Top List of Palm Oil Companies in Nigeria | Full List

Palm Oil Companies In Nigeria
Palm Oil Companies in Nigeria

Nigeria, the land of rich culture and breathtaking landscapes, is not just known for its vibrant diversity but also for its thriving palm oil industry.

In Nigeria, 1.4 million metric tons of palm oil were produced in 2022. The manufacturing volume increased consistently between 2009 and 2022, with 2010’s largest growth. This report is according to This shows that Nigeria is one of the world’s top palm oil producers.

The country boasts an impressive array of palm oil companies that have fueled its economic growth. From small-scale local producers to large multinational corporations

Reading further, you will get full details of the top palm oil companies that contributed to making Nigeria a palm oil sector giant. These prominent palm oil companies in Nigeria shed light on their operations, contributions, and impact on the industry.


Nigeria relies heavily on palm oil, which boosts the nation’s economy and creates employment possibilities for its people. Nigerian palm oil producers have a variety of responsibilities beyond only producing palm oil.

First and foremost, these businesses support rural development by developing plantations in outlying areas, generating employment opportunities, and enhancing accessibility to essential services like clean water and medical facilities.

Companies that produce palm oil also make investments in R&D to boost the sector’s sustainability and production. This covers developments in seedling production, crop management methods, and waste disposal procedures.

Putting these innovations into practice contributes to raising palm oil production’s general efficiency while lowering its environmental impact.

Additionally, palm oil firms assist regional farmers by offering a variety of initiatives that empower small-scale farmers. These projects usually involve teaching farmers how to cultivate sustainably and offering them financial support or incentives.

These businesses maintain a constant supply of raw materials by encouraging partnerships with smallholders, which also helps to lower poverty and promote local economic progress.


Here is a comprehensive list of palm oil firms in Nigeria:

1. Highrise Global Services Limited

  • Telephone:234-80-38493007
Palm Oil Know Nigeria
Palm Oil Companies in Nigeria

Highrise Global Services Limited is first on our list of Palm Oil Companies in Nigeria. This oil company has made a name for itself in the Nigerian palm oil market by committing to quality and sustainability. The business is distinctive in the market because of its moral business conduct and environmental commitment.

With its enormous plantations and cutting-edge processing facilities, Highrise Global Services Limited takes great pride in its business. The business maintains eco-friendly procedures while guaranteeing the highest quality palm oil products. They also work with nearby neighborhoods to encourage social development initiatives.

The company’s strong internet presence allows customers to obtain Highrise Global Services Limited’s products online easily. They stand out in the field thanks to their focus on sustainability and involvement in the community.

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2. Sustainable Concepts Foundation

  • Telephone:234 – 70 – 39804308
  • Address:80 Chris Idowu Street Ejigbo Lagos

Another well-known brand in the Nigerian palm oil industry is Sustainable Concepts Foundation. This business prioritizes ecologically friendly farming methods to produce palm oil that is not only of excellent quality but also socially and environmentally responsible.

The plantations of Sustainable Concepts Foundation are run with an emphasis on lowering their carbon impact and protecting regional ecosystems. They also make investments in R&D to improve the quality of their products continuously.

The business has been praised for its dedication to corporate social responsibility. They actively participate in neighborhood projects, educating and helping the locals.

3. Pantaleon Axis Ltd

  • Telephone:234-8033214315
  • Address: Tade Ope village, off Ajia Road Amuloko, Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

Pantaleon Axis Ltd is next on our list of best Palm Oil Companies in Nigeria. To guarantee the production of high-quality palm oil, their strategy mixes conventional practices with cutting-edge technology.

The company’s extensive plantations and skilled employees are key to its success. Pantaleon Axis Ltd is dedicated to ethical business methods and is well-established in domestic and foreign markets.

Customers love their products because of their distinctive flavor and strong nutritional content. Every drop of palm oil Pantaleon Axis Ltd produces reflects their commitment to excellence and innovation.

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4. EKOOL Nigeria Limited

  • Telephone:234-7062981436

The palm oil industry’s standard-bearer is EKOOL Nigeria Limited. Due to its dedication to quality and client happiness, this business is well-known throughout Nigeria. This company is one of the top Palm Oil Companies in Nigeria that has made an impact in the palm oil sector.

To ensure the highest quality, EKOOL Nigeria Limited purchases palm oil from plantations that are properly tended. Their cutting-edge processing facilities ensure that their products satisfy the highest international standards.

The business stands out for its commitment to environmentally friendly methods and customer-centric philosophy. They actively participate in neighborhood projects focused on enhancing living conditions.

5. Sunola Palm Oil Nigeria Limited

  • Telephone:234 – 80 – 85310352
  • Address: 12 Old Ojota Road Mile 12, Ketu Lagos Lagos 23401, Nigeria.
Palm Oil 2 1 Know Nigeria
List of Palm Oil Companies in Nigeria

Among the leading Palm Oil Companies in Nigeria is Sunola Palm Oil Nig Ltd. They have developed a reputation as dependable and creative palm oil producers over the course of many years of expertise.

Their plantations use cutting-edge farming methods that guarantee sustainability and excellent yields. The company’s major goal is to keep pricing low without sacrificing quality.

Globally, Sunola Palm Oil Nig Ltd has grown by serving a wide spectrum of customers. They have built a strong reputation because of their dedication to both price and quality.

6. Steve William Pure Oil Investment Company Ltd

  • Telephone: 234-806-4604776

A leading illustration of a Nigerian palm oil company that places the highest value on quality is Steve William Pure Oil Investment Company Ltd. They have carved out a niche for themselves in the market via a dedication to excellence.

The business runs contemporary processing facilities and carefully complies with global quality requirements. Their items made using palm oil are renowned for their flavor and purity.

The contributions of Steve William Pure Oil Investment Company Ltd go beyond the industry as they actively participate in social responsibility programs to aid the local community near their plantations.

7. Yemi Nigerian Enterprises

  • Telephone: 234-7063-385837
  • Address: Block M shop 10, Tinubu Shopping Complex

A well-known brand in the palm oil sector, Yemi Nigeria Enterprises is renowned for its reliable quality and client-centered philosophy.

The palm oil used by the company comes from plantations that are sustainably run and managed. Their selection of goods meets the demands and interests of a wide spectrum of customers.

Customers may easily access the palm oil goods of Yemi Nigeria Enterprises because to their robust web presence. They are a reliable option because of their dedication to excellence and affordability.

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8. Defuxoils Limited

  • Telephone: 234-80-68732436
  • Address: No 4 Ikpa Road Uyo

A rising star in the Nigerian palm oil sector, Deluuxoils Ltd is renowned for its dedication to innovation and sustainable business practices.

The business strongly emphasizes environmentally friendly farming practices to ensure its products are green. They use cutting-edge technology to refine their palm oil, producing goods of the highest caliber.

Deluuxoils Ltd is committed to having a good influence outside the palm oil sector by actively participating in community development activities.

9. Nofex Global Ventures Nigeria Limited

  • Telephone: 234-80368-38199
  • Address:13 Adekumbi Crescent Off Oluwayemi Ikeja

Nofex Global Ventures Nigeria Limited aims to provide customers with high-quality palm oil products.

Their palm oil comes from well-kept plantations, ensuring a steady stream of high-quality goods. The business has been praised for its dedication to producing top-notch goods.

Nofex Global Ventures Nigeria Limited is committed to the community’s welfare surrounding its activities, as seen by the several programs it actively supports locally.

10. Mobilepalm

  • Telephone:234-802-7336142
  • Address: 120 James lapo street

Mobilepalm, a prominent Nigerian palm oil market participant, is renowned for its creative thinking and moral behavior.

The company uses modern processing facilities and sustainable plantations to ensure the manufacture of high-quality goods. To meet the wide range of consumer tastes, they provide a variety of palm oil choices.

Mobilepalm regularly participates in sustainability initiatives and regional community development, demonstrating their dedication to ethical business conduct.

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11. JPH-ZMART Global Company, Ltd.

  • Telephone: 234-70-35329340
  • Address:4 Rumuokoro

In the palm oil sector, Japh-smart Global Co. Ltd. has distinguished itself by adhering to high standards of quality and moral behavior.

The highest standards of quality are ensured by the well-managed plantations from which their palm oil products are sourced. Its ecologically friendly processing techniques demonstrate the business’s commitment to sustainability.

Through a number of social development programs, Japh-smart Global Co. Ltd. actively helps local communities, improving the lives of individuals living close to their plantations.

12. Grace-Wenji import and export service

Address:4B Owa Street, Off Wire Road, Benin City, Edo State

Grace-Wenji Import and Export Service is among Nigeria’s top palm oil companies. They have established a respected name in the market because of their dedication to perfection.

Grace-Wenji’s import and export service makes sure that the palm oil it uses comes from well-kept plantations, ensuring the highest level of consistency and quality. They offer a variety of products to cater to a wide spectrum of customers.

The business actively participates in neighborhood communities through social projects, demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility and neighborhood improvement.

  • Telephone:234 – 813 – 1123193

A significant player in the Nigerian palm oil market, Hendrislinks Nigeria Limited is famous for its commitment to high standards and environmentally friendly business practices.

Their palm oil products come from environmentally friendly plantations. Thus, the environment is protected throughout the manufacturing process. Their state-of-the-art processing facilities ensure premium products.

Hendrislinks Nigeria Limited frequently participates in community development initiatives, displaying their dedication to improving the quality of life for locals.

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14. Royal Palm Refinery Ltd

  • Telephone: 234-80-56648478
  • Address: Km 65 Palm Ville District

Interestingly, Royal Palm Refinery Ltd is among the list of Palm Oil Companies in Nigeria renowned for their impacts on the oil sector. Royal Palm Refinery Ltd. has made a name for itself by committing to quality and innovation as a leading force in the Nigerian palm oil market.

The palm oil the business uses is obtained from carefully tended plants, guaranteeing superior quality. They produce palm oil that stands out on the market because of their cutting-edge processing facilities, which follow worldwide standards.

The local communities are actively engaged with Royal Palm Refinery Ltd, which supports programs for social development that advance local residents’ welfare.

15. Ticantan Centenary LTD

  • Telephone:234-7035295974
  • Address: Plot 368 New Gra Trans Ekulu, Enugu, Nigeria, Nigeria
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List of Palm Oil Companies in Nigeria

A rising star in the Nigerian palm oil sector, Ticantan Centenary LTD stands out for its dedication to quality and sustainability. Although Ticantan Centenary Ltd is the last on our list, it is not the least when it comes to top palm oil companies in Nigeria.

In keeping with their commitment to environmentally beneficial operations, the company only purchases palm oil from environmentally conscious plantations. Their cutting-edge processing techniques produce products of the highest caliber.

Beyond the palm oil sector, Ticantan Centenary LTD actively helps neighborhood communities through various social responsibility programs.

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FAQs on List of Palm Oil Companies in Nigeria

What role do palm oil corporations play in Nigeria?

Nigerian palm oil businesses are essential to the nation’s economy because they create jobs, boost GDP, and satisfy the rising domestic and global demand for palm oil goods.

How do these businesses guarantee the production of palm oil is sustainable?

Many of these businesses strongly emphasize environmentally friendly cultivation techniques, processing techniques, and community assistance to maintain the long-term sustainability of palm oil production.

Are these businesses ecologically friendly?

Many of these businesses actively engage in green measures, including lowering their carbon footprint, preserving habitats, and aiding environmental protection programs.

What impact do palm oil corporations have on society?

To improve the well-being of the people in their area, these businesses actively engage in social development projects, such as community support and education.

Are customers able to purchase the items of these businesses?

Yes, most of these businesses have a significant internet presence that makes it simple for customers to access their premium palm oil products.

How do these firms guarantee the quality of their goods?

These businesses guarantee the quality of their products by obtaining their palm oil from well-run plantations, following international processing guidelines, and carrying out stringent quality inspections.


These outstanding businesses fuel Nigeria’s palm oil sector. They stand out in the market thanks to their dedication to social responsibility, quality, and sustainability. As buyers, we can access top-notch palm oil goods that meet our requirements and help create a better world.

If you look into what these businesses offer, you’ll find that their dedication to quality goes far beyond the boundaries of their farms and includes more than just palm oil. These firms are more than just commercial enterprises; they are forces for good in Nigeria.

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