14 Best Textile Companies in Nigeria

Best Textile Companies In Nigeria

Nigerians have great taste fashion-wise; that’s something you can’t take away from us. You’ll hardly see any country, African or not, that’s capable of matching Nigeria’s dressing heritage.

One of the proofs of our deep love for fashion is the abundance of textile companies in Nigeria, with some dating as far back as the 1920s. These companies pump out the fabrics Nigerians buy for their native wear and during ceremonial periods as ‘aso ebi.’

If you’re considering contacting a textile company for any reason, you should be looking for the best textile companies in Nigeria. After giving you a deep dive into the textile industry in Nigeria, this article will show you the 14 best textile companies in Nigeria, what they do, their locations, and their contact details.

What is a Textile Company?

There are many steps to textile processing, making it somewhat difficult to define what it means to be a textile company. However, the entire industry seems to agree that any business that deals in the “manufacture” of fabrics before they get to a fashion designer or tailor qualifies as a textile company.

In short, a textile company designs, produces, and/or distributes textiles. Their scope can be as little or as wide as possible, with some only focusing on the design while others design, produce, and distribute.

Most textile companies in Nigeria design, produce, and distribute, and some even go as far as carrying out the post-processing that comes after the production (tailoring). While that system has its downsides, some of the upsides of that versatility are the employment opportunities it provides for the general populace.

In the following section, you’ll learn about some of the most popular textile companies in Nigeria and their locations. If you need to patronize or do business with Nigerian companies in this industry, here’s your ultimate resource.

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Best Textile Companies In Nigeria

Best Textile Companies in Nigeria

1. DA VIVA Fashion LTD

Da Viva is one of the most popular textile companies in Nigeria and even Africa as a whole. The company deals in a wide array of patterned cotton fabrics that Nigerians commonly refer to as “native wear.” Since these native wears require tailoring, Da Viva Fashion also sells ready-to-wear garments, eliminating the need to patronize a separate fashion designer.

Da Viva’s fabrics are always in demand, making them an excellent choice for distributors, and they almost never look bad, making them great for customers too. The company has dealers in almost every Nigerian state, but its main headquarters are on the 1st Floor, 1 Davies Street, Marina, Lagos.

2. United Nigerian Textiles PLC

United Nigerian Textiles PLC focuses on the manufacture of African fabric prints, java prints, and dyed polyester and cotton printed fabric, among other textile products. Interestingly, the company’s headquarters are exactly in the same building as Da Viva Fashion, occupying the second floor with Da Viva on the first.

Since the company doesn’t seem to have an online presence, the only way to reach them is by calling any of their phone numbers or visiting their official address at the 2nd Floor, 1 Davies Street, Marina, Lagos.

3. African Textile Manufacturers Limited

African Textile Manufacturers Limited has a mission to be one of the foremost textile companies in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, and so far, it’s achieved its mission. While the company is not the go-to option for textile manufacturing and garment making in Africa quite yet, it’s relatively successful, offering a wide range of textile-related services.

Some of ATM’s services include garment spinning, weaving, dying, printing, and finishing, among other similar textile services. The company is headquartered in the Challawa Kano Industrial Area after relocating from its Fagge Tagudu base in the same city.

Interestingly, ATM has a subsidiary in agricultural production, Dala Agricultural, and Allied Products, that handles the provision of raw materials for the company’s textiles. With such a wide ecosystem, the company is undoubtedly one of the best textile companies in Nigeria.

4. Reddi2Wear Nigeria Limited

Reddi2Wear Nigeria Limited manufactures and supplies excellent textiles for garments, decorative pillows, table mats, curtains, school uniforms, and basically anything doable with fabric. The company supplies both unprocessed and pret-a-porter garments for all categories of customers, and it claims to use ‘American and Japanese’ sewing and printing tech for its products.

The company has clients across top Nigerian and multinational companies, including UAC, Firestone, GLO, FCMB, and Microsoft Nigeria. Reddi2Wear is located at 10 Islamic Street, off Abaranje Road, Ikotun, Lagos.

5. Lekki Garment Factory

Lekki Garment Factory offers a wide range of services and products that easily rank them among the best textile companies in Nigeria. The company’s website describes its focus as taking the stress off the fashion designers so they can focus on their job.

Among other textile-related services, Lekki Garment Factory offers fashion training, apparel production, private label designs, pattern making, and prototype design. Lekki Garment Factory has its headquarters at AVM Complex, KM 14 Lekki Epe Expressway, Agungi Lekki, Lagos. You can also reach the company through their email address or phone number, all of which are available on their website.

6. Sunflag Group Nigeria Limited

Sunflag Group is one of the oldest textile companies in Nigeria, having started operations as far back as 1961. Like most other textile companies on this list, Sunflag offers a wide range of services, including spinning, weaving, designing, and knitting. Since it’s a conglomerate of companies offering similar services (hence the term group), it can offer all of its separate services quite easily.

Some of the company’s products, apart from regular unprocessed fabric, include towels, bedspreads, and yarn for school uniforms. If you note the company names on Ankara fabrics, you’ll notice Sunflag Group appears somewhat frequently.

7. Dangote General Textile Products Limited

You’ve certainly heard of Dangote cement and salt, but how much do you know about a Dangote textile company? Apparently, Dangote General Textile Products is a thing—and not just a thing, but one of the best textile companies in Nigeria.

Dangote General Textile Products Limited specializes in African prints and sells to both Nigerians and customers from around Africa. Its headquarters are conveniently located at Union Marble House, #1 Alfred Rewane Road, Falomo Ikoyi, Lagos.

8. Femro 3 Nigeria Limited

Femro 3 is an established Nigerian textile brand that specializes in the design, manufacture, and export of different forms of textile prints. Founded in 1985, Femro 3 has stayed true to its original purpose of making fabrics that meet international standards. Femro 3 doesn’t outsource any part of its garment-making process; it designs, knits, and processes its own fabrics.

Apart from regular textiles, Femro 3 makes products like t-shirts, caps, jackets, and many other related items. The company is headquartered at 2-4 Ozoka Street, opposite Felix Egbamuno Street, Satellite Town, Lagos, Nigeria. You can also contact them through their phone number or by emailing info@femro.com.

9. Woollen and synthetic textile manufacturing

Woollen and Synthetic Textile Manufacturing quickly made a name for itself as one of the best textile companies in Nigeria after making a triumphant entry into the industry. As its name implies, it makes a legion of woolen and synthetic products, including bedspreads, uniforms, towels, and curtains.

You can reach the company’s headquarters at No. 88, Oba Akran Avenue, Lagos, Nigeria, with a primary social presence on Facebook. While we found a website for the company, it’s no longer active, possibly due to a lack of maintenance from the company.

10. AAJ Textile Design

AAJ Textile Design is a Kano-based textile company that focuses on wax designs and textile prints for all kinds of occasions. The company’s popularity and versatility easily qualify it as one of the best textile companies in Nigeria and even beyond.

AAJ Textile Design headquarters are located at Sharada Road, Kano, in Kano State. While the company currently doesn’t have a website or a significant social media presence, you can reach them through their phone number at (+234) 806 781 9481.

11. T-Shirt Factory Nigeria

T-Shirt Factory Nigeria, as its name implies, focuses on producing different varieties of t-shirts, including blank, private label, and branded options. Individuals looking to start their own clothing brand without the design expertise or the necessary equipment can partner with T-Shirt Factory Nigeria to have it done in their brand name quickly, at scale, and at a low cost.

The company is big on quality control, portraying itself as a luxury alternative to run-of-the-mill textile companies in Nigeria. You can reach them through their headquarters at Navy Town Road, Mammy Market, Satellite Town, Lagos.

12. Atlantic Textile Manufacturing Company

Atlantic Textile Manufacturing Company, otherwise known as ATM, is one of the biggest textile companies in Nigeria, manufacturing textile prints in a wide variety of categories. The company has three branches in Lagos State with plans to expand, demonstrating how popular it is.

The company’s headquarters are at Plot A, Block 11, State Highway, Ilupeju Industrial Estate, Mushin, Lagos. However, it also has branches in Surulere and Town Planning Way to improve access for customers and distributors from all parts of Lagos State.

13. Haffar Industrial Company Limited

Haffar Industrial Company Limited is one of the oldest textile companies in Nigeria, with a track record of quality textile products right from inception. It was officially incorporated in 1969, and the company went fully into the business of producing threads and yarns around the same time. While Nigeria is the company’s primary market, it started exporting its products a decade ago with relative success.

Haffar Industrial Company has plans to expand and double its 400-strong workforce, cementing its place as one of the best textile companies in Nigeria. The company is located at 359–361, Agege Motor Road, Mushin, Lagos. You can also reach them by emailing sales@haffar.net or calling any of the phone numbers on the company’s website.

14. Table Source Nigeria Limited

Table Source Nigeria Limited is one of the best textile companies in Nigeria that specializes in any kind of clothing, including plain and branded t-shirts, pants suits, and uniforms.

The company is located at 16 Alhaji Salisu Street, Obanikoro, off Ikorodu Road, but you can reach them by calling +234 802 3945184. Table Source Nigeria Limited is also available via email at ltclothing@myway.com.


There are several reasons why an individual may want to patronize textile companies in Nigeria, with some being distribution requests, large-scale patronage, and employment opportunities. Regardless of the reason, the 14 companies listed above are undoubtedly the market leaders in Nigeria’s textile industry.

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