particularly for major ailments, operations, or protracted medical interventions. Without insurance, people must cover their medical costs, which can quickly empty savings or cause debt.

Restricted Access to Good Medical Treatment

If you don’t have insurance, you can have limited access to good medical treatment. People may choose less expensive or insufficient healthcare solutions, which could affect the standard of care they receive.


Getting medical help immediately is essential when there is an emergency. Without insurance, people may risk their health and well-being by postponing or avoiding getting the critical emergency treatment they need out of fear of financial hardship.

Limited Preventive Care

Services like immunizations and screenings are frequently covered by health insurance. Without this coverage, people may not take the necessary precautions, which raises the possibility of undiagnosed illnesses or ailments.

Growing Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs are rising everywhere, even in Nigeria. Without insurance, people could find it difficult to pay for even the most basic medical care, which could prevent them from receiving disease treatment promptly.

Effect on Families

Not only can a person without health insurance suffer alone, but so can their whole family. A protracted illness or medical emergency can have a significant financial impact on the family’s well-being and stability.

Restricted Treatment Options: 

People without insurance may only be able to choose from a few hospitals, doctors, and specialists, which could impact the standard of care they receive.

Missed Opportunities for Health Maintenance

Regular checkups and health maintenance are frequently covered by insurance. Without it, people might pass up these chances, resulting in health problems that go misdiagnosed or poorly treated.

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FAQs About ​​Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria

1. What factors should I consider when choosing a health insurance company in Nigeria?

Consider factors such as coverage options, network of healthcare providers, customer service, and cost when choosing a health insurance company.

2. How can I find out if a health insurance company covers a specific medical provider?

You can check the health insurance company’s website or contact their customer service to inquire about specific medical providers.

Can I purchase individual health insurance in Nigeria, or is it only available through employers?

Do health insurance companies in Nigeria cover pre-existing conditions?


There are several options available to consumers, and Nigeria’s health insurance market is always changing. 

The top health insurance providers in Nigeria exhibit a dedication to providing thorough coverage, effective handling of claims, and prompt customer support. 

As the need for high-quality healthcare expands, these businesses are essential to making sure Nigerians have access to reasonably priced medical treatment. 

People can protect their health and finances by carefully weighing their options and choosing a trustworthy health insurance company. Every Nigerian must put their health first by purchasing dependable health insurance from one of the leading companies in the nation.

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