11 Top Architects in Nigeria | Updated

Top Architects In Nigeria
Top Architects in Nigeria

Nigeria, a country known for its vibrant culture and rich history, is also home to some of the most talented architects in Africa. 


Surrounded by visionaries who reshape urban skylines and alter spatial boundaries, the unsung heroes of Nigeria’s architecture industry are a dynamic tapestry. 

These architects stand out as innovators in a nation rich in cultural diversity and rapidly developing, skillfully fusing modern and traditional design elements to produce breathtaking buildings that enthrall both residents and tourists. 


This article will examine and honor the contributions of renowned architects who, through their inventiveness, creativity, and dedication to perfection, have made a lasting impression on Nigeria’s urban landscape. 

Every architect on this prestigious list contributes a different flair and viewpoint to Nigeria’s constantly changing architectural landscape. They are the creative brains behind some of the nation’s most recognizable buildings.

11 Top Architects in Nigeria

Here are the top famous Nigerian architects:

1. Consultants Collaborative Partnership (CCP)

Address: Plot 17, Block, 25 Chief Yesufu Abiodun Oniru Rd, Oniru, Victoria Island 101241, Lagos


Phone: 0903 800 1564

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One of the famous Nigerian architects, Consultants Collaborative Partnership (CCP), is renowned for providing creative and environmentally friendly design solutions. 

CCP, which was founded by a group of seasoned experts, provides a variety of architectural services, such as project management, interior design, and urban planning. 

The company is well known for its collaborative approach, closely collaborating with stakeholders, customers, and consultants to develop projects that are of the highest caliber in terms of appearance, functionality, and quality. 

CCP has established a stellar reputation for quality in architecture and design because of its varied portfolio that projects in the residential, commercial, institutional, and hospitality sectors.

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2. Baron Architecture

Address: 314 Murtala Muhammed Way, Yaba, Lagos 101245, Lagos

Phone: 0704 526 7164

Nigeria-based Baron Architecture is a vibrant architectural practice that specializes in modern design and construction solutions. This is one of the top Architects in Nigeria.

Under the direction of a group of imaginative experts, Baron Architecture is renowned for its unique aesthetic, which blends modernist ideas with contextual awareness. 

The company is dedicated to meeting each client’s specific demands and goals by providing creative, environmentally friendly architectural solutions.

Baron Architecture’s portfolio includes a wide variety of projects that are distinguished by their functional design, attention to detail, and visual appeal. These projects span from private dwellings to commercial complexes and cultural institutions.

3. Delano Architects

Address: 86B Isale Eko Ave, Dolphin Estate, Lagos 106104, Lagos

Phone: 01 453 8401

Among the top architectural firms in Nigeria is Delano Architects. This reputable Nigerian design business Delano Architects is well-known for its dedication to quality work and client satisfaction. 

Delano Architects provides a wide range of architectural services, such as master planning, feasibility studies, and construction management, with an emphasis on design creativity and technical proficiency. 

Numerous projects in the residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors are included in the firm’s portfolio. 

Also, Delano Architects is renowned for its capacity to complete projects of various sizes and complexity, continuously surpassing the expectations of its clients using imaginative design ideas and careful project administration.

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4. Interstate Architects

Address: 45 Airport Rd, Ajao Estate, Lagos 102214, Lagos

Phone: 0706 350 0603

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Next on our list of registered architects in Nigeria to check out is Interstate Architects. Interstate Architects is a renowned architectural design, planning, and project management firm that prides itself on working in partnership to produce high-caliber, environmentally friendly projects. 

The company’s varied portfolio consists of residential communities, business buildings, healthcare facilities, and educational establishments. 

With a staff of skilled experts and a history of completed projects, Interstate Architects is still a go-to partner for customers looking for creative and affordable architectural solutions.

5. ECAD Architects

Address: 62 Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos 106104, Lagos

Phone: 01 269 4201

Reputable Nigerian architectural firm ECAD Architects is well-known for its prowess in creating creative, environmentally friendly structures. 

ECAD Architects has a group of experts who work together to provide a wide range of architectural services, such as project management, construction supervision, and conceptual design.

The portfolio of the firm exhibits a dedication to quality, utility, and aesthetic appeal and consists of residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial projects. 

ECAD Architects is renowned for its innovative design methodology and its capacity to produce projects that surpass the expectations of its clients.

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6. Amarch Consultants

Address: Adekunle Lawal Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

Located in Nigeria, Amarch Consultants is a well-known architectural consulting company that specializes in offering full-service engineering and architecture.

Amarch Consultants provides a broad range of services, such as project management, structural engineering, and architectural design, with an emphasis on innovation, effectiveness, and sustainability. 

The company’s diverse approach enables it to provide complete solutions tailored to the particular requirements and difficulties of every project. 

Amarch Consultants has a reputation for delivering projects on schedule and under budget, along with a dedication to excellence.

7. Idlewoods Limited

Address: 27A Olawale Cole Onitiri Ave, off Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos 106104, Lagos

Phone: 0703 648 2996

Based in Nigeria, Idlewoods Limited is a well-known construction and development firm with experience in project management, engineering, and architecture. 

Idlewoods Limited is a full-service provider that handles everything from concept design to construction and handover, with a focus on residential, commercial, and industrial projects. 

The business has established a stellar name in the sector thanks to its dedication to fine craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and client satisfaction. 

Idlewoods Limited is renowned for its capacity to complete projects with an emphasis on sustainability, efficiency, and creativity, regardless of their size or complexity.

8. Olajumoke Adenowo

Olajumoke Adenowo Know Nigeria
Top Architects in Nigeria

Olajumoke Adenowo is a well-known Nigerian entrepreneur and architect who is recognized for her groundbreaking contributions to the fields of design and architecture. 

Adenowo is the creator of AD Consulting, a renowned architecture firm in Nigeria, and with her ground-breaking projects and inventive designs, she has significantly improved the built environment. 

She is renowned for her innovative approach to architecture, which combines traditional African aesthetics with cutting-edge design concepts.

In addition, Adenowo is a strong supporter of gender equality and female entrepreneurship, encouraging other women to pursue professions in architecture and business. 

Her reputation as one of Nigeria’s leading architects has been cemented by the multiple honors and recognitions her work has garnered.


Address: 2nd Floor, FABAC Centre, 3 Ligali Ayorinde St, Victoria Island, Lagos

Phone: 01 792 0558

In Nigeria, a well-known architectural firm is called ACCL, or Architecture and Construction Collaborative Limited. 

With a focus on project consulting, construction management, and architectural design, ACCL provides a wide range of services to customers in many industries. 

The company is renowned for its creative design solutions, environmentally friendly operations, and dedication to fine craftsmanship. 

Residential developments, commercial complexes, and institutional buildings are just a few of the projects that ACCL has completed with the help of a team of skilled architects, engineers, and construction specialists.

10. Design Group Nigeria Limited

Address:11 Ajasa St, Onikan Environ 100001, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone:+234 909 860 1179

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Top Architects in Nigeria

Nigeria is home to the well-known architectural and engineering consulting company Design Group Nigeria Limited. 

Design Group provides a broad range of architectural, engineering, and project management services with an emphasis on innovation, usability, and sustainability. 

The firm’s portfolio consists of urban planning projects, residential estates, and commercial developments. 

The Design Group is renowned for its ability to complete projects of various sizes and complexity on time and under budget, as well as for its collaborative approach and technical skill.

11. James Cubitt

Renowned design and engineering consulting firm James Cubitt has offices in Nigeria and other African nations.

James Cubitt was founded in Nigeria in 1956, and with its creative ideas and advanced technical know-how, it has greatly influenced the built environment in the area. 

The company provides a wide range of engineering, architectural, and project management services to clients in a variety of industries, including infrastructure, urban development, healthcare, and education. 

James Cubitt is regarded as one of the top architectural firms in Nigeria and beyond because of its dedication to quality, expertise, and sustainability.

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What are the Criteria for Becoming Architects in Nigeria

In Nigeria, you have to fulfill certain school criteria, get real-world experience, and get professionally certified before you can work as an architect. The following are the standard requirements in Nigeria to become an architect:


Getting an architectural degree from an accredited university is the first requirement for becoming an architect in Nigeria. 

A Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) or its equivalent is the standard degree program, and it normally takes five years to finish. For even more specialization, some colleges could provide a Master of Architecture (M.Arch) program.


Upon earning their degree in architecture, prospective architects are required to do an internship or pupillage, which is a term of hands-on instruction. 

Usually, an architect or architecture firm with registration oversees this practical expertise. The length of the internship varies, but it usually lasts between two and three years.

Professional Practice Examination: 

Aspiring architects must pass the Professional Practice Examination (PPE), which is given by the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON), after their internship has ended. 

Candidates’ understanding of architectural practice, ethics, rules, and standards is evaluated by the PPE.


Those who complete the PPE can apply to register as architects with ARCON. In Nigeria, becoming registered with ARCON is a prerequisite for practicing architecture and for being authorized to use the title “architect.”

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): 

Architects must take part in continuing professional development activities after registering to keep their knowledge and skills current. 

Architects must get a minimum of CPD credit hours within a designated timeframe as mandated by ARCON to maintain their registration.

Membership in Professional Bodies:

For networking possibilities, professional advancement, and advocacy for the architectural profession, many Nigerian architects opt to join professional organizations like the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA), however, membership is not required.

Specialization and Certification: 

Architects have the option to obtain specialist certifications or qualifications in particular architectural fields, such as historical conservation, urban planning, or sustainable design. 

These extra certifications might improve one’s chances of landing a job and show one is knowledgeable about a certain field.

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1. Who are the top architects in Nigeria?

   – The top architects in Nigeria include names like Consultants Collaborative Partnership (CCP), Delano, and Olajumoke Adenowo.

2. What types of projects do these top architects specialize in?

  – These architects specialize in a wide range of projects including residential homes, commercial buildings, public spaces, and cultural centers.

3. Are these architects open to working on international projects?

  – Some of these architects have experience working on international projects and may be open to new opportunities.

What are the Criteria for Becoming Architects in Nigeria

To become an architect in Nigeria there are some requirements you must meet. Some of them include:
Professional Practice Examination
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Membership in Professional Bodies
Specialization and Certification


These leading architects’ inventiveness and skill have contributed to Nigeria’s rich and varied architectural landscape. 

In addition to shaping the nation’s built environment, their avant-garde designs and environmentally friendly methods have served as an inspiration to upcoming generations of architects. 

These people have had a significant influence on Nigerian architecture, from famous buildings to community-focused initiatives. 

We may anticipate novel architectural marvels that highlight the best of Nigerian ability in the future as they continue to push limits and rethink what is possible in the sector. 


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