The List Of Pharmaceutical Companies in Lagos

Pharmaceutical Companies In Lagos
Pharmaceutical Companies in Lagos

In the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, a booming center of pharmaceutical excellence emerges. Nestled within this energetic city lies a constellation of pharmaceutical companies, each serving as a pillar of health, innovation, and community service.

Lagos is home to a diverse array of pharmaceutical companies, ranging from imposing structures to rapidly expanding businesses, all contributing to the healthcare environment in the area.

These companies, utilizing cutting-edge research, modern facilities, and a commitment to quality, address the various medical needs of Lagosians, standing as cornerstones of healthcare excellence.

They are essential to Lagos’s healthcare system, producing everything from life-saving medications to ensuring their delivery.

Join me as I present to you the list of pharmaceutical companies in Lagos. Stay tuned.



  • Address: Plot 28 Ilupeju Bye Pass, Ilupeju, Lagos

Aspen Pharmacare Nigeria Limited is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Lagos. Aspen Pharmacare Nigeria Ltd, established on September 4, 2012, is part of the Aspen Group, SA, with a storied history spanning more than 160 years across 150+ nations worldwide.

Servicing all six of Nigeria’s geopolitical zones, Aspen Pharmacare Nigeria operates throughout the country, reflecting a promising future for the pharmaceutical industry in Africa.

As a South African company, Aspen Pharmacare is well-positioned to manufacture and distribute goods across Africa. Valued at over R1 billion, their manufacturing facilities produce about 6 billion pills annually.

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Aspen Pharmacare| Pharmaceutical Companies in Lagos


  • Address: 7A Ajibade Oke St, Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos

Multi-base Pharma Ind. Nig. Ltd. is among the best pharmaceutical companies in Lagos and specializes in pharmaceutical API and food additive industries, bringing over 21 years of expertise.

They import and trade food additives and pharmaceutical raw materials, serving as a one-stop shop for pharma enterprises seeking these materials (food additives and APIs).

Committed to accelerating Nigeria’s pharmaceutical industry expansion, Multibase provides over 200 distinct products and specialized units, meeting international standards for goods and services.


  • Address: Plot 3C, Block A, Aswani Market Road, Off Isolo, Oshodi, Lagos

Emzor Pharmaceuticals offers over 100 high-quality pharmaceutical items, including vitamins, antibiotics, antacids, and cardio-protective medications.

They are renowned for producing and distributing a wide range of medications domestically and they are known to be one of the most popular pharmaceutical companies in Lagos.

Emzor Pharmaceuticals maintains a strong reputation for providing reasonably priced and potent medication for people of all ages and it is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Lagos.

Operating an online marketplace and two warehouses in Nigeria, they ensure access to high-quality pharmaceuticals.

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Emzor Pharmaceuticals| Pharmaceutical Companies in Lagos


  • Address: Abule Market, 14 Awoniyi Elemo Street, Off Osolo Way, Ajao Estate 100261, Lagos

Greenlife Pharmaceutical Limited produces, markets, and distributes medical supplies across various therapeutic categories like vitamins, supplements, anti-infectives, and antimalarials.

With a commitment to offering top-notch healthcare and continually researching potential treatments for various illnesses, Greenlife demonstrates dedication to its customers’ health.


  • Address: Heritage Place, 7th Floor, 21 Lugard Avenue,. Ikoyi, Lagos

Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals, is a globally recognized company and among the best pharmaceutical companies in Lagos.

They produce medications for various medicinal applications, ranging from cardiovascular to respiratory viral vaccines.

Serving consumers’ healthcare needs for over 70 years, Pfizer also offers free yearly medical screenings in Nigeria, aiming to improve people’s health by providing medications, vaccinations, and health-related information.

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Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals| Pharmaceutical Companies in Lagos


  • Address: 60 Ajao St, Surulere 001100, Lagos, Nigeria

Adpharm, operating under the brand name Sivo, focuses on importing, selling, promoting, and distributing pharmaceutical and healthcare products, offering over sixty distinct brands of Over-the-Counter (OTC) and ethical pharmaceutical items.

This company is known to be among the best pharmaceutical companies in Lagos owing to their high-quality goods, properly registered and NAFDAC verified and produced in WHO-qualified GMP-certified facilities.


  • Address: 22 Abimbola Street, Industries Estate, Isolo, Lagos

Afrab Chem is among the largest pharmaceutical companies in Lagos, established in 1968.

Over time, the company has grown to become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Lagos. More than four decades of research, development, and marketing have been dedicated to producing high-quality, effective medications for treating various ailments.


  • Address: 3A, Olaide Benson Street, Onigbongbo, Maryland, Lagos

For the past 15 years, New Heights Pharmaceuticals has been a quality provider of healthcare products and services to Nigerians.

It is an entirely indigenous and integrated healthcare company run by administrators and healthcare professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Utilizing top-notch distribution infrastructure, the company supplies pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare establishments throughout Nigeria with high-quality medications and medical equipment. Their operations span major towns and cities in Nigeria, with their base of operations in Lagos.

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New Heights Pharmaceuticals| Pharmaceutical Companies in Lagos


  • Address: Plot C39A, Amuwo Odofin Commercial Scheme, Alakoso Ave, Lagos

Agary Pharmaceutical Limited operates on a national and regional level among the pharmaceutical companies in Lagos.

They specialize in the importation and distribution of hospital and medical supplies. Founded in 1992, their dedication and perseverance have fueled their expansion from a small marketing company to an elite industrial complex.

Agary Pharmaceutical Ltd. works tirelessly to realize its clients’ visions and advance them via innovation, catering to both small businesses and large conglomerates.


  • Address: 5 Dopemu Road, Agege, Lagos State, Nigeria

Swiss Pharma Nigeria is among the top pharmaceutical companies in Lagos purchased by Servier in 2017. It became one of their Nigerian subsidiary businesses, expanding the scope and caliber of services provided by the company.

They take great satisfaction in being among the finest in setting high standards for pharmaceutical production. Being certified ISO 9001:2000, they’re the first pharmaceutical company to hold this accreditation.

The company currently produces various consumer and health items, with plans for further expansion shortly.


How many pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria are registered?

130 pharmaceutical companies are registered in Nigeria. Nine out of approximately 130 pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria are listed on a stock exchange. These companies would profit from the opening in the biggest economy in Africa.

How are pharmaceuticals named?

Pharmaceutical names are given out based on a system whereby particular drug name syllables or “stems” represent information about the medicine’s chemical makeup, mode of action, or indication.

Who owns Emzor?

Stella Chinyelu Okoli
Born circa 1944, Stella Chinyelu Okoli //(MON, OON) is a Nigerian pharmacist, philanthropist, and businesswoman. The pharmaceutical manufacturing company Emzor was created in 1977, and she is currently the company’s founder and CEO.

Which nation is the pharmaceutical industry’s best?

The USA, or the United States of America,
The honor of being the world’s largest producer of pharmaceuticals belongs to the United States of America (USA). The country’s technological breakthroughs have led some experts to even name it the finest country for the pharmaceutical industry.

What do experts in pharmacology do?

Experts in pharmacology are known as pharmacologists. Pharmacologists study how medications impact biological systems. They are employed by research teams that are in charge of creating new medications, enhancing their efficacy, looking into potential adverse effects, and determining whether or not patients are at risk of developing addictions.

Who provides pharmacies with funding?

Each year, the NHS caps the amount of money it gives the community pharmacy industry through this margin. The margin promotes economical purchase, which is advantageous to the NHS, and the Drug Tariff is adjusted frequently to take market developments into account.


These pharmaceutical companies in Lagos form a complex network committed to creating a society that is healthier and more resilient, all within the vibrant center of Lagos.

Based on their steadfast dedication to quality, innovation, and community involvement, these businesses serve as rays of hope and advancement for the city’s healthcare sector.

The flourishing of this varied array of pharmaceutical companies serves to bolster Lagos’s standing as a hub of medical innovation and excellence in Nigeria.

Their joint endeavors, which encompass everything from innovative research to community-oriented programs, bear witness to their crucial influence on the trajectory of healthcare in Lagos.

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